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    You cannot read Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine; or, American Cop without reading about Tactics. Police training units teach tactics...tactics...tactics, or 'what you do,' among many other things.

    However, in the current May issue of Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine, an article, entitled, 'Endangered Species,' the author writes:

"With all of the environmental and financial hurdles facing Police Ranges today, you are running out of places to shoot."

    They may come soon and close down your police range and shoothouse, the author writes to police in America. These entities are necessary to provide the best circumstances in which police officers can receive quality training to Serve and Protect under combat conditions.

    This makes me Mad As Hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore! I am letting the American public know what's going down.

    Also— the law–abiding citizen may find his range closed down if certain members of Congress have their way. Nevertheless, one needs practice...practice...and more practice. You need tactics and more tactical training. One also needs Strategy (plans on what to do) training too.

    Observe the following video and notice common mistakes these officers made. One big mistake is relaxation and assumption.

    These types of mistakes are especially made when civilians are engaged in a gun fight—and more so!

    The following video illustrates the first officer (the one near to the camera), failing to observe the threat's two hands when ordered to "Put the gun down!" The rear officer noticed both hands. The first officer saw the threat put down the weapon with one hand but it appears did not react to it until the rear office shouted a warning: "Gun," or some such warning word.

    Under similar circumstances, if you do not have a backup, then you must not make the assumption the threat is disarmed.

    Another glaring mistake was that the first officer immediately holstered his weapon as the threat lay on the ground. This is wrong. Do not do it. Why? Because you are not sure if the threat is out of commission until you examine him. He should have approached with his gun still in the Three–eyed Principle (weapon held at eye level—two eyes and gun barrel) and with purpose, and not sauntering, it appears, to the downed threat.

    As long as he can still move his trigger finger, he is viable and can put you down. And this threat had a revolver in his right hand (see circle in picture below) while down.

    The second officer, when the threat went down, should have stayed in the Three–eyed Principle too. His approach should have been at an angle, from whence it was harder for the downed threat to see him and once the officer was on him, still in combat mode, he should have put his foot across the threat's gun wrist...removed the gun from the threat's gun hand, while still keeping his pistol pointed at the threat and watching for movements that could be sudden and quick. Make no assumptions that the threat is incapacitated!

    The second officer in his approach "dangled" his pistol. It should have been kept pointed at the assailant until the threat was totally defused.

[Notice Threat's Gun Hand]

Now The Video:

Study This Video And Be Prepared For Threats

    In Choose The Right Gun, Lee Rockwell writes:

"And finally, a politically incorrect word of advice passed along to me years ago by a veteran cop: If you have to shoot somebody, make sure the judge will hear only your version of what happened. In other words, kill; otherwise, your assailant will probably sue you."

    Go to the above hot link and read the whole article.

    Who Lee Rockwell is:

Lew Rockwell, former congressional chief of staff to Ron Paul and founder and chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, is an opponent of the state, its wars and its socialism.

A student and colleague of Murray N. Rothbard, he is the editor of six books, most recently The Irrepressible Rothbard and Speaking of Liberty. For more on Rockwell, see his interview in Spintech Magazine. Also read his interview in the Slovakian magazine, OS as well as his interview in FrontPageMag.

LewRockwell.com – winner of Ron Paul's first Freedom Website Award – highlights the news and commentary that Lew finds important, or simply interesting. It is therefore unapologetically idiosyncratic.

    And in Real–World Survival! by Walt Rauch, he explaines what has worked for him. He is a "noted author, self–defense trainer and expert on legal liability and the use of force, Massad Ayoob says in the Foreword to Real–World Survival!"

    One thing he iterates is what was said by Rockwell. How much more can a person sue you for shooting him if you kill him for trying to kill you, than his surviving family, if he lives?

The Second Ammendment!

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