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What's Going On With The

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Kong Sez:

    I called Dr. "B" to find out "What's Going With The Swine Flu?" This is what he says:

"The flu season struck rather early, he says. However, the real season starts between December through February. As we have discussed earlier, it may turn killer during that time; or, may be the usual type of problems within any flu period. Nevertheless, the CDC had told me we are long overdue for a real pandemic, such as the 1918 flu.

"If nothing extradinary develops this year, between now and before we finish with The Galactic Plane, we may have a pandemic—it may surprise us all, having nothing to do with influenza, but a Black Swan out of nowhere, from nowhere.

"Nonetheless, others are writing about this strange beast. One thing to watch is the countries now having their winter, ours is still yet to come. For instance, look toward New Zealand, South America, South Africa, Australia, and other continents that are now experiencing their winter. If the flu turns killer; or, attacks more with a vengence, now that the WHO has claimed an H1N1 pandemic, these are the places that will first experience the flu wrath. The flu will strike there first, as their winter is now coming into spring.

"Doug Casey of Casey's Daily Dispatch, October 09, 2009, writes about the flu on his website,www. CaseyResearch.com":

As readers of any duration know, we've been skeptical from the start about officialdom's dire warnings on swine flu. Simply, if the thing was going to be a true pandemic, we in North America would see it coming a mile away...actually thousands of miles away, due to the fact that the flu season comes first in the Southern Hemisphere. Only once you begin reading about exponentially escalating mortality rates in places such as Australia, New Zealand, South America, etc., do you need to become alarmed. Until then, you can correctly dismiss talk of a global pandemic killing millions of people as so much hype.

    Dr. "B" feels likewise, but it pays to be alert and take preparations. Still, there have been a number of deaths from this flu.

    The New England Of Medicine reports on the flu that 73% of the hospitalized patients, Dr. "B" informs us, were already suffering from diabetes, heart & lung disease, asthma, and so forth. According to the study reported in the Journal, 272 patients were hospitalized for the viral infection, 7% died.

    However, far more people contracted the virus, but didn't require hospitalization. Many simply stayed home and got over it. We suspect many didn't have the insurance and money for hospital treatment. When we look at the latter statement of that more caught the flu; did not require hospitalization; the above statistic is not nearly so disquieting.

    This brings up another point Dr. "B" has been stressing in these Chembio Updates, namely, when the division of labor is broken, and people flood to get food; medical services, etc., the U.S. of A is not prepared for such a calamity. One needs to be self–reliant. We know Americans aren't that way anymore.

    [Policing A Pandemic] This point is clearly brought out in the June issue of Police: The Law enforcement Magazine, 2009, Vol. 33, No. 6. Bob Pilgrim writes 'Policing A Pandemic: If a flu disaster happens again in the United States, it will change our way of life and how you do your job':

How We'll Respond

The multitude of demands that may be faced by American law enforcement during a flu pandemic will change the way that police departments do business. For example, normal law enforcement patrol duties may have to be suspended, presenting predators that somehow avoid becoming sick themselves with unprecedented opportunities for crime [ChemBio Editor's Comment: Note! This is exactly what Dr. "B" has been talking about When The Hell hits in its full rigor! This is why you must think ahead and be prepared.]

Many municipalities have planned and exercised disaster response plans. However, the biggest challenge will be preventing panic among an anxious public and soliciting its cooperation to preserve the common good.

In other words, will 21st century Americans accept the same draconian but necessary measures and restrictions on their liberties as the people of 1918? Probably not. The post World War I population was used to sacrifice and doing without. They were disciplined and understood that quarantines, facility closures, restricted travel, food shortages, and reductions in services were necessary.

Back in 1918, trains would not board passengers and towns denied visitors admittance without proper documentation. Funerals were limited to 15 minutes, gauze masks were universally worn in public, and stores could not hold sales. Heavy fines and punishment were levied against those citizens that violated these decrees. Yet despite such harsh measures, Americans generally accepted government authority. This collective spirit allowed public health officials to intervene and implement their plans and few citizens criticized the effort. People even volunteered to fill the vacuums created by succumbing doctors, nurses, and police officers.

But the people of 1918 were very different than the people of today. One, they were genuinely frightened of disease, knew its scourge, and had likely witnessed other quarantines. Two, they lived a much harder life with few luxuries. Three, they were less conscious of their civil rights and there were fewer lawyers ready to champion a grievance that they might have against their government. Today's American is a very different person living in a very different world, and he or she is likely to rebel if the government curtails any freedom regardless of the reason.

So the question that should most concern law enforcement when considering the consequences of a pandemic is: What will be the public's reaction to the outbreak of such a lethal virus?

Will they react in a calm and orderly manner? Will another New Orleans-type disaster materialize where people expect a benevolent government to step in and sustain them or will people make the necessary effort to be self-reliant for a period of time? Will the criminal element prey on those that eschew firearms ownership or are simply too weak to defend themselves? Will violent crime as well as disease claim its victims?

Quarantine Zone

The highly respected British police believe that in the event of a major flu pandemic physicians, clinics, surgical centers, and pharmacies will have to receive police protection.

Officers will also have to patrol "quarantine zones" to prevent the spread of the disease from urban hot spots. Other units will be on standby to prevent public disorder if large special events and transportation are shut down on short notice. Extra police will be needed to handle crowds on the streets seeking other means to get to work and appointments. Some routine police work will have to be curtailed to concentrate on maintaining law and order.

The British plan is a very good blueprint for an American law enforcement response.

In a United States hit by a flu pandemic, schools will certainly be closed, idling many youths possibly for several months. Large public gatherings and sporting events, movies, concerts, and even church services could be banned or restricted. Workplace closings or schedule changes could be enforced to reduce the presence of workers to minimal operational levels. We have witnessed the implementation of some of these measures on a limited basis during the recent Swine Flu scare. For example, some schools were closed in Texas.

Kong Sez:

    As with any disaster of cataclysmic magnitude, of which the Swine Flu could become, the predators, as given above, will come out of the wood work. They often survive to wreak havoc on you. Take these words into account and prepare your mind, body, and physical actions on what you are going to do. Develop a strategy (plan); then, develop tactics (how you will carry out that plan). This advanced thinking can save your life, your family, and much hardship from pain and suffering and deprivation.

    Develop the mindset that you are not going to be a victim! And remember...when violence strikes....

    The police article points out how "spoiled" Americans have become. They are used to the dole and if they do not get what they are promised, there will be hell to pay. On The Home Front points out how Americans used to be:

"In the early 1940s, recycling arrived in America with a vengeance that has not been equaled, even with today's emphasis on protecting the environment. Everything was reused one way or another, and we lived by the slogan promulgated by the government:

'Use it up; wear it out; make it do, or do without.'"

    Things are a lot different now! Pies, cakes, and sweets, then, were often made without sugar. Watch out for the teens...they want to have their cake and eat it too, as well as most Americans. We are not ready for what is about to hit the world and hit it hard! You must have a changed mindset. Think living and getting through all this coming.

When Violence Strikes, Women Are Always A Target

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Get Prepared!

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