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Your Government Wants To Know Everything About

You !

Kong Sez:

    When you start reading about this sort of thing in financial newsletters, global governance is closer than you think. It is the End of an Age, to freedom. Now, even the poor doctors are going to be forced to do as they are told, or, well....the government won't pay them.... Look for more of this if the "government option" in the so-called "healthcare reform bill" is passed.

    The following appeared in the October 15, 2009 issue of Casey's Daily Dispatch, an e-publication put out by Casey Research LLC, a financial advisory service, and edited by David Galland:

Mind Your Own Business

Presenting myself for a routine medical checkup earlier in the week, I was asked to take a clipboard in hand and answer a variety of mostly health-related questions. No problem.

But then, at the end of the form, I was surprised to find a series of questions that, according to the doctor’s office, they were required to have answered by the federal government. The first was whether or not I was of Hispanic origin – not Polynesian, or Eskimo, or anything else -- just Hispanic. Followed immediately by asking me how many people live in my household.

I was then asked to fill in a blank with the dollar amount of my annual income. Before I could think of a properly worded response to write in, in lieu of my financial details, I noticed that the next line had a check box followed by… "I respectfully decline to provide the details of my household income."

Now, I don't know what bureaucrat dreamed up the idea of requiring a doctor's office to collect and report this sort of information, but if the intention was to get my blood pressure up, they succeeded. Why not ask about my sex life while they are at it? And why stop at doctor’s offices? Why not at the gasoline pump?

Or maybe down at the barber’s shop? “Hey, before I give you that trim, I’m required to ask you a few questions. Are you Portuguese? Do you keep any cash around the house?”

Why Medical Care Costs So Much

Recently my regular doctor moved out of town, leaving me in the care of a new doctor who gave me the just referenced physical. As he looked over my records, he noted that I've had a lot of medical tests over the last couple of years. And he was right. With my former doctor, the slightest anomaly in an examination resulted in a flurry of script writing, followed by the better part of a day spent in residence at a nearby hospital in the company of any number of specialists armed with expensive equipment.

Furthermore, my new doctor informed me, the pills previously prescribed for my very borderline elevated blood pressure (one of these days, I must switch to weaker coffee) were about the most expensive on the market. Specifically, he pointed out, they were costing me about $168 a month – whereby much the same drug in a generic version would cost just $4 a month. So, that’s $2,016 a year vs. $48.

Given this was not a discussion I had ever had with my former physician, I asked the new guy if the old team might have had a financial incentive for prescribing the more expensive drug or the many tests they had subjected me to over the last few years.

He said he wasn't sure about the medicine, but confirmed that doctors do get a cut of the costs of any tests they order. Funny, I never thought to ask about this before. Because, of course, with a third-party payer system, I really don’t need to know.

I did, however, ask how much my dental cleaning was this morning – because that comes out of my pocket – and it was $128 for about half an hour with a hygienist. That's not chump change – but if the service had been provided in a doctor's office and was covered by my insurance, you can bet the final tally would have been much, much more.

Kong Sez:

    It looks like everybody is trying to screw everybody, and your government is behind it!

    More and more entities will be forced to give up information about you: Your likes, dislikes, how many guns you own, what you eat, what you buy...what you think. Where you go! A database is being built on you and people like your physician will either do as he is told, take his place, sit down, and remain quiet...or, suffer the consequences as a "dissident."

When Violence Strikes, Women Are Always A Target

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