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Kong Sez:

    Here's a little warning for us, and let us take it as a harbinger of things to come. America, its president, and its "activist judges" seem determined to make us into an anemic version of welfare-state Europe. So if the following can happen in the U.K., look for it to come here in a few years — or maybe sooner if a national emergency is declared, or if the United States Treasury is faced with default on its debt and decides to collect a little extra money from we the people.

The following comes from Casey's Daily Dispatch, October 27, 2009, from Casey Research, LLD.

Not So Safe Deposit Boxes

Dear Reader,

Much more troubling to me than the crummy economic fundamentals we address so often in this missive and in The Casey Report, are the growing police state and the complete disregard of individual liberties we see both here and abroad.

This news story out of the U.K.:

The raid that rocked the Met: Why gun and drugs op on 6,717 safety deposit boxes could cost taxpayers a fortune More than 500 officers smashed their way into thousands of safety-deposit boxes to retrieve guns, drugs and millions of pounds of criminal assets. At least, that’s what was supposed to happen. Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark investigate.

What really happened was that the vast majority of those caught up in the raids (called Operation Rize) were innocent. They had their lives turned upside down and many have been forced into legal trench warfare with police lawyers and told they must prove how they came by the contents of their boxes.

To quote the article:

… This is also a story told through secret legal papers, including confidentiality agreements struck with some vault depositors whose cases threatened to topple the entire operation. Although the police told a judge that 'nine out of ten' of all of the thousands of box-holders were probably criminally minded, criminally connected or felons, the paper trail reveals that perhaps only as few as ten per cent of the boxes have any connection to serious crime…

More worryingly, according to eminent lawyers and barristers, Operation Rize has seen the Yard employ unethical tactics, driving a coach and horses through the new POCA legislation, leaving the Met facing a raft of legal actions that could potentially cost taxpayers millions of pounds.

Rize is a juggernaut veering out of control,' said one barrister who helped advise on POCA during its passage through Parliament, 'and now a sharp tool that we badly needed to drain criminal cash has been tarnished, potentially damaging it and inhibiting its use'.

Within days of the raids, the police set up a helpline to deal with potential inquiries. They were overwhelmed by the response. One detective told Live: 'Everyone presumed we had bagged a load of villains who would not dare claim their iffy property. But thousands of the box-holders complained.'

Some of the box-holders contacted lawyers. These were people far removed from the criminal underworld. Many had been with the company from the beginning, drawn to the likeable Jewish businessman who ran it. Leslie Sieff founded the company in 1986, although by the time Operation Rize unfurled he'd been bought out by developer Milton Woolf.

Many of the clientele were families who had fled turmoil, pogroms, coups and wars and long had a cultural preference for locking away money and jewels, building up a vehement distrust for the integrity of traditional banks. Here, stepping down the spiral staircase at the back to the darkened boxes below, they felt reassured that their most important possessions were safe.

One survivor of Nazi Germany in his seventies told us how he had placed a bag of diamonds there - security if ever he or his descendents needed to run again.

'My wife and I had escaped from Germany with nothing but these gems,' he said. 'She sewed them into our clothing before we crossed occupied Europe, reaching Britain by ship when the jewels were snipped out and locked up.'

There was a rabbi too, Yitzchak Schochet, of Mill Hill Synagogue, who said: 'Safety deposit boxes are supposed to be confidential. The whole situation was very unsettling and an intrusion of privacy.'

Another client, an Indian millionaire entrepreneur with connections to the House of Lords, described how he was 'treated like a convicted man just because I had wealth in cash'.

A Hindu priest described to Live how his family's valuables had been carried in the Sixties from Madhya Pradesh, India, to London 'in a gunny sack'.

Among the possessions seized by the police were elaborate handcrafted bracelets, gold rings set with uncut stones, and a bejewelled wedding tikka ornament to be draped on the forehead of a new bride. 'These items had always been in our family,' the priest said, 'We had cash in there too. But now we had to prove how we bought them and where that money, saved over the years, had come from.'…

You can read the entire article here.

The takeaway: I bet there’s more, not less, of this kind of activity to come. So be extra careful where you stash your valuables.

Kong Sez:

    Think about this now, folks. It WILL come here. It's only a matter of time. And the amount of time until the Feds rape bank safety deposit boxes is probably even shorter. Keep only your important papers in any safety deposit box.

    Kong suggests a floor safe in your home, or a gun safe; or a backyard burial spot: anything criminals would find next to impossible to find, much less to haul off. In your home, you are still protected from unreasonable searches. For now. But Kong thinks the next logical step for greedy government is a search of your house for "contraband," via a declaration that everyone is a criminal suspect of some sort. Next thing you know, your wedding ring will be siezed and melted down to help pay off Treasury debt.

Kong Sez:

    Upon Rethinking the Matter:

Forget the safes. Go straight to the "outhouse" burial spot and place a sheet of lead (available from plumber's supply houses) over it and build an outbuilding or storage shed on top.

Kong Sez:

    For tomorrow...something very shocking!!! In the meantime, read The Galactic Plane and Pole Shift on this WebSite, to prepare you for why the Government is doing this. They know something and are not telling you!

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