Some Results Of
The Coming Crash

You can do everything--water and food storage, get in shape physically, liquidate, get gold and silver, have some cash on hand--but without proper mental attitude, you will undergo a depression and a mental setback you may never overcome when these events happen.

You need to have a plan...more specifically, you must start living as if The Chastisement is here.  This means how are you going to react and conduct yourself when your neighbor is killed, or just gets sick and dies because of abject depression and hunger?

Or, what if your neighbors have no food and you do?  If you give it to them, can you count on them keeping quiet about it?  If others start asking or coming over for food, do you give it to them?  You prepared.  They didn't! Will you have enough left for your family if you start a "dole" program? Did you give them a copy of our books and they did nothing, but now want the little bit you stored?  What's your plan for this?

What are you going to do if those you helped told others, and they in turn told others whom you don't know, and those others take what they want and how much they want?  They just show up at your doorstep and push their way in and leave you with nothing? Have you prepared for this?  You need a plan!

Are you prepared to see your children suffer, even starve, because you prepared; others didn't, and you helped them and they talked.  And what about those you help once?  They'll be back for more when they need the next meal.  This means food and supplies will be taken from the mouths of your family.  Are you prepared for this?

These are not easily answered. This is very harsh. Only you can decide what you are going to do and now is the time to develop the mental set for this.

The psycho-dynamics of this is important.  By not using discretion in this matter, you may began to see your children looking leaner, gaunt, hollowed-eyed.  You realize because of such an action, you now will not have enough to last out the shortages.

Depression, irritation with self, and with your spouse may well ensue.  You will become morose, embittered, melancholy, and argumentative and accusatory to your spouse or self, causing enmity in your home at a time you need this less.  Not to say the least with your close friends or neighbors who played the "foolish virgins."  At that time, it is when you may need them most...what do you do?

You must now begin to decide the answers and actions to be formed in your mind when called upon to do so.  Have you steeled yourself for the sights described in The Two-Fold Chastisement: Visions of The Coming Earth Changes?

Have you prepared your spouse for sights and sounds that are going to accompany all this? If not, you may lose her or him.  This is a hard thing to take when reading this.  It will be much harder when you experience all this and have prepared physically, but not mentally.

Our society is not prepared to have little or no city services (fire, water, gas, electricity, police protection).  This is all very possible and will occur in major cities throughout the U.S. for a while. Food lines are inevitable, FEMA will happen, government seizure is certain.  Services of every order will be stopped or interrupted in any magnitude.  And if they start up again, they will be something vastly different than what you and I are accustomed to.

The saints in The Chastisement said, "We will envy those already in their grave..."

We have an attitude in America that "nothing is ever going to go wrong in our lifetime."

We must change our thinking and lifestyle now.  Later, it will be too late. When this does pass, those who survive will truly learn what brotherly love is..."but my, how quickly we forget."

...Having Done All... Stand.

      Ephesians 6:13

Suggestions For Your Plan

Refugees, Vagrants, & Hoboes--Some End Results of the Total Collapse & the Chastisement.

If you help people, then be apprised of the following.

  1. Women:  Wear no makeup; jewelry; dress like a boy in old, baggy clothes with short hair.  If you have fuel, food, and shelter, there will be those out there with infrared scopes who didn't prepare.  The heat source will serve as a tracking guide.  They will be looking for fuel and food, as well as FEMALES.  Get a pistol now!  Oh ... Get two (Luke 22: 36 - 38).

  2. If strangers or neighbors ask for food, wear a pistol in plain view when giving handouts.  Never feed the same person, vagrant, or family 3 days in a row--this encourages them to look for provisions elsewhere.  The pistol is worn to project strength and confidence; and, if they talk in refugee camps, to discourage others from forced entry.  You are in self-defense mode. The greater wisdom would be not to answer your door, except for a very, very select few.  Never to strangers!

  3. Never give money. When food is given, tell the refugees, beggars, and neighbors who didn't prepare, not to talk of your generosity to others; if you hear they have talked, you will never feed them again. If you don't abide by this rule, others will show up on your doorstep creating a dole program there; or, just take what they want, and how much.  Still others will invade your premises and leave you with nothing--and maybe not even your life.  You will have to be prepared to use deadly force.

  4. Be prepared for those who try to lay a guilt trip on you, whether it be an appeal to your religion, humanity, sick and starving kids--don't buy into it.  Let them stand in the food lines from FEMA.  Better yet, don't answer your door except to a select few that you know.  Still better, don't broadcast your storage now, and try to get a covenant community with a few neighbors going and each store food, fuel, and items for his own family that may serve as barter with the covenant community.  But remember!  "Loose Lips Sink Ships!"

  5. Form a buddy system with your selected covenant community such that you warn and are warned when neighbors, bums, vagrants, or hoboes are prowling a neighborhood.  In The Two-Fold Chastisement..., we are told by God's early Church saints, that in this time, neighbors will turn against you.  Therefore, keep unto yourself during this time and make your home a fortress if you do not have a covernant with several other like thinking people who prepared.

  6. Anyone receiving food must work for it: Cutting grass, hauling water, emptying slop buckets, or chopping wood.  Do not give more than one item of food, else they will talk and say you have plenty. Give a small sack of beans, rice, or spaghetti, uncooked.  Let them move on and get the rest of the meal elsewhere.  Giving cooked food means you have given away precious fuel, also.

  7. Don't give any cookies, candies, or desserts.  This means you prepared extensively; they didn't, and they might show up with a gang next time.

  8. Exact something in return for what you give.  The dole, the gravy train, the entitlements, are over in America.  You are not a charity. Survival for you, at best, will be harsh.

  9. Do not let anyone in your home.  Once there, you won't be able to get rid of them.  Have them back away from the door, place the food several feet in front of them, direct them to their chores, and close the door gently, hand on your gun.

If the situation is reversed, offer to do work in exchange for food.  Be gentle and express appreciation.  With what's coming very soon, it will not be unusual, but will be the norm to have several generations of a family in one house, pooling their talents for the common survival of that family.

Folks, we are going to see shanty-towns, tent cities, refugee camps in parking lots and in churches, and military control wherever water, food, and sources of work are generated.

To help you prepare, we have included order forms for our books:

... How You Can Survive

We have made this book as simple as it can get.  Your authors have researched this matter and much of what is out there is often convoluted, confusing, and difficult to follow.

It is, much of the time, technical, and solutions in the same material for the same agent differ in another section of the same book.  What is written here is as simple as it gets. Admittedly, it may be difficult at first to grasp what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.  That is why you need to read and reread this book to be prepared.  The most important thing about decontamination is that which concerns YOU !

We have given common household chemicals that you can use in the event of a chemical warfare attack, and much of the same everyday household items can also be used in germ warfare decontamination.

This book tells you how you can make your own passable protective chemical and biological warfare suit; also where to get protective masks and the antibiotics you can secure without prescription.  We also instruct the readers where professional protective suits and chemicals (used by U.S Government Military) for decontamination can be found, if so desired.

It is no longer a matter of if, but when America will be attacked with chemical/biological weapons of mass destruction.

The authors even show you how to make your own soap that will serve you well in everyday use as well as in decontaminating your person.  They go a step further and give you the recipe for a bath and beauty bar that can double as a decontaminating soap.

We suggest you not lend this book out you won't get it back; especially when you need it most. Have your friends buy a copy. They are inexpensively priced, and the information is invaluable

The methods in this book are one the housewife, the student, the businessman even a child can follow, and save his own life.  You should read this book and think, "I can do this!"

Every effort was made to insure the accuracy of the information presented in this book.  All instructions, processes and recommendations are given without guarantee by the authors and Universal Laws Publishing Co., who hereby disclaim any liability for accidents, injuries, losses or damages resulting from the use of this book.


Self medication where a physician's care is available is not advisable and can be dangerous.  This book serves only as a guide to those situations that are coming.

The authors and the publisher of this book do not recommend or endorse self medication or the practice of medicine without a license.  The responsibility for any such activity is borne entirely by the reader.  Seek professional medical help if possible.


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