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Flour Tortillas
Wraps !

Kong Sez:

    The economy is in a mess. Things aren't getting any better. Many (who have prepared) have already started eating out of their food storages several times weekly. There are now over 165,000 "Victory Gardens" in the U.S., it is estimated...maybe more. One thing is assured—there will be more, and sooner than later.

    A victory garden is very important to have going now as the Earth Changes quicken. One good thing out of this: The mass coronal ejections coming from the puzzling Sun has been moved forward from 2011 to 2013. If they are as bad as predicted by some, the electric grid — all three maybe, may go. Just in time deliveries will be interrupted if this goes down. The Division of Labor will go. Brownouts will probably be everywhere. Have your supplies up and running.

    And know how quickly you can make Wraps on a bed of outdoor hot coals, fire or other heat source, if the electric grid is down and natural gas is not pumped.

Flour Tortillas


  • 4 cups flour

  • 1– 1/2 tsp. salt

  • 1 tsp. baking powder

  • 4 tbsp. cold butter or real lard

  • 1 – 1/3 cups tepid water

  • Flour for rolling out tortillas


  • Place all dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Mix well with hand, spoon, spatula, etc.

  • Place the cold butter in the mixing bowl and using "cold hands," or two knives, or a sturdy–bladed pastry cutter/blender, manually cut or work the cold fat into the size of small peas, as in making a pastry or pie crust.

  • When the amalgam is well–blended to the size of small peas, add a little water at a time and stir with a large fork, working the collecting mass into a soft dough ball. Depending upon the state of the flour and type, some flours will take less or a little more water. Do not dump the water all–at–once into the mixing bowl.

  • Turn out the soft dough onto a lightly floured surface and knead 15 – 20 times (or, do this operation in the mixing bowl). Cover and set aside for 10 minutes.

  • To make 6–inch tortillas, divide the dough into 16 balls and roll out on a lightly floured surfaced into 7–inch circles; to make 12–inch tortillas, divide the dough into 8 balls and roll out to 13–inch circles.

  • Heat a large dry cast–iron skillet over medium heat until hot. A heavy skillet is important. Cook tortillas, one at a time, until lightly blistered and charred in spots, 1–1/2 minutes per side. Wrap in a clean dish town to keep warn, or cover with a U–bowl. You want the Wraps to be flexible; if not, they will break when wrapping up with food in them.

  • Practice to get the proper technique to be able to make Wraps when you will be eating for survival and enjoyment of foodstuffs.


    If practicing on an electric range. Set to medium heat the the front burner and periodically move the skillet away from the burner when cooking a tortilla. Electric cooking often burns the tortillas on unexperienced cooks.


Some Ideas On Wrapping:

  • Do not overwrap. That is, do not over stuff food into the wrap. It burst and/or leaks out.

  • Coat the inside of the wrap with reconstituted butter or use unrefined coconut oil to add flavor. Spread foodstuffs, season to taste, and roll.

  • Use soft foods or foods that are well–cooked and flexible.

  • You are going to find many people raising chickens for their eggs. Scrambled eggs with green onions and garlic from your garden, sauteed with a little unrefined coconut oil, makes an excellent food for wrapping. Spread on coated wrap; season to taste; then wrap.

  • When rolled and wrapped, the amalgam can be topped with reconstituted sour cream and a sprinkle of dried chives for an appealing presentation.

  • Lentils, well–cooked with garden fresh vegetables make excellent filling for the wraps. Cook any filling down, known as "reducing," to a thickened spreadable substance. This goes excellent with soft wraps; or, if your wraps came out hard and brittle, they will exhibit a definite "crunch," and with filling, are delicious. Do not roll in this case. Top with your freezed–dried cheese (from storage). This enhances the crunch and mouth feel to excite the organoleptic sensations of pleasure in the brain.


        French Chefs have a way with food and the description thereof. Mr. "B" is an award–winning French Chef!


        Food during this time, presented properly, can be a great mood elevator, especially when the outside world is very dire.

Video On Flour Tortilla Preparation

Kong Again!

This Is No Joke Folks !
Get National Geographic Magazine !
June 2009

The Picture!

[Egypt Mob]

Egyptians Mobbing For Wraps!

"The End of Plenty: Special Report The Global Food Crisis"
National Geographic
June 2009

    The first "Green Revolution" took place in the 1960s and 1970s, when agricultural scientists discovered methods of farming that doubled crop yields. The world's population was growing rapidly, and everyone feared that soon the earth could not yield enough food to feed the masses. Thanks to the "Green Revolution," which introduced the concepts of monoculture (growing a lot of one crop on a farm, rather than several different crops as had been done in the past), irrigation, and fertilizers.

    When the Green Revolution came to India, the country went from famine to plenty. The country has not suffered famine since the mid-1960s. But now yield growth has flattened, thousands of hectares of productive land have been lost due to salinization, and pesticides have infiltrated the water supply to such an extent, people in the worst-affected areas are suffering a tremendous increase in cancers and birth defects. Plus, the currently high costs of fertilizers and pesticides have plunged many farmers into debt.

    This is the story all over the world, as farmers have overused fertilizers and pesticides, over-irrigated their fields, and essentially stripped the soils of nutrients.

    Worse, National Geographic fears "global warming" will result in an increase in droughts and a decrease in available water for irrigation. Add this to the fact that the world population is still growing at a huge rate, and it soon becomes obvious that the world needs another Green Revolution, and it needs it fast. Moreover, the new Green Revolution needs to double the yields in half the time as the previous Revolution.

    How will the new Green Revolution happen? Experts believe genetic engineering to select for beneficial traits will lead to new varieties of plants with reduced need for fertilizer, less need for pesticides, and, most important, drought resistance.

    Other experts believe the true answer is more likely to lie in a paradigm shift, wherein farmers practice sustainable and ecologically friendly farming methods, with composting and interplanting with legumes to restore soil fertility.

    After all, as one professor points out, the Achilles heel of current green revolution methods is a dependence on fossil fuels, for manufacturing fertilizers and pesticides, and fossil fuels are no longer cheap and readily available. The answer might lie in small-scale, biologically diverse farms that can produce more food with less input from fossil-fuel based fertilizers and pesticides.

    However, big charitable foundations, backed by people like Madonna and Bill and Melinda Gates, are pushing for a Green Revolution in Africa, the one continent never visited by the original Green Revolution, and they are essentially using the original methodology of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation, supercharged by genetically engineered seeds.

    One research coordinator finds this approach deeply disturbing and says, "It's getting farmers to rely on expensive inputs produced from afar that are making money for big companies rather than on agroecological methods for using local resources and skills."

    In the end, there will have to be a balance between population and resources. The question is, will humanity find that balance before Nature balances the equation for us.

Kong Sez:

    Or before those genetically engineered plants turn out to have some unexpected and deadly side effects. This is what's known as "unintended consequences," folks, and once these things are set into motion, it will be hell for Monsanto, or whoever is responsible, to undo it.

The Second Ammendment!

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[Running For Your Life]

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