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    With food shortages reaching our shores soon, food riots will erupt and go South very quickly. There may be hostages taken for food; and, if this becomes fact, other things will be asked for than just food. Thus, it behooves one to know something of how to handle Hostage Situations.

    First, this is a delicate situation that really demands a Hostage Negotiator, a professional person trained for such encounters. They may or may not be a police person. However, quite often, smaller police departments do not have such a person, and regular police officers probably have had some or no training in the psychodynamics of such, but, will serve as a negotiator. Yet, it behooves everyone to know certain fundamentals of negotiations with a Hostage Taker (HT).

    Quite often, the first person on the scene is the everyday "knife and fork" police officer; or, a family member; or, a passerby, that may be thrown into the situation for the moment. Still, When The Hell Breaks in its full rigor, one probably will not have the law enforcement to come to their aid. Therefore, you must know some things about Hostage Situations—what one should and should not do.

    What follows is for police negotiators, civilians, and anyone else that may be thrown into such a situation. The first thing to remember is:
"One wrong word or a word spoken in anger by a negotiator can cost innocent people their lives. Stress, emotions, and physical and mental anxiety are at their highest in the opening minutes of the hostage situation."—SWAT Battle Tactics, Cascio & McSweeney

    The reason for this is what psychologists call the "Cornered-Rat Syndrome" for the Hostage Taker. Realizing this, one must immediately try and relieve the stress reaction occurring in the HT. The negotiator will also be under stress too, but will not feel cornered by the situation, unless they violate rules that follow. If you are the police officer first on the scene and are not grounded in Hostage Negotiations basics, it can lead to the death of the hostage, to you being taken hostage, and to death for all present including the HT. Many times, the HT is very mentally disturbed and wants "suicide by cop," or civilian.

    As our society matures more into the breakdown of civilities, we advocate role-playing situations with responsible family members, neighbors, friends, and the like of your covenant relationship we have spoken of many times in recent ChemBio Updates.

    Speaking well is one advantage. You can take from a night school, local high school, or check out a book from your local library, a "Public Speaking" course. This will ground you in projection and diction. Words can sound alike but mean something entirely different in our society. If you know Spanish, good, since our government has decided to pander to illegals. But, the latter may end When The Hell is over.

Your Demeanor
What Goes Down

    The whole point of this is that in a hostage situation, it will be a Question and Answer style communication. At any point, don't start berating the HT. You are acting as a professional negotiator and if your wife, or some other member of your family is being held by a HT, you must appear calm and collected. Watch voice intonationations. You should, if possible, not allow the HT to know you are a family member. This is all bad. The HT will use the hostage against you. He will play on your fears. That is why he has taken what he hopes is a member of your family if possible during a food crisis or a societal breakdown. He knows you want everything restored to normal. Be Aware. There are going to be some serious gnashing of teeth coming to our soils. There's no turning back. There is no stopping it now. It has gone too far. Get prepared, be ready. You ... I ... we may be next. It's coming.

    Study to have an easy, relaxed style when negotiating. This is what top radio disc jockeys do. You want to be able to put the HT at ease. Defuse the stress-reaction and pressure quickly. Communication between you and the HT will then be better. If you are a woman, the HT may make sexual overtures toward you, and if you are not prepared for this, you may do as some policewomen negotiators have during role playing. You may come apart. You must be firm, no nonsense. Be direct and stay on target. Don't allow yourself to be sidetracked. Do not get lighthearted in your training. A person's life is at stake.

Just thinking about a hostage situation with one of your family members being taken hostage and you playing out the role of the entire event in your mind does amazing things in terms of preparation. You have become aware of a hostage situation and what to do or not to do from your study of this document. You are not a professional; but, you won't make the fundamental mistakes that one makes under such circumstances who have not even thought about what to do and what not to do. Learn up front now and make it part of your mind–set:

You Can't let the Hostage Taker leave with the Hostage! It is all bad.

Remember! You Always Negotiate From Cover If Alone...and...If The Situation Definitely Goes South...and You Have No Backup...

Role Playing

    This can be a lot of fun. It can show you your mistakes; educate all concerned, and enlighten the role players to things they may not have considered that the other role players did consider.

    With role playing, use props such as coffee, sandwiches, desks, chairs, cover, concealment, and so forth. One plays the HT; another the Hostage Negotiator; the wife or kids, the hostage or hostages. Here is where you show the hostages, if released, not to run to you for protection and security. This plays into the HT's hands. Have them move to cover and security away from the HT and in back of you and to the side if possible. You thus stay in control of the situation and know where all the members of your family now are. You need to know this in case (and this has happened in the past) the hostage taker has second thoughts after releasing the hostages, and the situation deteriorates immediately such that you have to use lethal force to stop his deadly charging attack. You don't want your family in a precarious situation, and you don't know where they are when the bullets start flying.

    Study ministers, psychologists, fathers, mothers and anyone else you can take mental notes of and combine their best qualities. You want to get a hold on dealing with negotiating. Notice how some of these mega churches solicit money. They are very unctuous and can "talk a dog off a meat wagon." To hear them talk, you would believe they identify with you completely, and that nobody understands your particular trials and tribulations better than they do. (These guys will be eating when you are not!) This is the secret of a good negotiator: He or she makes the hostage taker feel that they are his friend, one of the few in the world who understands him and what he is going through, and why he feels the way he does, and why it has led to this situation.

    Be in good health. When The Hell continually breaks over our heads, be on a high complete-protein diet. Negotiating stresses the body, and such high stress burns fat and muscle tissue. It is physically demanding. It is easier to communicate sincerity if you are feeling good about yourself. The HT will be suspicious about everything and everyone. Don't get into the situation where more than one acts as a hostage negotiator. The HT will play one against the other. The HT has gone to the store and is shopping for the best deal.

    You want to establish in the beginning, immediately, your desire to help him. Do not make promises you can't keep. The HT is going to work you. Do not give away everything hoping for the release of the hostage. The HT has to give something too.

    Negotiate for the safe release of the hostage in exchange for certain demands the HT makes that you can deliver. No false promises. In Israel, it is taught to consider the hostage last in the equation. The reason is that if you show less interest and more concern in the terrorist's needs, they can't use your fears of the hostage's safety effectively against you. In the Middle East, the terrorists know this and so deal from a different deck for their wants.

    To keep the HT from feeling the Cornered-Rat Syndrome—and this takes practice—make him feel in control, not helpless. For instance, he makes a demand you know your (if you are a police officer) department can't honor, you can reply:

"I'll see what I can do, but I don't think my department will go for it."

Or, if a civilian,

"I can't do that because I have no authority or means to facilitate your request."

    Then, follow with, "But, I'll see what I can do." Do not make promises you can't keep. Show to the HT that you are somewhat flexible. But, again, don't give up something without getting something in return. Bargain with the HT. This latter is important.

Female Negotiators

    Female negotiators should be aware of the point when the negotiation is breaking down and should bring in another hostage negotiator (HN).

    Know the signs and talk when the HT is becoming preoccupied with you. He is obsessing after you. His focus is totally about you and your likes and dislikes, avoiding the discussion about the hostage situation. He may become very pointedly asking about your sex habits—what does he have to lose? He may get off to "dirty" talk. If his language starts deterioriating and degenerating to sexual slurs and inuendos, and if you can't get him back to the topic at hand, it is time to excuse yourself and send in another hostage negotiator.

    Once lost, it is hard to recover the situation. Thus, if the HT starts obsessing over you, quickly return to the topic at hand—his demands that can be met in exchange for the safe release of the hostage. But, do not be overly concerned or anxious in the latter. If the HT reads this in you, he will use it against you.


Be Apprised

    Three things you must be cognizant of:

  • Do not allow yourself to be exchanged for the hostage.

  • You must not communicate with the HT from an "open" position. Stay behind cover. Do not expose yourself to needless danger. Don't expose your person to an attack from gunfire.

  • You Can't let the Hostage Taker leave with the Hostage! It is all bad.

    Once the lines of communication have been opened, identify yourself. If with the police department, "I am the negotiator for the police." Or, if a civilian, "What may I do for you?" In Swat Battle Tactics, they write:

"By doing this, you are identifying yourself and offering to help the suspect. At times, this is all that is needed to get the suspect to surrender. Many HTs are thrust into this position by sheer stupidity, bad luck, or a plan (or no plan) gone wrong. They want assurance that the police are not going to kill them."

    Some, however, may want the police, or you, to kill them. The HT may want to commit suicide by inducing someone else to kill him. Be aware of this. They are too cowardly to do it themselves and want a cop or you to do it for them. Also, they want to take another with them, when they go "down."

    As John S. Farnam, retired police office and author of gun, shotgun, and rifle books, points out in his videos, if a situation ensues and you do not know who the hostage is, the hostage may be the HT playing as the hostage. When he is released to you, he then takes you into "custody." Therefore, if a hostage is released, remove them from the scene quickly and get them into isolation and searched, held (unless in need of medical attention) and questioned. Stay safe. Don't make assumptions everything is all right now.

    As soon as you turn your back, you become the hostage, with the HT marching you to the door and opening it to allow entry of his accomplices. Your situation just went down fast, all in their favor. There are no guarantees in a hostage event. Be prepared and stay alert. Know what to do and do it.

    When you come upon a hostage situation, the HT will be anxious and start making demands, if he refuses to capitulate. Play down his demands. Start gathering intelligent information. You can do this by letting him know you want to understand him. You want to know him. Hopefully, this will make you come across as wanting sincerely to help him. You are buying hostage time, as others in your group can assess the event tactically. Once you get him to talking, be prepared for his life history. He may even include the medical portion and why he is this way; how life let him down. Show interest and sincerity, but keep on track to get the hostage released.

    Avoid giving deadlines to the HT and accepting deadlines from him. This engenders more pressure and stress. You are in a crisis mode. Don't give but scant concern to the hostages. Do not ask if the hostage is all right; ask rather: "Is anyone hurt?" "Does anyone need medical assistance?" Being overly concerned about the hostage(s) will add to the crisis situation in the HT's favor. They consider this as a sign of weakness and will use it against you. Play this all down.

    If you know there are elderly being held as hostages, people on medications, or even ill people, negotiate for release of the sick, people who need their medicines, such as a diabetic; or, mothers with babies with special needs. The hostage taker may want beer and pizza. Don't give in to the alcohol demand, it may make the situation worse; pizza, yes. The HTs want to be heard. They will make demands. You will have to ascertain value of your response to them. Go slow. Sometimes just talk...talk...talk...and in one case the HT was literally talked down into submission. It wore him out.

    The main thing to remember is that you cannot let the HT leave with the hostage(s). This is a quasi zone. This is where world–wide hostage teams make dynamic entry. Things have now gone South. Talk is over and now time for action. Do not give in to demands for more hostages. You may have, under certain conditions, face-to-face talks with the HT. If so, make him promise you:
  • That you will not be taken hostage, neither,

  • There will be no injury your person,

  • Nor, will anyone point a gun, knife, or any other type of weapon at you.

  • Have him promise not to threaten you.

    And, you have a dynamic entry team "at the ready."

Ambidextrous Shooting Practice With The SemiAutomatic Shotgun From Cover

Do Not Hug Cover!

    Arrange the meeting where another of your team: police, wife, husband, neighbor, etc. can keep you under surveillance with a sniper shooter. For the layman, as well as the police, if any are about When The Hell Breaks, your people must be practiced....well-practiced with the rifle at long distance shooting with scope, in case things go South for you. This is a tactical advantage necessitated by the circumstances.

    If you agree for mano a mano, then:
  • Do not turn your back on the HT.

  • Sudden moves on your part are out.

  • Stay out of the suspect's quick reach.

    You may decide, with your team, to set the HT up for a "take down" shot if negotiations crater and come to this point and not only the life of the hostage(s), but yours too is now in definite question. Regardless, the process may be long and arduous.

What One Hostage Negotiator Suggests

    Sgt. Larry Chavez, a Sacramento-based police officer has trained police at the Western States Hostage Negotiators Association. The officer also teaches how to prevent workplace violence.

    He feels that you must work from the HT perspective. "The mistake that gets made most often is failing to listen," you have to understand where they are coming from; their mindset.

    These people may be entirely wrong in their reasoning for the conditions that sparked the hostage situation , but to them, it's real. "Even if he's wrong, he is acting on perceptions that are real to him," Chavez said.

    He advises to act quickly.

    "Grant them dignity and privacy,"

    "All you can do is listen, that's the only weapon you have."

    You want to defuse the situation and this is done by creating respect and trust. Eye contact is a sign of respect if you are face to face with him. Speak calmly. Show no anger, fear, or contempt for the HT. Let him ventilate.

    He will know if you are not paying attention to him. He'll read you. Do not stare off aimlessly around. Tell him you are going to take notes to be sure and address all his concerns.

    Question him such that he gives long answers. You are looking for a window into his thinking. This also allows him to ventilate and make his story known to you.

    Do not "lose credibility at this stage," It "can be catastrophic."

    If he ventilates enough and your questions open him to make a resolution, you can tell him that you will bring any injustices to the authorities that be.

    As we said earlier, Chavez confirms that if you give something in response to his demands, ask that he do likewise. "In the overwhelming number of cases, the person just wants fairness," the police officer contends.

    Do not berate the HT. Do not maximize, but minimize his concerns.

    If you offer the hostage-taker safety for his cooperation and treat him with dignity, the situation may just be turned around.

    "Never strip anybody of their dignity, the hostage negotiator said. "People stripped of dignity have done some horrible things."

    These are techniques that are highly effective, yet are simple, he said. Eighty-five to 90 percent of hostage encounters as well as potential suicides can be resolved via negotiation and no one injured or killed.

    However, with what is coming, you had better be well-practiced with what is seen below. Hostage takers will try to place you in a no-win situation. They will not care about dignity; only that their immediate needs are met. Those needs will be Food, Fuel, and Females. Get Prepared. It's coming.

    What is now hitting this country, most Hostage Negotiators have not been prepared for. If total or sporadic anarchy is present, and the city governments go down (many will), you will be on your own. Know the above, it may serve you in good stead. In the end, for the End of an Age, Jesus said, get two guns—Luke 22:35-38.

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