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Kong Sez

They Don't Want Us Talking
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Kong Sez:

    With the hard times coming and medical treatments (already) unaffordable, or thanks to ObamaCare, totally unavailable until after you're recovered or dead, we need to know simple modalities that will work for us if we're on our own.

    If you've followed Dr. "B"'s advice and you own a colloidal silver generator and are making your own colloidal silver using pure silver, you have on hand a great treatment if you should get pneumonia or the flu. One thing you can do, in addition to taking colloidal silver internally (1/2—23 drops—to 1 teaspoon, 46 drops, once or twice daily. Children are advised no more than 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon once daily), is use a nebulizer, a machine designed to deliver medicines, in this case, colloidal silver, in a fine mist, directly into the lungs. One of the dangers of the flu is that it goes to the lungs. When going out in crowds, nebulize; when coming in from crowds, nebulize.

    The nebulizer Dr. "B" recommended for me uses only a small amount of liquid: A 6–ml medicine cup comes the nebulizer to be atomized. 1 US teaspoon = 4.92892159 ml; therefore, fill the cup with approximately 1.2 ml colloidal silver. Or 1 tsp (46 drops) plus 9.2 drops more. Simply, a little more than a teaspoon.

    Nebulizers are generally used for asthma and other lung treatments, and having an inexpensive nebulizer on hand will give you the means to treat yourself or a family member, should you experience swine flu or pneumonia. You do not need an expensive nebulizer for these treatments. There are various machines on the market for less than $50 that will do a fine job.

    Here is one that Kong is using.

[Omron Compressor Nebulizer]

Kong Sez:

    We hope ObamaCare fails in the House and the Senate, but if it doesn't, look for medical care to get far worse far faster than you ever dreamed possible. Get healthy. Stay healthy. And prepare to take care of yourself as much as possible if you should get sick. And the only survival you are going to see is Survival of the Fittest When The Hell breaks in its full rigor.

    Incidently, having just finished talking with him from my overseas office, he advises..."Kong...(a long pause)...it will break much sooner than expected. I am now seeing in one year things will get pretty bad, if not horrendous!"

    "What do you mean?" I queried. He then gave the following:

"The twilight is ending. Night is descending.
And Angels of Light
Come dancing in the dark."

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
(2Co 11:14)

When Violence Strikes, Women Are Always A Target

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Get Prepared!

    ... And For Those Who Missed The Recent ChemBioUpdate, Stock! Click Here.

Use It Up !
Wear It Out ! Make It Do !
Do Without !


It's Still Coming!
Subduction: One Plate Goes Under Another As The Other Goes Over The Former.

Interestingly...Early Church Saints Said: "Mountains Will Roll Over Another." This Sounds Like They Saw Subduction.


The Second Ammendment!

Learn This...Memorize This...Let It Become a Part of You! Bring It Back When The Terrible Chaos Is Over...If There Is Something To Come Back To.

[Running For Your Life]

In The Meantime

Run For Your Life

From now on, Folks, it's gonna get pretty rough! In fact, downright cussed.
Mr. Ugly Is Showing Now!

But For Now...

[Running For Your Life]

Keep Running

Keep Your Purse and Scrip With You—Luke 22:36

And Now

Get Two Guns—Luke 22:36–38

Before The New Dude Won't Let You Have Them

Times in America will change rather abruptly.
Your WebMasters suggest you check your
Medicine Supply/List

We Feel This Is Going To Be A Long, Hard Siege
Get Prepared...Time Is Short Now...
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