The Mechanism
(Depopulation--Part III )

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    The Mechanics of Depopulation_Part III will explore, further, how the mega stress and its chronicity, we have been and will be undergoing more, will affect the reproductive process and birth rate, as well as the stress response of those now being born, and those being born under such conditions of starvation and famine. We will additionally associate this chronic stress with weight gain and high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

    If you are a female, pregnant, or planning on getting pregnant in the immediate future, you had better start a food storage program now. Not just for the obvious reasons but for what follows in this document. Save yourself and your baby a lifetime of misery, stress, and abject depression.

    For a refresher, see:

    to get a firm grasp of this document's data. Then return here.

Prenatally Stressed Individuals
(Parents Chronically Stressed–Some Consequences)

    The amygdala, part of the limbic system–that part of the brain concerned with emotions–is highly involved with anxiety.

    When the fetus's developing amygdala is stressed via the female under chronic stress (pain, starvation, famine, etc.), this is metabolically imprinting or metabolically programming on the fetus. This is a proven scientific fact for human primates and non-humans as well. You want to avoid chronic stress, especially that generated by much less food intake, when pregnant. This is one very good reason to start a food storage program if you are pregnant or might get pregnant in the not too distant future.

    Consider the following: Our society is now caught-up in
  • The Galactic Plane. It's coming. No matter what we do, it is coming. And with it will be mega shortages, creating mega stresses world-wide.
  • The Densest Portion of The Spiral Arm of The Milky Way Galaxy, and
  • The End of The Precession,
    All are arriving somewhat simultaneously. These conditions in and of themselves will create mega stress and extreme shortages in every avenue of life. But, we also have hitting our shores now decreased food supply, and when the infrastructure cracks more and the real estate bust occurs in the latter part of this year or sometime in the next, things will get quite dour and all sour. Madness will ramp up.

    U.S. News & World Report, in the June 4, 2007, issue, writes on its cover, 'Why You Should Worry About Water: How this diminishing resource will determine the future of where and how we live.' Without water, food shortages and mega stress are literally guaranteed. It's coming, folks, no matter how much we would like to think it isn't. And it will be in our lifetime for the most of us.

    What we want as a human being for When The Hell Breaks is to be in as much control of our emotions as possible. But this demands a very healthy body to begin with.

    The stressed prenatal amygdala of a fetus will receive its stress hormones from the pregnant mother. The glucocorticoids will be excessive. This will program the fetus to prenatal stress–horrendous stress it has not yet developed to handle. Thus, we have programed increased receptors in the brain of the fetus, while still in its mother, for high levels of glucocorticoids and this generates anxiety in that progeny for life. The glucocorticoids are neurotransmitters that mediate nervousness and anxiety in the amygdala, and at the same time, cause the developing fetus brain to have less receptors for glucocorticoids. Fewer of these receptors means less biofeedback to stop excess secretion of those hormones. In other words, the brain is not getting the messages to shut off CRH through this negative feedback loop. In a manner of speaking, "it's running off at the mouth all the time."

    This brain chemical that is so important for increasing anxiety, fear, turning on the sympathetic nervous system, aids in increasing arousal, vigilance, and alertness when a stressor occurs is the corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH). Research shows if a rat pup, infant, and other animals have gone through stressing when fetuses, then as adults they will have problems with anxiety and nervousness, including depression.

    With decreased receptors for glucocorticoids in one part of the brain, then, with increased, continued stress, this leads to increased glucocorticoids which do not get turned off as a child or adult because there are not enough of these receptors for a bio-feedback loop to say,

"Look, I have plenty of glucocorticoids, so stop sending CRH to pituitary to keep sending ACTH into the bloodstream and reaching the adrenal cortexes. We need to shut down the glucocorticoid's release from the adrental cortices."

    Thus, less glucocorticoids receptors mean less sensitivity to that hormonal signal to turn off CRH to eventually stop excess glucocorticoid release.
Note One:

Recall, CRH (1) is involved in arousal and vigilance during a stress situation. You want this if involved--and you will be When The Hell Breaks--in a Stress-Fire situation involving a gun battle to save yourself from the coming hordes when the Madness strikes in full focus. (2) Facilitates in turning the Sympathetic Nervous System on, and (3) Reducing excess eating in most persons. But with excess glucocorticoids, some to most, will run through their supplies quickly if they do not have "food rules" on when to/when not to eat. There should be a food schedule. Also, Cortisol Control, spoken of in this document, will help.

Note Two:

Consider, for the moment, the number of people who have been born under the above conditions. Then, consider the number of people who are on beta-blockers for high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems and so forth. The Sympathetic Nervous System is being damped down and when they need it most, as in a stress-fire situation, for alertness and vigilance, focus and strength, they may not be there in full essence when an emergency presents.

Note Three:

Beta-blockers (Toprol, for instance) are now known to cause, in certain persons, diabetes. Also the class of diuretics, such as spironolactone. The Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor, quinapril is implicated in causing newly onset diabetes

    This fetus of stress, is now imprinted or programmed for continued release of glucocorticoids for anxiety as a child and adult. These people may have an excess stress response to normal stress, elevated base levels for glucocorticoids as compared to ‘average' people of same age and weight, and/or a slow recovery from a stress-response. All this predisposes one for severe suffering when the infrastructure cracks wide open and there are no medicines readily available for relief of the onerous suffering these people will undergo. You can immediately see how this facilitates depopulation.

    To make matters worse, low birth rate is often a concomitant complication with higher base glucocorticoid levels from prenatal stress. It becomes more complicated if the birth is premature.

    Excess stress on the developing brain pre-programs it for less networking among neurons (brain cells) for memory and recall, which projects as less learning ability. This involves the cortex and hippocampi regions of the brain, among others. Store the food!

    This programs a person for the rest of their life for Metabolic Syndrome risk. Steven V. Joyal, MD, writes in Life Extension Magazine, July 2006, ‘Metabolic Syndrome: The Twenty-First Century Epidemic':
"The news media and health care providers pay almost no attention to the epidemic of Insulin resistance, the fundamental cause of metabolic syndrome."
    Stress generates increases in glucocorticoids. They decrease fat cells' sensitivity to insulin. Fat cells then create and secrete hormones that decrease muscle and liver tissues and others to respond less effectively to insulin. This is insulin resistance. Insulin stacks up and creates problems. Glucose (sugar) is not metabolized effectively and does similarly. One problem with sugar is glycation, the process where glucose binds with protein. Protein is taken out of function and glycation results in glycation end products. This is like browning the roast. You can't undo it and recook it for another meal.

    When insulin stacks up because of insulin resistance, the following can be generated:
  • High blood pressure,

  • Abdominal fat deposition, with

  • Generalized weight gain

  • Increased blood cholesterol,

  • Abnormalities with blood clotting,

  • Increased free fatty acids: With this, deposition can occur in blood vessel walls that can progress to heart attacks, and/or impotence, also including strokes.

  • Cellular Inflammation.
    Fat is another problem with insulin resistance. The uptake of glucose into body tissues (liver, muscle, and fat cells) is necessary for triacylglycerides (triglycerides) to be stored as fat into the adipose (fat) cells. We see insulin, glucose, and now fat, piling up in the blood stream to damage blood vessels. We have the beginnings of high blood pressure and on into cardiovascular disease. But, whoooaaa! The body keeps on making insulin until the cells that secrete insulin are worn out. The pancreas can make no more insulin.

    "Hey...what the ...?"

    That's right! You now have developed Type I diabetes. But, What if the pancreatic cells don't totally burn out, but produce some insulin? You have Type II diabetes.

    Diabetes is diabetes, however you develop it and whatever type you have.

Metabolic Syndrome

    Insulin resistance projects Metabolic Syndrome into your future. If your...
  • Waistline:

    • Male is more than 40 inches.
    • Women: Greater than 35 inches

  • Fasting blood triacylglycerides (formerly known as triglycerides) is greater than or equal to 150 mg/dl for either male or female.

  • HDL serum blood:

    • Men: less than 40 mg/dl.
    • Women: less than 50 mg/dl.

  • Blood pressure: greater than or equal to 130/85 mg/dl.

  • Fasting glucose: greater than or equal 100 mg/dl.
    The Adult Treatment Panel III criteria says you have Metabolic Syndrome if you have three or more above criteria.

    Metabolic Syndrome is further characterized by abdominal fat deposition and blood vessel inflammation.

    There are two additional blood tests you can have performed that indicate your chances for insulin resistance. They are:
  • Fasting Insulin: Should be under 15 µU/ml. The smaller the number, the better. Greater than or equal to 15 µU/ml suggests developing insulin resistance.

  • The ratio of Triglyceride to HDL (triglyceride : HDL) equal to/or greater than 3.0 also suggests high risk of developing insulin resistance.

    If you are at risk as defined by the blood tests, then start exercising. Ingest the following supplements:
  • Cinnamon extract that is water soluble;
  • The quercetin bioflavonoid;
  • Dehydroepiandrone (DHEA);
  • Chromium;
  • True vitamin A; and,
  • Carotenoids.
Note: WhenVitamin A (true) is low, the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas are reduced in number.

    Diabetics, however do not convert provitamin A (beta-carotene, e.g.,) into true vitamin A (e.g., fish liver oil vitamin A). They need vitamin A as found in Cod Liver Oils, whole eggs (the yolks), real yellow butter, liver and other organ meats, and Vitamin A capsules derived from fish liver oils. It won't take long for a diabetic to go down fast at the height of the coming mega stress response, unless they prepared mentally and physically.


    Type II diabetics using the drug, metformin, have been shown to often need vitamin B-12 supplementation. Consumer Reports, writes in their July 2007 issue, page 11, the following:

"....metformin-associated B12 deficiency."

    If you are a diabetic, and take the medication metformin to control blood sugar, then you may be low in vitamin B-12. People low in this vitamin have problems with mentation and neural components of their body. One problem that is surfacing more is peripheral neuropathy, a painful condition usually in the nerves of the feet and may include the legs. We suggest Methy-cobalamin, the neurologically active form of this vitamin. It is sublingual (under the tongue) and produced by Life Extension. B-12 shots are also fine, but if you have diabetes, you may not be methylating the vitamin effectively to get the most from your injections.


    When ingesting protein, in order for it to be used effectively, true Vitamin A should be present in the body for proper utilization. Recall, it was given in several issues back, that when governments, primarily the U.S., sent powdered milk to several poor African nations to help the infants, children, and adults grow better and become healthier, the opposite happened. The infants failed to survive and died, as many children did too. The little true Vitamin A in their livers was metabolized quickly (used up) in processing the sudden influx of more protein. The adults faired better because they had more mass to their livers, and hence a little more Vitamin A stored, then they failed to thrive, sickened, and many died. Start now on true Vitamin A. We recommend Carlsons Vitamin A & D (25,000 units A, 1000 units D). Do not believe what some syndicated medical columnists write: You only need 400 IUs daily. "You get enough in fruits and vegetables." Horse feathers (bovine defecation)! ....Lord! Help My Time....


    People with particular nutritional needs, such as gastric by-pass patients, need to prepare now for stringent shortages in the very near future. These shortages will be unrelenting for a long time, maybe decades. From this, one can immediately see depopulation resulting.

    Sometime in 2008 or 2009--definitely 2010--there will be huge changes in our lifestyles. After 2010, vast societies will change their way of thinking, doing things, and governments will want more to total control. There is no going back.

    There will eventually be shotgun brigades of law-abiding citizens, mad as hell and ain't going to take it anymore against the strident/arrogant U.S. Government. People are mad as hell and tired of Big Pharma and Big Prices; Mad as Hell and tired of lawyers getting appeal after appeal for illegal murderers to stay in this country; Mad as hell for all the foreign wars we have no business in; Mad as hell for all the various judges turning loose criminals to prey upon society again; Mad as Hell against Congress for not listening to its constituents; Mad as Hell for the U.S. Government allowing corporations to move to foreign lands so they can hire cheap labor; Mad as Hell against high medical costs and often arrogant physicians; Mad As Hell against arrogant lawyers and police, and rude, crude, arrogant civil servants; Mad as Hell for all the incessant noise and "boom-boxes"; Mad as Hell for the way nursing homes are run; Mad as Hell....and Not Going To Take It Anymore! A Sea Change is coming and you will witness it. You will be part of it. Many of us will die for it.

    It will be citizen pitted against government! A change is coming....hang on...just hang on... A new day is upon the horizon...but my how soon we forget....

    Soon...a big rock(s) will fall from the heavens (see The Galactic Plane). It will strike an American city, most, if not all, will be annilated...never to be rebuilt again. After the first few occurances, more cities will be destroyed across the globe. We have been spoon fed with Pablum such that we have lost our awareness---our consciousness of higher things. As we go deeper into The Galactic Plane, consciousness of higher ordered things will begin to return.

    We will become aware of our purpose to one another, ourselves, and to the universe. Where we stand in the overall scheme of things. But for now, it appears that we must be forged in the fire to be strong once more and develope a higher order of consciousness. As the Earth is plundered with rocks falling from the heavens world-wide; as cataclysmic occurrences from without and within, force change upon us; as vast changes in our weather can no longer be denied, as a massive kill-off moves depopulation into the millions, then billions, consciousness will rise and soar.

    And our sense of obligation to ourselves; to other humans, to our globe, and to the Creator will return! Harmony and balance will be restored to survivors.

    Stress causes a neural response (sympathetic) and a hormonal response. The stress-response is a protective response. The generated glucocorticoids are elevated in an "alarm reaction." One of the hormones released in the hormonal arm of the response is human growth hormone (hGH). However, under constant stress, stress that is ongoing,

  • The glucocorticoid hormone blocks or hinders much release of hGH or simply GH.
  • The glucocorticoids also cause the body to be less responsive to growth hormone.

    Now here's the rub: If you're a woman with thinning bones, and the stress hits big time with the coming Chastisement, you can be on all the calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and A, protein, and vitamin D, not to mention bisphosphonates–your bones are still going to crumble, because growth hormone is blunted. And at that age, GH has already slowed down considerably. But, what if you have just had surgery; are convalescing; or are suffering from a chronic condition. Such a person will go down fast. Why? Growth hormone suppression.

    Many knowledgeable physicians on the proper use of GH advise or place their patients on growth hormone almost immediately after surgery for several months. They have found the patient heals faster, recuperates energy quicker, and feels better sooner. And this means less complications. This is because all these conditions cause a stress-response and thus a blunting of GH necessary for healing. These doctors have learned their human biochemistry quite well and apply it.

    It has been discovered in the animal world as well among the lower order primates and in human primates, that even if they receive the best food, the best care, but are somewhat isolated, when they grow up, they demonstrate problems created by stress hormones. It was discovered in the lower primate world there is a purpose to licking, petting and touching. A stressor is created with failure to touch.

    When rat pups were separated from their mothers; given good nutrition and clean conditions, they failed to grow and were considered small for their ages. From this, a classic study done at University of Miami School of Medicine, and from the mortality rates in children's wards of hospitals and orphanages, it was discovered that children born prematurely, even though they received the best care in clean surroundings, were hardly touched.

    The study researchers went into these neonatal wards and started touching these infants three times daily for fifteen minutes a session. They stroked, spoke to, and patted the infants gently during the session's period. The infants and kids touched grew faster than those not touched. They were more mentally attuned to their environment, sharper, and alert. Their behavior demonstrated quicker maturity. Those who had not been touched other than just for certain feedings, changing of diapers, etc., were behind those in growth than those touched.

    It turns out that growth hormone levels would rise or fall depending on who got touched. When The Hell Breaks, don't forget this. It even works for adults. Touching, caring, and stroking will be very important for good health. But, if you're an ascetic, deep into self-control, and use meditative prayer regularly, you are being touched by a Higher Power regularly. Even if not an ascetic, the Holy Writ is a great book for inspiration to raise growth hormone when under dire conditions. This is one way many get healed by raising GH through meditative prayer using His book! His Wonders To Perform! Get The Book!

    The "not" negation of doing something may be the cause of a stressor. One may fail to thrive and thus, survive, without proper thought of/and actions to others. Survival may depend on one's mindset to himself as well.

    Growth hormone rises at first during stress (hypoglycemia, starvation, exercise, trauma, excitement), but prolonged stress causes a drop. Actually, it is not the GH that is really doing the work to build bone, muscle, and cartilage, it is the stimulation of the liver, and to a lesser extent, other tissues, to produce somatomedin-C or insulin like growth factors (IGFs), especially, insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). GH causes lypolysis–mobilization of fat. Chronic stress inhibits GH secretion and makes body tissues insensitivite to IGFs. The most important factor in GH secretion is cell protein, but glucose changes can also cause rapid alterations in the secretion of GH. Additionally, a second messenger system (cAMP) in the cells of the body use cAMP to modulate (adjust) the secretion of GH by altering Ca2+ influx in the somatotrophs (cells in the anterior pituitary that secrete GH).

    Shortly, we tell you of two supplements that will raise human growth hormone that you can get at your local nutrition store. Start on them now. Stock and store some. Our nutritional patients are developing muscle mass, bone mass, and reducing fat mass on their bodies. Women are demonstrating excellent results. And it is legal, and doesn't require a visit to a doctor and a prescription.

    In humans, initial stress (short-term) causes growth hormone to rise; but continued stress causes it to drop. The body needs the energy the initial rise in GH brings about from the lipolysis of fat into triacylglycerides (fatty acids, FFAs) for muscle use and glycerol converted into glucose via the liver enzymes.

Neuroscience writes:
"Thyroid hormones are required for normal levels of synthesis and secretion of GH, and basal concentrations of glucocorticoids enhance, while high concentrations inhibit, GH synthesis."

    The crux of all this: Under stress, you need lots of high quality protein to build, repair, and remodel. Hormones are necessary for this to occur and maintain good health. Otherwise the body will devour itself. This was made quite clear when God told Elijah to "Eat Meat," when He commanded him to go before Baal and defeat the demon priests and their god. God knew extreme stress wastes the body.

    Make sure you have provided more than just complementary proteins, such as beans and rice. You want complete, high quality protein without just combining various proteinaceous substances to get complete protein. This is going to be one helluva siege when it happens. Remember... Eat Meat! And this can be high quality protein in the form of whey and casein protein powders. Combine the powders in your diet with the beans and rice; corn and beans; spaghetti and beans. Wheat, oats, rice, rye, corn and barley (grains) combined with lentils, or beans or nuts (legumes) gives good sources of protein.

    These are known as complementary proteins and when done as such, give high quality protein. To get the high quality, you will need to eat plenty of these if your other protein sources (meat, fish, foul, eggs, organ meats, milk and protein powders) run dry to lean. There is also a lot of starch involved; but the stress that is coming will keep you rather slim. We would avoid soy..."but any port in a storm."

    Note: Dopamine decreases prolactin production from the anterior pituitary (Schematic involving Stress, GH, Prolactin, and Dopamine):

  • Hypothalamus GnRH Pituitary LH & FSH Gonads Sperm & Testosterone in Male; Egg and Estrogen in Female.

  • Hypothalamus Dopamine (prolactin inhibitory hormone, PIH)

  • Stress (excess) Stimulates prolactin production Blocks GnRH; but...

  • Dopamine from #2, blocks prolactin which blocks GnRH. Dopamine also stimulates GH secretion.

    Thus, we want to keep up normal growth hormone secretion and block excess prolactin secretion during times of chronic stress. Two substances which stimulate dopamine secretion and hence, generate growth hormone are:

  • ProSources Maximum Strength DopaTech HGH and,
  • Doctor's Growth Hormone, Triple Strength

    Follow directions and facilitate your survival through the stress that is becoming more prevalent in our society even as you read this document. See your natural foods provider for the above substances.

    Another substance we have reported on in previous issues of The UpDate, is acetyl-L-carnitine. This substances facilitates the hypothalamus nerve cells to release the dopamine to stimulate human growth hormone release and for dopamine to block prolactin. Acetyl-L-carnitine arginate increases networking among neurons (brain cells) by enhancing dendrites and axons (neurites) growth. The acetyl portion is used in the production and release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter necessary to neural health and function of the body. Carnitine proper transports fats across the mitochondrial (power house of the cell) membrane to be burned to carbon dioxide, water, and energy.

    In The Mechanics of Depopulation–Part II, it was pointed out that memory suffers when chronic stress occurs in one's life. An infant, we pointed out above, is preprogrammed for continued stress response if the mother is constantly under stress. The infant born under these conditions is imprinted for anxiety and depression, and possibly has hyperphagia, generating obesity and high blood pressure, among other things. Learning under such metabolic conditions will be difficult and onerous. Survival will be almost impractical When The Hell Breaks.

    We have seen in our private practice, pregnant mothers placing themselves on a diet not supervised by their physician. This generates an infant who says...

    "Hmmmm....little food present...better hang onto every morsel of food we can."

    And then the mother wonders why she has an obese kid, who grows into an obese adult. Furthermore, long-term increased glucocorticoids (GCCs) secretion increases excitotoxicity or amino acid transmission, which increases calcium ion influx into the hippocampal brain cells, killing them. The result is a loss of brain cells from which to form and associate memory with/to other areas of the brain. Then, we not only have lost memory or learning problems, but the condition is magnified in that there is (with the loss of hippocampal cells) a corresponding reduction in the receptors in the brain for GCC hormone and thus, the concentrations take longer to return to normal levels in a stressed human, with all the more attendant damage.

    We suggest for, and even now, to consider ingesting Cortisol Control by Vitamin Research Products.

    Science News writing in the June 9, 2007, Vol. 171 issue, 'In A Fix: Agricultural Chemicals Disturb A Natural Relationship.' Plants in the ground have a special relationship with certain bacteria known as nitrogen fixing bacteria. Without this special bacteria, the nitrogen in the atmosphere (air) can't be used by the plant. It now appears that this special relationship is being stunted and hindered. Certain pesticides are shown to disrupt this partnership. The bacterial partners with the plants are being killed off and therefore can't fix the nitrogen of the air to the plant in a usable form, ammonia. Some of these pesticides are also "stunting the growth of those plants." This implies that as the droughts increase, such as in Queensland, Australia and elsewhere; as plants are stunted; as plants lose their partnership with nitrogen fixing bacteria because they are killed off, less food is available and depopulation is reinforced.

    The Washington Post implies that food should now be stored for at least two years. And in the Wednesday, June 13, 2007, writer Steven Pearlstein says the crash is now begun for the U.S. economy. Reading his report carefully, 'The Takeover Boom, About to Go Bust,' leaves one with no doubt that every sector of our economy will be affected, and that includes foodstuffs. We envisage plenty of foodstuffs in one area of the country, but little or no means to transport it. Another area with the transportation, but nothing to deliver. This is another form of depopulation being reinforced and enhanced.


When The Hell Breaks, as Now:
  • Bad Guys do not hesitate to shoot!

    • Above all, the thing that gets innocent people killed in gunfights is their own morally-imbred hesitation to kill fellow beings. It is not a consideration shared by criminals the private citizen may someday face. Massad F. Ayoob, In The Gravest Extreme, page 117.
    • The Private Citizen is geared to render aid, succor, nourishment, and help. This consideration is not shared by the criminal!---Brocato

      • Be Prepared
      • Be Aware
      • Stay Safe

  • People and Law Enforcement Officers do not realize how cold-blooded younger generations have become!
  • "Street-Veteran" bad guys survive by developing a Shoot-first mentality.

    Another form of depopulation you can avoid.

    See: Gun Page and and for more information. Click Back To Continue.

    Another part of the picture regarding depopulation concerns China. A massive desert has been forming for years in a green area, as seen from satellite views. Dust blow-off is found in the Americas, especially California and other Eastern states. The Associated Press, Tuesday, June 19, 2007, writes that in their "Great Leap Forward," started by Mao Zedong fifty years ago to make arid lands ariable; overfarming has reduced the top soil and lowered the water table so that now a desert is being generated and overtaking them. China has been importing foods to the U.S. As this continues and as cosmological changes force drastic change in all people's lives on the globe, famine and starvation will take its toll in depopulation.

    Whiskey and Gunpowder, Friday, June 22, 2007, 2:00 PM, writes:
"The pace of energy production required to catch up with energy demands leads to possibly regrettable decisions. Again, from Andy Lees: 'Growing plants for fuel will accelerate the already unacceptable levels of topsoil erosion. By using crops for biofuels, we would effectively be ‘mining’ the topsoil, and there is only about six inches of this around the world, on average. Even the best places in North America have seen the topsoil erode from 18 to 10 inches over the past 50 years, but it would have been dramatically more had it not been for replacing it with fertilizer (fossil fuel based)…Fertilizers provide 28% of the energy crops need…' Topsoil erosion due to topsoil mining reduces yield levels. Thus, more fertilizer is needed at the cost of ever more energy just to remain static."

    Many will live to see famine and starvation hit America!

Stress And Weight Gain

    We are seeing much of this now in our public schools. They are overcrowded, the students, and we might say a number of instructors, feel a continued stress upon themselves. Incidently, if you are a regular reader of The Update, you know that overcrowding creates stress and water retention. The chronicity of stress and the availability of starchy and fatty foods, and the sea of endocrine disruptors including estrogen mimetics, all increase weight gain. Insulin resistance and now epinephrine resistance (See The Mechanism of Depopulation) add to the problem of obesity. Now, a new term has been added to the "Fat Attack" upon Americans and has been used in a number of medical publications. The term: Failing Fat, that's right, if you're fat, your fat may be failing you. We'll explain shortly.

    As our bodies signal a stress attack is in progress, certain chemicals wax and wane in the brain and peripheral and internal structures. One of the interpreters of the neural response that stress is occurring and a threat to the body's homeostasis or equilibrium is a release of the corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH). This travels down a private pipeline to the anterior pituitary and signals those neural tissues there to secrete into the bloodstream adrenocorticotropin hormone (ACTH). Within minutes there is a rising tide of glucocorticoid hormones.

    If we measured the blood of an individual at this time and his CRH and glucocorticoids are high, we could bet that the person was in an "alarm state." But if we measured and got high glucocorticoids, the individual is in the recovery state.

    When in the alarm state, your body puts on hold everything except survival, "fight or flight." And with CRH elevated, appetite is placed on hold. But, in the recovery state, glucocorticoids tell the appestat you are hungry and to eat. They increase appetite! This occurs in some 66 percent of the people out there. Another thing happens under stress, we'll just touch on it for now, stress increases beta-endorphins, pain modulators. And these endorphins also increase appetite. Chronic stress yields chronic appetite for most people affected by such.

Brain endorphins also block GnRH to the Pituitary. Infertility results. When The Hell Hits, and before, as stress increases, depopulation will increase by just attrition alone!

    If you are in chronic stress—stressed out all the time—you are told to eat very often; in fact so much so that you can be considered a hyperphagic (eating more often than normal).

    But this continued stress, in these susceptible people, creates a particular craving. It is not for fruits and vegetables, high quality proteins. Their hyperphagia is for starchy, sugary, high fat foods!

    And you can easily see when the infrastructure breaks wide open, it will magnify the continual stress being experienced now. But the foods may not be available. Much mental and physical pain and suffering can follow, leading to the "exhaustion" state spoken of in the last issue of The Update. And from this state, disease and death can result.

    This mega stress, as you recall, can form high blood pressure and also generate and send high amounts of fats, sugar, cholesterol, and insulin, floating throughout your vascular highway and precipitate various diseases, including kidney and heart disease.

    Now, for this new boy on the block, you know, the fat one. He goes by the appellation, "Failing Fat." Actually, he's been around for some time, but recently got his name. Failing Fat also has some signatures he's known by—Peroxisome proliferator activated receptor (PPAR). They come in several flavors, alpha (a), beta (ß), and gamma (ý) . These nuclear receptors do things in the cells of the body, namely adipose cells. Before we talk about that, let's talk about the "fat boy" in town.

    He causes all sorts of problems in people. Why? Because he doesn't use fat properly. For instance, when energy is needed (in a normal working body), fat is mobilized into triacylglycerides (free fatty acids–FFAs) and glycerol. These FFAs are burned in muscle tissue, liver, and others, and recombine into neutral fat in other adipose cells. The glycerol goes to the liver and is converted into stored glucose, which is glycogen, until needed later; or, converted into glucose if needed then.

    Through hormonal signaling, fat serves as stored energy or is released when energy needs are signaled. However, the "fat boy" is constantly releasing fat, but has messed up the ability of other body tissues to use the FFAs. His clients are overweight.

    The FFAs travel through the million-mile-plus arterial and venial network and lodge somewhere. The plot against us humans thickens; fat boy knows his work and does it quite well. His fats, now free floating, lodge in blood vessels, liver, and muscle as well as other tissues, gumming up the works. "They ain't burned fer energy!" He gets the liver just a little fat and bang!, you've got a fatty liver that can generate other problems such as insulin resistance of the tissues. Now you have a rising tide of insulin—remember the problems "stacking-up" insulin causes from above. Inflammation is another biggie that comes along with "fat boy." This high fat lodging in arteries and capillaries leads to plaque formation, more inflammation, and a blockade is put in place. Also, with fat boy at work, muscle development and response to exercise suffer. With just high insulin levels, not superhigh, you have increased your storage ability to store fat, and that spells weight gain.

    PPAR-gamma is used for fat cell health. It helps reduce free fatty acids in the blood stream. PPAR-alpha is used to burn fat for energy and to regulate the appetite. Oleylethanolamide, the fatty acid amide, is being formulated for inclusion into weight loss products.

    If you are overweight and have failing fat, Alpha lipoic acid stimulates the alpha and gamma portion for proper fat control and weight loss. Niacin stimulates the gamma portion. By reducing the level of triacylglycerides (nonesterified fatty acids or FFAs) in the blood, reduces the suppression of growth hormone (GH) release. That is the reason behind the statement that niacin increases GH. Research suggests niacin appears to stimulate PPAR-gamma. Normal stress increases GH release. Chronic stress suppresses or blunts GH release, another reason we are seeing so many fat kids and overweight adults. You can get these products, alpha Lipoic Acid and Niacin, at your local natural foods store.

    Hmmm....a crispy Kreme sounds good just about now...uhhh...where did I put that bottle of niacin and lipoic acid?

Stress And Weight Gain

    While the infrastructure is cracking, and when it cracks such that it can no longer support the superstructure—the area where we live now, and the superstructure comes crashing down into the infrastructure remains, civil services (natural gas, water, sewage, electricity, garbage and trash pick-up) will become unplugged. The stress will be high as we fall into it, but the mega stress will be rampant. Seventy-four percent of the population will probably no longer conceive. Sperm count will be down; estrogen and ova too.

    Depopulation will accelerate from this particular aspect in that natural attrition of population will be enhanced because of numerous things occurring simultaneously. One will be the birth rate falling precipitously. This will engender or facilitate the "War of Attrition."

    How will this come about? Let's see.
  • Normal Response:

    • Hypothalamus, an area of the brain at the floor of the brain, secretes a hormone known as Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH), formerly known as luteinizing hormone releasing hormone). This hormone travels down the private pipeline to the anterior pituitary to stimulate certain cells there to release luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).

    • The LH and FSH travel to the gonads via the bloodstream. In men, at the testes, LH stimulates the Leydig to produce testosterone. FSH stimulates sperm formation in the Sertoli cells and testosterone bring about completion of sperm formation.

    • LH in the female stimulates the ovaries to synthesize estrogen and FSH stimulates the ovaries to release the egg.

        So there we have it, brain control again through hormone releasing hormones and the hormones they cause to be released, which bring about sperm and testosterone in males, and in females, estrogen, eggs, and progesterone. Schematically:

    GnRH LH and FSH gonads (testes in males; ovaries in females).

    Males sperm/testosterone; Females Estrogen/ova.

        By now, one should have gotten a bad feeling about run-away stress. Well, there's more. Constant stress also causes the hypothalamus to secrete prolactin hormone releasing hormone (PHRL) to stimulate the anterior pituitary to secrete prolactin (PRL). Generally this causes no problem. It is released to stimulate milk production. It also stops pregnancy when nursing is undertaken correctly.

  • Under stress, with prodigious amounts of PRL released, it decreases the sensitivity of the pituitary to GnRH.

    • We're in trouble now, if conception is desired.

    • The pituitary does not get much GnRH signal and thus, sperm and testosterone is down. Also down, is estrogen and ova (egg formation).

    • No conception depopulation by attrition (people not being replaced as they depopulate by whatever means).

  • And with prolonged stress, the brain continually secretes beta-endorphins and these natural pain killers block GnRH from reaching the pituitary effectively to release LH and FSH. And we're back at #2.

    We have above another Mechanism of Depopulation via natural attrition, implying mega acceleration. But what of the famine and starvation coming as cosmological occurrences heighten crop failures? Females who are not (approximately 1/3 of the population) turned into hyperphagiacs, but into hypophagiacs (not eating enough food) by stress or famine, will lose body fat. They will have a hard time reproducing. They will go into amenorrhea, or cessation of periods. Basically, reduced ingestion of foodstuffs yields weight loss, which allows adrenal androgens (androstenedione) to pile up, which are not converted to estrogen in the fatty tissues, because body fat is almost nonexistent. Thus:
  • No body fat adrenal androgen build-up (androstenedione) No conversion to Estrogen No pregnancy
    No fat. No periods! Incidently, a build-up of androgens—as occurs in the immediate above— sets off a whole cascade of inhibitory problems in the ability to reproduce in the female. We are speaking of stress and starvation that will generate, via attrition, depopulation.

Stress In The Animal Kingdom

    Animals in the wild have their "macho" man, but that's not what this document is about; however, we will inevitably be describing him, even though some ladies will be thinking we are talking about someone formerly in their lives. He's arrogant, pushy, wants his way around females, and tries to run off any and all rivals.

    In the monkey world, including lions, horses and baboons, as well as rodents, there is often the "macho" male. He has first choice, quite often, all the choice is his, of the females. He badgers the females and reduces into submission other males.

    Even though some males are around, only one "takes care" of the harem. In the monkey family, lions too, the macho male will try to kill off all infants in the group that are not of his making.

    Among some animal types, for instance baboons and horses in the wild, if a female is pregnant by former macho that got beat out of his position, the new macho male will create such harassment of the pregnant female that she systematically aborts the progeny. This is stress at its highest! Studies of both humans and animals have shown that stress increases the sympathetic nervous system which increases epinephrine and norepinephrine. This decreases blood flow to the uterus and decreased blood flow to the uterus causes the fetus to receive less oxygen and die of hypoxia. It takes a number of stress attacks to cause this, but it can and does happen. It's coming folks....get ready!

    In the some species, the pregnant females knows that if a new male beats out their former macho, if they give birth, then the new macho will kill the infant. The females have learned to fake estrus (heat) be mounted by the male; then she goes on and has the former macho's infant. The new macho is none the wiser, and peace reigns.

    Progesterone is reduced considerably in pregnant females if stress rises a number of times or stays high. Then, Prolactin stays up and interferes with progesterone, thus resulting in lost pregnancy.

    With what we know of stress and pregnancy, as we near The Galactic Plane, failing infrastructure, The End of An Age (Precession), Our Solar System moving into the Densest Part of the Spiral Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, stress is going to definitely increase enough to hinder normal births, among other things. Depopulation through attrition will occur here as well.

    Warren Brussee, writing in Chapter 4, ‘What Will the Coming Depression Be Like?' in his book, The Second Great Depression: Starting 2007, Ending 2020, has this to say about the Infrastructure, the place that supports and holds up the place where we live, the Superstructure:
  • "People will act very irrationally when their economic world comes crashing down around them, which is exactly what happens to those severely hurt in a depression.
  • "By 2010 the United States government will be in huge trouble.
  • "The birth rate will go to zero, and much to the consternation of the Right to Life people, the rate of abortions will increase. No one will want to bring a child into the very tenuous economy that will be gripping the United States.
  • "There will be much negativity towards recent immigrants because they will be blamed for the unemployment. Immigration."


    In 1933, when unemployment was at its highest, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an executive order that all illegal Mexicans were to be taken immediately back to Mexico. If you just looked Mexican, legal or not, you found yourself thrown in the back of a truck being hauled back to, and dumped at the Mexican border and told not to come back!

  • "...private security businesses will be one of the few businesses prospering.

  • "Religion will become even stronger, and some of these religious folks will use the economic downturn as a way of ‘proving' their ‘God's wrath' theories.

  • "Many pension plans will have failed because the parent companies could no longer afford their costs."

    Having read this, three things become apparent:
  • Madness will be increasing and will be everywhere.
  • Stress will be exorbitant.
  • The "Exhaustion" phase of the stress response will start kicking in.

    Depopulation will begin to become readily visible. People will just "give up." Depopulation will accelerate world-wide.

    In the immediate future, mindset, nutrition, and the ability to protect and defend oneself will be of major importance. Start now on all three, it is getting very, very late. If one thinks Jesus did it all, then that person is about to learn how to pick up his cross and carry it–if he survives the initial phase.

    Another item is worthy of note, When The Hell Breaks, some reading this, and maybe even now, will become; or, are bedridden. When bed rest is demanded of one, or confined to one's bed for a while or permanently, then deterioration is quickly experienced throughout the body, especially in those tissues concerning the muscles. This occurs because cortisol, one of the glucocorticoids, causes protein tissue and fat to break down, and protein synthesis is retarded except for liver tissue. This means a rapid loss of muscle mass and strength, and loss of other tissues. Also, lack of physical movement adds to this process. The process is relentless.

    One undergoes a chronic type of stress to the body when laid up even for a short time with generation of cortisol. This causes loss of muscle mass, bone mass, strength, and the immune system suffers a loss in recognition. Search, recognition, and destruction of foreign substances is considerably reduced.

    The American Journal of Physiology, Cell Physiology, in press; online publication, April 4, 2007, discusses that researchers from Marquette University discovered that supplementing with 90 grams of table sugar, in three divided doses, given with 51 grams of complete protein, containing essential amino acids, also divided into three doses and given with the sucrose (table sugar), slowed down the muscle and tissue degeneration for a 28-day bed rest.

    This is another reason why When The Hell Breaks, it is advisable to have stored 25 to 50 pound sacks of table sugar from Cosco, Sam's, or your favorite supermarket and to have plain high quality whey (not Soy!) protein figured into your storage plans. Take approximately three (3) tablespoon of table sugar three times daily and one scoop of Life Extension Whey Protein three times daily with the sugar. We would suggest more protein and a little more sugar, along with other nutritious foods of course.

...and in regard to The Cosmological Events now occurring (see The Galactic Plane),

    The financial commentary, ‘The Million-Eyed Market,' by The Daily Reckoning from London, England, Tuesday, June 12, 2007, 2:42 PM, writes:
"In fact, it could all soon be coming to an end, if you believe the stars (WebMaster emphasis). ‘Stand by for trouble in the summer of 2008,' warns financial astrologer Robert Gover.

"Gover explains that the opposition of Saturn and Neptune - 180 degrees apart - happens every 76.6 years. This was noticed by the Mayans and portends bad things. The last time it happened was, well...what a surprise, 76.6 years ago! That was in 1932. Now here we are again, sitting on the biggest Bubble ever. ‘Our monetary system is ready to be blown away,' says Gover."

    ... and remember!

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