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Kong Sez:

    After seeing the following video, I was outraged and immediately called Dr. "B" to get his opinion. Dr. "B" told me the reason this went down the way it did was because of certain mistakes made by both parties.

    He said, "The police need a good public relations person to point out the following, because most people do not know what you are about to read. This has happened before, and everyone thought it was police brutality and/or a "race relations" situation. However, when the police department got a public relations person to explain what you are about to hear, you could see, over the weeks that followed, the newspaper stories began to change from deriding the police department as they understood more about the dynamics of deadly force encounters."

    However, it is going to be very difficult to explain six (6) shots, especially when the "assailant" (homeowner) didn't fire a shot. Six (6) shots are going to be very hard to explain under these circumstances.

    The public is going to be clamoring for the police's ass.

Here is what Dr. "B" had to say:

    There are two cases involved in any deadly force situation: Case A for the police officer(s), and then, Case B for the innocent civilian protecting his home. I teach the following. Most gun classes do not. That is, in a concealed carry license class, it may be broached lightly, but in real gun self–defense classes, it is usually taught and repeated again and again, with scenarios of what to do and what not to do when the police are called and when the police arrive, as in the video.

    Let us consider first:

  • Case A:

    The police were called. They were told, although this intelligence may not have gotten reported to the arriving officers, "The homeowner is the one with the gun." Nevertheless, assuming they were in possession of that information, when they arrived on the scene, they should have given the command:

    Let me see your hands....let me see your hands....drop the gun...drop the gun

    Or, something similar. If they don't see hands, they shoot. Remember! When the police arrive, they do not know who the innocent is and who the threat is. They have to sort all this out. It is impossible to do so in a matter of seconds if a gun battle may be about to ensue. Description of clothes of the innocent party should be given to the police and any other identifying characteristic...hopefully, this will be communicated to the arriving officers in time! But...don't make assumptions. They could get you killed or shot.

    Police officers also shoot without issuing commands if you have a gun in your hand and are turning toward them; or, pointing it in their direction. They do not have time to take it to a "committee" for discussion.

    The arriving officers are also under the Tachy–Psyche Effect: Research indicates that powerful and unavoidable changes take place in the body and brain when one is under extreme stress (Remember, Kong, we have spoken about this coming in many of Chembio Updates for the powerful earth changes and economic collapse.) This "Speed of Mind," or Tachy–Psyche Effect also occurs when one is involved in a lethal confrontation. The officers in the video were obviously under this inordinate amount of stress from their conversation heard on the 911 call. They became more so when they realized they shot the wrong person.

    My advice to the training officers of various police academies or departments is to continuously stress this. John S. Farnam in The Farnam Method of Defensive Handgunning, says the following, as do all good gun instructors,

    To be effective, defensive training must obviously address and be reconciled to these changes. We are satisfied that this effect will take place in nearly everyone, regardless of how he has prepared himself beforehand. Good training can minimize certain aspects of it, but the effect will be present regardless.

    Others, including the NRA, as well as this instructor, point out that logic goes out the window and one enters into the primal mode of survival when under a potentially lethal confrontation. For instance, the officer(s) entering the house, even if he is well–trained, sees a gun and the powerful Tachy–Psyche goes into effect: His brain sees: GUN...SHOOT! The point to remember in all of this is that expert training helps minimize raw amygdala emotions of survival. With training, he will use Cover, Movement, Concealment, and Distancing to try and control the situation and stay alive.

    These are some of the psychodynamics of gun fight.

  • Case B:

    The homeowner did not display sound tactics. He got his gun, took control of the situation and the police were called, as should have been done. Once the police arrived, however, he should have done the following:

    When the police arrive at your house, they will have guns out and you don't want to approach them. It is usually best to let them come to you. Talk them over to your location with your cell phone.

    When police officers approach you, put your open hands in front of you with your open palms facing outward. Be sure you're not holding a gun, have a gun visibly stuffed in your waist band or have a gun anywhere it can be seen. Greet them by saying, "Officers, I'm the one who called." Follow that with, "A man broke into our house and tried to kill us." Finally, "Officers, I'll be happy to answer all your questions as soon as my lawyer is here." Understand that, regardless of the circumstances, when you shoot someone, you are a criminal suspect in the eyes of the police as are the other members of your family. The police will attempt to interrogate you as they would any other criminal suspect and you may be arrested. It is always in your best interest to decline to answer questions until you've had a chance to talk with your attorney — Ibid (Farnam).

    The homeowner, Kong, should have put his gun away...out of sight, as soon as the officers arrived, especially if he planned to stay in the dwelling. This can be dangerous. Remember, they do not know who the threat is and all will be treated as such until the situation is sorted out. He should have displayed his hands and entire body so as not to present as a threat to the arriving officers on the scene. But, expect to be treated as a threat, possibly handcuffed for the moment; or, even taken to jail, until things are made plain.

    Once the homeowner's family was secure, he could/should have exited the scene and told the arriving police, "He's in my house right now," again, letting them sort it out. That's what they do.

    Do not have the attitude, "My home is my castle. I'm not going to let anyone run me out of my own home." Yes, your home is your castle, but let common sense prevail, especially when the police come on the scene. Why get yourself shot because of machismo?

    Dr. "B" then related this: "Eight months ago, at/or about 3:15 am, the police rang my home. Another burglary! Eight in all at our business. They asked me if I could come down. When I said yes, the first things I was asked: 'What will you be driving and what will you be wearing? Will there be anyone else with you?'" When we arrived, the police stayed in the shadows and lighted us up, flashing our hands and body as well as the vehicle we were driving. We held our hands high in the air and flexed our fingers and moved our wrists. The officers moved out of the shadows and shouted, "Come on in." The door had been blown out!

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