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Are People Getting Madder
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Enraged ?

Kong Sez:

    Folks, These town hall meetings seem to be doing something neither political party understands: They have given outraged Americans of all political persuasions a public forum to express their anger. Leave it to the Democrats to call the outrage "un-American," however, and to the Republicans to claim they didn't see it and didn't do it.

    Can it be that there is something big building here? That Americans all over the country are beginning to suspect that life as we have known it is just about over? That citizens are awakening to the fact that both political parties have screwed them over and have basically destroyed the America we grew up in.

    Let's look at some of the thing going on all over the country and see what conclusions we can come to:

  • The dead are going unburied because families cannot afford to bury them! This is a story that even shocks Kong. It seems that when a homeless person died in the past, his family would often claim the body. No more. Now, even people with loving families who die are not being claimed for burial. In Las Vegas, Nevada, and San Francisco, California, where the housing bubble was the worst, unclaimed bodies have skyrocketed, chiefly because families are flat broke. They have lost jobs, their houses have been foreclosed on, and their cars repossessed, so it stands to reason they have no money to bury, or even cremate, their loved ones.

    Families Can't Afford to Bury Their Loved Ones
    When They Die

    Here’s a really sad sign of the times: Families can’t afford to bury their loved ones when they die. According to Time magazine, several counties across the country are noticing an increase in the number of unclaimed dead bodies. You can blame the recession. According to the most recent statistics from the National Funeral Directors association, a regular adult funeral with burial – NOT including cemetery, monument, or marker costs – would average over $7,000. In a time where people are losing their jobs and can barely afford to put food on the table, a lot of families don’t have that kind of money. So when a loved one dies, they’re forced to either not claim the body – or sign a release saying they can’t afford to bury them. Several counties are noticing this sad trend. For example, the Clark County Coroner’s Office in Nevada saw a 22% increase in burials and cremations of unclaimed bodies this year. According to Albert Samuels – chief investigator at the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office in Michigan – about HALF of the bodies he has that are ready to be buried, belong to families who don’t have the funds to bury them.

    So what happens to these bodies if they’re not claimed by loved ones – or if the loved ones can’t afford to bury them? The county that has the body is usually responsible for burying or cremating it. Sometimes, the state will chip in with the costs, too. At a time where the number of unclaimed bodies is going up, less money is available for these burials. Dr. Jeffrey Jentzen is chairman of the board of the National Association of Medical Examiners. He says every medical examiner he’s talked to has had major cuts in financial support from their county. So what often happens is, bodies are cremated after a month – and if the family member can’t afford the $400 to claim the ashes, after two years they’ll be buried in a common grave with the ashes of others left unclaimed. It’s just another sad sign that times are tough right now.

        Folks, when people can't afford funerals for their loved ones, you can bet on one thing: They are very, very unhappy about it. Not only are they too broke to hold onto their houses and cars and the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed, now the very fabric of their families are being torn asunder.

  • President Obama's "healthcare reform" plan has polarized politicians and constituents, and threatens to be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back, especially in the area of politics. Lee Bellinger, a newsletter writer and editor who publishes Independent Living and The American Sentinel, summarizes recent developments in this area as follows:


    As "Obamanomics" continues to accelerate the economy's collapse and with it, the destruction of millions more jobs, the corrupt U.S. political class is circling its wagons in dangerous and disturbing ways. Here are some very recent eyebrow-raising developments:

    • The White House is compiling a political enemies list. On Wednesday, an official White House blog urged users to forward the names of any and all Internet critics of the Administration's proposed plan to crush private medicine and force Americans into government-run healthcare. Specifically, White House allies are being urged to forward the names of anyone spreading "fishy" information on the Internet about their healthcare plan to flag@whitehouse.gov.

    • In the last week, the White House launched an attack against the Drudge Report for airing a YOUTUBE segment of a 2003 Obama speech before a union audience where he explicitly called for an end to private insurance. The White House launched a video of its own to counter Obama's comments, completely ignoring that's exactly what Obama had said in 2003. Additional comments by Rep. Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi calling for a "single payer" socialized medicine system have also found their way onto YOUTUBE.

    • Members of Congress conducting town hall meetings are being met by angry voters who oppose the imposition of national "communal medicine" run by the same kind of bureaucrats who run DMVs. Town hall meetings from Austin, Texas, to Philadelphia to California have seen record attendance by angry constituents opposed to the hard-left agenda being pursued in Washington. Meanwhile, union bosses at the AFL-CIO and the SEIU have stepped in to chill voters from expressing their opposition, dispatching union operatives to town hall meetings with orders to pressure attendees into signing documents promising they will not get angry. (Kinda ironic, considering Big Labor's especially ugly reputation for militancy.)

    • Within the last 48 hours, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has joined with other Democrats to denounce the angry citizens who are showing up for town halls. In a short scratchy video caught on someone's camera, Pelosi could be heard denouncing the voters, launching a false claim they were sporting Nazi logos as part of their protest. (Major thought-control legislation now looms before Congress – Pelosi and other Democrats catching heat from the public strongly favor "hate crimes" laws, "free-speech zones," and the like.)

    • The Capitol is rapidly being converted to White House levels of security. The much-ballyhooed Capitol Hill "Visitors Center" ends a 230-year tradition of broad public access to the U.S. Capitol by the general public. (Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was overheard complaining about having to deal with the "smell" of citizens visiting the Capitol.) Members of Congress are also quietly talking among themselves about the need to add their own personal security at future town hall meetings back in their districts.

    • The House of Representatives has quietly purchased an initial fleet of three luxury Gulfstream G550s so top members of Congress can avoid public exposure on commercial airplanes. (Even after raising a stink about "carbon footprints" and corporate executives flying in their own jets.)

    I haven't come out and said this in Independent Living yet, but the fact is – based on close examination of Barack Obama's actions so far and his planned legislation – he is clearly an ideological nut... probably the most Far Left wing president ever to occupy the Oval Office.

    Hang on tight folks, because it's only a matter of time before the political establishment resorts to more extreme measures to stifle dissent and crush opponents.

    Kong Here:

    Well, folks, if this doesn't make us furious, just wait another week or two. This administration will come up with something new and more socialistic (or even communistic!) to stir us all up.

  • Citizens are feeling a distant drumbeat that they know instinctively will not be good for them. They don't know what it is, except that common sense tells them that if they don't have any money, then neither does the government. Lee Bellinger spells it out for us in no uncertain terms, in an email advertisement for one of his newsletters. In "Obama IRS Threatens Tax Audit Rampage: Protect Yourself!" he tells us:

Only an ostrich with its head in the sand could miss the obvious fact that the U.S. government's finances are crashing.

As seen in a video clip that’s drawing attention on YouTube, Mr. Obama conceded in a May 22 interview, "we are out of money now."

Amazingly, he repeated these exact words with a raucous laugh from the broadcast booth of July's Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

But one point the talkative Mr. Obama is not so eager to discuss openly is exactly how he plans to refill the depleted Treasury.

As I'll reveal here in detail, Obama has gift-wrapped and handed to the IRS its most deeply-coveted prize — a green light to go after U.S. taxpayers tooth and nail.

Obama's funding emergency is so severe, Congress has quietly authorized the IRS to suck up every greenback that isn't nailed down, no matter what.

Obama's admission of the patently obvious — that the till is empty — came just as he unveiled his massive new budget, which even his pals at The New York Times sheepishly admit doubles the number of IRS enforcement auditors — and that's just for starters.

Oh yes, the need to collect more tax money is yet another "emergency" (and thus an opportunity) for this White House.

But the shocking circumstances of the federal government's deep debt — in addition to its scary cash-flow problems — are far greater than the White House, Congress, or their media lapdogs will ever fess up to.

Government Revenue-Collectors Are Dangerously Desperate

The stage is set and the die is cast: U.S. taxpayers (you and I) are about to endure a withering reign of cash-and-asset-grabbing by a financially desperate, totally bankrupt (financially and morally) federal establishment.

There is absolutely no precedent in 230 years of U.S. history to match the government's current cash crisis. (Not an exaggeration, as I explain shortly.)

From a solvency point of view, the federal government is a hungry, cornered, potentially rabid animal. Even the family dog will turn around and bite you if he is hurt or threatened.

And that goes double for bureaucrats faced with the loss of their perks and power in the worst tax revenue crunch the modern political class has ever seen.

In addition, these bureaucrats have a personal stake in putting the squeeze on the assets of ordinary taxpayers.

It used to be police, firefighters, and military people (all of whom put their lives on the line) got generous life-long pensions, on grounds they had physically more demanding and dangerous jobs.

But that benefit has been extended to literally millions of civilian federal and state-level bureaucrats. Work 20 years as a federal employee and you get a VERY generous pension. Same is true of many state workers.

Yet most of those arrangements are now threatened by a severe tax collection crisis. So bureaucrats' motives are quite personal — protect their pension gravy train, in addition to simply wanting to spend more. They really see it as an us (bureaucrats) vs. them (individual taxpayers, small businesses, etc.) situation.

History is being made. As a taxpayer, you are at ground-zero of the federal government's unprecedented bankruptcy crisis. Meaning if you don't take sensible precautions now, cash-desperate IRS agents are going to turn their problem into your problem.

Kong Sez:

    I don't know about you folks, but frankly, the first two items are enough to get my blood to simmering. The last item, however, brings my blood to a rolling boil! Get ready for another rash of taxpayer suicides, illegal government confiscations, and ruined lives, as the IRS will simply take everything you have and keep it until a court makes them give it back.

    We may be so poor, we can't bury our dead, and so old, the government gives us a brochure outlining our options for dying rather than treat our ailments, but that won't stop the IRS from trying to pry the last penny from our pockets before we die.

    People may not know any of the above facts, but you can bet they sense some bad things in the offing.

    And the politicians can't understand why people are so mad?

    Revolution time coming...I think.

Kong Sez:

    Scrap the cushy retirement benefits and healthcare plans Congress enjoys and let them get on the Obama plan with the rest of us. Then, you can bet we'll see some meaningful reform!

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