The Mechanism
(Depopulation )

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    When a population gets too big, it loses control of its food supply. This happened during the Roman empire when they controlled the known world. The Romans stopped doing their own agriculture and imposed the labor upon their slaves and conquered territories. Gradually, changes were introduced and, according to J. I. Rodale, founder of Prevention Magazine, the very fiber of the Roman ‘seed' and ‘backbone' was weakened and broken such that they lost the aggressiveness and acumen to control their lands.

    The above is echoed in The Daily Reckoning from Chateau d'Ermenonville, France, Monday, April 30, 2007. Bill Bonner quotes Cicero's writing from two thousand years ago:
"The credit of market is intimately bound up with the prosperity of Asia."
    He continues thusly:
"Then, as now, the Empire of the West depended on the economy of the East. And when the expansion of the empire ceased under the reign of Trajan, so did the big flow of slaves and booty. And then, it became hard to squeeze enough tribute out of the captured territories to pay the centurions.

"But, by then the old Republican families had disappeared. Many of the farmers and tradesmen were disappearing too - how could they compete with the grain shipped in from Egypt or North could they compete with the new, abundant slave labor?

"In their place was a new class of upstarts - who made their money from the slave trade...or by lending money...or by finagling government contracts. And the simple folk who had made their living as honest farmers and hard-working tradesmen...these 'plebes' were no longer the supporters of the army and the government; now, they expected to be supported by the government."

    We are beginning to see this occur in America. We have had numerous outbreaks of food poisoning in the past few years, especially recently, from our food supply. Even now, cargos of food coming into the U.S. are so contaminated that they are condemned on the spot and sit at the wharfs until disposed of. But, much still gets in.

    In the past, the problem rested mainly with the correct procedures for planting, growing, and harvesting and storing of food stuffs laid down by those in charge. Currently, the problem in America rests with a number of things: aliens, fertilizers with heavy metals and GMOs, not to mention the demise of the family farms brought on by the rise of agribusiness. The latter, with the aid of lobbyists, caused this demise. Our Society is being weakened from within and from without, and for future generations, things will be quite rough. And this is coming soon!

What Group(s) Will Tend To Experience Depopulation First:

  • Children To Later Teen Group
  • Senior Women In 60 Plus Age Group
  • Marginal People With Chronic Conditions Worsened By Stress

    The last issue of the update, #80, March 2007, The Galactic Plane, says, "Their population, according to records they left, went down to next to nothing. Records from history show that whenever overpopulation occurs, this generates near extinction or depopulation."

    Archeologists report from their studies of their diggings that a population was strong and robust. A long trench for several feet deep reveals a civilization of different tools and artifacts. In fact, so much so that artifacts are sticking out from the sides of the trenches the scientists have carefully dusted around. This represented a large population of people skilled in various trades...then suddenly, as if a great catastrophe occurred, the next few layers above the highly populated one, revealed nothing or very little remnants of a population. They had been depopulated. This has been demonstrated again and again. And it is about to happen still once more.

    First, let us appreciate the fact that schools are over crowded, same as prisons. We build more prisons in a vain attempt to house more inmates and built more portable buildings to educate the teen population and pre-teen population. Our highways, schools and shopping malls are bustling with population explosion. Young adults hang out at malls looking for excitement and interest. They are (1) over-crowded in their environment, (2) excessively stressed, and (3) sleep-deprived.

    All through this, they eat...and eat...and eat. What do they eat? Snacks loaded with carbohydrates, especially readily absorbable sugars. Associated with carbohydrates are trans fats. These free radicals are chipping away at their cognitive functions via nervous tissue alteration and other tissue degradation. Their fasting insulin, as many adults, is probably too high. This in itself creates biochemical problems that add up.

    For breakfast they may eat cereal–it's quick and easy and doesn't have to be cooked. Mom has to work too in order to maintain the lifestyle Americans have become accustomed to. So no real hot breakfast with real foods from her. However, the problem here is that without real fats and complex carbohydrates with complete high quality protein, one often is relegated to imitation fats, soya, textured vegetable protein (more soy) with insulin spiking within three hours or less.

    This produces a demand by the body for energy because real fats may not be in the breakfast foods and those quick foods are loaded with trans fats or soon to be interesterified fats, both highly associated with high carbohydrate breakfasts, especially if one eats on the run and stops for a "quickie" at a local drive thru food shop.

    You now see that the high carbohydrates ingested by many cause a temporary satiety but a quick drop in blood sugar and this needs to be refueled within three to four hours.

    I see in my private practice teens and pre-teens so obese that they are hungry all the time! Why? Their parents want to know. These youngsters are perplexed by their continuous desire for food stuffs.

    The problem is now even worse than we realized a few years previously. The continuous onslaught of insulin from their diet has now created a new problem on the scene. Oh, if you said diabetes, yes; but that is not what we are referring to. It is new and does have nutritional scientists concerned. The problem: Epinephrine Resistance. Just as one becomes insulin resistant, as found in obese individuals for type II diabetes, we now are seeing epinephrine (adrenaline) resistance.

     This is very serious! This means that there is not a Big Mac in one's dreams throughout the night and bodily mechanisms via glucocorticoid hormones and adrenaline burn fat and protein as in a fasting state. The rub is the fact that one eats high, sugary carbohydrates and being adrenaline resistant means that the beta-1 (ß1) and beta-2 (ß2) receptors are barely getting the message to mobilize fat, known as lipolysis. If the adipose tissues receive the adrenaline/noradrenaline message, fat is hydrolyzed into free fatty acids (FFAs) and glycerol. The FFAs then go to the liver and muscle tissues throughout the body and are burned to energy, carbon dioxide and water. However, if one does not perform intensified exercise, the lion's share is simply redistributed to other fat cells and re-esterified back into triglycerides (triacylglycerides) and stored as fat again.

    The point being that one does not have biochemical physiological mechanisms working properly so that one does not get the energy from stored fat between meals–some does come from stored glycogen as glucose–the person with this problem with adrenaline is again eating or drinking a sugary snack within three to four hours and the process repeats itself again and again and the person gets more obese. We are now a nation of overweight citizens and especially pre-teens and teens.

    America now has an army of teens/pre-teens, gorging on foods designed to keep them returning to the same food trough repeatedly. These foods are loaded with chemicals, not the least of which is monosodium glutamate (MSG,) designed to keep them returning.

    Our U.S. teens, as well as the rest of us, are now submerged in a sea of estrogen mimetics found in our drinking water, plastics containing phthalates which use the softener known as bisphenol-A, and other compounds that imitate estrogen. These plastics are everywhere, especially in canned goods.

    The phthalates turn up in medical devices including the tubing used in those devices, coatings for drugs, cosmetics and vinyl flooring, including other things.These compounds stimulate, when ingested, estrogen receptors. The result is too much estrogen responses now found in fishes, humans and other animals. In humans (and other species too) estrogen causes weight gain and genital changes in male fishes and male infants. Soy in its various unfermented forms causes similar responses. Also, bisphenol-A and soy have a tendency to reduce the output of the thyroid hormone. The result: A hell of a lot of problems now surfacing and coming our way when the infrastructure goes down. One can see just the tip of the iceberg in the generation of fat youngsters. Biochemically, without adequate thyroid, when the mega stress hits, many will just die! Sperm count is now down across the world, especially in industrialized countries.

    Testosterone concentrations are reduced by phthalates and male reproductive systems are harmed in animals (Science News: 4/3/99, p. 213). People have demonstrated similar effects. This being so, testosterone is down too.

    Low testosterone can lead to excessive abdominal fat and this generates insulin resistance. These can cause heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

    This group of pre-teens and teens will not have the intestinal fortitude to withstand the hardships coming their way. As their blood sugar needs refueling, but when the infrastructure cracks, and they have possibly an epinephrine resistance problem too, they will not have the once readily available foods they are used to. The madness will envelope them as if they are diabetics with blood sugars thrown out of control. They will become an army of mad people, wanting what they want and taking what they want and not obeying anything or (if some semblance of law and order remains in various communities) they will fight for their biochemical survival. Get prepared. It's coming.

    The depopulation will start in this group after their biochemistry craters more. With medicines not available, death by suicide (this will definitely increase)–to stop the mental and physical pain–will ensue. Cortisol stress will go through the roof, with everything thrown into the "fire" to keep it burning and they will waste away quickly as a person does in starvation. This is so sad. It doesn't have to happen. But it has gone too far. We can't stop it.


    Heretofore, Creatine was known for its muscle energy enhancing ability. Recently, it was discovered that Creatine not only assist in muscle energy recovery, but stimulates satellite cell formation to assists in forming new muscle cells. And now, The Journal of Applied Physiology, 102:698-703, 2007, discusses the fact that Brazilian researchers have discovered that creatine reduced the breakdown effects (catabolic) of the high stress levels of corticosteroids. The experiments were done with rats. This meanstissue that Creatine taken during high levels of stress may reduce the cortisol effects of muscle wasting and other excess burning in humans. We suggest not to do Creatine loading, but two to three teaspoons in divided daily doses when the mega stress hits these shores and turns into chaos. This would help reduce unnecessary tissue wasting in extreme stressful conditions. Good health demands corticosteroids, but extreme stressful conditions produce cortisol in excess, which is not healthy. Have on hand Creatine Powder.

    T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., writes in The China Study, "The War on Cancer, launched in the 1970's, has been a miserable failure. Half of all Americans have a health problem that requires taking a prescription drug every week, and more than 100 million Americans have high cholesterol, to say nothing of the 2/3 of the population who are overweight, along with 1/3 of our children who are falling prey to a form of diabetes that used to be seen only in adults. These issues all come down to 3 things: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. America must change its dietary habits. The inescapable fact is that certain people are making an awful lot of money selling foods that are unhealthy. They want you to keep eating the foods they sell, even though doing so makes you fat, depletes your vitality and shortens and degrades your life. They want you docile, compliant and ignorant." (WebMaster's Italics )

    Another problem will be the gangs this group will form for survival. It is happening now. One writer Don Stacey has this to say:

Mexican Gangs
Take Over L.A.
As Cops Back Down

From Don Stacey

"On National Public Radio last month (February)....a spokesman for the Los Angeles PD, stated that the 90,000 cops of the LAPD have been "overwhelmed" by street gangs in the area now numbering somewhere between 150,000 to 200,000 in strength. And these gangs, ages 10 to 40, are armed...some with automatic weapons. The Negro gangs (BLOODS, CRIPS, etc.) have been replaced by the Mexican mestizo outfits like M-13.
"In Long Beach, near the Los Angeles harbor, there is a struggle going on between the newly emerging Asian gangs and the mestizo's for control of the area. Thomas Chittum predicts that this street gang war is the beginning of what he calls "civil war 2" and the total disintegration of the USA.

"California is similar to Iraq......just waiting to rumble, as the population increases by leaps and bounds. CALIFORNIA population is presently about 40 million which will double in less than 20 years...

"LAPD cops are quitting or retiring and moving to Idaho rather than stay in LA under these mad conditions. Sidewalks in some parts of downtown LA are filthy with human waste. Cops going there sometimes put on rubber overshoes or plastic bags to keep the crap off their shoes. Mostly, they just try to stay out of those areas. So, the gangs have the streets to themselves."

    What we have been writing about not only applies to the fast-food junkie and overweight individual, but also to the lean teen and adults because they are generally eating the same diet.

    Folks! If this does not spook you and galvanize you into people are still destroyed for lack of knowledge.

    The second party to this depopulation of our society will be the citizens over sixty on drugs and medicines to keep osteopenia (thinning bones) from going into osteoporosis (brittle bones). What they really need now to stop this condition is a little triiodothyronine (T3), five% to 10 % testosterone and Human Growth Hormone. See a knowledgeable alternative physician for this.

    The drugs they are taking are disrupting the unit of bone buildup and bone breakdown. The bone breakdown is blocked with bone buildup working only, and no remolding or resorption of bone. This unequal unit is causing spinal fractures and osteonecrosis or lower jaw (mandible) rot. When the infrastructure cracks begin to widen, infections will abound and mastication of food stuffs will not occur in these people. This poor segment of our population numbers in the millions with this condition of thinning bones to brittle bones. And they are exercising in gyms, taking in vitamins and minerals and ingesting medications to hinder bone loss. It is amazing how long people have been exercising, ingesting and medicating and still to no avail against this malady. "Rachel" will truly cry for her people.

Enter The SARM

    A new class of drugs called Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) will soon be making a debut in two years to four years after they go through the long and expensive trial demanded by the FDA. This will be a boon to anyone not wishing to take androgen anabolic steroids (AASs). The oral form is just out. These are much weaker as they are allowed through over the counter (OTC) sales. But there will be an oral form of the SARMs of pharmaceutical grade requiring a prescription. I am personally trying the OTC form for evaluation.

    The AASs are great for stimulating bone and muscle growth. But they also stimulate the receptors anywhere on the body that contains them such as skin, prostate gland and sex organs, causing unwanted side effects.

    The SARMs only bind to muscle and bone receptors, hence the name Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. This new class of anabolic drugs will be of great interest to physicians' patients suffering from bone loss, muscular degenerative diseases or trauma.

    They show so much promise that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is already drafting up plans on how best to test for these and exclude anyone using them from the next Olympic games. One of the new SARMs is called BMS-564929 by its drug maker in its experimental form. Another, by Ligand Pharmaceuticals in San Diego goes by the code name LGD2226 (see April 2007, Journal of Endocrinology). It too triggers growth but not in the prostate gland. The anabolic activity focuses on muscle and bone and is safe when taken orally. They cause no liver problems as seen with oral anabolics.

    This drug is not a steroid. It will not aromatize into estrogen with its attendant problems such as gynecomastia (breast development in a male), weight gain and other excess estrogenic problems. The SARM does not cause water retention, nor an increase in serum lipids, increasing blood viscosity as determined by hematocrit levels.

    You can see why power lifters, weight lifters and body builders are interested in it and know of it. The patients who need to be apprised of this are those women and men with osteopenia and osteoporosis. It may be a boon to them. Yet, you can bet they haven't the foggiest idea such a thing exists. Be aware so you can now start educating your doctor and be quick to get this when it appears on the market, if the times coming have not changed all this.

    This appears to be an extremely important breakthrough and a boon to the elderly suffering from muscle and bone loss, not to mention patients with muscular degenerative diseases and just aging in general. This just may be the answer to getting and keeping persons mobile under their own volition. SARMs have demonstrated the ability to prevent bone loss. As one ages, this could be the medicine of the future.

    There is an over the counter product you can try. It is called SARM-X by MPH. Get it here, SARM-X. They write: "SARM-X— The First Ever Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. You Better Get It Now Before It's Banned!"

    The very marginal persons on drugs who can get these medications or patient care When The Hell Breaks, need to store the medications that they can acquire for at least three or more months. These will be diabetics, gastric by-pass patients, heart patients dependent on continuous medications and many others.

    Gastric by-pass patients should store vitamins (especially with B-complex), true vitamin A and D, and high quality protein powder without any kind of dried oil(s). Congestive heart failure patients, if they depend on diuretics, should have this item stored and other medicines. If they can't store any medicines, store carnitine, vitamins and minerals, CQ-10, and other sundries. It would be wise to be on these now. Type II diabetics need chromium, B-complex vitamins, true Vitamin A and D, Mega GLA & alpha-lipoic acid (the latter two for diabetic neuropathy), and minerals. If you are a man, through all this, have some testosterone stored. We further suggest you have Cytomel stored, 25 mcg, for thyroid hormone, T3. It is estimated that in the 1940s, 40% of the American population was low in thyroid hormone, now it is something like 50 to 60% or more. T3 thyroid hormone, not generally appreciated, helps protect against radiation damage. And this (radiation) is surely coming.

    Patient care will revert back to family care. As the population things get really rough as we approach The Galactic Plane and The Densest Portion of The Spiral Arm of Our Milky Way Galaxy, the healthy will feel the "big crunch" of infrastructure problems and this portion of the population will thin also.

    Do what you can. The able-bodied class of citizens must be mentally prepared and physically ready. They must be spiritually conditioned and prayed-up, as others. Our globe will become a world of refugees with refugee diseases. Again, this will be due to overcrowding and associated stress, even though the population is on the way down by now. Quarantines will be in effect, with associated dire stress conditions, generating stress diseases. Wasting is one example. As the sufferings increase, the death rate will go up. You don't have to be a statistic.

    As the heavens fill with rocks and snowballs, or other phenomena, such as our atmosphere changing colors as severe radiation knocks out some to much of the protective ozone with the light spectrum moving from violet (blue) to another, and media reports---those that can be received, tell of whole cities in various parts of the world wiped out and now burning, by thinking stressful thoughts (anticipatory psychological states), the stress response will generate dysfunction such that, if one makes it through all this, depression and cancer may be his lot.
Note: You will not hear a word about this being caused by a Cosmological Event, until it can no longer be disguised or explained away. The American Sheeple would panic. Global Warming is a case in point.
    How do you survive intact? That is where your religion comes in and the fact that you knew it was coming. "Having done all stand".---Ephesians 6:13

    Dr. Ray Peat, writing in Ray Peat's Newsletter, Meat physiology, stress, and degenerative processes, for the July 2006 issue, says, for the meat we now consume, the following:

"Crowding, fright, and other suffering increase water retention and accelerate the breakdown of fats and proteins." (WebMaster Italics)

    In this process, toxic substances are produced which promote other negative reactions to the health of the organism. Facilitating all this is stress and estrogen (see Comment below), and soy (in our diets too) and fed or injected into the animal.

    These toxic substances generate excitotoxicity which increases nerve cell excitation, promoting convulsive seizures and death of the nerves affected. The polyamines formed promote toxic aldehyde formation, "including acrolein." Excess water "stimulates cell division and an important mechanism in producing that effect is the production of polyamines by the enzyme ornithine decarboxylase (natural to the body). This enzyme is activated by an excess of water (hypotonicity), by estrogen, and stress." The animals are given excess water in an attempt to increase the selling weight of the animal.

    Dr. Peat additionally writes:
"Adding water to the meat, or stressing the animals before slaughter, will increase the meat's content of the polyamines, but the longer the meat is stored, the greater will be the production of reactive oxygen products and polyamines.

"The polyamines are increased in cancers, and therapies to block their formation are able to stop the growth of various cancers, including prostate, bowel, and breast cancers.

" humans of both sexes, an excess of estrogen has been commonly associated with sarcopenia (loss of muscle tissue), muscular dystrophy, and atrophy of the skeletal muscles."

    Dr. Peat also points out that "Polyamines are increased in stressed and stored vegetables, as in aged meats." This means for us who prepared with freeze dried foods containing meat and vegetables, store some antioxidants and be on them now.

    "This defensive reaction retards tissue aging, and researchers are testing the application of polyamines to fruits to retard their ripening... Air pollution and other stressful growing conditions cause vegetables to have very high levels of polyamines."

    If stress does this to live animals and vegetables marked for the food chain, it takes little to imagine what the stress will be for those at the top of the food chain (namely, us!) as the infrastructure cracks wide open.

    How do we protect against the polyamines that are natural and being thrust upon us? By exercising regularly and being in shape such that enhanced respiration is generating copious carbon dioxide levels in one's body. Also, placing a paper bag over one's head and breathing in it several times daily as an exercise will enhance carbon dioxide momentarily. When The Hell Breaks it might be a good idea to do this regularly to get through some of the biochemical problems produced.

    Dr. Ray Peat writes:
"Adequate carbon dioxide protects against fatigue, cellular and vascular leakiness, edema and swelling." He continues by saying,

"Increasing carbon dioxide will tend to direct ammonia into urea synthesis, and away from the formation of polyamines."
    There are other things that are beneficial, but require prescriptions possibly from your physician, such as procaine and other local anesthetics. However, there are several things over the counter that will help: niacin, magnesium, aspirin, vitamin A, and possibly caffeine in certain conditions.

    Dr. Peat warns:

"Since endotoxin (from certain bacteria in the colon) stimulates the formation of polyamines, a diet that doesn't irritate the intestine is important. Tryptophan and methionine contribute to the formation of polyamines, so gelatin, which lacks those amino acids and is soothing to the intestine, should be a regular part of the diet."

Comment (RE: Estrogen)

    In my private nutritional practice, in the last few years we have noticed a large increase in men low in testosterone and high in estrogen. Their symptoms are: fuzzy thinking periodically, foggy headed more often, easily irritated, gaining a mid-section that exercise and diet tends to not remove, increasing irrational outbursts over nothing, and their mates/companions complaining of "something" wrong with them. Tests confirmed my suspicions of high estrogen, "estradiol" (normal: 10 pg/ml to 30 pg/ml; but labs continuously report 0 pg/ml to 53 pg/ml) and low free testosterone. The estrogen is supplanting the testosterone in their brain (hypothalamus) and causes the body to read it as testosterone and thus shut off production of testosterone. Some men have reached an age where they need to replace testosterone (hormone replacement therapy) as they have been dropping in testosterone since age 30, the age at which testosterone starts dropping.

    We have pointed out this is a form of madness when the male continuously gripes and complains about everything, sometimes violently, and nothing pleases him.

    We also live in a sea of estrogen mimetics from plastics, birth control pill remnants in our drinking water, soy foods and soy drinks, tea tree oil & lavender oil in shampoos and soaps and other pollutants in our food supply and potable water with this ability to stimulate estrogen receptors in animals and fishes.

    Our food supply is under attack from within and without---consider imports from China. How much stress have food stuffs been placed under from China?

    The "powers that be" know well that they can enhance the sympathetic nervous system response (SNS), commonly known as "herd mentality" response, through food adaptation in individuals. By feeding a society food stuffs, such as estrogen mimetics, polyunsaturated oils in excess and soy (thyroid interference), docility is induced and "the Elite," can more easily control a society, especially if they are convinced to avoid real meat and become vegetarian-type consumers, eating lots of soy for protein. Perhaps, the recent Virginia Tech response was of the above mentioned attitude, wherein one or more ran and all started to run instead of charging the assassin. Would it have been any different if they had legal guns? Not necessarily. In war, often troops have been noted to have stopped firing their weapons. Why? Nothing was happening. The battle was not changing and they thought their side was losing. One person changed the battle by running to various positions and shouting..."keep fighting...we're winning...keep fighting...." That action changed the battle. Back To where You Were.

    Be apprised now of another Sympathetic Nervous System Response, that has always been present and will definitely make its presence known and felt, but generally not understood, when the Chaos Breaks Over The World, is Sympathetic Fire. Just knowing it exists can save you pain. When you finish at Sympathetic Fire, Press "Back" At The Top Left Screen To Return Here.

    Everything we have been speaking about concerning protein also applies to the same protein we are carrying on our bodies as muscle tissue. The madness and death are going to hit America hard as the infrastructure cracks more. And that is coming very, very soon. Be aware! We have been warned. The madness and death will be everywhere. That alone is enough to drive the remaining sane and healthy persons into a state of deep stress and abject depression if you have not prepared for this mentally and physically. Then, you become one of the mad. And you now know what they will be doing and what is their fate.

    The madness will express itself more than ever through the U.S. Government. Even now there are potential laws on the books to regulate holy water, praying and meditating the rosary, vitamins, herbs, minerals, nutraceuticals, juices, and hot stone therapy and any alternative therapy that might make you well, will classified as drug therapy. This then comes under the heading of Big Pharma and big charges to your pocket book. This is Control and it is growing. Before we move into the Galactic Plane, control will become onerous. But a Big Change is coming after the ‘Control.' Just hang on...just hang on.

Synonym for onerous:
  • "Oppressive implies extreme harshness or severity in what is imposed (the oppressive tyranny of a police state)."---Merriam-Webster's 11th Collegiate Dictionary


    Everyone knows something of stress. We know that if you have it you don't function very well. You don't feel good. You are told to cope with it; reduce it; exercise it away and meditate it to acceptable levels. This is why we now discuss stress more fully other than say "severe stress can be a killer."

    "Excessive and averse environmental factors which produce physiological responses in the individual" is called stress by The Wordsworth Dictionary of Biology. When one reads books on stress; studies reactions on stress; contemplates anatomy and physiology working definitions, the definition emerges that stress is the reaction of an animal body to abnormal states of ongoing negative stimuli resulting in disturbing the normal equilibrium of its natural physiology. Homeostasis (balance of the body) is disturbed.

    Another definition of stress is the excessive production of glucocorticoid hormones, of which cortisol is the chief one considered.

    In Human Anatomy & Physiology, Sixth Edition by Elaine N. Marieb, page 630, a stress to an animal, human in this case, causes the hypothalamus of the brain to generate a cascade of reactions resulting in a stress response. The Principles of Anatomy & Physiology, Tenth Edition by Tortora and Grabowski, page 620, says this occurs in three steps: There will be a fight-or-flight response; "a slower resistance reaction," and finally, "exhaustion." The latter includes (to name a few) muscle wasting, diabetes, overly enlarged adrenal glands, severe drop in immune function, immune tissue atrophy, peptic ulcers, loss of menses in women or erratic; in men, sperm count and testosterone can decline and in both sexes.---See Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers: The Acclaimed Guide to Stress, Stress-Related Diseases, and Coping; Revised & Updated, by Robert M. Sapolsky, 2004.

    Writing in Whiskey and Gunpowder, April 24, 2007, 3:15 PM, Ali Samsam Bakhtiari talks about the severe stress response that will hit soon now that the peak oil is turning down. He speaks of the "...psychological shock. This shock, in stark contrast, will be electric and abrupt." Bakhtiari continues:
"Stress, fear, depression, despairs, nightmares will be the order of the day---as people come to face the not-so-palatable facets of 'Post Peak.' When confronted with this series of unknowns, with the trauma of change, people will try to protect themselves by automatically reverting to their past, to the known, to what they believe to be 'real and true'--in a word, to their reassuring 'roots.'"

    There are approximately 20 million diabetics in America. These people are insulin resistant and have high levels of fasting insulin. When the mega-stress hits, they will start feeling poorly. It won't take long for them to find out that they are now diabetic. Everyone is suppossedly on some kind of low-fat, heart-healthy diet. But, Robert M. Sapolsky of Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers, writes on page 68:
"Despite the impression that everyone spends their days eating low-fat / carb / cholesterol / carboard diets and power walking uphill while loudly reciting the writings of Atkins or Ornish, with each passing year, we are eating more food---more junk food---and exercising less. Twenty percent of Americans are now technically 'obese' (versus 12 percent in 1990), and 54 percent are 'overweight' (verse 44 percent in 1990). To paraphrase the allostasis theorist Joseph Eyer, prosperity has become a cause of death."

    In other words, our technology is killing us. Another cog to the Mechanism of Depopulation just fit into its wheel.

    Marieb points out that in "Long-term stress responses," from the glucocorticoids, namely cortisol, you will have the follow stress responses:

  • "Proteins and fats converted to glucose or broken down for energy.
  • "Increased blood sugar.
  • "Suppression of immune system."

    This means under horrendous stress–the kind that is coming, without good nursing, medical care, and quality foods, one can lose muscle mass and other tissues of the body, resulting in disease and death.

    Tortora and Grabowski (ibid.,page 795) continue by writing "Your thoughts, feelings, moods and beliefs influence your level of health and the course of disease." Imagine the abject depression and hopelessness that will overtake the young because they are used to a lifestyle of plenty. Some will survive. They continue: "...cortisol, a hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex in association with the stress response, inhibits immune system activity." Recall, we said earlier that this hormone will go through the ‘roof.' This being so, anyone under the conditions coming will be susceptible to any and every microbe coming along or found naturally on/in their bodies.

    A problem now that has surfaced is that school students are sleep deprived. This is causing all sorts of problems with behavior, work and study. The two scientists, Tortora and Grabowski further write:
"Adequate sleep and relaxation are especially important for a healthy immune system...skipping end up ...getting sick, blurs your concentration, and blocks your creativity. ...stress can cause insomnia."---ibid., page 795.

    U.S. News & World Report, April 23, 2007, 'Over The Limit?' (Speed Freaks or Americans Are Maxing Out on Caffeine) writes:
"Overworked and sleep-deprived Americans young and old so crave a buzz these days that even alcoholic drinks come loaded with caffeine, and doctors are getting worried.

"Teenagers...need at least nine hours of sleep a night; grade schoolers, 10 to 12 hours. Very few get close to that much."

    Why..."because they're actively fighting sleep, or because they're so jazzed from caffeine that they can't settle down at bedtime."

    Guyton & Hall's Textbook of Medical Physiology, ninth edition writes on page 964 (says similar in the Eleventh Edition), clearly, that cortisol, the anti-stress hormone, if too excessive, can cause immense problems. The anti-inflammatory response is necessary for life, but excessive production of cortisol:

"Suppresses the immune system, causing lymphocyte reproduction to decrease markedly. The T lymphocytes (T-Cells) are especially suppressed."
    This in and of itself is good, provided it is not continuous and excessive. You need control of inflammation. However, with excessive cortisol, you will then not only stop T-Cell formation, but the antibodies from forming as a cascading event from T-Cell formation.

    Inflammation would possibly be so controlled by excessive cortisol production that you may not even know you are sick until the disease function collapsed you and from there you would, without intervention, die. This is the exhaustion of the stress response spoken of earlier. The chronicity of stress is disease producing.

    From what you have been reading, you will find there are numerous things staring us in the face, soon.
  • Irrational acts will be on the increase.
  • Increased numbers of gang formation or presence seen and felt.
  • Generation of more stressors (e.g., food, energy, financial, etc...shortages) making for unpleasant physical and mental reactions in those targeted with these stimuli.
  • Less ability to handle the stressors and respond in a normal healthy rational fashion as opposed to a limbic (emotional) response.
  • Sheer Madness then erupts on the scene, leading to Total Chaos.

    This can be so subtle that it can happen to you and me, if we are not aware of such "goings on." Being aware is not enough. Work with yourself and family to plot out scenes or scenarios on your family's survival. What are you going to do When The Hell Breaks? Have you prepared? It's more than just having a little food and water on hand. Do you know how to use a weapon under stressful, combat conditions? Do you have enough ammunition? Are you totally dependent upon another for your self-preservation? Do you know how to dig, use and sanitize a latrine?

    One of the most important things to have on hand is toilet paper. Do you have enough...for weeks...months...even a year? Things like that can make harsh times easier to cope with. Can you sanitize water from a ditch? Have you tried planting a small garden of several plots of 6' x 4' with okra and other vegetables? Okra is a green vegetable and can be grown practically everywhere by anyone. Can you make resources last, yours or another's? Can you control anyone invited to stay with you? If they did not prepare, they do not know what it took and your mindset, then and now, to do so. They will run through your resources like "crap through a goose."

    What is written is not meant to be mean-spirited. Hopefully, it will galvanize one into action (kindred spirit idea). No one, and we mean no one is going to be able to help you much, or at all, when this goes down. I am continuously told by grown children with teen offspring, who tell me they are going to go stay with their aged parents. They have a big place, a garden, water, some stored food and a gun. Their "...parents have resources; they have prepared, so they (the grown children) don't need to." Wow! If that ain't a crock....

    Get prepared won't be long now.

Times in America will change rather abruptly.
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