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Kong Takes A Look

Kong Sez:

    Our nation's status is about to change, and "they" don't want you to know it. All the news these days on the mainstream media tells you how wonderful everything is . . . almost back to normal, in fact. But if you look at what's really happening, the things that no one is talking about, you will soon figure out that the late, great United States of America is on the freeway to becoming a third-world nation.

Let's take a quick look at some of the things "they" aren't telling us:

  • The Lipstick Index is rising. In case you didn't know, the Lipstick Index is an economic indicator that has been known for decades, one that is known to be very accurate. It is a measure, literally, of lipstick sales, because it has long been known that women affected by a bad economy, who can't afford big luxuries, like to indulge themselves with tiny ones. The Lipstick Index is an excellent indicator of bad economic times, and the higher it rises, the worse the economy. Right now, the Index is up 40%. What this tells us: All the mainstream media talk about "green shoots" and the recovery of the financial sector is lipstick on a pig. [Lipstick On A Pig]

  • The FDIC is busted! According to Dr. Gary North, the FDIC was created during the Great Depression to persuade the public that even failed banks were safe, so don't withdraw all your money. However, the FDIC has had to rescue a grand total of 698 bank failures during 2009 so far. They always announce bank failures on Friday evenings, when it's too late for customers to rush over and take out all their money, and here lately, bank failures have become so commonplace, we rarely hear about them anymore.

    The FDIC likes to engineer sales of the failed banks over the weekend so the banks reopen on Monday morning under new ownership. But because of all these failures, and because of having to make good on some of the failed banks' debts, the FDIC is almost out of money. Yet there are 305 more banks that experts say will probably fail, and if Congress does not quickly replenish the FDIC's coffers, a major run on currency will begin. Dr. North says that if this happens, ATMs will run dry and martial law will be declared. He feels that the FED and Congress won't allow this to happen because the entire system runs on credit, but he does think that it could happen from something unforeseen, like a biological attack on a couple of cities.

  • Our president is in search of "fishy" constituents, and you may qualify! We can't blame the president of the United States of America for turning into a bit of a megalomaniac, now can we? After all, he is the most powerful man on earth, able to bomb small nations out of existence with a single bomb, so he ought to be able to do anything he wants, right? Without criticism, right?

    It seems that the president's staff has put out a notice that it wants samples of emails and other internet propaganda about the president's healthcare reform plan that sound "fishy." Only we don't think he means "fishy." We think he means "anyone writing anything that disagrees with his proposals." We further think that this fish stinks to high heaven, especially when you consider that the Guantanamo Bay prison is empty now, and it would be a good spot to stick a lot of "fishy" people.

  • The mainstream media have suddenly discovered "Peak Oil." People like James Howard Kuntsler have been writing about the Peak Oil problem for some years now, but the mainstream media have studiously ignored the whole idea.

    The idea that the world has run out of cheap oil, and from now on energy costs have only one way to go, and that is up. This means that our entire way of life in America needs to change, from our driving habits to the way we lay out our cities, and that we need to consider investing in things like railroad infrastructure and public transportation. Of course this means that life as we have always known it is basically over, and nobody in the mainstream media wants to contemplate this, much less write about it.

  • The real estate market is not, repeat, NOT, about to recover. The second wave of mortgage resets and foreclosures is about to begin. Plus, on January 1, 2010, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are supposed to start reducing their holdings of mortgage-backed securities, which is going to cause tremendous trouble in the banking sector as the true value of these securities is revealed.

    Plus more adjusted-rate mortgages are expected to readjust through 2010 and 2011, which will result in still more distressed homeowners. Already banks are sequestering thousands of empty houses on their books because they are unwilling to take the losses and put the houses up for sale at anywhere near a price that will be low enough to sell them. The longer these houses remain empty, the more they deteriorate and the less they are worth. Until this shadow inventory is dealt with, there will be no housing market recovery.

  • The nation has morphed into a "pink slip" nation. Dr. Gary North says the United States will be a "pink slip" nation for some time to come, because businesses are still laying off workers and cutting hours. They will not begin replacing laid off workers for some years to come, as there is still a lot of malinvestment that needs to be shaken out of the economy. Plus, bankers know the economy is about to get hit with more mortgage resets, foreclosures, and debt defaults, so they are not about to start lending money to help restart the economy. Look for an unemployment rate above 10%, coming very soon now.

  • The coming loss of trust in the media and government will put a big crimp in the public's attitude towards authority. Kong and your webmasters look for a major loss of belief in the government's ability to rescue the country from this crisis, and a major dislike and distrust of the mainstream media.

    That's okay, because the mainstream media outlets are on the way out anyway, as more and more people turn to the internet for news, news that Nancy Pelosi and other government miscreants can't manipulate to their own ends. As soon as the public realizes that government wonks want to keep their fine lifestyles and their jets while the public has to walk to work and burn under-powered light bulbs in their homes lest they rack up carbon demerits, there will be a mass rebellion.

    People are likely to refuse to pay taxes, since the government will only use the money to send Nancy Pelosi on a junket to Bermuda, and the public will refuse to obey government orders about mandatory vaccinations with untried vaccines. Worse, they will refuse to rush out and buy a new, expensive plug-in hybrid car because they prefer an old, safe clunker with lots of metal on it--one that costs very little money.

  • In fact, Richard Maybury, in his U.S. & World Early Warning Report, August 2009, says the following:

    "About thirty years ago I reached the conclusion that America was headed for a huge economic disaster, and this disaster would bring radical political change. I believed, and still do, that the change will go either in the direction of the American Revolution, or the French revolution."

Kong Sez:

It's still very bad out there, folks.  Right now, the government and mainstream media are managing to inject a sense of hope and relief in people, but these good feelings may be about to end. Just as soon as the public at large realizes there won't be any quick fix and their lifestyles have taken a big downer, look for a major decline in public mood. When the public gets in a pissy mood, there is no telling what will happen next.

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