Prudent Avoidance
     ( Part Four )

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Polarization / Depolarization

    Internally, the body communicates with itself—some of this communication is on the conscious level; some on the unconscious level. The body also communicates with the outside world through the basic process of its nerves. It receives information; analyzes it; reacts on it, and then the organism responds to it consciously or at the subconscious level.

    This whole process of "staying alive" and hopefully, healthy, is by way of the underlying nervous system. Its function is electrical in nature. Without this flow of ions, life as we know it in this body, ceases. Also, disease erupts when, some contend, the current in the body is not metered properly. No current—no life.

    Therefore, anything that disrupts this current can interfere with life processes in a defined healthy position. There may be too much current in certain areas; not enough in others; and still, balance brought on to these areas from elsewhere in the body. When this balance is not achieved, disease eventually erupts or death ensues. It may take years, or instantaneously, as when a projectile penetrates through vital parts of the brain, respectfully.

    We live, think, move, and have our being through electricity. "In a neuron (nerve cell), an action potential is also called a nerve impulse, and only axons can generate one. A neuron transmits a nerve impulse only when it is adequately stimulated."—Human Anatomy and Physiology, Sixth Edition, Elaine N. Marieb.

    In Dr. Marieb's third edition of Human Anatomy and Physiology, she writes:
"In the body, electrical events typically occur in an aqueous (watery) medium, and electrical currents reflect the flow of ions (rather than free electrons) across cellular membranes. (There are no free electrons running around in living systems.)" page 350.

    In the resting cell membrane of the neuron, more sodium is on the outside of the membrane and potassium is on the inside.The cell is considered polarized. If more negative charge is put into the cell, hyperpolarization occurs. No current flows in either of these two conditions.

    When a stimulus disturbs the cell, the resting membrane potential becomes more positive (+) and the sodium gates open and sodium pours in and the potential of that cell changes from "-" to "+". The cell is now depolarized. And, an action potential flows. Something is now occurring distally or downstream due to the action potential causing "something" to happen. The depolarization increases the potential of the membrane such that an action potential or nerve impulse is transmitted to an adjacent cell. A muscle contracts, heart beat takes place with/without rhythmicity, hormones are generated and so forth.

    Therefore, a neural (nerve) impulse defines an action potential. This consists of (1) depolarization (sodium in) and (2) repolarization (potassium out).—see Chemistry For Biology Students, 6th/7th editions.

    "When the action potential reaches the presynaptic membrane, it depolarizes it. The deoplarization of the presynaptic membrane triggers an influx of calcium ions, which in turn causes the synaptic vesicles to fuse with the presynaptic membrane," releasing the neurotransmitters with travel across the synaptic gap combining with the postsynaptic membrane specific receptor sites causing them to open ion gated channels. When the channels are open for milisecs, selected ions (which depend on the identity of the neurotransmetter) cause depolarization to occur and thus a new action potention ensues from that point on. This new neural impulse is carried by the the action potential along that nerve.

    After this occurs, the depolarization, enzymatic degradations occurs and breaks down the neurotransmiters such that the postsynaptic membrane is now ready for more electrical signals from new neurotransmitter molecules and the whole process starts over again.

    However, if as in organophosphate poisoning or nerve gas; then, the second axon is chronically depolarized. This generates no action potential. and paralysis sets in. This is because the h-gate is shut which implies a refractory period; that is, nothing moves.

    Allow us to explain this. Neurobiology: Molecules, Cells, and Systems, second edition by Gary G. Matthews, writes:

After a period of repolarization, the sodium h–gate remains closed. "During this period, called the refractory period, the neuron cannot fire another action potential, even if it receives another depolarizing stimulus.

"The refractory period arises because the channels will not conduct sodium ions while the h gates are closed, even if the m gates open again in response to depolarization.

"Naturally occuring biological toxins are also known to block the sodium channels of nerve membranes. Tetrodotoxin is a potent sodium channel blocker made by puffer fish. Saxitoxin, another sodium channel blocker, is produced by marine dinoflagellates and is responsible for paralytic shellfish poisoning in humans who eat shellfish that have ingested the poisonous dinoflagellates ('red tide' organisms)."

    The reason we are discussing this will become clear later. But for now, bear in mind what you have been reading.

    The nervous system communicates with the muscular system by way of the neuromuscular junction. It is a gateway system. Because the neuromuscular junction is so important, chemical biological warfare agents attack this gateway. Modern medicine blocks this gateway in surgery for general anesthesia that requires the patient be immobolized. Sedation puts the patient "out." Acetylcholine is the neuromuscular junction neurotransmitter.

    "Other drugs that block neuromuscular transmission block the action of acetylcholinesterase, the enzyme that degrades ACh (acetylcholine) at the neuromuscular junction. At first glance, it may seem that blocking acetylcholinesterase would potentiate the effect of ACh on the postsynaptic cell, not prevent it.

    "However, without degradation, the ACh concentration in the synaptic cleft builds up to a steady level, the postsynaptic muscle cells are chronically depolarized, and subsequent further ACh-ase (acetylcholinesterase) inhibitors also cause muscle paralysis. Some forms of the 'nerve gas' are also acetylcholinesterase inhibitors," writes Neurobiology: Molecules, Cells, and Systems, second edition by Gary G. Matthews.

    Remember, if America is hit by chemical and biological agents, they will be aiming for the nervous system to cause paralysis. Your respiratory muscles are paralyzed and you can't breath if this occurs and suffer a trying death. We suggest to have on hand Huperzine A. It does not bind as strongly to acetylcholinesterase as nerve gas agents. Hup A, as it is often called, lets go quickly of the acetylcholine enzyme. It is safe and used as an anti–brain aging factor. Hup A is considered safe and improves memory through increased acetylcholine and can be taken on a regular basis. The Irish moss herb concentrate can be purchased at natural food stores.

    Thus, one can immediately see that if ACh is allowed to accumulated at the postsynaptic membrane site, this accumulation, if excessive and not removed, causes chronic depolarization, the process whereby nothing moves or is flowing. That is, an action potential or nerve impulse is not created so the muscle(s) served by that neuron(s) stop working.

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What The Soviets Discovered

    In the 1960s and 70s, the Soviets did extensive research on electromagnetic radiation and its effects on health. Recall, what the West calls "nonthermal," they call microthermal, because they found so much damage from very extremely low frequency microwaves. The low blood areas, such as eyes, male testes, and the brain are affected the most. The Soviets discovered these areas can't cool as effectively. A lot of people are on diuretics, tranquilizers, sedatives, vasodilators, have high blood pressure, and are obese. These people cannot cool down as rapidly as one not on these medications. These lower tolerance to heat.

    The Soviets discovered that radio waves as well as microwave frequency—and this finding was consistent—that when animals and humans were exposed to these frequencies, their results were the same as if someone were exposed to nerve toxins and organophosphate poisoning. The cholinesterases were inhibited. This produced an excess of acetylcholine in the synaptic cleft. This steady level chronically depolarized the postsynaptic nerve and anymore ACh released could not stimulate action potentials. In other words, nothing flowed, as as such, muscular paralysis was evident.

    Think about this: cell phone and other microwave frequency is similar in effect as that of neural toxins, only more gradual and weaker. Sheer madness is coming to America!

    Let's summarize this in diagramatic form:
  • Radio wave & Microwave frequencies implies decreased acetylcholinesterase, which implies death, like chemical warfare agents. However, these people with radiation sensitivities in this area don't die suddenly from paralysis. They do have memory deficits and difficulty in concentration, learning problems, ataxia, muscle weakness, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, blurred vision, increased sweating, heat problems. Many also have skin problems, which is not a sign of cholinesterase inhibition. But electrically sensitive can have problems with skin itch, flushing, rash burning and tingling. Headaches are another manifestation of EMF problems. Removing the source, people tend to get better if this is causing it.

  • The Soviets discovered exposure to this type of radiation would inhibit cholinesterase, generating too much ACh. It was analogous to organophosphate pesticide poisoning.

  • A study performed by the U.S. Government replicated Soviet research that microwaves of 2.45 GHz (gigahertz) at a power density of 0.5mW/cm2 intensity performed on rats for 7 hours per day for three months proved the Soviet contention that nonthermal microwave causes health effects.

    From our studies, we feel there is the possibility that radio waves/microwave frequencies can cause negative ion flow in the body. This creates a hyperpolarized membrane potential, causing magnesium to block the pore of the NMDA receptor channel. This would cause brain function to go down, or cease. No current flow occurs.

    Glycine may help this condition as these receptors (NMDA) requires the presence of a co–agonist, glycine. Glycine, an amino acid, purchased at health food stores, may cause the NMDA channel to open and current flow re–established: deoplarization and repolarization to occur again.

    Neuroscience, 4th edition, says:
"NMDA receptors have especially interesting properties. Perhaps most significant is the fact that NMDA receptor ion channels allow the entry of Ca2+ in addition to monovalent cations such as Na+ (sodium) and K+ (potassium). As a result, excitatory (cells that generate action potential in response to stimuli) postsynaptic potentials produced by NMDA receptors can increase the concentration of Ca2+ within the postsynaptic neuron; the Ca2+ concentration change can then act as a second messenger to activate intracellular signaling cascades"

    This is showing that calcium, sodium, and potassium are needed for an action terminal event. Diruetics and other drugs reduce the the ability of the body for heat tolerance. Cell phones and other EMFs, the Russians discovered, interfere with heat tolerance. This class of patients using these drugs given here and above, are less tolerant to heat and EMFs.

    Neuroscience, 4th edition, continues:

"Another key property is that they (NMDA receptors) bind extracellular Mg2+. At hyperpolarized membrane potentials, this ion blocks the pore of the NMDA receptor channel. Depolarization, however, pushes Mg2+ out of the pore, allowing other cations to flow. This property provides the basis for a voltage–dependence to current flow through the receptor and means that NMDA receptors pass cations (most notably Ca2+) only during depolarization of the postsynaptic cell, due to either activation of a large number of excitatory inp;uts and/or by repetitive firing of action potentials in the presynaptic cell.

    "Another unusual property of NMDA receptors is that opening the channel of this receptor requires the presence of a co–agonist, the amino acid glycine."

Membrane Potential:

Action Potential:

Neurons and Neurotransmitters:

Psychics And Extra-Sensory Perception

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), also known as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR, a familiar tool in medicine for diagnostics that has come under scrutiny for overuse lately, scans a patient and subjects him to a strong DC (direct current) steady magnetic field. This field is combined with other fields that are resonating or oscillating with its source at radio frequencies (see Prudent Avoidance: Part III for in depth discussion of resonance/oscillation.

    The NMR resonates the nucleus of the atom. The imagers "in use today resonate the nuclei of hydrogen atoms in the body." The "steady–state magnetic field and an oscillating electrical field ... combined transfer energy to the hydrogen nuclei. The image is formed by producing the resonance, exciting the hydrogen nucleus, and then stopping the oscillating field. The nucleus immediately returns to its unexcited state, giving back the energy as an electromagnetic signal that is sensed by the imager." This is translated and computed into an image such that the medical personal can read the images on screen as well as have a printed copy of them.

    Humans, who "read" times, signs, and states of health of others and prognosticate what to do for the health; or, are healers, as well as "laying on of hands" are undoubtedly using the resonance theory in its entirety. That is, "single cells and specific organs, such as the pineal gland, may intercept and derive information from electromagnetic fields. The important thing here is that "the basic relationship between living things and the Earth's normal electromagnetic environment," which is 0.2 gauss to 0.6 gauss.

    If a person has the ability to heal another, as Edgar Cayce, and other "healers and some psychics" could via these mechanisms being discussed, then, as was the case in most healers, they become very spent after a number of such sessions—see Jesus of The Bible, where He and his deciples had to row across the sea to eat and rest, after such a hard ordeal of teaching and healing the sick.

    This period of rest must be taken regularly to recharge the batteries, so to speak. As these psychics and healers age, the stress and repair for their energy system causes their own health to deteriorate; thus, sickness often overcomes them. Cayce was warned by his "reading" that this would happened to him if he did not take care to give less readings during the war years and limit himself to no more than two or three a day. He did not follow instructions and became sick and died.

    The resonance theory implies that the healer or reader of one ill sends out electromagnetic waves or field (EMW/F) with the sick person receiving the field. This excites his cells, atoms, peptides, and tissues to higher energy levels for a moment and then they drop down again to their regular energy levels, releasing the received EMW/F, which then are returned and read in some manner by the sender. The sender receives an image in his brain, probably via the pineal gland, and he then reads what tissues are pathological and makes a suggestion on how to treat them via some unknown mechanism(s) for now. In other words, the psychic, or reader, acts as a living MRI machine, actually "reading" the returned images from the sick person.

    This is how "Reiki," and a number of other healing phenomena most probably occur researchers contend.

    B. Blake Levitt, writing in Electromagnetic Fields, says, concerning the above:

"The Austrian physician Franz Anton Mesmer (1734 – 1815), like the Asians, theorized that all living things generated universal forces that could be transmitted to others through what he termed animal magnetism. He believed that it was possible to concentrate this magnetic force in certain people and use it therapeutically — and did so with such success that the medical establishment accused him of practicing magic."


He was working or implying the suggestions given to a patient actually caused the patient to concentrate the natural gauss of the Earth's magnetic field into a healing force.

    "In 1784, King Louis XVI of France appointed an investigatory commission, which determined that Mesmer's power was due to simple suggestion, Mesmer's work was similar to that of Paracelsus', and in today's Chinese practice of Yi Chi Gong or the West's Therapeutic Touch, Polarity, or Reiki therapies, Mesmer's legacy would be better understood for the magnetic healing modality that it probably was. Unfortunately, he is almost exclusively remembered as the originator of hypnosis (also called mesmerism)."
    Real healers do not present themselves as "authoritarian figures or as persons possessed of mystical powers," writes Dr. Becker. This is why Cayce and others have said, "Anyone can learn to do healing and readings." There is really nothing mysterious about it. One needs to understand there are natural EMFs around/about him, and by raising his level of awareness of EMFs of the Earth, focusing on them, in some way—not understood—plugs into them and has somewhat a working ability of this phenomena. That is not even necessary, it appears. Even Jesus said what He does, we can do better.

    "Most authentic healers actually do not know what they do; they know only that they have the 'gift' of healing. They do not question how it is accomplished. Most healers are ordinary people who hold regular jobs and who do their healing treatments in their spare time."—Becker. They look and act like ordinary people.

    Nevertheless, some are obviously better at it than others, as in remote viewing (astral projection). They are following magnetic fields of the Earth and probably of the Universe when they explore out from Earth. All psychics, healers, remote viewers, and others modulate (put information/intelligence into the field(s) to send data—intelligence and or healings frequencies (often called 'good vibes' by the uninitiated) as well demodulate or extract intelligence and frequencies which are read in some manner not yet understood by the brain. Somewhere, in all this, the pineal gland is used with other magnetic tissues to send and receive and works with the brain to interperet incoming signals as well as adjust outgoing signals.

    Since the human body, as we now know it, evolved with a low geomagnetic field, this serves as a steady–state for complex resonances as humans oscillate with low frequencies. Here is the rub now. The geomagnetic field or flux (lines of force) of the Earth's magnetic field stays in a steady–state, those with a goodly amount of magnetite in their pineal gland and other tissues will be able to "read" and "send" signals, healing, etc. But, as the Earth's magnetic field changes with violent magnetic storms, they will send and receive erroneous signals/readings. More on this shortly.

    Dr. Becker writing in Cross Currents, in the section entitled: Magnetic Resonance and The "Healer Phenomenon."
"Evidence that healers can diagnose the site of a disease process by giving off some type of electromagnetic field from their hands. I have theorized that the field given off by the healer induces electromagnetic resonance of some body component, and that the healer senses the returned signal. The healer gradually builds up an image in his or her mind that is similar to that of the magnetic imager (NMR/MRI) but has lower resolution. This theory does not require that the hydrogen ion be the target particle. It could be any one of a number of biologically significant ions, or it could be a specific molecule, such as an enzyme or a peptide.

"For the healer to be able to diagnose the site of a pathology, the signal that is returned to the healer's hand from pathological tissue must be different from the signal of the same tissue when normal. Such a difference could be produced by a deviation from the normal amount of target ions or particles present or by an abnormal electronic state of the same target ions or particles. It may be possible to explain the therapeutic effect produced by healers on a similar basis. If verified, this could lead to the development of specific clinically useful devices.

"We should not only think of influencing specific ions within an area of pathology, but we should also consider some resonant action between the fields given off by the healer and the intrinsic electrical–control systems within the body. While these currents have a vanishingly small flow, they would nevertheless produce local DC magnetic fields with the tissues. These fields, in combination with a frequency field given off by the healer, could result in resonance with other charged particles.

    Now, here, he says that the Earth's magnetic field is involved with the healer. The resonating field of the healer should be Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) as that of the Earth. "Because the strength of the Earth's field varies on a diurnal cycle, the resonant frequency range should also vary slightly, and the healer's emitted frequency should shift accordingly." But, a healer cannot perform with the exactness of a frequency generator. Therefore, the healer's ability to read and heal is dependent upon the "natural variations in the Earth's steady–state field." Keep this salient point in mind. This is important when we discuss next "Extrasensory Perception."

    Now, let us deviate for the moment: We are now in The Galactic Plane. We are approaching the center of the "Radial Plane" of The Galactic Plane. This means that we should be seeing very violent storms, and giant fissures in the Earth soon, huge waves coming ashore in various parts of the world wiping out coastal populations, and very possibly a geologic pole shift and/or magnetic pole shift(s). Burn the latter one into your memory banks. The other occurrences are important too, but for our discussion at hand, the latter is quite salient.

    Dr. Becker continues by pointing out three important variables in the healer's ability to predict and to heal. They are:

  • When the geomagnetic field is quiet.

  • If the field is not quiet but in a state of upheavel, his abilities are adversely affected by periods of Solar Storms which generate on Earth disquieting Magnetic Storms. We are now moving into a period of the worst, most dramatic Solar Storms ever recorded. They should quieten down by 2019.

  • There are an ever–increasing man–made magnetic fields, as well as radio frequencies and lower (ELFs) competing with the Earth's fields, present now, than ever before.

    Hold these thoughts.

The Earth's Magnetic Field or Flux Lines:

Magnetic Resonance
Extra-Sensory Perception

    When fiercest Solar Storms on the Sun generate intense Magnetic Storms on the Earth, either can interfere with communications, such as radio, television, microwave transmission, electric power and transmission lines, electronics, and the like. Extrasensory Perception (ESP) is a sensory and communication device similar in nature to regular communications in that severe solar and magnetic storms can cause disarray in the "readings" given by such a person with those abilities of ESP. As stated earlier, the sender or receiver promotes or receives the signals that are magnetic in nature.

    It is known, for sometime now, one with ESP abilities performs much better and more accurate when the geomatic field of the earth is quiet as opposed to when the field is in disarray, as in intense magnetic storms.

    In 1986, Marsha Adams, Erlendur Haraldsson, Michael Persinger, and Stanley Krippner presented work at Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Society. This work documented that extrasensory perception is disturbed and interfered with when a quiet geomagnetic field goes to an intense disturbance. The interesting thing about these scientific workers was that they worked independently, using different procedures and techniques, from one another.

    The indication appears that the geomagnetic field is the steady–state and the ESP individuals, the oscillating frequency. Therefore, a complex resonance field, as given above.

    This data also indicates that of radio transmissions: a sender, receiver, and a signal, that can cover distances, the same is true of ESP persons. Becker writes, "If magnetic forces are involved in this process, a disturbed geomagnetic field could interfere with the ability of the transmitter or the receiver to operate or with the propagation of the signal itself across distance." In other words, persons with ESP or paranormal abilities functions under the same laws of communications equipment. That is, the sending and receiving of a signal can be interefered with by electrical and magnetic noise. The purer the signal, the better sending and reception of that signal.

    Now, since it is known that the Earth's magnetic field has magnetic ducts over its surface and that extremely low frequencies (ELF) signals are transmitted in those ducts for long distances. Those transmissions in the ducts are shown to be associated with increases in signal strength. When the lines of flux (magnetic field lines), which go from North to South, the adjacent lines of the flux are associated with magnetic ducts. Namely, a magnetic line; then a magnetic duct, and the process repeats itself continuoursly going around the globe. As new discoveries about the magnetic field of the Earth are made, we are better able to draw conclusions about resonance and ESP.

    Now, let's bring the thought you are holding from above together with all this. During a quiet geomatic field, radio transmissions should be okay...and generally are, unless acted upon from an outside source that is man–made. The same should hold true with extrasensory perception. However, when you notice radio transmission and microwaves too, along with electric power going down, then psychics and healers will be getting the wrong signals and give the wrong information. This can occur with the severe magnetic storms predicted from the intense solar flares coming from the Sun during this cycle of flares. The same can occur from a Pole Shift and/or a Magnetic Shift. There are powerful electric currents out in space as well as horrendous magnetic fields. If any of these come close to the Earth, expect severe radio, TV, electric grid, microwave and other communications equipment distrubances. We are told the wise will be confounded during this time.

    And since this will be a most stressful time, many will be seeing "psychics," and they will be giving, we feel, erroneous information, as they are "reading" the wrong signals as the geomagnetic troughs will be in disarray with the magnetic flux due to the intense nature of the magnetic storms arriving during this period of time.


    Since it has been proven that people send and receive signals as an antenna from communications devices, there will probably be an increase in reincarination episodes, giving exact details of a prior life. This appears to be happening now. As we move more into the radial plane or central portion of The Galactic Plane, there may be more than one individual who has "read" the magnetic signals on the flux lines which hold information as a computer disc holds packets of electricity for the head passing over them to read the data.

    One can look at ESP phenomena and reincarnation claimants as picking up the date from the huge disc, the Earth and processing it in some complex manner not yet ascertained. Just know well, psychics and reincarnated people are going to abound at this time as never before in history. More than one individual may lay claim to the same former past–life individual. One of your WebMasters recall reading where more than one individual claimed to be Saint Bartholemew of the Bible. We are in for an interesting time. And we have definitely heard of more than one "Cleopatra" out there.

    Some of these people appear, on occassion, on a late–night radio talk show and give astonishing facts, and the radio host and others are snowed and believe everything said. The proof, one host claims, is to check the facts and they bear out. He needs to check the flux lines of where this person was born and when and where he was when he "received" or "pick up" this information. It was probably a low, quiet geomagnetic field at the time and this became a part of him/her and melded with their low resonnance field and magnetite portions of the brain and body such that they eventually believe, as others around them, they are that reincarnated person. Financial gain is to be made off these claims in the form of books and so–forth. This is not dishonest, for in effect, the person actually believes that he/she is the reincarnated person of "such and such."

    An interesting thing is that many of these people either became sick and near death's door; recovered, and to their astonishment, became psychic. They can actually read auras, tell pathology in a ailing human beings, and animals, prognosticate, heal, and give information that leads to healing. What most like happened is that the illness or near–death experience, or the trauma of an event, such as being hit by lightning and any and all of these occurrences can affect the nervous syste, the body antenna, and the magnetitie of the brain and pineal gland—the third eye. Some, do not retain their psychic abilites, it seens that the signal or EMF was not altering enough in the human body, and they dropped back to their previous self.

    The more detailed the facts of the past life, undoubtedly, the better and the quieter the magnetic field at that "pickup" or reception point by the claimant, and the purer and more concentrated the magnetite in the brain, especially in the pineal gland. Other parts of the body and nervous system serve as an antenna for this reception too. See previous issue of Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb and Pole Shift.

    There is always the possibility that we will sail smoothly through The Galactic Plane because space is immensely big and spacious. We hope....

There Will/May Be Waves 3 and 4 Miles High. This is 15,840 feet high to 21,120 feet high as The Oceans Bunch Up on One Side of The Planet If It Capsizes from Whatever Cause:

One Day...Soon...It's Coming.
See Amazon.Com for The Full Story from BBC, Hyperspace, Produced By Sam Neill.


We Have A Prediction:

    Earth as it goes into the radial plane, the magnetic core shifts and lines of force around earth will change such that you will have more wild psychic predictions. Psychics work by being in a trough of energy that goes around the world like lines of longitude. Their readings will be erroneous, because the geomagnetic field is in such a flux of beyond normal waxing and waning. Mankind evolved with a normal, regular gauss and when the lines of magnetic field wax hot and waned and changed, the organisms that were on the Earth at that time experienced mass exterminations according to some geophysicists.

    Their biological, diurnal timing was changed and they had not the time to adjust for insults against the body with biochemicals formed from the new diurnal (timing) to do what they did from the previous gauss timing that their biological clocks had become used to and had evolved with and ran on.

    No one will know what is happening. People will feel FULL of predictions. They’ll be gigantically wrong! In the meantime, the magnetic field will become disharmonic, and psychics will misread what’s going on. There will be chaos, chaos in everything. When the natural cycle goes down, man goes down. We are almost at that time.

    Timing information is derived from the natural biological fields. Natural timing will go awry. Life will suffer.

    The timing cycle is not shut off. The timing will be wrong for developing brain chemicals and for many other bodily processes. Timing will be off on forming GABA from glutamate.

    Timing is everything, according to Ecclesiastes.

    Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8:

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace."

    We see this in our practice. Many patients want healing...instant healing. Say, within a few months or so. Patients are often placed on a number of items of nutraceauticals for healing and help, for instance, in neuropathy. Quite often, we get them walking again without pain, even jogging and feeling like their "old" self. After several months, we rarely see them again, until a year later. They are limping or on crutches or just complaining about the pain in their extremeties, especially feet or legs. Many times, when we see them, their physicians can't figure out what to do for them. The medicine is not working anymore. We see the same in patients whose complaint is, "I can't sleep. I need sleep desperately. I am all ways tired and now am losing cognitive function."

    To the question: "Why did you stop coming in?" They respond, "I thought I was cured," even though it was explained to them this takes time and if there is too much damage, they have become toxic and:
"The toxic products of dying cells can reach a point at which the debris can't be removed, adding injury and inflammation. The damaged bystander cells spread their influence ... injuring more cells." —Ray Peat's Newsletter, May 2007.

    They had not reached this point yet, when we first saw them, from clinical evidence. But, they were now on their way.

    Neuroscience, by Purves, et. al., writes:
"In short, neurotransmitters can alter the electrical activity of cells not only by regulating the state of ion channels, but also by regulating the synthesis of channels or related proteins.

"Such changes first appear on a time scale of minutes to hours and can persist for weeks, months, or longer, and may therefore be involved in the long–term encoding of neural information."

    This is saying exactly what it's saying: Why does it take a long time for healing, building new cells, etc.? Timing! It takes minutes to hours to months to years.

Modalities To Help Now

    When The Hell Breaks over America, stress will go through the roof. It will, for many to most people, be inordinate; practically unbearable. It will be unrelenting. The stress will be chronic. Re–read Depopulation Series about chronic, debilitating stress. Biochemical system damage will occur. The body will strive for homeostasis. This is achieved with good nutritional supplementation, even if one does not perceive a situation as stressful. Without good preparations, and this most definitely includes foodstuffs with nutrient density, suffering will be great. The stress of starvation is one such measure that will affect most people who have not prepared sufficiently and completely.

    There is no way to avoid this completely. Just seeing other human beings suffer is very, very painful to most Americans with a heart. Even if we have prepared, we will still suffer the stress of it all.

    Let us consider some nutritional ways to help our bodies cope with the inordinate amount of stress coming our way. There are a number of nutrients we have given in prior ChemBio Updates; here, we continue with more.

    Many people, especially children, because of the hard times ahead will experience nosebleeds and temper tantrums. For adults, this may manifest as sudden anger. Still, in another, it may make manifest as cognitive deficits involving memory and recall. Some may experience brain hemorrhage or that of another organ. There may be migraine with nosebleeds. It is recommended in such cases, there may be glycogen depletion sensitivity under the stress. Quite often, riboflavin, vitamin B2 is not present in sufficient amounts for the stress effects.

    We suggest riboflavin to pyrodoxine (B6) be in equal ratios in oral doses, such as 100 mgs of riboflavin to pyrodoxine. This is what makes B–complex, balanced B. Also, recommended, all the other B vitamins.

    For the excitotoxicity that may/will be associated with this time, we suggest glycine and taurine. This may help protect the nerves, especially those of the brain. Glycine is an inhibitory amino acid used by the body for this and other purposes.

    Niacinamide assists in multiple protective roles:

  • It decreases the excitation spoken of above.

  • Repair systems are stabilized.

  • And, it increases energy production.

    If one has had cancer and fears trailing cells somewhere in his body; or, has cancer now, niacin—the flushing kind, is recognized as protective of the heart and lowers the mortality of cancer. This may buy you time for the body to heal itself as well as buy time for scientific discoveries to be made and applied on mankind.

    For mitochondrial production of energy: Coenzyme Q10, niacinamide, Vitamin K, magnesium, progesterone, and testosterone are recommended. A very mild dose of thyroid hormone would be wise to have on hand, such as Cytomel, 25mcg. If one's physician concurs, we suggest it be broken into fourths and the first fourth taken on an empty stomach in the morning and another fourth around 1 or 2 PM. Empty stomach should be maintained for up to an hour after ingestion.

    Why progesterone for men and women? It has numerous functions in the body. Some are:

  • Progesterone participates in restoring neural inhibition. People who suffer from depression, and it will go through the roof soon, have the inability to suppress the stress response. In depression, GABA is increased and this helps put the brakes on cortisol. Often, the later is increase with psychological depression. Many drugs, benzodiazepines for example, support and stimulate into action the GABA system. The GABA system functions better when progesterone is present.

  • Progesterone is one of the hormones, along with its breakdown products, protect the mitochondria of the cell. This is where you get the energy currency from, ATP, to drive your biological machinery.

  • Progesterone and Gaba improve normal building and repair processes in the body but do not overstimulate multiplication of cells.

  • Progesterone helps in protection against cancer.

    Also, during this time of exacerbation, protect the colon and blood vessels from "leakiness." Endotoxin, present all the time from bacteria in the colon, can generate this leaky condition. Endotoxin absorbed from the colon and into the body tissues via the bloodstream is one major source of energy depletion and excitotoxicity. Probiotics are important in this regard, as well as silibinin for the liver.

    Ray Peat writing in Ray Peat's Newsletter, March 2008, says:

"The polyunsaturated fatty acids, besides their interactions with estrogen and tryptophan metabolism, promote excitation and decrease energy production in several other ways. For example, they increase the excitatory effects of the glutamate pathways."

    And in the May 2008, Newsletter, Dr. Peat says:

"The saturated fats, rather than simply lacking the toxic and excitatory properties of the polyunsaturated fats, are being shown by many types of research to have protective, inhibitory, and restorative actions."

"The polyunsaturated fats suppress energy production, and that suppression is aggravated by their excitatory or inflammatory effects, which lead to increased excitation by other intrinsic factors such as estrogen, cytokines, serotonin, and peptide hormones, that intensify the problem of maintaining energy production."

    We suggest one include in his diet now, and storage plans, coconut oil. This is also very good to help control seizures. If someone comes to stay with you, keep this in mind. Seizures will be occurring more often during this time of peril. This used to be the only treatment for seizures. Having the patient on a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet kept him in planned ketosis and as such, forming ketone bodies, and this controls seizures. Many antiseizure chemicals have similar carbon structures as the saturated fat.

    Dr. Peat further says, "The easily metabolized medium chain triglycerides can improve mental functions in Alzheimer's patients (Reger, et al., 2004)."

    These are basic guidelines to help you through the most difficult times coming in our lives. We want you to live long and prosper.


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