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[The Cornered Rat Fights Back!]

The Cornered Rat Fights Back

The Look Of Total Stress

For Now, It Is Every Rat To His Hole! Then, Come Out Fighting!

[Every Rat To His Hole For Now!]

Kong Sez:

    Gerald Celente, the Trends expert, says our police are out of control.

    Dr. "B" is warning that when the hard times start, we will have to watch out for rogue cops, like those who went looting in New Orleans after Katrina.

    But it looks to us like the beginnings of this problem lie in Washington, D.C., which appears to be building Concentration Camps and "Fusion Centers" like crazy, all over the country, and to be nourishing dreams of disaster, which will give the government even more power.

    This is why many Americans are getting out of America while they can! Einstein made it just in time. Others, as he, saw the scourge coming. Many of these people working, as you will see in the videos, are like the people who built the death camps and turned a deaf ear to what they saw! The workers there now and more to sign on later, will be like those then. They — who signed on to this bill, will undergo Nuremberg War Crime Trials in the future when this is over.

    Read what Dr. Gary North has to say about this, on his members-only website.

Three Government Programs
One Of Which Supposedly Is Not A Government Program That You Will Not Appreciate

Gary North
Dec. 11, 2010

Jesse Ventura has produced a video on what are best described as concentration camps. We have heard of these over the years. Now we have videos.

Ventura is a former professional wrestler. His style hasn't changed. The content of his message has. The content is worth considering.

Part 1 surveys the overall picture. The Department of Homeland Security is involved. So is FEMA. But, strangest of all, a series of "fusion centers," supposedly not part of the government, which have been set up to monitor people. They got one girl who was a 2008 Ron Paul supporter. Ventura begins with her story.

Next, there are concentration camps. They are not called concentration camps. They are called "residential centers." Ventura and Alex Jones visited one in Texas. It is located in an area located, they say, in a complex of 11,000 acres. One square mile is 640 acres. The area is therefore 17 square miles.

Here, Ventura and Jones confront the administrators of one of the "residential centers." Here are classic bureaucrats with something very big to hide. By the way, it works. Nothing has been done to stop this. Nothing will be done. The government can get away with it. YouTube gets the word out, but the system will continue. Look at this center. This is a multimillion-dollar operation. There are others, and none gets any publicity.

The Department of Homeland Security's division, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), runs the place. That outfit got publicity in late November when it shut down 75 Websites involved in file-sharing of music and movies.

That, of course, had nothing to do with immigration. The mainstream media did not mention this anomaly.

It is possible that these detention centers will be filled with illegal immigrants at some point. We don't know. All we know is (1) they exist and (2) no one in charge is talking.

Then comes the field in Georgia, where tens of thousands of empty coffins are stacked up. It is located 60 miles east of Atlanta.

Jones and Ventura think it has something to do with a planned release by the government of a killer plague. I don't. I do think it is preparation for a plague. I just don't think it will be a U.S. government-induced plague. I think it is evidence that the Centers for Disease Control (Atlanta) recognize that, one of these days, a plague will hit. Be prepared, the government says.

His interview of Congressman Cohen reveals Cohen as a supercilious little toad. Cohen is a representative from Memphis. I used to attend church in his district. He is a liberal Democrat.

So, there it is. This story -- which may be three unrelated stories -- gets no publicity. It -- or they -- is background noise. People do not want to hear about such things.

The government is silent.

The government is not to be trusted.

This is not fantasy stuff. Hundreds of millions of dollars are involved, and maybe more. There is no trace of any of this in Congressional budgets. This is all below the radar. That anything this big is invisible gives some indication of what we are facing.

The battle for liberty will involve casualties. Of this, we can be certain. When the checks from Washington finally bounce, this nonsense will cease -- but not before.

Your friends and relatives are unaware of all this. They don't want to know. Ignorance is bliss. Christmas is coming. Then New Years. Tis the season to be jolly. Also blind.

But, then again, what season isn't?

I will discuss some of the implications on Monday, December 13.

Kong Sez:

    Dr. "B" says:

If you are driving home and see a huge commotion ahead, like firewagons, water hoses, hose guns, police cars screaming and screeching, turn off immediately and go miles around that area, if necessary. These people have been singled out, or that area or section of the town, and they are being taken to centers . . . Retirement Centers!

Don't let curiosity get the best of you. They will arrest you too and take you with them. You will become a minion of the state and you are expendable. They will work you. They will drive you. They will force you. When you can go no more, your unit is expendable, and they will pull others out of the "Retirement Center" to do their bidding.

But remember, just when they think they have killed Christianity and are crying victory, "By O, power of God, they are felled." What you are now reading and living through was seen by early Church Saints, shortly after Christ left the Planet. Thank God for The Galactic Plane and Planet X, the prophesied comet for our time! Every rat running the Rat House will be running also for his hole, when this comes soon.

['Big Brother' Is Watching & Waiting!]

He's Watching You!

The Depressive Spirit Now Cometh

It will be like Atlanta, burn and slash! Total chaos just around the corner!

And When The Bastards Come Out...Be Ready For Them...

[Be Ready For 'Em!]

... To Be Continued ...

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In An UpComing Issue:
Depression: Part II—What You Can Do About It When No Doctor Is About!

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