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Food Is Good Get Pleanty

While You Can !

Kong Sez:

    The following I received in Switzerland today, written by your Editor, ShootingStar. I spoke with the Editor earlier this week and asked for pointers to get things going now, as they (Dr. "B" and Editor) have got me just about prepared.

    You ought to see my hen house...it's a cave and the "Ladies" love it. The hens, that is.

    Now is the time for you to get a garden growing, no matter how small. Study your yard. The sunniest area, preferably one that receives sunlight all day long, is the area you want. Even if you have to grow vegetables in your front yard, so be it, if that is the only area that receives sufficient sunlight. Plant fruit trees wherever you can find a suitable spot.

    One way to add class to your front yard is to create Raised Beds. These add a neat, finished look to your front yard. We suggest you put similar beds around any fruit trees you plant, also. You can buy materials for raised garden beds from various gardening catalogs, but you can buy materials much cheaper at your local lumberyard and build your own beds quite easily.

    To create your own raised beds, simply buy some 2" x 6" or 2" x 8" pieces of lumber, butt them to the sizes you want, and nail them together in rectangular boxes. Then buy bags of topsoil and fill the beds. No tilling necessary! You do not even have to dig up the grass — simply empty the topsoil right on top of the grass. We suggest that you plan your beds so that you can easily reach all the plants without having to step onto the beds. This means creating beds 3 or 4 feet wide, and of whatever length you desire. Leave a swath of lawn between your beds that is wide enough for your lawnmower.

    Store plenty of plant food, known as fertilizer, for the vegetables to grow from and also store some bags of top soil. Just stack the bags of soil on top of each other. They will disappear too when the Division of Labor breaks. ...hurry...Kong!

    Sow seeds of the vegetables you and your family enjoy the most, items that you know grow well in your area. In the South, okra is a highly productive plant that does not mind the hottest summer weather. Tomatoes, bell peppers, herbs, and green onions are popular choices for gardens all over the United States.

    Experiment now with growing vegetables, so that you can learn firsthand what plants grow well for you, and what fresh vegetables your family enjoys the most. That way, When The Hell Breaks, you will have a garden already built and hopefully, already producing.

    Learn proper home pressure canning! You can have garden fresh vegetables in the dead of Winter, when canned goods and foodstuffs are hard to come by.

    Folks! Watch the Raised Garden Bed video below.

Gardening Books
That Will Help !

Kong Sez:

    Consider getting these books:

  • The Ortho Home Gardener's Problem Solver
    Editor: Cheryl Smith
    Created by: The Editorial Staff of Ortho Books

  • Small–Plot, High–Yield Gardening: How to Grow Like a Pro, Save Money, and Eat Well by Turning Your Back (or Front or Side) Yard Into An Organic Produce Garden by Sal Gilbertie and Larry Sheehan

  • Grow Vegetables: Gardens - Yards - Balconies - Roof Terraces by Alan Buckingham and Jo Whittingham

  • Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food in Hard Times (Mother Earth News Wiser Living Series) by Steve Solomon

When Violence Strikes, Women Are Always A Target

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    ... And For Those Who Missed The ChemBioUpdate, The Egg! Click Here.

Use It Up !
Wear It Out ! Make It Do !
Do Without !

It's Still Coming!
Subduction: One Plate Goes Under Another As The Other Goes Over The Former.

Interestingly...Early Church Saints Said: "Mountains Will Roll Over Another." This Sounds Like They Saw Subduction.


The Second Ammendment!

Learn This...Memorize This...Let It Become a Part of You! Bring It Back When The Terrible Chaos Is Over...If There Is Something To Come Back To.

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