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The Tenth Amendment :

Secession And Money

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    Dr. Gary North, Ph.D., Economic Historian, on his member website writes concerning your right to gun ownership, secession of states, and money. What the combination means and how it may affect you in the not too distant future.

    The hot link will take you to his site for membership.

The Tenth Amendment, Secession, and Money
Gary North

[If any of this raises questions, join in on my site's LOCAL POLITICS forum. Maximize the value of your subscription. Participate. — Gary North]

June 10, 2009

Numerous states have passed tenth amendment resolutions that challenge Federal sovereignty inside their borders. The main opposition has to do with local manufacture and sale of firearms.

I applaud this. But I take it seriously only as an indication that the era of confidence in the Federal government is now behind us.

These protests are symbols. Symbols are important indicators of future trends.

A few old-time secessionists and libertarians think we are headed for secession. I don't. What I think will happen is what has always happened since 1865: revolution within the form. This has favored the centralists up until this century. It no longer does.

The central issue is money. Until states back up their rhetoric by a refusal to accept Federal money, it's nothing but rhetoric.

Robert Natelson, a law professor at the University of Montana who was involved in drawing up that state's sovereignty resolution over a decade ago, argues that states up until now have been unwilling to take action of any real consequence in checking federal power.

"Back then they passed the resolution, but they didn't turn down any federal dollars," he said.

"If the states are serious about returning the federal government to its historical origins, they're going to have to do more than pass resolutions. They're going to have to turn down money and litigate."

The states will take every dime. They will beg for more. Count on it.

What is crucial for the revolution is loss of confidence in the monetary system. If the Federal Reserve loses this, the great reversal will begin.

If the FED funds most of the deficit, this will lead to mass inflation within a decade, maybe before 2016. I think it will take that long.

This is why the government is trapped. It must default at some point, either by cutting off promised programs or else by mass inflation. Both will call into question its legitimacy: bad money = reduced legitimacy. Defaults = reduced legitimacy.

The central government will maintain the form of final sovereignty, but that claim will be seen as fake when the money stops buying things.

There will not be secession. The form will be maintained. The reality will shift. Power follows responsibility. Local political institutions will exercise greater responsibility.

That is when your local county government had better be ready to defend citizens against mobs and looters. It had better be ready to uphold property rights.

I live on a cul-de-sac, a fancy phrase for "dead end." If I parked two of my minivans across the street lengthwise to block access, that would slow down a mob or a gang. My neighbors will be more open to such tactics when inflation is at 30% and unemployment is at 25%. When violence threatens, armed neighbors are an advantage. So is a blocked street.

The legal forms will remain. The governments won't be the same.

This is a slow process. Build bridges with your neighbors. Be the helpful family on the block. Influence follows responsibility.

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