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[Colloidal Silver May Just Turn The Tide!]

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Influenza !

Kong Sez:

    I've been having some long emails with Dr. "B". I asked "What's one to do?" if they don't take this "experimental" flu vaccine for the H1N1 Swine flu?

    Dr. "B" said, "There are a number of modalities one should be apprised of. I have said for over two years now, that for adults, they should consider 5,000 IU of vitamin D, daily. For infants under one year of age, after two weeks old, give COD liver oil daily in the form of just a few drops from an eye–dropper. After three months of age, give a teaspoon or two daily. This should be started now for all concerned persons. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should check with their health care provider."

    "The problem," he writes, "is that there is a time–delay for recognition of the influenza virus by the Second Line of Defense which incorporates:
  • Phagocytic white blood cells, which includes the macrophages.
  • Inflammation and fever
  • Antimicrobial substances

    "The main point here is that the macrophages are cocked and primed from vitamin D to form Cathelicidin, a chemical that kills invading flu and colds and other microbes by boosting production of the antimicrobial compound (cathelicidin) that defends against germs by punching holes in external membranes of the invaders causing their machinery to leak out and thus, the invader dies."

    "While Seek and Recognize is being applied by the macrophages, cocked and primed with Cathelicidin, that has been increased from vitamin D formation, the microbial virus is beginning to make headway. And by the time one's entire immune system responds, involving the third arm of this Specific Resistance with specialized lymphocytes consisting of B cells and T cells and then antibiody formation, one is quite sick."

    "The important point of what follows," Dr. "B" continues, "is that what makes someone sick is the infectious dose, or in this case, the viral load. In other words, if you've got, for example, a thousand viruses, or 10,000 viruses, as an infectious dose, your chance of responding rapidly and healthily, immediately, has dropped down. However, if you can take some agent to reduce that viral load, say to only 1 or 2 viruses, and keep them in submission with this agent, giving your secondary arm of the immune system a chance to seek, search out, and destroy, you may never even know that you were infected. We may just have such an agent that may not have any adverse effects. It has been used in the Old Testament as well as the New Testament, to help control microbial growth in drinking water."

    I asked Dr. "B": What's One To Do?

    His response, "There's a little known modality that just may turn the tide."

    "Well....what is it?" I eagerly asked.

    "Do you know about heavy metals?"

    "Yeah! That's the stuff you want to avoid, right?"

    "Yes and no," Dr. "Bs" booming voice came across the phone.

    I had called Dr. "B" because I don't want to get caught with this stuff (the flu) here in Manhattan on an island! We could be isolated and quarantined. Given the character of people today, I know this would mean riots and worse. So by now, I am really hoping Dr. "B" was going to give me an answer, something better than what I've been hearing from the current governments, both local and national.

Heavy Metals !

    Dr. Alcamo's latest edition, Alcamo's Fundamentals of Microbiology, Jeffrey C. Pommerville, writes:

Mercury, silver, and copper are called heavy metals because of their large atomic weights and complex electron configurations. They are very reactive with proteins, particular at the protein's sulfhydryl groups (–SH), and they are believed to bind protein molecules together by forming bridges between the groups. Because many of the proteins involved are enzymes, cellular metabolism is disrupted, and the microorganism dies. However, heavy metals are not sporicidal.

    Hold this thought!

    Let us now consider viruses. Without too much technicality, there are enveloped viruses and non–enveloped viruses. The influenza virus is enveloped. The enveloped virus is surrounded by a pliable membrane consisting of lipids and protein. And therein lies the problem for the virus. The H1N1 Swine Flu virus is enveloped. Non–enveloped viruses do not have lipids, only protein. This can be a problem for them too. Hold these thoughts too!

    Now, let's bring these thoughts together. It is definitely not wise to ingest mercury. However, one can drink silver in colloidal diminsions, such that it is absorbed nicely and attacks microbial proteins. One such would be colds and flu viruses.

    Dr. "B" suggests for those individuals not desiring to take the "experimental" H1N1 flu vaccine, to start on colloidal silver now. He makes no guarantees, but does feel that it will help one get through this. He does, as given above, suggest vitamin D.

    He recommends one get an inexpensive Colloidal Silver Generator. Check the Internet. Several are listed there. You want pure silver (99.999 %); otherwise, you could develope argyria — a harmless, permanent blue coloring of the skin.

[Blue Man] [Blue Man_2]
Drinking Impure Silver, Or Too Much, Can Do This To You.

    Now, consider the immediate above in the following light:

    In The Tenth Edition, 2010, of Microbiology: An Introduction by Professors Tortora, Funke and Case, page 198 gives the following:

Several heavy metals can be biocidal or antiseptic, including silver, mercury, and copper. The ability of very (emphasis by WebMasters) small amounts of heavy metals, especially silver and copper, to exert antimicrobial activity is referred to as oligodynamic action (oligo means few).


    Note the key word few. Many cases of argyria is caused by the overdoing of a good thing. Also, various writers have pointed out that argyria is caused by using impure silver, such as silver coins, spoons, jewelry, etc.

    We continue with Tortora, Funke, and Case:

Centuries ago, Egyptians found that putting silver coins in water barrels served to keep the water clean of unwanted organic growths. This action can be seen when we place a coin or other clean piece of metal containing silver or copper on a culture on an inoculated Petri plate. Extremely small amounts of metal diffuse from the coin and inhibit the growth of bacteria for some distance around the coin. This effect is produced by the action of heavy metal ions on microbes.

When the metal ions combine with the sulfhydryl groups on cellular proteins, denaturation results.
    The WebMaster's family drank several ounces in the morning and evening, for one week only. They did not over do it. And will resume with the following recommended doses of 1/2 to 1 teaspoon once or twice daily. They took steps to make sure they had pure silver. Children are advised no more than 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon once daily.

    The indications for colloidal silver ingestion would be for colds or flu. "As with any drug, if you are pregnant or nursing or have a serious illness, always contact your doctor before using" —TriMedica, a seller of colloidal silver.

    If you have concerns, do not do it, Dr. "B" advises.

Great Influenza Epidemic Of
1918 !

    How the Great Influenza epidemic of 1918, came about incorporates two other views. One idea proposes that when soldiers burned stacks of manure, a violent March storm blew dust over Fort Riley, Kansas, where the incineration took place. In some way, this may have served to cause an epidemic (ordinary) influenza virus to undergo a antigenic shift (genetic shift) involving a major mutagenic change in the harmless strain to become a pandemic (worldwide) virulent strain. The other view is that influenza broke out among hogs in September, 1918, at an Iowa breeders' swine show. Perhaps this is why some still reference the most inconceivable epidemic of the twentieth century as "The Great Swine Flu." It too, must have mutated.

    It is believed that pandemics may result from an antigenic shift when two different viral strains infect a cell. The reason is because there are no prior antibody binding sites from a previous virus that gradually changed, which would still maintain some antibody sites. This is why a second infection of the flu is generally mild. There are memory cells ready to spring into action, cranking out antibodies from a similar, but gradually changing virus. This gradually changing virus is known as antigenic drift (genetic drift). Thus, protection is lost bit-by-bit as antigenic drift is occurring.

    However, with antigenic shift, involving a major change, you have no memory cells ready to go into action to spew out antibodies to recognize the new virus. They recognize the old virus.

    The Elliotts (Elliott, William, H., and Elliott, Daphne C. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. New York: Oxford University Press, 1997) say the 1918 pandemic of influenza is believed to have been caused by rearrangement of two viruses between an avian and human strain of influenza. It is estimated to have caused the death of 20 million people. However, some investigators feel this many died in India alone.

    Because The Great Flu epidemic of 1918 resembled the Spanish flu epidemic of 1893, it became known as the "Spanish Flu or Maiden."

    Instead of soldiers bringing the flu epidemic of 1918 home with them, some record that American soldiers experienced the flu first and carried it to the European theater of war; first to England, then France and Germany. German historians write that the ending of the First World War was influenced by the great pandemic of 1918–1919. The effects of the flu were broad and far reaching to Germany's war effort. They contend that it was not U.S. soldiers coming to Europe that was the main cause of Germany losing the war, it was what came with the U.S. soldiers…the virus.

    The thing that was so shocking to many is that this flu killed so many young soldiers, allies and enemy, in their prime. Not only did it not stop there, large losses of young civilians occurred equally as well. Deaths developed in the 20 to 40 age group.

    Some medical practitioners believe that when new emerging diseases erupt, their lethal effects are experienced more in this age group because the immune response, involving antibodies, generates such an elaborated reaction to the infectious microbe, it amplifies the pathogens' body reaction through an exaggerated inflammatory response.

    Slate–wipers of the world's adult young have happened in past history, with the Great Flu epidemic of 1918–1919 being the latest. We often think that the very young or very old will be lost first—and a world epidemic will incur great losses in this group too. They are the principal victims, but the adult young had a higher rate of mortality during the pandemic of 1918–1919. This age group may be a greater loss to their country should this happen again.

    There appears to be another reason why the adult young are the hardest hit in an epidemic, other than an elaborated immune response involving antigens and antibodies. As one ages, a hormone produced by the adrenal glands, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and sulfated by the body to become DHEAS, is significantly reduced in elderly persons, even though they are healthy. As DHEAS drops, so does the reaction of nonspecific defense cells known as "natural killer" cells. These are lymphocytic cells that roam the lymph and blood, killing cancer and virus–infected cells. They act without involvement of an antigen, but they do participate in antibody–dependent cell–mediated cytotoxicity.

    This second reason means there was probably less elaborated inflammatory response in the elderly as opposed to the young adults, that facilitated death. Other than viruses killing by rupturing infected host cells when they are released, since they produce no extracellular proteases or toxins; are not considered alive; cannot reproduce on their own, then how do they cause disease, other than killing the host cells they infect? They have the capacity to cause an infected host cell to produce a product "which itself could cause disease," writes Harvard Medical School microbiologist, Bernard Fields, in Emerging Viruses. These products are cytokines.

    But some of you are on DHEA because it is so good for a number of conditions, what's one to do? Our suggestion: stay on DHEA and add to it nettle leaf extract, DHA from fish oil, and boswella to tame the exaggerated inflammatory response. But, recall that fish oil is toxic. We suggest to include some medium chain triglycerides, as found in coconut oil. Also include GLA which generates PGE1 (a potent anti–inflammatory) and Prostacylin (PGI2), a vasoprotective agent. Curcumin, the active antioxidant ingredient from the Indian herb, tumeric, has anti–viral, anti–cancer, and anti–inflammatory effects which would help in this process also.

    In 1918–1919, the young adults often died within hours of flu manifestation. Generally the virus invades the upper respiratory tract (nose, throat, middle ear and eustachian tubes), but the flu of 1918 changed and invaded the lungs, causing a deadly viral pneumonia. The usual cause of death from flu is not from the flu virus, but from secondary bacterial infections, such as Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pneumoniae, or Hemophilus influenzae.

    If an emerging virus or plague strikes the world, and millions of able–bodied citizens are lost to countries like America, Britain, Europe, Russia and China, and third–world countries practically annihilated, we are warned to expect demoralization and despair. The reason is because we have not been prepared for such a catastrophe, even if it is epidemic only to the U.S.

    The glue that holds the population together will come undone, with great potential for disintegration. We can expect panic, disarray, chaos and confusion. The populace at large finds it extremely difficult, in a massive epidemic, to spiritually and materially hold onto society's structure. As this happens, The Division of Labor will be broken with dire results.

    Desowitz writes in Tropical Diseases, p. 101, that when yellow fever struck Philadelphia in late summer in 1793, a population close to 50,000 was almost decimated. By late autumn over 5000 people had died. He writes,

"There is panic in the streets. Brotherly love, ‘fortitude and constancy' is but a fiction of Charles Brown," a writer of that time. "Individual acts of kindness and love do occur, but for the most part the survivors abandon the ill and dying. Husbands leave their sick wives, and wives their sick husbands; children abandon their parent, and parents their children.

The city is paralyzed; banks shut their doors, newspapers close their presses, civic administration comes to a halt. Philadelphia in the grip of the 1793 yellow fever epidemic is as numbed by terror as London during the bubonic plague." Panic, despair and demoralization reign supreme

    Often, in times past, a catastrophe like this has resulted in a breakdown of several societies of that time, and after a while, the comingling with immigrants and refugees from the outside the societies, resulted in a whole new society and thought process. Population became blended into an amalgam.

    We have been told by the CDC we are overdue for another influenza pandemic.

    Dr. "B" suggests that this flu might perform like the 1918 influenza. It was nothing really bad at first. People got sick. Some died, but for the most part, people got over it. It went away, and evidently underwent an antigenic shift and came back as a killer flu.

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