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[Money In Wallet: 1/2!]

Money In Your

Wallet !

Kong Sez:

    The stock market is doing wonderfully, and the mainstream media talk incessantly about how the "recession is over," and we are now "recovering."

But are we?

    Something tells us that things are not as wonderful as they seem, and some powerful forces are building, well out of sight of everyone wearing rose-colored glasses.

    Read the commentary below, which is part of an advertisement by Larry Edelson for the Weiss Research publication, Real Wealth, and think about what it would mean to you if you should wake up one morning and discover that the $100 in your wallet will suddenly buy only $50 worth of goods.

This week, we’ve examined three powerful forces now arrayed against the U.S. dollar ...

  • President Obama and Fed Chief Bernanke are not only refusing to defend the dollar, they are intentionally causing its demise with out-of-control spending and money-printing. Their motives are clear: Gutting the greenback’s value is the ONLY way they can ever hope to service our massive debt.

  • Foreign governments, central banks, financial institutions and investors are slashing their dollar investments. In some cases, they are dumping dollars to insulate themselves from the greenback’s head-long plunge. And by doing so, they’re causing the dollar’s decline to accelerate.

  • The United Nations and the G-7 plus China, France, India, Russia, Brazil and others are already laying plans to replace the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency — and by doing so, will crush what little international demand remains for the greenback and send it into its death spiral.

    These are not mere “predictions.” As we’ve seen in my emails to you this week, each of these assaults on the U.S. dollar is happening right now. And as a result, the dollar’s value — the value of YOUR dollars — has plunged more than 14% in the last 6 months.

    Worse: Each of these assaults on the U.S. dollar is still in its early stages! As they continue to hammer the greenback in the months ahead, the dollar’s decline can only accelerate wildly.

    The fourth horseman of the dollar apocalypse

    Now, a FOURTH, and even more disturbing anti-dollar movement is quietly brewing in Washington, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Shanghai, Tokyo and many other financial capitals worldwide.

    Unlike the other assaults on the dollar we’ve examined, this “ultimate debt solution” is NOT yet in place. The world leaders and central bankers who discuss it now speak only in whispers; behind closed doors.

    But for reasons I give below, I’m convinced that world leaders now have no choice but to implement this solution — and that it will soon explode into the headlines.

    If I’m right, it will spell SUDDEN DEATH for the U.S. dollar — and an instant, explosive implosion in the buying power of your money. When this solution is unveiled, it will be too late for you to shield yourself. The trap will have been sprung. You will simply awake one morning to discover that your money buys only a fraction of what it did 24 hours earlier.

    My mission is to help make sure that you are NOT surprised ... that you have ample time to protect your savings, investments and retirement ... and that you also have what you need to continue growing your wealth — even as this ultimate debt solution robs others of everything they’ve ever earned.

    The ULTIMATE global debt solution

    It’s no secret that the U.S. credit crisis spread like wildfire around the globe — or that nearly every government on Earth has amassed enormous new debts in an effort to spend its way out of this crisis.

    Put simply, the U.S. government is NOT alone. Many governments around the world are now drowning in debt — and they’re desperately searching for the “magic solution” that will keep that debt from crushing their economies.

    And like President Obama and Fed Chief Bernanke, they fear that the only way they’ll ever be able to service their debt — let alone repay it — is to do so with cheaper money.

    The only way for that to happen would be for the G-20 — the world’s largest economies — to agree to a new monetary order, much like they did 65 years ago by signing the Bretton Woods agreements in 1944.

    Even while World War II continued to rage, Allied leaders met in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. Their mission: To stabilize wildly fluctuating currency exchange rates. Their solution: Create a new world monetary order that pegged global currencies to the price of gold.

    This time around, global leaders are faced with a different problem: Massive debts that none of them can ever repay. But the solution will seem eerily familiar — and like the Bretton Woods agreements, it involves the price of gold.

    To instantly slash the value all of their currencies at once, world leaders simply need to raise the price of gold. For instance:

    The G-20 could instantly and automatically slash the dollar’s value by HALF simply by setting the price of gold at $2,000 per ounce.

    TO YOU, that would mean food, energy and everything else you pay for every month would instantly DOUBLE in price.

    BUT FOR THEM, it would mean that the cost of servicing or repaying their national debts would be cut by half.

    Will the G-20 slash the buying power of money by doubling the price of gold? Maybe. Maybe they’ll raise gold prices less; maybe more. If anyone tells you he knows, he’s pulling your leg.

    But one thing seems clear to me: With the entire developed world now drowning in a sea of unpayable and in some cases, unserviceable debt, resetting the price of gold is the ONLY way out.

    In fact, the process has already begun with the explicit calls you’ve been hearing in the press from heads of state for “a new financial architecture” ... “a new Bretton Woods” ... “new financial regulatory structures.”

    How soon is it likely to happen? Again — nobody knows for sure. It may be a few months from now or even a couple of years in the future. But I have absolutely no doubt that it WILL happen.

    Money — the U.S. dollar and every other major paper currency — will soon be gutted of its value by decree. There is simply no other way out.

Kong Sez:

    As Dr. "B" says, you'd better own some gold. Those who own gold will be the world's next new instant millionaires, especially if the above happens. If you can't own gold, then own some silver.

    And stock up now on tangible goods, like tools, food, sewing needles, thread, quarts of oil, bottles of Jack Daniels, toilet paper — anything that you need and use, which is likely to double in cost. Incidently, when you get the Jack Daniels, get cigarette tobacco and paper such that one can make their own smokes. These latter items make excellent barter tools.

Folks, it's still coming! Make sure you are ready.

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