Prudent Avoidance
     ( Part Three )

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    In recent Updates, we discussed EMFs and how they affect the human body. We have seen that EMFs appear to work at the atomic and molecular level, disrupting the body's delicate electrical pathways and among other effects, and causing the calcium-channel pathways to malfunction. We also saw that the human body, when in the presence of an electro-magnetic field, "gathers in" EMFs, thus behaving like a big antenna.

    Since our bodies have only become exposed to this new and crowded portion of the electromagnetic spectrum within the past 100 years, we aren't yet sure just how all this new exposure will play out. But we would be wise to begin thinking now about WHAT can possibly happen, HOW it will happen, and WHY it will happen.

    Our investigation begins with the idea we explored in the last Update: the fact that the human body acts as a giant antenna in the presence of an electromagnetic field. As all amateur radio operaters know, antennas are known to resonate.

    The above is an "undamped spring-mass system [which] is an oscillatory system." The body is an antenna, and as such, it will absorb the electromagnetic spectrum that it has not evolved with. This creates problems in the organism of all animals. Some of the organism's tissues are more sensitive to EMFs than others, and the human body serving as an antenna, will start resonating or oscillating with its source. This has been shown not to be good, in many instances, over long periods of time.

    "In physics, resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate at maximum amplitude at certain frequencies, known as the system's resonance frequencies (or resonant frequencies).

    "Oscillation is the repetitive variation, typically in time, of some measure about a central value (often a point of equilibrium) or between two or more different states. Familiar examples include a swinging pendulum and AC power. The term vibration is sometimes used more narrowly to mean a mechanical oscillation, but sometimes is used to be synonymous with 'oscillation.' Oscillations occur not only in physical systems but also in biological systems and in human society."—Wikipedia

    "This is known as resonance - when one object vibrating at the same natural frequency of a second object forces that second object into vibrational motion"—The Physics Classroom Tutorial.

    The problem results when the first object is vibrating at a higher frequency, and it causes the second object to vibrate at its frequency. In the case of the human body, at least some of the tissues' resonance is somewhat caused to vibrate at a different frequency (most likely higher) causing calcium–gate problems; or, general interference with the delicate flow of current in various tissues generating a different outcome for regarding neurotransmitters, hormones, and other gating problems, including neural spine formation into dendritic synapses, and so–forth.

    Any ElectroMagnetic (EM) energy is considered polution when "it is not in harmony with the natural frequencies of the planet (of which we have evolved with), and that pulls out of entrainment or rhythm with human resonance."

The following Video Speaks About EM Polution and The Body Resonance:

This Video Illustrates The Body Resonating With An External Source, Polluting The Body:

    Everything has some form of motion, even the atoms with electrons "revolving" around them. The eardrum resonates, as illustrated in the following:

[Illustration of The Principle of Oscillation/Resonance of the Eardrum]

Or, that of a Tuning Fork. Its vibrations can cause a glass to shatter. It sets up resonance in the glass such that the molecular strength of the object is overcome with the tuning fork's rarefactions and compressions, the glass explodes or breaks. The same is done with high notes from opera singers:

[Vibrating Tuning Fork]

Girl Breaks Glass With Voice

Illustrating The Resonance Principle:

When the air vibrates at the same frequency as the object causing it, Resonance occurs:

[Non Moving Vibrating Rod]

    This document is showing what resonance is, because humanity is now getting so much excessive and unnatural resonance. Following are several more videos illustrating a Wine Glass breaking, the Tacoma bridge coming down, and Ground resonance. If this obvious oscillation is causing these things, what is happening to the human organism and other with such perverse unnatural pollution? Many scientists say it is causing our health to be weakened biochemically, and soon we may see a cataclismic health problem world–wide. This, coupled with the global financial meltdown crisis, and as we get closer to the Radial Plane of The Galactic Plane, much of life will go into hyper–chronic stress with Depopulation occurring everywhere. Now, watch the following videos:

Notice At First, The Glass Is Not Exhibiting A Condition of Plasticity, Then It Takes On This Quality. After Absorbing So Much Energy, The Molecules Holding The Glass Together Break Their Bonds:

The Tacoma Bridge Vibrating Apart: Resonance Again

Ground Resonance With A Strapped–Down Helicopter:
Rear View

Ground Resonance With A Strapped–Down Helicopter:
Side View

This Is What Some Will Be Doing In 2009 – 2010....Coming Apart...

    Churches are betraying their people down because they...

"Sought to benefit from the same economies of scale as those enjoyed by the giant retail chains."— The Long Emergency, Kunstler, James Howard.

    Remember! The body is an antenna (see:Prudent Avoidance—Part I). It gathers in EMFs and begans to resonate with them; thus, disrupting the body's delicate electric system. This is what causes the problems because everything in the body uses current; interrupt this and something distal or downstream happens negatively sooner or later. The interruption can occur proximal or closer to entry sources causing problems, as is in the Calcium ion gated channels (See Prudent Avoidance: Part II).

    We are now in The Galactic Plane. As we approach the Radial Portion of the Spiral Arm of The Milky Way Galaxy in The Galactic Plane, and move deeper into the denser portions of Orion, there are "enormous electromagnetic fields and currents known to be present in space, interrelated in complex and unusual relationships." —Cross Currents. We may be witness to strange and unusual sounds and vibrations and resonances of this portion of space that present man has never witnessed in his journey through the heavens.

    There may be at one point resonances so great that as one drive in his vehicle, suddenly, without warning, all the glass in the vehicle shatters, creating a foggy condition that one can't see out of. Quickly stopping as safely as possible on the shoulder if possible, as the driver emerges, he will notice others doing likewise. One may be in a high–rise, and the windows become shattered likewise. Strange occurrences will/may occur around the world in the next few years.

    We are warned there will be "wonders" to behold coming now in our time at the end of the age. The Galactic Plane, The End of An Age, and which may be the same, The End of The Precession. Prepare yourself now for sights, sounds, and phenomena never before witnessed by modern man.

We may even hear the harmonics, oscillations, or resonances of the Sun with the naked ear, as give below with instruments.

[The Boiling Sun]
The Harmonic Vibrating Sun

Harmonics of The Sun
Press Start For Sound

    There may be even beautiful music, as some will claim to hear angels singing or playing music:

Press The Start Button To Play This Sound.
  Harmonics of The Universe

What The Russians Say About

    The concensus of opinions among various Russian researchers into the ElectroMagnetic Field concerning microwaves is that not only do the microwave studies illustrate patients with dizziness, nausea, fatigue, headaches, chest pain, including heart problems, but one exposed to bright lights and loud sounds who suffer from microwave sickness can cause these patients increased microwave suffering.

    A problem we see in our private practice is people, now...more than ever...have a problem with concentration. Their complaint: "I can't focus." Or, "I have difficulty concentrating...what do you have for thinking, and while you're at it, I can't sleep either, nor do I have any energy." This is coming from surgeons, office personnel, nurses, full professors with PhD's and others.

    Almost to a one, they are heavily invested around some form of EMFs, especially the health care providers. It appears the two big complaints are focusing and no energy. Some complain about feeling okay, but tired when they get off work, and by the time they are home they are literally fatigued. When we measured their new or relatively new trucks, automobiles, vans, they are driving, we found, we think, part of the problem. The modern vehicles are heavily invested with EMFs, especially around the ankles, some ankles and wrists. They are absorbing a large amount of this radiation energy which is causing the Bystander Effect (see Part II) to various parts of their body.

    Most claimed they are on the cell phone whenever they are in their vehicles, especially the long drive home of thirty minutes to an hour or so. This is definitely part of their problem. Let us explain.

    Enter Michael Faraday, an Englishman. In 1831, he illustrated a relationship between magnetism and electricity. He created the first prototype electric generator with a simple experiment of moving a magnet across the lines of a magnetic force.

    Faraday also created a Faraday Box, it is also known an "Electrostatic shield: A hollow conducting container surrounding an apparatus, used for protection against electric fields. Faraday demonstrated that the electric field inside a closed conductor is zero. (Electrostatic shields are often called Faraday cages.)" — Dictionary of Physics, Edited by John Daintith, 1981.

    You recall our writing about this when you read the document concerning the ElectroMagnetic Pulse Bomb, in that the vehicle, though on rubber wheels, the metal body would not protect the vehicle from the Pulse. A video accompanied the material illustrating that, indeed, the EMP would still fry the delicate electronics. The point of all this is the automobile was a moving Faraday Box or Cage on wheels.

    A person riding in a metal enclosure such as a moving vehicle, as well as the driver, is subjected to the EMFs given off within the vehicle. The radiation is likened to that of a microwave oven in that the energy bounces, reflected and scatters, throughout the oven's interior, heating the food to the cook stage.

    The radiation given off under such conditions within the vehicle is intensified because the cell phone ratchets up its transmission to overcome the metal box (Faraday Cage), the vehicle, to send especially, and to receive. Anyone riding with you in the vehicle is also receiving an intensified dose of microwaves. This causes extreme fatigue in many people. The young, the very young, and teens are quite vulnerable to these radiations as their brain case is still thickening and the brain is still developing until about 21 to 22 years of age, according to neuroscience.

[Cell Phone Radiation Penetration in The Head of A 5– & 10–Year Old]

[Cell Phone Radiation Penetration of An Adult Head]

    When there is a person, unbeknowingly, sensitive to the electrical portion of the EMF, with demonstrative dysfunctions around such fields, they should not ride in such a vehicle that (1) in and of itself emits high EMFs and (2) someone at the same time using a cell phone. These people are known as ES (electrically sensitive) to such fields. A third problem exists for them: Namely, it is as if they are autoimmune to themselves in a Faraday type enclosure. It can be a room, automobile, truck, van, motor homes, buses, elevators, or some other type of enclosure with much metal in the walls or some such structure that will collect and bounce the microwave emissions..

    What happens in this case they are quite often EMF emitters. They radiate out such EMFs, and the EMFs are bounced back to them, making them far worse than the normal sickness they have. They are irradiating themselves. Some EMF-emitter persons are immune to their own radiations, but make other people sick when around them.

    When a cell phone is operated within a vehicle, not only does the metal body serve to retain and concentrate it as the EMF leaves but if the vehicle's antenna is located within the front or rear windows, current flows onto person using the cell phone. Ways to avoid radiation from your vehicle when using the cell phone is to have the device connected to an antenna on the outside, as you see in older model vehicles and many ham radio operators using. Incidently, it has been shown that leukemia is highest in amateur ham radio operators. People using their cars for business purposes should have their vehicle's antennas externally hard wired.

When Making A Cell Phone Call, Do So Away From Interiors As Given Above. Be In The Open Using An Air Tube Headset:

For The Set Displayed in The Video, Click Air Tube Headset

Demonstrating The Air Tube Headset Effectiveness Using Dr. Gauss:

The Nervous System That Is Irradiated When Using The Cell Phone.

Notice, When Worn On The Hip, In addition To The Internal Organs Radiated, The Pelvic Girdle Region Also Is Radiated and The Pelvic Bones Make most Of The Body's Red Blood Cells. Under Cell Phone Radiation, Problems Can and Have Developed, See Spines In Previous Edition:

When Using A Cell Phone At The Head Region, Blood Vessels Are Irridiated, As Elsewhere In The Body When The Phone, for Example, Is Worn At The Waist. The EMFs Have Been Shown To Affect Blood Vessels In The Body.
Is There Any Reason To Wonder Why Sperm Count Has Dropped In The World? Add EMFs To Endocrine Disrupters And You Have A Major Problem.

Legs, Wrist, and Ankles

    The World Health Organization, Geneva Switzerland, as given in The Electrical Sensitivity Handbook, by Lucinda Grant:
"...Energy absorption increases at the neck, legs, and wrists. The reason absorption increases at these points is because they are areas of smaller cross sections in the body. Absorption rates in the wrists and angles can exceed the overall body EMF absorption rate by as much as 300 times depending on the EMF frequency.

    This was in relation to frequencies in the 300 Hertz to 300 gigahertz (300 to 300,000,000,000) range. This was primarily for those using computers and not for the ultra modern vehicle. If the computer users develop cancer, miscarriages, epilepsy, birth defects, cataracts, and electrical sensitivity—we can expect the modern vehicle to develop similar because of the exposure to similar areas. We tested a number of vehicles and found EMF field readings of over 100 miligauss.

Cell Phones Can Get You Into Trouble:

Cell Phones Can Make You Sleep Deprived

    Now, we learn that cell phones can also affect your sleep. According to the April, 2008, issue of Laptop magazine, a publication devoted to mobile devices such as laptop computers and cell phones, a joint study in Sweden and the United States finds that people who use cell phones before bed experience restless sleep.

    The report states that exposure to radiation from cell phones correlates with headaches and dizziness. People in the study who we re exposed to cell phone radiation before bed took longer to enter into the deeper stages of sleep. Consequently, the magazine recommends that readers move their cell phones away from their beds and onto a nightstand (Does this sound familiar). And "try counting clamshells instead of sheep" if you miss having your phone by your side in bed.

How Flourescent Lamps Work:

    "When the fluorescent light is turned on, both electrode filaments heat up very quickly, boiling off electrons, which ionize the gas in the tube. Once the gas is ionized, the voltage difference between the electrodes establishes an electrical arc. The flowing charged particles (red) excite the mercury atoms (silver), triggering the illumination process." — howstuffworks.com/

    And this is what www.phy6.org/Education/wfluor.html" says:

"And what about this 'fluorescent' thing? The mercury atoms in the plasma generate light very efficiently, but much of it is ultra-violet (UV), invisible to the eye and harmful to it (or rather, it would be, were it not absorbed by the glass). The solution is to coat the inside of the tube with a glow-in-the-dark (fluorescent) paint, which absorbs the UV and re-emits its energy as visible light.

"All other plasma lamps--sodium and mercury streetlights, neon lights etc.--require ballast coils, too. Recently, small fluorescent lamps have appeared on the market, which screw into the socket of a regular light bulb. They have transistor circuits replacing the coil, and although they cost more than filament lamps, they are (like other fluorescent lamps) much more efficient."

    Taffel, writing in Graphic Survey of Physics, says:

"Flourescent lighting depends upon the fact that when ultra–violet rays fall upon certain substances, called phosphors, they cause these phosphors to emit visible light. The process whereby the phosphors thus convert invisible ultra–violet rays into visible light is known as fluorescence.

"A common type of fluorescent light tube is essentially a cylindrical mercury vapor tube whose inner glass surface is completely covered with a suitable phosphor. When a current is passed through the mercury vapor, intense ultra–violet radiation is emitted and falls upon the phosphor–coated glass. Here it is converted into visible light. The color of the light thus emitted depends upon the particular phosphor used to coat the glass."

    Now, that is how flourescent lights work. But, if you can light a flourescent bulb without an apparent ballast, plug–in source of alternating current, then a strong EMF in the surrounding airspace is doing it, which means your body is standing in a strong electromagnetic field, and it is not healthy for you. The magnetic field and/or the electric field is making contact with the bulb's contact points and exciting the responses of the above explanations in order for the flourescent light to come on while in your hands not connected to contact points completing a circuit.

    Dr. Becker writes in Cross Currents:

"Fluorescent lights are much more economical than the older, incandescent bulbs. They produce many more units of light (lumens) for much longer periods of time, at considerably lower electric–power consumption. As a result, these lights have largely replaced the incandescent bulbs in most offices, schools, and public buildings.

"Initially, concerns were voiced over possible biological effects from the major differences in spectral distribution of the light from fluorescent units compared incandescent bulbs. While the light from each type looks almost identical, it is not. Most of the light output from a fluorescent bulb is in very small areas of the visible spectrum, while the incandescent is much more of a broadband emitter in the visible range. The incandescent light is, therefore, more nearly like natural sunlight (What we evolved with).

"However, there is a basic difference in how the light is produced in each case. The incandescent lamp simply causes a resistive filament to glow when current at 120 volts and very small amperage is forced through it. The fluorescent lamp has no filament. Instead, a coating of chemical on the interior of the tube is excited to glow when a high-voltage discharge is produced within the tube. This requires that the 120 volts of house current be raised to several thousand volts by means of a transformer (ballast).

"The fluorescent light produces much different magnetic fields compared with the incandescent bulb. Two inches away from a 60-watt incandescent bult, the 60 Hz field is 0.3 milligauss; at six inches, the field is 0.05 milligauss; and at one foot, the field is lost in the ambient field. A 10-watt fluorescent tube produces a field of 6 milligauss at two inches; at six inches the field is 2 milligauss; and one foot away it is 1 milligauss. The 10-watt fluorescent lamp produces a magnetic field at least twenty times greater than a 60-watt incandescent bulb. The circular fluorescent tubes of the type often installed in floor and desk lamps produce a similar field, and the user's head is often only a foot or so away. The ceiling fluorescent fixtures, with several 20-watt tubes, produce a field greater than 1 milligauss near the heads of office workers below."

    The EMF's, electrical or magnetic portion, is causing an electric current to come down to inhabitants beneath the high power transmission lines lighting the flourescent blubs and continuing to ground. People beneath the power source feel nothing, but their delicate body electric does get altered. This timing is then thrown off and health suffers.

    Recall from previous issues of the UpDate, it was pointed out that an electric current generates magnetic fields, and the changing fields can cause an electric current to be induced. Alternating current generates an electromagnetic wave or field. And every alternating current produces electromagnetic waves. The important thing to note here, is that an electric current can be induced from the EMFs or waves, in conductors over which they pass. The flourescent bulb can serve as an aerial or antenna when held under intense high–power transmission lines. And since the body is an antenna, people living near or under these powerful sources of EMFs receive a bombardment of electromagnetic forces which the human body has never evolved with, and hence, learned to live with in a healthy manner. We have no idea, yet, what the results of this will be, but information which is slowly surfacing suggests that the results will not be good.

    Among these results are chronic fatigue syndrome, AIDS, autism, fragile X syndrome, increased SIDS, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, Parkinson's disease, and increased mental illness, among other things. We are definitely living at the End of an Age, and what a bang it will be when it goes down.

ElectroMagnetic Fields Can Turn On Your Flourescent Lights & You Too:

And These Are The Lights We Must Be Using By 2012:

    The American Sentinel, March 2008, writes:

"The Conservative News Service notes a new law passed by 314 members of the House of Representatives and 86 members of the U.S. Senate now mandate what kind of light bulb you may (and may not) buy.

"So there you have it folks, an instant new lobby in Washington who will fight for the right to have you pay $3.00 per bulb per Uncle Sam's instructions. Two highly statist regimes also on the 'cutting edge' of regulating light bulbs citizens may buy for their hall closets are totalitarian Cuba and strongman–dominated Venezuela."

    "In February this year, Richard Box, artist-in-residence at the University of Bristol's physics department, installed hundreds of fluorescent light tubes in a field underneath power lines. The tubes came on at dusk, powered solely by the EM field generated by the cables above."

[Flourescent Blubs Light Without Being Plugged In]

But, if you like this sort of thing, you can play Yoda with your friends under these lines. Or a good place for your kids to play Star Wars:


What Dr. Gauss Has To Say About High–Power Transmission Lines:

Other Thoughts

    It's been over 100 years since snow has fallen in Baghdad; and now, it's fallen again. In Florida, there has been a series of freezes which has caused a "severely–depressed crop situation, including snow flurries along the Daytona Beach coast in January."— The American Sentinel, March, 2008.

    And now...a few words of suggestion for what's coming: Clothing. Get functional clothing. Hip huggers showing navels for women; and for men, big, baggy, pants below the ass with the hat turned backwards, unless you are a shooter–sniper, welder, etc., or sideways, will not cut it. The baggy 'orss' pants reflects anal mental development that will get one killed because of immaturity and non–functionality.

    You want functional clothes with functional pockets. Life is going to be very hard soon!

The Time Has Come To No Longer:

  • Spend any time with fools.

  • Don't waste time—keep mind and body busy, relaxing to build mind and body is not wasting time.

  • Do not waste time and energy being tolerant. Get away from things you have to tolerate because they are so abhorrent to you.

  • Time saved should be spent taking stock of your skills and preparations.

    When the infrastructure goes, the superstructure will come crashing down, with it everything else, especially food manufacturing. Learn now to:

  • Eat Less.

  • Grow Food!

  • Cook and Can the food you grow.

  • Dig a Proper Latrine.

  • Purify Water.

  • Shoot and Clean a Gun—Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun. Remember! They will kill the men to get to the women. Therefore, women must learn to shoot and clean their weapons of choice. When it gets really bad, the rogues will be looking for The Three Fs: Food, Fuel, and Females.

    Know how to use this before it's too late:

    [Asshole preparation]

    — Courtesy of "Mad Abe," author of Bloody Brazilian Knife Fighting Techniques.

    Comment: The subject matter presented in this book may seem rigorous to the squeamish, but when they get your guns, you'll be glad you have the knowledge in this book about edged weapons.


        A 20–gauge shotgun is ideal for a woman loaded with tripple 'aught buckshot (000), 20 pellets. Under 21 feet, it has the force of two 44 magnums. But know well, placement and penetration are key to successfully thwarting a lethal force attack against your person. This buckshot, as others, would make a nice "rat–hole" shot at conversational distances in your home against home invaders.

    The real farmers of yesterday are now so oppressed today, they are dropping out of agriculture and doing other things for a living. These are the folks who know how to grow things without the aid of petrochemical fertilizers and modern machinery. Oppressed hard enough, they go into hiding in the woods, mountains, etc. and shoot back.


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Times in America will change rather abruptly.
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