The Killing Mechanism

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Coming To Planet Earth [SunRise Over Planet Earth]

What Is It ?
What Causes It ?
Where Is It Coming From ?

    A Killing Mechanism, Part I and Part II, is coming to Planet Earth, your home and our home.

    It will come from Within and and it will come from Without. There will be a melding of these forces to effect a massive wipeout. The without/within portion will come from Case A and Case B of The Killing Mechanism, Part I, respectively.

    Case A will come from sheer terror, confusion, and chaos, melded with that coming from other countries. This will put extreme stress on the chemistry of the organism that has been under attack for some time now (endocrine disruptors, excess polyunsaturated fats, polluted water and air, over–medication generating reactive oxygen species in excess, etc.) and is prime for a breakdown, such that its normal biological defenses will be overwhelmed. The fittest biochemistries will survive.

    All organisms under attack will have to cope with enhanced Reactive Oxygen Species, excessive Shift bases formed generating Amadori shifts falling into Mallard reactions. Lipid peroxidation will be accelerated. DNA will not be able to do the Dark Repair as continual attacks on it will overcome this mechanism. Tissues will die and not have a chance at repair after a while. The onslaught will be too much for all, except the hardiest of the biochemistries. We are going to witness, throughout all this, "The Survival of The Fittest," and not realize this, until it is all over, with few remaining on Planet Earth years from now.

    Case B will be that coming from within your own bodies. Keep in mind, A and B will meld, increasing the damage. Case A and Case B will become as one.

    The die was cast some 50 years or more ago. Part II of The Killing Mechanism was cast some 26,000 years ago. There is no turning back. We will do as best we can to give what we know that will help one survive. In some cases, nothing can be done.

    The Second portion of The Killing Mechanism, Part II, will come from without. It will come from the stars, and because of the within portion, Case B, Part I, it will reinforce itself and create massive deaths worldwide. The Second Portion of that coming from without will generate a massive kill–off, first. Then, we should, who are left alive, witness a massive die–off—around 2016 – 2020. No one can be sure of the time schedule. It may last a generation or more; or, may happen much faster because of the weakened biochemistries now presented. It was recently given that man is no longer living as long as previously, but he has lost a few years off his lifespan. He is no longer living to 70s plus but now to his later 60s.

    This second portion will be due to the damage done to the genomes of humans and other species. It will take a generation or sooner, to see the what the powerful radiations in the Arm of Orion, enormous electric currents and electromagnetic fields have done to the reproducing organisms, as the Solar System moves through The Galactic Plane.

    There are other denizens "waiting" for something to pass near; still others moving about such that as our Solar System comes close to them, wreaking havoc upon us and the planet.

    It will take time to overcome this damage and develop adaptative chemistries such that in effect, stronger species form from the wreakage. But, in the meantime of such an Event, teratogenic formations, still births, and greatly weakened biochemistries, and altered DNA (whereby the Dark Repair or Excision Repair may not...will effectively), will wreak havoc on species. A massive die–off is inevitable. the die–off occurs, Mother Nature uses adaptative mechanisms to evolve a stronger organism eventually. We can not be sure of any absolute time scale, but a generation or two may pass away during this massive die–off. Some, those strongest biochemically and physically, will survive. Life has a great way of surviving.

    The first part of The Killing Mechanism, Part II, will be a massive kill–off. We give nothing as absolute here and hope this is all wrong, but as you will see from what follows, there is a possibility, slim, maybe, but the possibility still exists.

    We cannot tell you how best to respond in all instances: We do not know, but we do feel, there is a strong possibility that a Slate Wiper is coming, as happened 11,000 to 19,000 years ago on the sparsely populated planet earth at that time. That which is coming now will cause mass exterminations of all the various living forms. From this, the simplest of creatures, the viruses to the bacteria, to the amphibians in all the world's seas, oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams, to the fowls of the air, and on to the higher forms of animal life on planet earth will disappear never to be seen again. From this, a remodeling of species that are the hardiest will take place; some new species will develop generations from here. We can't tell for sure about the time table; nor, the species that change and those that leave the face of the Earth never to grace it again; or, new ones that develop. This we do know: This has happened a number of times in the past.

    From the ashes of the Phoenix, new species will be generated and old species with stronger biochemistries that survive, will be entirely revamped in looks, intelligence, mass, and neural wiring. Life has a great way of surviving, as it did 11,000 – 19,000 years ago when the "Event" happened. And from the old template of species that survived the kill–off and grew, a massive die–off came to those creatures from that "Event," whereby the fittest of creatures survived, and the man of that survival developed a bigger brain case, had better neural wiring, and started producing art, mathematics, poetry, and music, paleontologists inform us.

    This latter portion of the die–off that survives will be "survival of the fittest." This is biochemically important. We see this in molecular biology and biochemistry all the time. "It illustrates the importance of various characteristics that biological molecules play in life." — Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 3rd. edition, Elliot & Elliot, page 159

    Evolution, under the watchful eye of a prime motivator, developed two characteristics for life to take place and function as well as it does. They are: Polarity and Hydrophobicity, that are extremely important on a planet such as earth that has water, and

    Another feature of life is "bonding." Those electrical attractions between and within biomolecules of lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, and DNA. Cellular dysfunction occurs when the "wiring" is forced into wrong configurations or done by outside and/or inside forces, such as Electromagnetic Pulses (EMPs) of varying strengths and frequencies, lipid peroxidations, reactive oxygen species, and so forth. Noncovalent bonds, weak bonds of electrical attraction that do not share equally, are readily broken and reformed, unless an outside or inside force is strong enough to cause a permanent breakage also involving strong covalent bonds.This feature of noncovalent bonds broken and reformed "allows noncovalent bonds to mediate the dynamic interactions that occur among molecules in the cell." —Cell and Molecular Biology: Concepts and Experiments, Gerald Karp, 1st. & 4th. Editions

Note This:

"Without noncovalent bonds, such vital life activities as metabolic reactions, duplication of DNA, and movement of materials within cells could not occur." — Ibid

    Noncovalent bonds are weak bonds. These bonds are easily disturbed as in the whisking of an egg white, as you'll see in The Killing Mechanism, Section Three. A force, such as that which is coming from the Stars, may disturb them, creating havoc.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, by Elliot & Elliot, Third Edition, page 39, writes, concerning weak bonds:

"It is their very weakness that makes them of central importance to life. The essence of almost everything in life involves biological specificity, which depends on one molecule binding to another with such exquisite precision that only the particular molecules designed by evolution to interact do so. To emphasize the point again, the precisely specific binding of molecules one to another is the basis of virtually all biological process."

An enzyme is specifice for one reaction; a hormone for a particular receptor site; proteins recognized and attached to DNA at a particular site because particular proteins controll, bind to and recognized a particular stretch of DNA. Antibodies combine with particular antigens. The case goes on and one. How are these interactions molecularly achieved and precise?

Elliot & Elliot write:

"The binding processes in the in the examples referred to depend on weak bonds and the specificity arises from:
  • The fact that individual bonds are so weak that several must be formed for the attachment to occur; and
  • The weak bonds can form only if the relevant atoms are positioned close enough to each other.
The combination of (1) and (2) means that only molecules shaped to fit their designated partner (s) can bind in this way. The two must be complementary in shape. The relationship can be so precise that, if a single atom is changed in an enzyme substrate, or in the active centre of an enzyme, the interactions do not occur (WebMaster's Emphasis)."


If something breaks these fragile bonds and keeps them apart; or, they reform in a different fashion, life or health as we have come to know it, may be vastly different, or not exist.

"Binding of substrates to an enzyme must not be so tight that the products of the reaction cannot diffuse away; gene action and reversible gene control demand that interactions are easily reversible," writes Elliot & Elliot.

"In summary, weak bonds permit precise binding between molecules and give the basis for biological specificity. Small numbers of bond spermit easy reversibility of the binding while large numbers can produce stable inter– and intramolecular interactions. The role of weak bonds in biochemistry will be more apparent when we come to the chapters on membranes, protein structure, gene structure, and gene actions" — Ibid.
    Life as we know it, is about to change. For a while, it will be quite rough. Those species that are the strongest physically and/or biochemically, will survive, unless hit by the rocks coming, volcanos erupting, tidal waves three and four miles high, etc. It will get vastly better than anything we can even imagine with this new change coming—we suspect. More of all the immediate above will be explained later.

    The former element, Polarity, appears to be what the universe is made up of, along with antipolarity, which projects into matter and antimatter, among other things.

    Suffice it for now...the violence and senseless killings will now be on the increase. There will be more cop violence against unarmed citizens (remember Hurricane Katrina; in New Orleans, Blackwater, hired by wealthy citizens, caught off–duty police at night robbing their clients!). This will escalate into more crime against police officers such that some areas will be without policemen because of the uncontrolled violence against them. They will seek other employments. There will be some cities where, if they still have police, will not venture, even with their War Wagons, into the deep ghetto inner cities. These areas will eventually burn. A firestorm will be formed that will spread to the suburbs and outlying areas. The rich will be prime targets. Madness, sheer madness will soon be evident on Planet Earth! Be prepared. We will not be speaking any longer about how to be prepared; prepared.

    This is coming soon as cities go bankrupt. Expect city services to be interrupted, sporadic, or even stopped. There will be laws enacted controlling movement into and out of the metropolises. Movement will be curtailed. Curfews will be set. We saw this during Hurricane Ike and others. Passes will have to be gotten for night shifts to present to the remaining law enforcement when moving about after curfews.

The Killing Mechanism Is Now In Place and Running.

The Killing Mechanism


    A number of basic ideas must first be burned into our memory banks. We will discuss as presented; or, later, as necessary to make ideas clearer to understand.

    Some 40 to 60 years ago, we did not have all of the refined foods as we do now; nor was practically everyone on polyunsaturated fats, such as cannola oil, fish oil, etc. These highly fragile oils have peculiar things done to them, unlike saturated fats. The former all undergo lipid peroxidation, the process wherein that fat becomes rancid. Even if you just took vitamins C, E, beta–carotene, and other antioxidants and then quickly ingest fish oil and quickly follow that with more vitamin antioxidants and the mineral selenium, you cannot play catchup and stop the lipid peroxidation from occurring.

    Lipid peroxidation is the process of forming rancid lipids from polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). There are some web sites that advertise that we all eat rancid fats in one stage or another regularly. They say it does not harm the body. However, you will see that eventually it does as one ages. And with all the endocrine disrupters out there and PUFAs now being ingested, mankind has about reached its limit.

    In just only about 40 to 60 years, we are now reaping—and have been for some time now—what the immediate above are doing to just the American society. Birth rate down, teens mad as hell, violence eruption on teachers, cancer and heart disease still climbing (cancer next year, or this, is to replace heart disease as the number one killer).

    A thing called Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), is built into the human body. Without it, we can't live, because it is a process that is from the body necessarily using molecular oxygen (oxygen in the atmosphere). Programmed death is built into the body! Yet, we can slow it down (provided we control infections) doing certain things and being aware of this function, that can't be avoided. Oxygen is a "Sword of Damocles." It is a two–edged sword. It gives life and it takes life. It is very toxic.

    Oxygen appeared on the Earth about 2.2 billion years ago. Cyanobacteria, in making food from the chemical soup at that time, spewed out its waste product, oxygen, for billions of years. This filled up the atmosphere with it. Other organisms developed and evolved and learned to use oxygen. Many species probably died, but the fittest survived. They learned how to get around its toxicity and grew and multiplied. It eventually took them out, but the species survived and continued to evolve and multiply. This same adaptation is about to occur with all species again, but in a short span of time, we feel. The templates and biochemistries are already here—they don't need to be created this time; however, we feel some definite remodelling will occur, resulting in a better species and some to many new species created.

    We will discuss, in addition to Lipid Peroxidation and ROS, Spin Restrictions–thermodynamic barriers to spin inversion (this is coming!), Bond Scission, or Bond–breaking. All figure in The Killing Mechanism, whether Part I with its Cases A/B, and Part II.

    We ask you to endure with us for attempting to make this simple whereby it can be understood. Wherein such simplicity is involved, unavoidably, some scientific misunderstanding can be introduced into the the subject matter. Your WebMasters also have a large number of science people studying this site to stay abreast of what is happening in our society. Some of this material is for them too. The WebMasters could write a textbook on this matter. This is not our objective in this instance. We hope it has not been over-simplified. Our job in this matter is to present the material such that one can come away from here knowing what is happening out there when it starts in full view of everyone and perhaps, have some means of surviving in relatively good health and mind, and help them avoid panicking. Being forewarned is being forearmed.

Section One:

  • Lipid Peroxidation: (Click Lipid Peroxidation for Graphic Interface; then, When Finished; Click Back)

        Lipid Peroxidation is a process in which a chain reaction occurs, such that lipid radicals are formed by abstraction (removal) of allylic hydrogens (on the double bond) of polyunsaturated fats. This leaves it with an unpaired electron and the lipid (fatty acid) is now known as a free radical.

        As such, free radicals seek to pair themselves with another electron and thus become "tamed" or dormant. But, they spawned another free radical on the biomolecule they abstracted the electron from. This latter species now becomes a free radical and the process goes on until some free radical scavenger terminates the chain reaction it by locking it up, such as an antioxidant like vitamin C or E, which donates an electron to it to tame it.

        Vitamin E does not serve as a free radical after it donates an electron to terminate the free radical lipid peroxidation because it is in resonance with itself, and vitamin C restores the oxidized form of vitamin E to its reduced original, former self.

    Folks, are you getting the message? You had better be taking plenty of vitamin C and vitamin E now, regardless of what the medical profession, nutritionists, and health food stores out there might be telling you, and you would be wise to have some stored so that it will last. The reactions we are describing now are from minutes, seconds, and possibly microsecond-to-microsecond reactions. When The Killing Mechanism happens in its full rigor, the reactions will be shortened to possibly picoseconds. In other words, if not picoseconds, they are going to happen far more rapidly, without time for your natural repair mechanisms (that we will speak of later) to take place.

        Actually, we feel the reactions will react in the same time frame as now (minutes), but the repair and defense mechanisms will be overcome, overrun, and damage will not be undone nor stopped. The organism is then on a downward hill to self–destruction. As tissues become peroxidized, the organism weakens if termination reactions are not initiated, producing non–radical product, the autocatalytic chain reaction is not terminated, and repair is not made.

        The Dictionary of Toxicology, Second Edition, writes:

    "Subcellular membranes rich in unsaturated fatty acids are targets of lipid peroxidation, resulting in the loss of structural integrity and function in the affected organelles.

    "In addition, breakdown products of lipid peroxides, such as aldehydes, may migrate far from the production site and cause damage at distant loci. Several lipid peroxides are known for their extremely high toxicity."

        They are talking about the 100 plus trillion cells in the human body. Membranes cover them all. They all have unsaturated fats in them—now, probably more than ever with the tremendous urging to ingest more and more of those oils. Remember! Those oils are highly fragile. Those membranes are subject to peroxidation of the methylene carbon hydrogens situated next to double bonds.

        That is, a hydrogen is abstracted and you have a lipid free radical. Some form lipid peroxides, peroxy compounds, and the ubiquitous lipid hydroperoxides. All spell trouble at the site or distal to the peroxidation site. The organism is under tremendous attack. A massive war is being waged at this very moment you are reading this. Guess who will win out for the most part when push comes to shove and medicine is not as readily available as it is now? It still gets those on the medicines for problems generated. They are kept alive because the infrastructure is up. When it crashes...well, you get the point.

        As if to make matters worse, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are attacked by oxygen and/or microbials using hydrolysis to generate free radicals. The free radicals undergo breakdown, if not terminated by vitamin E and other antioxidants to form isoprostanes. The isoprostanes are nonclassical eicosanoids that have potent inflammatory biological activity. They are prostaglandin–like compounds that are formed in living tissues from peroxidaton of PUFAs. They are mediators that enhance pain perception. This is one of the compounds that is an accurate indication of lipid peroxidation in animals and humans for oxidative stress. The latter will be explained shortly.

        With all of the endocrine disruptors, especially plastics acting like the female hormone estrogen, receptor sites are being continuously stimulated, and estrogen in the presence of PUFAs enhances isoprostane formation. "Many of the prostaglandin–like effects of lipid peroxidation in tissues may be attributed to these products. One of these, 8–epiprostaglandin F2 α, is able to cause renal vasoconstriction and platelet aggregation through a site that is distinct from the related thromboxane A2 receptor (clotting) receptor" — Free Radical Toxicology, Edited by Kendall B. Wallace, Target Organ Toxicology Series.

        "Estrogen's most immediate effect on cells is to alter their oxidative metabolism. It increases the need for the B vitamins, as well as for other vitamins." Ray Peat's Newsletter, ' Rosacea, Inflammation, and Aging: The Inefficiency of Stress', March 2008.

        Dr. Peat further writes about PUFAs and isoprostanes:

    "Polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially those that can be turned into prostaglandins, are widely involved in causing inflammation and vascular leakiness.

    "EPA and DHA don't form ordinary prostaglandins, though the isoprostanes and neuroprostanes they (EPA/DHA) produce during lipid peroxidatin behave in many ways like the more common prostaglandins, and their enzymatically formed eicosanoids have some functions similar to those of the common prostaglandins.

    "The brain contains a very high concentration of these unstable fatty acids, and they are released in synapses by ordinary excitatory process" — Ray Peat's Newsletter, 'The Great Fish Oil Experiment,' July 2005.


    • EPA and DHA is what the American population is taking in over–abundance, via fish oils and/or any other avenue of ingestion. You can see the weakening of cellular membranes and tissues, setting them up for The Killing Mechanism.

    • Eicosanoids: (i–kósah–noyds) —diverse lipids chiefly derived from a 20–carbon acid [arachidonic acid] found in all cell membranes. Most important of these are the prostaglandins and their relatives....used in, including blood clotting, inflammation and labor contractions— Human Anatomy & Physiology, Marieb, Elaine N.

        And on his website, the article, Fats and degeneration, points out clearly the following:

    "Substances very much like the prostaglandins, called isoprostanes and neuroprostanes, are formed spontaneously from highly unsaturated fatty acids, and are useful as indicators of the rate of lipid peroxidation in the body.

    "Most of the products of lipid peroxidation are toxic, as a result of their reactions with proteins, DNA, and the mitochondria. The age-related glycation products that are usually blamed on sugar, are largely the result of peroxidation of the polyunsaturated fatty acids."

        We will give one more reference about lipid peroxidation. See from Dr. Peat's website, Leakiness, aging, and cancer, wherein we quote:

    "Estrogen increases lipid peroxidation, and maintains a chronically high circulating level of free fatty acids, mainly PUFA, activates the phospholipases that release arachidonic acid from cells leading to formation of prostaglandins and isoprostanes, and increases the enzymes that form the inflammation-promoting platelet activating factor (PAF) while suppressing the enzymes that destroy it, and increases a broad range of other inflammatory mediators, interleukins, and NF-kappa B."
    Diagrammaticly, Estrogen increases PUFA oxidation, which is rancidity, which is the generation of free radicals. And with all the estrogenic products out there in our environment, one should be cautious about not eating saturated fat. This fat does not undergo oxidation as PUFAs do.

    Estrogen liberates the highly unsaturated fatty acid, arachidonic acid (4 double bonds, 20 carbons long) from cell membranes and maintains other PUFAs at a high level in the mammal. It does not do this with saturated fats. Consequently, because of the high maintenance of free fatty acids in the blood by estrogen, it contributes directly to the generation of tumors, blood clots, fibrosis, and edema. Estrogen further achieves this effect by keeping PUFAs chronically high in the blood stream.

    Now, consider all the above coupled with the inordinate amount of stress coming from The Killing Mechanism of Part I, Case A. It is the horrendous hordes of hungry masses, jobless workers, the homeless, and all the failed retirements in any form or fashion, the crisis will promulgate into total chaos. This prolonged stress will rob biochemistries of adaquate respiratory energy production (ATP); the thyroid gland will be muchly suppressed (PUFAs suppress thyroid function); muscle tissue will break down into amino acids, with the body using the glycemic amino acids for making glucose for an impaired energy producing system. Without this robust energy, opportunistic disease microbes overrun the human organism. Fatty acids will be mobilized from adipose tissue in a futile attempt to generate more energy in a failing electron transport system that makes energy.

    Now, consider this:

    The mobilization of arachidonic acid from the continuous onslaught of stress, as we are now seeing, and will be intensifying monthly, will cause blood vessels to leak. Fibrinogen (a protein dissolved in the blood plasma) escapes from the blood stream into the basement membrane—a membrane that separates various classifications of tissue from one another, and on into a substance outside of cells known as extracellular matrix. Here, the fibrinogen is activated to fibrin (insoluble protein used in blood clotting) at injury sites and produces fibrosis, the formation of fibrous tissue that traps blood platelets forming what is eventually called a blood clot.

    This process of fibrosis formation is no different than some autoimmune diseases, cancer, and heart disease involving an inflammatory process of thrombosis. These disease entities involve similar inflammatory processes as regular fibroses. Those diseases in which tissues become fibrotic, such as liver cirrhosis, fibrotic lung disease, scleroderma, heart, and different organs involve the process whereby fibrosis becomes present, dense, and contracts progressively involving the same processes. Treatments that work for these diseases are those that stop the polyunsaturated fatty acid oxidation generation of inflammation.

    Many, with the chemistries and diet we have been describing, are not going to make it. Prolonged stress, such at that we are about to see and experience from without (Part I, Case A) coupled with that from Part I, Case B (within), many, many will go down with cancer, succumbing to diabetes, the ravages of obesity, thrombosis, and aging, to name just a few. We feel, a large number will not make it when the superstructure is no longer supported by the crashing infrastructure.

    Easily, the finish can be seen for many people because their biochemistries will not operate efficiently under such circumstances, as given for Part I, Case A. "The Whore of Babylon" is claiming us all, if she can.

    One problem we see that is going to affect people world–wide will be mitochondrial lipid peroxidation. This causes swelling and loss of cytochrome c. When this happens, the electron chain transport system is down and no ATP is formed. In other words, processes in the body start faltering due to lack of energy. The body can't develop the protein enzymes necessary to rebuild tissues, drive the metabolic machinery to sniff out xenobiotics (foreign bodies) and microbials and destroy them, if it has enough cellular energy to manufacture chemicals necessary to do the job before going down. This is happening now.

    The mitochondria is where the 'lion's' share of ATP is formed. The rest is formed in the cytoplasm from glycolysis, and in the Krebs Cycle.


    Cellular respiration is the process whereby ATP (adenosine triphosphate: the energy currency of the body) is formed to drive the metabolic machinery.

    "Cellular respiration involves three distinct stages: glycolysis, the Krebs cycle, and the electron transport chain" — An Introduction to Chemistry for Biology Students, Seventh Edition, Sackheim, George I.

    In your WebMasters' private practice, one of the biggest questions asked continually and has been growing for the last 10 to 15 years is, "What do you have for energy?" Or, "I have no energy, what can I do?"

    One can see immediately, these people and especially the very young and the elderly are kept functional because the superstructure is still up and running. As it starts its downward fall faster this year, and meets the infrastructure and the division–of–labor is broken, a physician will not have medicines to keep them well unless he is willing to drive to the next city, possibly under very dangerous conditions, get the medications, and haul them back himself.

    That is what the division–of–labor does for us. When broken, we will have to do more than just our job if we want to eat and stay healthy and have a job. It's coming folks...and it's coming fast now.

    This mitochondrial division–of–labor breakdown leads to extensive damage of the mitochondrial DNA. Lipid peroxidation of cell membranes of all tissues, this includes those membranes of muscle and nerve too, "can increase proton permeability, resulting in energy depletion due to inefficiency of electron transport." This is happening now. It will only increase as inborn defensive mechanisms break down, leading to dysfunction, disease, and death of the organism. — Subcellular Sites of Xenobiotic–Induced Free–Radical Generation, Myers, Charles R., Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, (Free Radical Toxicology, Edited by K. B. Wallace, copyright © 1997 Taylor & Francis)

    Dr. Ray Peat speaks similarly, as others, that lipid peroxidation increases leakiness of tissues. One can understand this with all the diuretics people now take to control extravasation of fluid from cells.

    It was once suspected that saturated fat does not cause the problems as do the unsaturates. We now know this to be true. It is the reverse—polyunsaturates cause the problem. In the 90s, it was postulated that polyunsaturated fatty hydroperoxides that are formed from lipid peroxidation, found in tissue membranes that contain significant amounts of saturated fatty acids, with other low–level donors of hydrogen (the hydrogen abstraction spoken of earlier) undergo reduced rates of peroxidations. The saturated fat is protecting PUFAs by reducing the peroxidation rate.

    This was brought out recently in the last ChembioUpdate, and in 1998:

    Gersted is quoted in Know Your Fats:

    "Research has shown that saturated fat in the diet is needed by the body to enable it to adequately convert the essential omega–3 fatty acid (alpha–linolenic acid) to the elongated omega–3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. These latter fatty acids are necessary for prostaglandin formation and visual function, respectively."

    Writing in Fats and Degeneration, 2006, Dr. Ray Peat, Ph.D., clearly points out what research shows:

    "U.S. marketing dominates the world economy, including of course the communication media, so we shouldn't expect to hear much about the role of PUFA in causing cancer, diabetes, obesity, aging, thrombosis, arthritis and immunodeficiency, or to hear about the benefits of the saturated fats (WebMaster's Italics)."

    He further points out:

    "The saturated fats include the 'tropical fats,' because they are synthesized in very warm organisms, and are very stable at those temperatures. Their stability offers some protection against the unstable PUFA (WebMaster's Italics)."

    You have been told in previous documents on this WebSite about PUFAs and Saturated Fat. We have advised persons to store all the tropical oils they can (coconut and palm oils). We have given reasons about their strength against deterioration. Following is another succinct statement about why one should store tropical oils when food becomes very...very scarce:

    "The saturated fatty acids are very unreactive chemically. Coconut oil, despite containing about 1% of the unstable PUFA, can be left in a bucket at room temperature for a year or more without showing any evidence of deterioration, suggesting that the predominance of saturated fat acts as an antioxidant for the unsaturated molecules. In the body, the saturated fats seem to act the same way, preventing or even reversing many of the conditions caused by oxidation of fats (WebMaster's Italics)." — Fats and Degeneration, Ray Peat, 2006

    Your WebMasters have performed tests with coconut oil whereby it was left out in a warm to hot room in its container and no breakdown or rancidity of the fat occurred. Researchers have postulated that the saturated fat protected the unsaturated fat. Some feel it is the saturated medium and short chain triacylglycerides protecting the 1% of polyunsaturates from going bad due to the medium and short–chain antioxidant action.

    In some diet cases for obesity, we have assisted weight loss by having the patients consume MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides). Consumed in moderation, it goes to the liver and is burned for energy and not stored as fat. It has been shown that this action enhances stored fat to be mobilized (liberated) from adipose tissues (fat cells) and burned for energy. This is a good food for low energy persons that need help, such as some types of diabetics, heart patients, and others.

    It has been further shown that some degenerative conditions produced by the so–called 'essential fatty acids' can be brought back to normal conditions by having the patients ingest coconut oil due to its short–chain fatty acids and to the waxy state of the long chain fatty acids coconut oil contains.

    Why this talk on "essential fatty acids" in the negative? Follow the money! "Burr and Burr, 1929," performed research during this time on rats. He placed them in a bell jar to study metabolic rate. He gave them an "essential fatty acid deficient" diet. The Burrs misinterpreted the results, let alone did not understand them. On this diet, the rats had metabolization rates of 50% faster than those rats given the "essential fatty acids," linolenic and linoleic fatty acids as part of their dietary.

    This was extremely important in their observation. But! They did not understand the far reaching implications of what they were witnessing. Others later reproduced what they observed. But, they knew more and drew better conclusions, as knowledge about B vitamins and thyroid hormone and the electron transport chain increased. It was shown that PUFA, the "essential fatty acids" are toxic! What the Burrs saw and observed was now interpreted correctly. It was this:

    Without the so–called "essential fatty acids," the rats' thyroid glands functioned better, delivering optimal usable thyroid hormone to the tissues of the rats' bodies. The "essential fatty acids" deeply interferred with thyroid function and the cellular respiratory system (the electron transport chain, of which, interferred with and slows down the metabolism for healing, weight loss, and energy).

    Without the toxic fats, the rats Burr and Burr observed had more energy, efficiently used! They wanted to do things; move around more, and not lie around being "couch" rats. This took the Burrs by surprise. By removing the PUFAs, they thought they had discovered the energized rats needing the "essential fatty acids" as to why they were "accelerated" or "nervous" rats. They totally did not understand the implications of their experiment.

    The extremely high rate of metabolism increased the rats' need for vitamins and minerals, in accordance with their rate of metabolism. The Burrs missed the point entirely. And recall at that time, not much was known about B–vitamins and trace minerals. High rate of metabolism...increased nutritional needs.

    Other researchers performing similar experiments to the Burrs, did make the right connections. They discovered that a diet lacking "essential fatty acids" had some extraordinary properties, such as the animals in the experiment(s) took in oxygen and calories "at a very high rate." The powerhouse of the cell, the mitochondria, where energy is made in terms of producing ATP, the energy currency of the body, through its cellular respiratory system (electron transport chain), became stronger, more stable, and tough. The interesting thing is that these animals' tissues could be transplanted to others, and the latter did not reject them. There was no immunological reaction against the transplanted tissues. It was further demonstrated that these animals who did not receive the PUFAs, when given a wide range of toxins, the toxins did not elicit shock that would kill those animals that were on the "essential oils" in their diet.

    A sign of aging in the diet that Tappel did years ago showed an age pigment, known as lipofuscin. Its increase is proportional to the amount of PUFAs and oxidants one consumes in his diet, according to a 1967 publication in major nutrition publication, Present Knowledge in Nutrition. The publication presented Hartroft and Porta's observation of this.

    The above, in regard to Burr and Burr, became known as Burr's disease. It involved a B–vitamin deficiency. Not much was known about B–vitamins then. But, the importance of their experiment set others into operation, and it was discovered that lack of "essential fatty acids" did not hinder, but aided the organism.

    Why the Follow The Money? By 1980, responsible researchers, seemingly in every university and private industry, would be working on PUFAs as one their most important points of study. The reason is because it had been shown that heart disease, mitochondria damage, hypothyroidism, cancer promotion, and immunosuppression were caused by polyunsaturated fats, and this would be a criteria for not believing that these oils were "essential." They are toxic.

    It happened in the late forties. As the paint industry was a big user of the seed oils in their paints, and the seed oils became replaced with the new discoveries of petroleum chemicals for use in paints and plastics, the seed oil industry began to lose their "cash cow." They had to look for another. They convinced, and had 'developed' the research to back it up, that the seed oils would help against cancer and the biggest cash cow that was then developing, against heart disease. The oils from seeds, they claimed, were "heart protective." Thus, a new market was created for the seed oil industry. They convinced the powers that be, and...Promises made...Gifts exchanged...and the rest is history. PUFAs were in—Saturated fats wereout. For thirty pieces of silver....

    However, research that followed illustrated the seed oils to be toxic to the heart and promoted an increase in cancer incidence. The Whore of Babylon is upon us all. And, as was given in a previous update, she has been here for some 50 – 60 or more years.

    There are many well–exercised bodies, elite body builders and power lifters, and runners included. Many to most will not make it. They do not know it, but they look at their beautiful bodies reflecting back to them from a mirror giving reassurance they are in perfect health. They should be.... But, most we know are full of protein powders with PUFAs, mixed with medium and short chain fatty acids, including soy and canola oils. Furthermore, they have bought into what the Whore has told them for years: "Eat the 'essential fatty acids.'" They are going to go down quickly and do not even know it. For now, their bodies are able to stem the toxic tide, just for a while longer...then, when they can't get their foods, their fixes (steroids), their vitamins and powders, and they see their mirror image shrinking before their eyes and the inordinate amount of stress burning fat and muscle tissue, they will succumb.

    They will not understand this, unless they are reading it now, but somewhere, somehow, a person in a wheelchair, with his/her Bible, living cheaply, eating real butter, real beef fat, real lamb fat, and the tropical oils, just may be the one that gets up out of his/her wheelchair when this is all over and suddenly realizes, "I made it through it all. My body has been remodeled." They run to a mirror, if one is left standing; if not, to gaze at their reflection as seen in a body of water, and marvel: "I am whole again. Thank you Lord...thank you." He moves in mysterious ways, to confound the wise and proud.

    With getting prepared for what is now breaking upon our shores, and the fact that most are consuming prodigious amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids and have stored such, their protein nutritive value is down. Why? Lipid peroxidation. And you are going to need the protein for the horrendous stress coming from The Killing Mechanism, Part I (A & B) and Part II. Let's make all this clearer.

    • Lipid Peroxidation (rancidity) generates decreased protein nutritive value.

    • Polyunsaturated fatty acids that combine with oxygen (in a hydrolysis reaction via microbes) generate lipid peroxidation which attacks Biomolecules: (Lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, DNA).

    • The above reaction spews intermediary products of Lipid Peroxidation: Aldehydes, Ketones, and Epoxides.

    • The Aldehydes, Ketones, and Epoxides attack or react with Proteins decreasing nutritive value.

    • The Aldehydes, Ketones, and Epoxides attack Sulfhydril & Amide groupings of vitamins decreasing vitamin content of the organism.

      Note 1:

      Niacinamide (nicotinamide) is a vitamin used as a cofactor in the electron NADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide reduced) carrier in the electron transport chain (cellular respiration apparatus) whereby the Krebs cycle hands off NADH to the electron transport chain to commence the major beginning of the formation the energy currency, ATP, and carbon dioxide and water of metabolism (ATP starts with glycolysis). If the niacinamide (which has an amide group) is attacked by aldehydes, ketones, and/or epoxides, the reaction cannot proceed any further downstream to form energy. That particular reaction is nulled and voided, until repair is made. Also, the Krebs cycle uses coenzyme A (CoA). It, too, incorporates a cofactor in its structure, which is a water soluble vitamin, pantothenic acid. The biologically active form of pantothenic acid is panethine, and panethine is involved in energy production. One can easily understand why many people eating the American diet feel much better when they take B–complex, which contains both niacinamide and pantothenic acid.

      And over time, it gets less and less effective, and more and more damage piles up. Finally....

      The excess PUFAs in our diet have generated an enormous amount of patients seeing their physicians, nutritionists, visiting websites and health food stores with the common complaint — "lack of energy." What do they prescribe? More fish oil or its concentrates. More PUFAs. Folks! We are sitting on a time bomb and the fuse is three–fourths burnt.

      This effect you're reading about now, and is occurring now, is about to be compounded by a factor of 10 or more. It was first promulgated 50 years ago that polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are "heart protective." The excesses of such are now coming home to roost. A massive die–off is facing us.

      Note 2:

      The mitochrondria, the powerhouse of the cell, has finger–like projections (called cristae). On the projections of inner membrane is where ATP formation takes place. Between the finger–like projections, known as the matrix, is the site where TCP (also known as the Krebs cycle or the citric acid cycle) does its work of generating, among other things, NADH for the electron transport chain. In animals' flight muscle, the cristae are densely packed. In humans, it is similarly packed in heart muscle. Weak hearts may do well to enhance the energy formation in this densely packed area, as it is the area for energy creation on the inner membrane. You may want to consider niacin and/or niacinamide. Also, consider pantethenic acid as this is necessary to be used in forming acetylcoenzyme A.

To Be Continued....


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