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Prudent Avoidance
     ( Part Two )

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    It all started more than 2000 years ago. And it happened in Greece. They were the first to speak of atoms and electricity. Having an immense curiosity about nature and the world, as well as the universe about them, they discovered when amber was rubbed with cloth or fur, a crackling sound was often heard. It also had now developed a spark that jumped when held to another object.

    English scientists at about the time the Mayflower was gearing up to come to the New World, discovered that other materials possessed this same mysterious power of amber. They did not know the source of this new power, but did give it a name, electricity. And whenever an object developed this power when rubbed with another material, it was said to have received an electrical charge.

    Time passed and man's curiosity waxed hot. Ben Franklin proved that a lightening flash was nothing more than an enormous spark of this thing called electricity. From this, Franklin went on to protect houses, barns, and small buildings from lightening by hooking up to them a device he called a lightening rod. His invention worked and is still in use today in modern times.

    Man didn't stop there; he went on to study the relationship between magnets and electricity. Michael Faraday, who lived in England in the middle 1800s, worked on magnets, also studying electricity and chemistry—where he made great discoveries. Scientists at this time wondered if electricity and magnetism were actually the same thing, only in two forms. Many felt there had to be some connection between one and the other. They just did not know how to show it.

    Professor Hans Christian Oersted in 1819, solved the dilemma, finding not what people expected between magnetism and electricity. They were looking for charges between electricity and magnetism. What he found was that when charges move (current), we get magnetism. And when the lines of force of magnetism are cut across by a wire, electricity is produced.

    Soon, people everywhere were experimenting with magnets and electric currents. In France, André Ampère made what is now known as an electromagnet.

    Now, notice, during all this, the Electromagnetic Field of the Earth was composed of only three things: (1) The simple field and (2) various associated micropulsations, such as visible light and (3) random lightning discharges. The Electromagnetic Spectrum (the range of wavelengths over which electromagnetic radiation extends consisting of various frequencies) in those days of early discovery did not consist of anything from the white light portion of the spectrum down to zero hertz.

    From these early discoveries, came electromagnets and from this, electric motors, and generators that produce electromagnetic fields, some small, some very large. This narrow range from zero to white light, that had nothing man–made in between, electromagnetically, is now practically filled up with radio, television, radar, microwaves, electrical–power transmission lines, all sporting radio and cell towers to transmit and receive. The Earth's inhabitants are even receiving satellite communications from space.

    We are literally blanketed with EMFs. Man did not grow to his present organismic biochemical form overnight. It was done over eons of time. His body learned and became programmed to what was present on the earth at that time, the three basic, natural things spoken of above that man evolved with. And when EMFs changed for any reason in the distant past, there was a wipe–out or die–off. There are cosmic rays, X–rays, and particles from space which could be slate wipers at any time, but the Earth's atmosphere and ozone layer are good at protecting life forms on the planet from wipe–outs.

    Robert O. Becker, M.D., writes in Cross Currents:

"We have now almost reached a state in which the entire electromagnetic spectrum has been filled up with man–made frequencies. Our electric power systems operate at fifty or sixty times per second, just above the highest naturally occuring frequency of 30 Hz.

"We have filled the previously empty electromagnetic spectrum between these two extremes with made–made radiation that never before existed on Earth. And we did it in less than eighty years.

"As we sit watching TV, our bodies are receiving the same energy—as well as the energy from all other TV stations and from FM and AM radiostations, shortwave transmitters, radar devices, electric–power transmissions and more."

    So, in less than 80 years, modern man has filled up the electromagnetic spectrum from visible light to zero frequency, which had remained empty over the eons of time. Man's body is not adapted to this, and we can only surmise what the future holds, biochemically and survival-wise, for mankind if this filled-up spectrum remains.

    And recall from Prudent Avoidance—Part I, The body is an antenna, and as such, we are absorbing Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) around us, with dire consequences in the long run. Eye cancer, leukemia, brain cancer, nervous system breakdown, cataracts, and people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) who are especially vulnerable to the electric portion of the EMF field are increasing. And since cell phones have proliferated, it is expected to generate by 2034, 500,000 new cases of cancer. And now, since a panty company is advocating the "cell phone panty," we can expect more damage in that region with the genitourinary system in women.

    Dr. Becker continues "We have seen how living things have been tied to the Earth's natural magnetic field from the time that life began....each individual cell—as well as entire organisms—senses and derives timing information from the natural cycles of the geomagnetic field. And we have also seen how human use of electromagnetics for power and communications has produced an abnormal electromagnetic environment unlike anything that existed....the evidence that these abnormal fields have major biological effects is now overwhelming...."

    There have been huge die–offs or kill–offs in the past, as seen in studying radiolarians. More than the past fifty years or so, man has been producing an unnatural EMF field that definitely has biological effects on life. "We have more than duplicated the changes in frequency and strength of the micropulsations that may have been associated with past species die–outs," writes Becker. He continues by saying "The exposure of living organisms to abnormal electromagnetic fields results in significant abnormalities in physiology and function." And our exposure has not been long enough to know the total outcome, but we can infer....

    We can use a comparison and contrast to think about these artificial EMFs. The food we eat is no longer real, natural food, but is a chemical amalgam of modifications made to foods to extend shelf-life, enhance flavor, and expand the dwindling food supply. We also live now in a sea of endocrine disruptors that are found, not only in our food supply, but in the air we breathe and especially in the water we drink. The electromagnetic spectrum that is now man-made is analagous to our food and drink. How long will it be before suddenly, without warning, ruthlessly, an impervious-to-amelioration biochemical dysfunction strikes humanity, and mankind goes "face down." This is analagous to what happened in the past, several times when the EMF field changed without warning and time for adjustments for all life forms to such a thing. (Recall the radiolarians, who knows how many mass extinctions in geologic history?)

Too Much ...Damage ...

    We see a lot of patients in our private nutritional practice, after they have been to every physician they can name and health care provider. Often, they have been in once, suggestions made, and told to return in two weeks. More than often, they are feeling much better and on the mend. We make an appointment for six weeks. When they don't show, even after prompting with a call for their appointment, we don't waste our time. Six months to a year later, they come dragging, literally hunched over, pain wracked—most of their feelings about life are subjective. They did not book for an appointment, they just show up and expect, no, demand service.

    We comply. They are asked, "What took you so long to get back in?" They were doing so well. They respond, "I thought I was cured." After speaking with them, it is discovered, "There's nothing I can do, there's too much damage in the body." It is only palliative service one can render. We ask again, "Why did you wait so long in returning?" To which there is no answer, only a look of despair.

    Not many health care providers are aware of that which follows, but are of the immediate above. And what follows is another addendum to Depopulation Mechanics.

    Dying cells generate toxic products and there comes a point at which the cellular debris can not be removed effectively or quick enough. This process, in and of itself, causes enhanced and new injury and inflammation, adding to the old injury. Now, look at this: Innocent cells, just standing around doing their business, sudenly are caught up in this injury and inflammation. This understanding is relatively recent, which has become to be called the Bystander Effect. The damaged cells spread their toxic effects to healthy cells.

Dr. Ray Peat writes, in the May 2007, issue of Ray Peat's Newsletter:
"The recent recognition of the 'bystander effect' of radiation exposure, in which cells that haven't been irradiated undergo genetic changes or death when they are exposed to irradiated cells has provided an opportunity to return to the 'field' idea in cancer, because the stress–induced factors emitted by irradiated cells are the same toxic factors emitted by cells undergoing carcinogenesis from other causes, such as over–exposure to estrogen"

    The point of this is that EMFs are radiation, and the damage they cause has been well–documented. However, what is also occurring is the Bystander Effect from such exposure, whether it be cell phones, microwave towers, electric power transmission lines, and so–forth.

    When The Hell Breaks in its full rigor, the stress will be horrendous, and people will come down sick suddenly and probably go "Face Down" for the most part. Prudent Avoidance is advisible, but, there are some things we may be able to do to help guard healthy cells more from the Bystander Effect. This will be given later. For now, know well, violence will most definitely increase precipitously. We predicted this three years ago, repeated it two years later, and just recently, again in the UpDate. You have not seen anything yet!

    We are going to see more neurological dysfunction and neuroendocrine dysfunction. From this, dis-ease will escalate into disease, and this will generate into death and madness. We have some indication of this in the Holy Writ, the book of Judges, chapter 7, verse 22. The writer of the book pointed out quite clearly, "You've got too many men. I want you to choose 300," and a way was given to choose them. When the time for the attack came, Gideon's men went there and stood in amazement as they saw madness, sheer madness, had come over the opposing troops, in that they were attacking and killing each other! This had to be a neurological dysfunction that was set into motion by God.

Enter The Spines ...

    "Many synapses in the brain involve small protrusions from dendritic branches known as spines. Spines are distinguished by the presence of globular tips called spine heads; when spines are present, the synapses innervating dendrites are made from these heads."—Neuroscience, 4th edition. It has been shown for sometime by the Soviets (Pathological Effects of Radio Waves, 1973.) microwaves caused deformed dendrites in the cortex of the brain. This is illustrated by a reduction in number of spines on dendrites, which extrapolates to less communication between neurons, and the remaining spines became shorter and fatter, which also results in sputtering communication.

    Note, the changes here in the spines and hence synapses (specialized connection between neurons, one delivering and one receiving) were discovered to be similar in nature to one suffering from toxic chemicals, often referred to in the literature as Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). EMFs and MCS, both seem to interfere with neural transmission, especially interference with acetylcholine, namely, acetylcholine esterase, which destroys the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine. This resulting situation is very similar to what happens to the nervous system in a biological warfare attack, if acetylcholine secretion and distruction is interferred with.

    In Poland, it was discovered that non–thermal densities of microwaves (not enough radiation to heat up the skin) stimulate sensory neurons (sensation; senses; back to the brain) relating to two things. First, the skin is affected on the surface, even though it may not generate heat. When the microwaves are able to penetrate more deeply, the visceral receptive fields connect to the spinal ganglia which send stimulation to the brain, especially the cerebral cortex.

    Electromagnetic Fields cause brain stimulation. This occurs from deep penetration of/by EMFs, and indirectly by nerves which carry impulses to the brain. These effects cause what is considered by Soviet researchers to be excessive stimulation, which causes considerable changes in the brain's nerve cells (neurons) which are:

  • Shrinking of nerve cells in Brain

  • Swelling of Nerve Cells

  • Vacuolation in the Cytoplasm in the hypothalamic neurons. Holes are appearing here that are not normal vacuoles containing food, enzymes, etc. This is no damn good!

    This means, the researchers write, these changes result in neuroendocrine disturbances, and this gives way to more dysfunction in the body's nervous system and organs of the body.

    Here is the effect of one person suffering from the electrical portion of EMFs. We will see more of this in the immediate future, we believe. She is suffering from Electrical Sensitivity (ES). We repeat from Part I of this series because it is so apropos:

    The Electrical Sensitivity Handbook: How Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) Are Making People sick, by Lucinda Grant writes:

Case 3:

"Person with a Master's degree developed multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) followed by electrical sensitivity, in 1981. Her MCS has diminished somewhat over time, but she develops movement disorder, then paralysis from some EMF exposures. She says it mimics some of cerebral palsy or Parkinson's disease symptoms. In addition, severe seizures occur upon exposure to generators, transformers, elevators and other higher EMF emitters. One attack has been documented in an EMF video (Banta, John. Current Switch: How to Reduce or Eliminate Electromagnetic Pollution in the Home and Office. You can get this video from Lessemf.com for $29.95 plus S&H. Toll free in USA: 1–888–537–7363. International: + 1–518–432–1550.)

"During filming, she walked up to a building — her neurologist's office — walked in, and when she got near the elevator, had a seizure. It took assistance from the video's producer to prevent her from bumping her head during the seizure and to get her out of the building, as she could not function then without help. She maintains that EMFs are biologically active and that we, as a society, must reduce EMF exposure to protect everyone's health.

"She has Social Security benefits due to her functional disabilities near EMF, chemical, and smoke exposures."


    Now that we are in The Galactic Plane, these and other type EMF dysfunctions will become more prevalent, such that it will be hard to deny that something is occurring.

    For neural enhancement and neurite (axons and dendrites) growth, we would suggest the following:
  • Inosine powder, one teaspoon morning and night in a little water.

  • Ginkgo biloba, 120 mg tablet per day.


    "Gingko biloba has been shown to reduce the free radical oxidative stress produced by the presence of senile plaque in older brains. It is also able to improve undesirable structural changes to neurites caused by the presence of senile plaque. Gingko is a well-known promoter of blood circulation in the brain."—Vitamin Research News

  • Creatine powder, one teaspoon daily in water for muscle strength and cortisol control.

  • Glutamine powder, same as above for mood, memory, muscle enhancement and colon health.

  • Galantamine, one daily.

  • DMAE or one can of sardines daily (take into consideration mercury, endocrine disruptors, etc. may be present).

  • 120 grams of highly quality protein daily in two or three separate servings—not soy.

  • Branch chain amino acids (valine, leucine, isoleucine). We suggest 2 – 4 grams daily.

  • CDP Choline, several capsules daily or follow label directions.

  • Phosphotidylserine (PS, 100 mg capsule). One or two daily.

  • Vitamins: B–complex 150; C with bioflavonoids; True A and D (beta carotene is not vitamin A, it is provitamin A)

  • A good mineral tablet without iron, such as Natures Plus Mega–Mins "Hold The Iron." Two daily; morning & night.

    We further recommend the following:

  • Acetyl l-carnitine (ALC) "which has been shown to increase nerve growth factor activity as much as 100-fold. ALC increases the number of nerve growth factor receptor sites on brain cells, thereby enhancing the rate of neurite outgrowth. A related compound, acetyl carnitine arginate, works synergistically by mimicking the action of nerve growth factor itself."—Vitamin Research News

  • Uridine, "has been shown to regrow axons and dendrites during growth and development stages, as well as in older animals. Uridine has also been shown to improve cognitive function."—Vitamin Research News

  • Gotu kola "contains several active principals called asiaticosides. These improve cognition in older animals while stimulating axon-dendrite growth and out branching in key areas of the brain. Gotu kola has been used for centuries as a brain tonic in Indian and Chinese medicine and its use has been recorded for 2,000 years."—Vitamin Research News

RFIDs ... Bulls And You ...

    Eventually, people somewhere, somehow, are going to be convinced that they need to be tagged for their own safety, especially their kids. You convinced them of this, and then you have them grow–up with it and you've got 'em. Parents and children submit willingly to the food beast, the Morlocks in H. G. Wells' The Time Machine.

    But first, they will begin with Alzheimer's patients. They can find them if they wander off. Then come the criminally insane, the incarcinated, and the list goes on. But the RFIDs cause cancer in animals, Read it All Here.

"Researchers have discovered a causal link between implanted radio-frequency (RFID) microchip transponders and fast-growing, malignant tumors in laboratory rodents and dogs. Our study examines the research and corrects industry misstatements and misinformation circulating about the studies."—antichips.com

Picture of Animal Tissue With RFID Implanted Chip

[RFID Implant Photo]

    But, there's more....the implants can be use to kill, control physically or the Orwellian Mind Control, using in this case, EMFs or Sound via the implants.

    Dr. Jose M. R. Delgado, in the '60s, at Centro Ramon y Cajal in Madrid, Spain, became world–famous for his brain research on behavioral mechanisms and the ability to control them with electrical stimulation. This Spanish neurophysiologist discovered the dysfunction of chick embryos that resulted in malformations produced with Extremely Low Frequency Fields of magnetic fields using 10, 100, and 1000 Hz. Most malformations occurred at 1 milligauss with 100 Hz frequency fields.

    He was something else writes Dr. Becker in Cross Currents:

"Delgado was able to demonstrate unequivocally that minute electrical currents administered through electrodes implanted in the brains of humans and animals produced highly specific emotional and behavioral responses, depending upon the specific part of the brain stimulated.

"Delgado was a superb showman, and in his most famous demonstration he stopped a charging bull in its tracks by using a radio signal sent from a hand–held transmitter to a receiver implanted in the bull's head. The TV tape of this was shown around the world.

"Delgado discovered the exact parts of the brain in which electrical stimulation produced fear, anxiety, pleasure, euphoria, or rage in human subjects. He found that certain sites produced major personality alterations. For example, stimulation of one such site could, cause very proper, reserved young ladies to become flirtatious and sexually aggressive.

"Other sites inhibited maternal or aggressive behavior. In short, Delgado was able to profoundly alter human behavior through electrical stimulation of discrete areas of the brain."

    If you work hard, you are rewarded with good vibes and a young girl that disdains sex; but, never fear, she will be turned on for you. If you do not work hard, you will be turned on to produce more and work harder. If you fight it, pain EMFs or energy implanted weapon(s) within the same chip will be turned on and discipline you. When you are worn out, the kill cycle will be turned on. If a war is started, the mind control will be turned on and you will think it is great to go fight the socialists' war! When you are there, the operators will turn you on more and enter you into the no-reason, but rage stage to conquer the enemy, hopefully.

    Enemy POWs will be brought back to America and turned on to wonder why they never surrendered in the first place and came to America on their own. They will love becoming such wonderful, willing, slaves.

Now, Watch What Is In Store for You and Your Children:

    If this sounds like science fiction to you, then think about Water Boarding and Energy Weapons now used by the Armed Forces and CIA. Some of the members of our own government feel it is OK if it generates information. The problem: They start using their new toys on U.S. Citizens. The Civilian Police are now using energy weapons (the Taser) on 81-year-old demented ladies in their own automobiles waving a hammer. Dialogue is rapidly disappearing in America. Force is now supreme in any and all circumstances. "Might is Right." The distinguishing between Police and Military is getting very blurred now.

    The Long Beach California Police Department has a War Wagon, as does the LAPD and the state of Florida, and Colorado. These tactical armored vehicles consist of 500 in the field. The ad for them says:

"Survived gun battles & mortar attack in combat; driven into the kill zone and rescued downed personnel; and rammed vehicles and buildings to get the job done."

    One picture shows what appears an armored vehicle mounted with a flame thrower. Folks, I ask you, what are they expecting? Do they know something we do not; or, are they preparing for the coming total Chaos and breakdown of the economic fabric and structure of our society that a World Wide Financial Crisis can cause? Including in this, the problems associated with the Radial Galactic Plane? Including The End of An Age. What is it that they are not telling us. Is it what this newsletter has been telling us?

    When one looks at the Foreclosure Map below, are various states being hit the hardest with the imploding real estate market expecting Total Chaos in that from just the implosion and sputtering economy? Notice California and Florida:

[Foreclosure Map In U.S]

The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, March 2008, page 4, Writes:
"At this particular moment in time, banks are about as heavily exposed to mortages (as a total percent of assets) as they have ever been. Further, banks are holding an enormous quantity of commercial real estate loans, especially in the rah–rah areas such as Florida, The Southwest, and In California."

War Wagon:

This is what Fox31 News Gave About ElectroMagnetic Fields:

    People with sound sensitivities means a person is quite sensitive to sound. Sound waves are also known as sound radiation. We use ultrasound in medicine to take pictures of soft tissues. Ultrasound means above the sound levels we normally hear at. Computer monitors produce ultrasound. Some people actually hear a high pitched sound coming from computers when others don't. For people who have this problem with sound radiation, Sweden's TCO labor union said they can hear at or above 16,000 Hz (16 KHz).

    Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is defined medically as repetitive motion, force, temperature or vibration in the extreme. Vibration at the computer monitor is a form of mechanical vibration delivered to one when sitting at the computer monitor. Sound radiation produces stress. Stress generates inflammation. Coupled together, the repetitive motion and sound radiation at the computer monitor causes the stress, which brings on inflammation and this results in compression of the median nerve.

    Other problems are caused by ultrasound, since it is used in cleaning tanks, ultrasound intruder alarms, garage door openers, remote controls, rodent repellents using ultrasound, and others. All these cause to the sensitive person tinnitus, pressure in the ears, and fatigue. Sound waves and EMFs generate a Stress Response.

    We are witnessing madness now in our society. It will get much worse. Unremitting sound is one cause. You can not go anywhere in America and not hear some loud noise in the form of "boom boxes," automobiles with drivers locked into the noise with their windows rolled up. It is soooo suuuppper coooolll. Everyone seems to have one, with a cell phone glued to their ear as they drive. When they come home, the super boom boxes are turned on.

    What is happening is that this sound stress is causing a rise in epinephrine. Epinephrine (adrenaline, you know—the stuff that makes you run faster) is now their fix. But epinephrine is an excitatory neurotransmitter. The more they get, the brain craves more of this fix, and the body has to make more and to put out more of MAO and COMP, transporters to remove it. They are beginning to give out now with all the excitation and neuroendrocine disruptors that are in our foods, waters, and even the air. Exhaustion is just beginning to set in.

    It will become big time when the Chaos hits and there is no food and energy for all their needs. It is happening now as Americans are having to cut back on energy for vehicles. This will expand to other areas of the economy. As you can see with the "spine" malformations and breakage described above, coupled with this excess of epinephrine throughout the body and the brain, rage is inevitable, and/or debilitating fatigue, because the brain just can't get the message properly. It is starving for the right electrical impulses.

    When The Hell Breaks totally, and they can't get their fix, sheer madness will come over them, and you, in this breakdown society, will become the prey. This is, in part, why you are going to see more senseless mass killings in schools, shopping centers, malls, resturants, and elsewhere, including, unfortunately, the home. Get prepared to stay in during the killing field spree, when madness seems everywhere about you. The madness will be so severe as to drive even some sane people mad.

    Folks, I'm telling you like it is. For those who scoffed and laughed at you for preparing, they do not know it, but they will become one or the other: The Predator or The Prey and you, caught in between, will be The Defender!

    It is no wonder we will be seeing War Wagons rolling down our city streets in the not too distant future. This is a threat intimidation. Watch it....it's coming. Get prepared mentally and physically. This entails staying off the roads and when an incursion crosses a War Wagon, do not make threating movements. Smile, give the peace sign. Say "Yes Sir!" and "No Sir!" They just may be on a search and destroy mission. Don't make their mission you. You will be looking at masked, jack–booted personnel that really enjoy their job. When the Chaos hits, don't loiter. Have purpose in your movements in the open. Go to and from work, as was done by the French in the occupation of France by the Germans.

    And remember, The Three Fs: Food...Fuel...and Females. This is what the rogues will be looking for.

Synaptic Transmission

To Understand About Neural Communication:
Click Here

Neuroscience, 4th Edition, 2008, writes:

"Transmission at chemical synapses is based on the elaborate sequence of events. The process is initiated when an action potential invades the terminal of the presynaptic neuron. The change in membrane potential caused by the arrival of the action potential leads to the opening of voltage gated channels in the presynaptic membrane.

"Because of the steep concentration gradient of Ca2++ across the presynaptic membrane (the external Ca2++ concentration is approximately 10-3 M, whereas, the internal Ca2++ concentration is approximately 10-7 M), the opening of these channels causes a rapid influx of Ca2++ into the presynaptic terminal, with the result that the Ca2++ concentration of the cytoplasm in the terminal transiently rises to a much higher value."

Now, the important thing to garner from this:

"Elevation of the presynaptic Ca2++ concentration, in turn, allows synaptic vesicles to fuse with the plasma membrane of the presynaptic neuron. The ca2++–dependent fusion of synaptic vesicles with the terminal membrane causes their contents most importantly neurotransmitters, to be released into the synaptic cleft."

    The main points to gather from this: Anything that can interrupt electrical impulses, such as 'Spines' going down or being undeveloped, as given from above can affect the way a person thinks, his behavior, and his health. Notice, one very important thing, and the others are no less important in synaptic transmission, is influx of Calcium ions through channels. At this point, it is hightly suggested you replay Synaptic Transmission. Do not touch the controls when there, until the arrows blinks. The video is geared to self–run, except for when the directions say to 'Click' or 'Move Cursor.'

    Now, hold the above thought while you read the following; but, remember, Calcium InFlux.

"The work of doctors Susan Bawin and W. Ross Adey of Loma Linda University was the benchmark in this situation. In 1976, they reported that irradiation of living nerve cells in culture with 16 Hz fields produced a measurable increase in the number of calcium ions (Ca++) coming out of the cells. When other labs tried to duplicate this result, they confirmed that ELF did, indeed, produce Ca++ efflux, but they reported its occurrence at slightly different frequencies."—Becker, Cross Currents
    Putting those two thoughts together, one can immediately see the problem when the Calcium ions with a plus two valence are egressing the cell and not ingressing the cell to cause the neurotransmitter to fuse with the presynaptic membrane so as to release its neurotransmitter into the synaptic cleft to bind to the receiving nerve to cause action distal (downstream) from its binding site in the receiving neuron.

    One can only imagine what the brains of chronic cell phone users, especially the very young and teens, will be in a number of years.

This Is What One Broadcasting Company Aired:

The WebMasters Tested Their Own Cellphones and Discovered:

And Here's Another:

This Cell Phone of A Friend:

Flourescent Lights Also Irradiate:

Dr. Gauss Gives Audible for Flourescent Lights:

Everytime You See These Lights...Think Madness...

And Computers Are Not As Harmless As They Seem:

This is What Dr. Gauss Thinks About Computer Terminals:

Dr. Gauss Reports On Microwave Ovens:

Everyone's Doing It So It Must Be Okay:

Everytime You See Someone On One of These....Think Madness

What One Writer Of Many Are Saying About EMFs:

Let Us Review Once More Calcium Channels:

Once More Neurotransmission Schematic:

Now.... Others Are Talking...

    Jim Powell's Global Changes & Opportunities Report, March 2008, writes:
"Speaking of not being victims, more people are finally beginning to realize they must also protect their physical safety...a turning point in public awareness about personal safety was reached last month. Barton Biggs, former chief global strategist at Morgan Stanley, urged his fellow executives to buy a place in the country and lay in a store of canned food, medicine, clothes, and other necessities. Biggs' advice got a lot of attention because he is a highly–respected analysist who is not known for taking extreme positions.

"Affluent people have a particularly dangerous new threat to worry about: a wave of home invasions is sweeping the country. The young criminals, who are often high on meth, are totally without conscience. Their usual procedure is to kick in a door and shoot everyone except the person they want to hand over the money and valuables. The vicious groups are in and out before the police arrive.

"Robbery, burglary and auto theft rates are also up sharply. The crimes are symptoms of a declining economy and an unstable society. I am convinced the situation will get worse as life gets tougher for millions of Americans.

"The biggest danger will be the transition period from the abundance most people enjoy today, and the leaner times many of them must learn to live with in the future. There will be a few years when many desperate people will do whatever is necessary to survive. One the transition period is over, I think our country will settle down, and so should the crime rate.

"However, the outcome is unlikely to be as favorable in some parts of the country, especially in our cities, where many people are already experiencing economic hardships. Those areas are likely to expand as the economic screws tighten, and become even more dangerous. If you live within a few miles of a (sic) such an area, this would be a good time to relocate.

"The following is an account by a man who lived through a similar period in 2000–2001 during an economic breakdown in Argentina. His English is not perfect but his description is crystal clear about the dangers many Americans are beginning to see.

Lessons From Argentina

"This time of uncertainness, until people accept that the world around them changed, takes time, months or even years, and it's a Slow decline, slowly slipping down. One day you'll start seeing more people begging, more prostitutes, houses not painted, cars will start to look a little more shabby, because people don't have money to fix them, until one day you will tell yourself 'Wow, this wasn't like this 6–12 months ago.' Things do not get accepted day over night, a national downturn may occur in a matter of days, but it takes MONTHS to sink in.

"That's why you should keep an open, independent mentality, and eyes and ears listening all around you, so as to stay ahead of the herd.

"There are no 'bandit's law' anymore. One used to hear people talk about 'You shouldn't resist a robbery, give them what they want and they'll go away.' That holds true no more. Letting criminals inside your house almost guarantees that they will abuse whoever they find inside.

"By far, the most dangerous moment of the day, is when I (or my wife) leave/enter my house. A solid, secure house cannot be broken in easily, so criminals wait until you are standing on front of the door with the keys in your hand to jump on you. This is why we are extra alert when approaching our house, look all around us and if we see anything strange, keep walking around the block or keep on driving.

"No door is ever opened when there is a strange person around. Whenever someone knocks on our door (and we don't know him/her), they are answered from a second story window. Criminals sometimes disguise as electric company guys or something like that, saying that they have to fix somethng. NO! Anything inside your house is your responsibility and the company is not going to fix it for you. Either way, it's always better to play it safe. Better to be rude than dead.""

    And the Wall Street Journal, pointed out the first week of March, 2008, that bank failure is looming in the immediate future.

The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast, February 28, 2008, says concerning this:

"'Small and Midsize BanksBeginning to Struggle in Credit Crisis,' FDIC regulators announced this week that they 'are bracing for well over 100 bank failures in the next 12 to 24 months.'"

    Other private sources say some big banks are in trouble world–wide. This means when the bank failures start, you will not be able to get your money out. A banking holiday will be called and when they open, some won't, again, one trends expert says the money you withdraw will be worth dimes on the dollar. However, another says, pennies on the dollar. This demands you be prepared now! You probably will not be able to purchase what you need for storage then, as the money will be worthless. Do it now.

    This is what one reader of the UpDate writes from the outbacks of Alaska, Saturday, March 01, 2008 11:26 AM:

"I agree, it is really too late to do much, unless you're in good shape financially, and even then, delays in delivery could/will be a big problem. I live in Tok, Alaska.

"Its a small community of approx. 1800 on one of Alaska's few highways in the Interior up against the AK-Yukon border. We are far enough away from everything else that we are considered part of the Alaskan bush, but still have a lot of amenities, including the Internet! As a rule, most of us in the bush are generally better prepared than most as we deal with 6-7 months of winter and extreme cold (a couple of weeks ago we had 5 days of -72 F. below--its currently -10 F. below), and frequently hear of various accidents and tragedies happening to those who were not prepared.

"Mother Nature is a tough and unforgiving teacher. I have learned enough to know not to talk much about preparedness except in general terms, until the time is right and such a discussion becomes 'real.' Those of us who prepared for Y2K and openly warned others got ridiculed pretty badly. Its hard to make a case to others when all the instances we were alerted to turned out to be near misses. You & I know just how fragile and thin our veneer of civilization is, but most people don't want to think about it.

"I've come to the conclusion some of us are constitutionally better at handling the stress of looking at the truth of things without freaking out. Its a pretty schizophrenic stance having, as the Survival Acres guy describes it, one leg in both worlds. Though I think it helps considerably being here at the edge of the world, off the beaten path. We're all a little nuts up here anyway.

"As I am a single middle-age woman (widowed), I have been preparing not only for myself but also for my nearest neighbors. We are in a small neighborhood just outside of Tok and could easily set up as a self-sustaining unit. At least that is my hope and the basis for my plans.

"I am including these others not because they are aware of TEOTWAWKI, but because when it all comes down I'm going to need allies, not raiders. I can't do it all myself, not unless I want a short, exhausting, miserable life of non-stop hard work just to survive day to day. I've also seen the emotionally and psychologically destabilizing effects of isolation on individuals up here living in remote homesteadings. And so I've concluded I HAVE to think about and plan for others; it directly affects my own chances of survival."

    And from Friday, February 29, 2008 5:10 PM, the reader writes:

    "I read the daily blog on Survival Acres/WordPress. I highly recommend you take a look at yesterday's and today's entries. Yesterday's 'The Sounds of Silence' has a VERY interesting link to the updated shipping schedule of the canneries that supply the freeze-dried food units that he sells on Survival Acres--I will copy that below. Today's Site Status and Blog Questions--Part II is a summary of responses sent to him from readers about their own states of preparedness and the difficulties therein, dealing with others in denial, feeling alone and isolated, etc. MOST Interesting!":
"Here's the shipping info; the writer deals with 4 of the largest canneries in the country, so this is a pretty good indication of how things stand these days. He says he's is going to have to do a daily update now.

"All those canneries have told him that they can forsee shutting down later this year due to food and fuel costs rising higher than they can handle.

"02/29/08 - Current Cannery to Ship Times - (updated daily) Rainy Day Dehydrated food - UPS shipments: 4 weeks or more Rainy Day Freight shipments (1000 lbs minimum): 4 - 5 or more weeks Mountain House case quantity pouches: 3 - 4 weeks or more Mountain House case quantity cans: 4 weeks or more Mountain House single cans: 4 weeks or more Richmoor: 2 weeks or more Alpine Aire pouches: 4 weeks or more Alpine Aire cans (any cans): 10 weeks or more! Alpine Aire Systems: 10 weeks or more! Shipping times are NOT guarantees - they are simply estimates.

'Order volume is extremely high, ship times change according to product availability and volume. Alpine Aire remains very slow despite our pleas - if you order these products, please be patient! The cannery is unable to keep up with demand and a very large backlog is being filled.

'Every cannery in the country is struggling with a gigantic surge of orders, this page is now changing daily. Mountain House is severely back ordered - you will need to be patient. Warning: Oil price and global food shortages is now happening! We have been warning for months and months this was going to occur. If you do not have your food storage, you stand a very real chance of never getting it if you wait too much longer.

'Price volatility for food is happening all over the globe - we cannot emphasize this enough! Product shortages are now (already) a reality, some products can no longer be found. Oil is also very volatile, going over $100 a barrel. We expect this to go much higher as we continue to deplete global energy supplies. This, combined with global drought conditions means food shortages are coming and already are being experienced by some nations, already severe.

'We suggest you order sooner rather then later, while availability (and cannery demand) is still good. During the run-up to Y2K (1998), our back order times exceeded 10 months, current ship times are still relatively tiny and can change rapidly. The first real crisis in America will jump wait times from weeks into months, we've seen this happen many times (Hurricane Katrina caused 4 - 5 month backlogs). There are only a handful of actual canneries in the country trying to fill everybody's order. Don't get caught without. Additionally, we are paying close attention to the energy crisis, which hasn't lessened any as demand continues to climb.

'The bottom line is nothing will stay at today's prices, nothing. We've already seen all four canneries increase their prices - three times since December. This is in response to the continued shipping price increases being passed down by UPS, FedEx and the entire trucking industry, and the increased costs to farmers, processing plants and the entire distribution system. Basically, food or shipping won't ever get any cheaper then it is today. Expect to see prices continue to climb as the energy crisis deepens (on everything).

'Global food reports reveal huge price increases on staples, grains, dairy and most consumable commodities. This is happening worldwide. Projections are for much higher fruit and vegetable costs this year. Shipping rates jumped, again and again, production of petroleum and world wide outputs continues to fall as energy resources decline. Food production (agriculture), transportation, processing and packaging is highly dependent upon oil. As oil declines, prices increase, dramatically. Prepare today, for tomorrow's crisis. Most storable foods will last several decades, making this a wise investment today. See our blog for daily, documented events of how our world is collapsing.'"

    From March 3, 2008, Survival Acres says, "Every cannery in the country has been overwhelmed, most are sold out and are scrambling for new supplies." He's never seen anything like this.

The Rude Awakening, Thursday, February 28, 2008, 8:15 AM, a financial commentary from Agora Financial, writes:

"Albert Einstein once postulated that if honeybees were to become extinct, the world would starve in less than four years. We are inclined to trust his judgment.

"Meanwhile, America's bat population is also in peril. 'Thousands of bats are dying from an unkown illness in the northeastern U.S. at a rate that could cause extinction,' Bloomberg News reports. 'Most bats hibernate in the same cave every winter, keeping annual counts consistent. A cave that had 1,300 bats in January 2006 had 470 bats last year; it recently sheltered just 38. At another cave, more than 90 percent of about 15,500 bats have died since 2005.'

"'We've never seen anything like it, and we're all scared,' frets Alan Hicks, the leader of the investigation for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. 'You have a strong parallel with the bees in that we just don't know what's going on.'

"Bats tend to inspire more fear than fondness. But these flying rodents fulfill essential takes (sic) within the ecosystem. When they're not hibernating, healthy bats eat about half their weight in bugs every night , including mosquitoes, grasshoppers, locusts and months that can spread disease among humans and devastate crops. If a bat does not flap its winds, therefore, plan on canceling those summertime picnics. More importantly, as our colleague, KIevin Kerr, reminded us yesterday, the supply–constrained grain markets are in no condition to tolerate additional stresses like grasshoppers and locusts."

    All of these things add up to the equivalent of a plague of Biblical proportion.

    And if this is not bad enough, look what's happening to the Salmon:

Unprecedented Collapse of Salmon Run

The Natural Foods Merchandiser, March 2008

"California shoppers won't be getting any local salmon this year, but the bigger issue is whether local salmon will ever be available again.

"Following what has been described as an unprecedented collapse of the Sacramento River fall Chinook salmon run, which declined from a high of 800,000 fish in 2002 and 280,000 last year to a mere 90,000 this year, observers expect harsh restrictions on both sport and commercial fishing this year, and perhaps an outright ban.

"The fall run of Chinook salmon on the Sacramento River is one of the three most important salmon runs on the West Coast, along with runs on the Klamath and Columbia rivers farther north.

"'For a combination of reasons relating to habitat destruction in all three rivers, we're now at a place where every year there are lower salmon returns,' said Pat Ford, executive director of Save Our Wild Salmon, a national coalition of conservation groups and fishing associations. 'The question is whether the returns are abysmally low, like this year, or merely low.'

"Though salmon runs often fluctuate based on ocean conditions, this is the first time in 15 years that the Sacramento River run failed to meet its adult spawning escapement goal of 122,000 to 180,000 fish. Even more alarming, only 2,000 jacks, or two-year-old males, were counted, compared with 40,000 in a normal year. Jacks are considered predictors of the coming year's return.

"The shrinking Chinook run impacts both economics and the environment. Because salmon from all three major West Coast runs mix together at sea before returning to their individual rivers to spawn, the decline in Sacramento River salmon may also cause commercial fishing restrictions or closures in Oregon and Washington.

"'Fishing will be constrained even if the other runs are healthy,' said Zeke Grader, executive director of the Pacific Coast Federation of Fisherman's Associations, based in San Francisco. 'For commercial and sport fisheries, this will be at best a nominal season, with limited fishing done in concert with research on genetic stock identification. As far as wild salmon production, we'll be depending on Alaska.'"

"For many, the larger issue is which factors are having the greatest effect on the health of salmon populations: normal variations in ocean conditions or human causes. These include local land use and habitat-destruction issues and nonlocal issues related to climate change. "'On the Sacramento, dams are a problem, but human development is at least equal to it, because it's such a populated watershed,' Ford said.

"Ocean conditions vary according to latitude, Ford said. In one year lower latitudes may harbor excellent conditions for ocean salmon, with upwellings of cold water from the ocean floor carrying bountiful krill, the salmon's main food source, and in other years conditions may be better at higher latitudes, favoring salmon from the Columbia and Klamath rivers.

"The final decisions on fishing and salmon protection are made by the National Marine Fisheries Service, but some observers argue that federal agencies are focused on the wrong causes for the declines. 'This year, the agencies began getting the [low] numbers and saying, "Oh my God, it's climate change; something mysterious is going on in the ocean,"' said Grader.

"In fact, Grader says, positive ocean conditions the past few years have masked problems with river habitat, especially the pumping of water from the Sacramento River delta to slake Southern California's insatiable thirst. "We're saying pay attention to global warming, but [don't] let it become an excuse for these agencies. There's been a basic refusal to look at how to get more water into this system, so it's flowing west, not south," Grader said. He believes California needs to provide fresh water inflow that was ordered 20 years ago—but hasn't been initiated due to foot dragging among several interested parties—and severely curtail the 1.6 million acre-feet or more of water currently pumped out of the delta.

"Agricultural pollutants can also critically impact salmon health. 'The state needs to eliminate the waivers they've granted for toxic discharges into the delta, specifically for selenium coming from the San Joaquin Valley,' Grader said. In the meantime, fishermen from San Francisco to Seattle are wondering whether to take their boats north to Alaska, where rising fuel costs mean there's no guarantee of breaking even. 'It's going to be a killer,' Grader said of the upcoming salmon season—with little prospect for improvement in coming years if the underlying causes aren't addressed."

More on Wheat:

The Daily Reckoning, Wednesday, March 05, 2008, 1:38 PM, points out the following:

"Sure, we have lots of hungry mouths in this world. And more and more dollars are chasing those bushels of wheat, to feed those mouths. And couple it with the worldwide episodes of drought, and cropland destruction, and decline in soil fertility, and rising costs for seed and fertilizer and equipment. So just for reasons of limits on factors of production, it is harder and harder to increase supplies to match the growth in demand."

Pasta Protest And Then Some...

The Daily Reckoning
'We've Got the Golden Ticket'
Waterford, Ireland
Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shutting The Golden Door: No Room At The Inn

by Kevin Kerr

"The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long. And America has burned very brightly for a long time. As the resource battles begin to heat up, we are already seeing where some of the major battle lines will be drawn, and it’s not a pretty picture.

"The simple fact of the matter is the world’s resources – not just oil – are dwindling faster than a fallen pop princess’ career.

"While shortages of key industrial and energy commodities are frightening, no other sector will threaten global stability more than agriculture.

"It seems ironic that as global population is reaching an all-time high, we are turning at least half of our crops into ethanol or biofuel. This is a questionable, if not idiotic, alternative that clearly does as much damage as good. While the short-term impact is obvious, the longer-term ramifications for agriculture on a global scale could be devastating.

"In 2007, we saw stark glimpses of just how bad this situation will get. The 'Tortilla Crisis' in Mexico, the 'Pasta Protest' in Milan (I happened to be there for that one), the riots and crushing of one supermarket shopper in China over cooking oil...we have seen dairy, meat and bread prices skyrocket.

"The idea of food inflation is new to many Americans, who are used to prices for food being only about 13-16% of income. Back when my grandmother got off the boat in 1912, they were more like 45%.

"The facts of life are not always pleasant, but the truth must be told without all the politically correct, wish-upon-a-star answers. The U.S. is blessed to be one of the nations with some of the best agricultural land on the planet. From sea to shining sea, we have cropland as far as the eye can see. For years, the bounty of the land has been a supermarket for the world; now it’s a fuel station, too. China, which has hundreds of millions more hungry mouths than we have, has far less arable farmland. And worse, China has far fewer controls in place to regulate farming methods.

"In recent years in the United States, the number of immigrants has swollen. The porous borders continue to attract newcomers as if it were still 1912. Here in the U.S., a lot of people still think that America can still absorb a massive influx of immigrants from all over the planet who are poor, tired and hungry. And while that is nice, romantic thinking, the fact of the matter is we cannot.

"Now, I would hate for us to change the plaque on Lady Liberty to 'Bring us your well-fed and rested, employable and intelligent,' but the truth is maybe we have to.

"As investors, we must look at this situation as an opportunity for our portfolio. First of all, I suggest if you have some extra land (condo developers and house flippers, listen closely),
  • Grow a vegetable garden, and if you are ambitious,
  • Raise some sheep and cows, because they will come in handy.

    Note: We have been advising persons in a Covenant Community to grow food. Some have started...others, won't. They belong to one, but haven't begun a food storage program. Those who have listened, say they will not honor the others needs if they have not provided sincere provisions for a long–drawn out seige. They will drop them soon, they inform us!

    One very foolish, upper middle–class woman, advises eating out of garbage cans, a new practice the wealthy are said to be following for a lark. Soon, if the garbage is there, it will be for real. This woman has refused all efforts to enlighten her about what is coming for some time now, according to her relatives.
"A little more practical and with less bunker mentality is to add stocks of some of the key agricultural companies that help support the industry, like those dealing with equipment making, fertilizer, irrigation and transport. These are the names you always hear, like John Deere, Monsanto, Caterpillar, etc."

Could We Really Run Out of Food?

March 6, 2006, 12:01 AM ET
MSN Money

    "Biofuel production, poor harvest and emerging nations' growing appetites are emptying the world's pantry, sending prices soaring.

"...Countries that have the most [food] are hoarding it for their own people. Vietnam, India and Egypt have restricted exportsw to keep local markets stocked. Thai, Philippine, and Indonesian officials are warning of civil unrest if the flow of rice does not increase.

"Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan in recent weeks have restricted wheat exports as well, slapping on big tariffs to make swure shelves are stocked in their homelands amid soaring prices. A major Russian grains–company chief told Reuters that his country 'is in a condition that has never happened before.' Higher prices are not meeting any resistance from desperate buyers.

"Most unusual about this phenomenon, according to BMO Financial Group strategist Don Coxe, is that until now, food crises in the world history were regional concerns that arose from crop failures, war pest. Once global trade of grains go going in the 19th century in a majoy way, food shortages in one country were ameliorated by imports, he said. What's happening now is a lack of supply everywhere at once.

"Culprits about, but chief among them is urbganization, (as with the Salmon above) whichhas cut the amount of acreage devoted to farming."

As an old Navy man said recently, people are 'Jumping through their Ass to make ends meet.'

Continuing with the MSN story:

"...and local newspapers have been rife with stories about pizzerias both raising prices and cutting back on crust thickness and cheese quantities."

And other businesses are offsetting higher prices for foodstuffs by raising cost and reducing servings' sizes.

Coxe's solution: "As a first step, shut down all ethanol plants immediately. 'It's criminal to burn corn for fuel when we are out of food,' he said. In a particularly pernicious development, he noted that a big boost in demand for soybeans for use as biodiesel in Europe has driven up the price of palm oil in Southeast Asia, where it [soybean] is the main source of protein for the poor."

Folks, we are now in serious trouble, and few people realize it!

And Now .... A Thought
Of A Different Nature...

"On January 17th, 2008, a report from Israel Today revealed the story of the late prominent ultra–orthodox Jewish Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, who died at age 108. Rabbi Kaduri wrote a letter that he requested to be sealed until after his death. His son Rabbi David Kaduri, has the authentic and signed letter from his father.

"The elder Rabbi Kaduri said that he met the Messiah in a vision just a few months before he died. His son David said that his father talked and dreamed almost exclusively about the Messiah and his coming.

"The elder Rabbi Kaduri wrote, 'The Messiah is Jesus Christ', (sic) and in the vision, the Savior told him he was coming soon.

"The old rabbi also drew a number of crosses on the letter written just before his death. This was shocking because orthodox Jews never use crosses, and they even discourage the use of the plus sign because it could be mistaken for a cross."—Last Trumpet Newsletter, March, 2008.

Folks...Something's Going On...

We Would Not be Surprised If We Get Struck By A Nuclear Blast Soon...Between Now and The Next Three Years.

Store More Than You Need

    The Elitists at their height, "will have thought they have destroyed the Christian Church," an early Church Saint said from her visions from Christ Himself, "but, by some power of God, suddenly, their world came collapsing down around them...."


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Times in America will change rather abruptly.
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We Feel This Is Going To Be A Long, Hard Siege
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