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Research And Radiation
Issues !

Kong Sez:

    No wonder our environment is killing us! Wimpy congressmen and greedy corporations have called "open season" on taxpayers and consumers. They all want their hands in our pocketbooks! No wonder Mr. "B" says the Whore of Babylon is upon us all! Read the following two articles and weep:

Corporate Control of Research

The Hightower Lowdown
Edited by Jim Hightower and Phillip Frazer
April 2009, Vol. 11 No.4
P.O. Box 20596
New York, NY 10011

    Little rebellions can achieve big results, and who would've expected one from corn-insect researchers at land-grant universities. These crop-science specialists usually focus on things like rootworms, but 26 of them recently risked their own careers by daring to stand up to such powerhouse genetic seed manipulators as DuPont and Monsanto.

    The researchers wrote the EPA charging that biotechnology giants are preventing them from studying and reporting on the effectiveness and environmental impact of the industry's genetically altered seeds. On many crucial questions about the safety of these lab-created crops, wrote the scientists, "No truly independent research can be legally conducted."

    Why? Because the corporations' lobbyists and lawyers have rigged the rules so no studies can be done on their altered seeds without their permission, and even then no findings can be published without their okay. In short, those who profit from the spread of these unproven and dangerous sees have a chokehold on all research to evaluate their impact on our health and environment. The profiteers even have the potential, as one of the rebellious scientists put it, "to launder the data" that the EPA relies on to authorize the use of the seeds.

Since these same corporations are now the major funders of university research on biotech crops, it is no small thing for scientists to speak out. As one bluntly says, "People are afraid of being blacklisted."

For information contact: organicconsumers.org.

Radiation issue needs Oversight
Corpus Christi Caller-Times
June 9, 2009

Admittedly, it sounds like bad science fiction, but long-term exposure to such products as diverse as reclining chairs, common kitchen utensils and tableware, elevator buttons and construction steel could be a long-term health hazard.

That’s because radioactively tainted metal is increasingly turning up in common consumer goods and industrial products, thanks to widespread use of radioactive isotopes, increased recycling in the United States that sometimes inadvertently processes them and imports of metal products from countries like China that have a relaxed attitude toward consumer safety. And there are reports that exporters in China, India, the former Soviet bloc and some African nations are taking advantage of the fact that the United States has no regulations specifying unacceptable levels of radiation in imports.

The health hazards are perhaps not great, at least for the time being, but as one official said, “There is no threshold of exposure below which low levels of ionizing radiation can be demonstrated to be harmless or beneficial.”

But as Scripps Howard News Service’s Isaac Wolf found out, following extensive interviews, Freedom of Information requests and access to databases, that although the possibility of risk to the public is widely acknowledged, in our highly regulated society there is no federal agency or body of regulation specifically charged with protecting Americans from radioactively tainted products.

Wolf turned up a case from 2008 — a Chinese-made cheese grater contaminated with Cobalt-60 that was giving off the equivalent of a chest X-ray every 36 hours — that was almost comical in the way one bureaucracy dished it off to another. After an alert recycler that tested for radiation spotted the hot grater, five agencies — the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection — all said they had no authority to force a recall, penalize the manufacturer or dispose of the grater safely.

The cheese grater had fallen into a regulatory gap. By itself, the grater wasn’t a threat, but what else is out there? It may be a lot. To cite another of Wolf’s examples, 430,000 pounds of steel laced with Cobalt-60 somehow made its way into the U.S. heartland from Brazil.

The solutions are straightforward: A single U.S. agency in charge of oversight over radioactively tainted materials; standards for maximum acceptable levels of radiation; monitors and reporting requirements for scrap yards and recycling centers; incentives for safe disposal of radioactive devices, and penalties for those who don’t.


Kong Wonders:

    Are we going to have to start going around with geiger counters in our hands before we purchase a toaster from Wal-Mart? As for "frankenfoods," or vegetables with rat genes inserted into their DNA, there is only one answer: Grow your own. If you didn't plant a spring garden this year, how about getting started on a fall garden? If you don't take control of your own health, who will?

    You sure can't count on the bought-and-sold EPA, FDA, or any other government agency to care about you and your loved ones . . . unless they can put their slick fingers into your pocketbook first.

Kong Again!

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