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When The Divison Of Labor

Breaks !

Kong Sez:

    America has a proliferation of prisons. The "Big House" is now overcrowded. Some are letting the lesser offenders go early in order to make room for more hard offenders. Still, many states are now having not only a problem with space, but the cost of feeding these people and the cost of more manpower. Thus, some, California recently did so, are letting many out early. California let out 22,000.

    Yet, there are those Police Chiefs in various parts of the country and jurisdictions that feel citizens should not be armed. Your present administration of National Government feels you do not need to own a firearm. What will they do for you when all hell breaks? Dr. "B" said if you save the life of a Pelosi, or one of her ilk, with a firearm, and that's what it will take, then let them know "Because you had a gun and laid your life on the line is why she/he is still alive." Don't be like Rick Blaine in Casablanca, "I stick my neck out for no one." Be judicious.

    One can see the problem this will create as more and more people compete for the dwindling jobs. With fewer jobs, there is only one solution in most of their minds: Back into the Crime World. This means you and I are/will be their prey. But, there is a bigger looming problem out there that most law abiding citizens have not even considered. And, only few cops and their departments are well–aware of.

    This looming problem is growing and will be growing—in the light of the above—ever more; but, something very sinister is already out there unbeknownst to most citizens and police alike.

    It is prison gangs that are prolifering. We give some background on this, but first, this is what is not known.

    Most of the violent and terrorizing gangs had and have their origins in prison. American Cop (AmericanCopMagazine.com), November/December 2009 writes the following:

Self–protection has also been a major impetus in the formation of gangs behind the walls as was the case with the Aryan Brotherhood. The AB was founded in San Quentin Prison in California in 1967 in response to the formation of the Black Guerrilla Family, which began operations the previous year. The Mexican Mafia, Neta, Le Nuestra Familia and more recently the Assembly of Authentic Islam are just a few of the dozens of gangs that have their roots in correctional facilities.

Indeed many of the most notorious and violent street gangs we now see across the nation had their beginnings in our nation's prisons and jails.

The gangs are not going away. As our facilities become more overcrowded and understaffed gangs will flex their internal muscles in new and more dangerous ways. Their reach goes beyond the walls and affects the safety of the public and the lives of Correctional Officers and staff who deal with them on a daily base. Once again we in corrections find ourselves placed in a position of having to do the impossible. Even when the threats stare us right in the face we are forced to be reactionary rather than proactive, the results shouldn't surprise anyone.

    This does not bode well for you. As they are released from prison, they go back to their "family," the gang on the outside. Those on the inside can make hits on you by contacting the outside family. For instance,

In 1996 in Shelby County, Tennessee, Jail Officer Deadrick Taylor was gunned down in front of his house and murdered in front of his family. Officer Taylor had placed a gang member on lock down status the day before. Because of this, a hit was ordered on Taylor and four members of the Traveling Vice Lords brutally followed out that order using an assult rifle (AK–47) and handguns. This is not a singular incident according to the 2005 report (National Alliance of Gang Investigators as reported in the 2005 Natgional Gang Threat Assessment), "Latin King members are known for their control over correctional officers and routinely ordered hits on those who fail to cooperate with them."

The advent of private prisons has spurred even more gang activity as well.

    Private prisons put inmates from different parts of the country together. Inmates shipped from the Hawaiian islands immediately form gangs to protect themselves from other gangs, and the trend continues with others from different jurisdictions when they are all stuck in the same hell–hole.

    Gangs are formed in prison to stop the assaults, the beatings, riots and murders from other inmates. However, when they share the same yard; the same housing units, these policies force them into gangs...violent gangs. When they get out, if no gang exists with their colors, a new violent gang is formed, maybe in your nice neighborhood or city, if not already there.

    Dr. "B" has spoken about the inner cities are going to be sheer terror, When The Hell Breaks in Earnest. You can now see more why. And, we are not only speaking about gangs there during this time, but ordinary citizens may/will form their own gangs to survive. This may be part of the "patriot movement" to protect themselves from the gangs and government hatchet men, if a government still survives in such an area described below.

    You do not have to be a police officer or corrections officer for a hit to be made on you. They do read and watch the media. They may not like what you wrote or said about their family....

    Those of you living near prisons, stay alert. Dr. "B" feels as the economic climate worsens, crime will escalate from the everyday knife and fork criminal, as well as the "family" needing sustenance in whatever form it may be. You will be preyed upon.

    Dr. "B" feels that as some areas become extremely hard hit within two years, "Do you let the prisoners eat a starvation diet?" Or will more and more be released? One big problem looming is when The Galactic Plane is being crossed, electricity, law and order will go down in many areas. Also, violent earthquakes may start decimating a region and the populace "hauls ass, leaving whoever stays to fend for themselves." Remember, money will be worth nothing. Only capital goods and food. The walls may come tumbling down, if the area is hit hard enough, as will as homes and entire cities. The felons will simply spill out of the fortresses if not let out as the walls come down. Or, as one explained to Dr. "B", will it be the humane thing to do: "Let them out under such conditions to prey on the civilians; or, condemn them to a brick/mortar/metal grave?"

    When The Division of Labor Breaks totally, who will you depend on? It's coming folks!

    Will the government feed you? Protect you? Or, are you going to be on your own for more than two weeks. Hurricane Katrina victims were raped, mauled, pillaged, and did without for only two weeks. An event of the kind coming to Planet Earth will bring out the best of humans and the worst of humans.

When Violence Strikes, Women Are Always A Target

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Get Prepared!

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