The Party's Over

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It's Time To Call It A Day

    The world is now entering a rapid period of disorder and instability. This comes after years of comparative equilibrium. The Industrial Age—The Age of The Machine—is now ending. It will end suddenly! The result of life is inevitable, that is, fundamental change is now here. The underpinnings of our survival are now being altered. The infrastructure of society can no longer support the suprastructure, where we all live. It has been a glorious 50 or 60 years ... but, alas,

The Party's Over

    It's time to call it a day. The successful will be only those who have prepared mentally, physically, and spiritually.

    "Natural selection will reward those who adapt" —America in Depression: The Coming Economic Collapse, Dr. James R. von Feldt & Ronald S. von Feldt.

    And those who endure and do adapt, what wonderful things they will eventually see, do, and hear. A new horizon is about before us. But first....

    We'll have to stop watching the ticker tapes, listening to loud vulgar music, TV, and internet, dancing to exciting music and lewd lyrics. We have to forget this new economics and the prosperity that was founded upon spending and stock market gambling. The American society is going to have to return to the economics of old that generated prosperity that is based upon working and savings. The dole is out! This was voiced by T. W. Lamont (banker in J. P. Morgan Co.) in 1930 when the market fell. We have fallen into the same cycle and hence, The Party's Over once more, and it is time to take off the makeup.

    The American Government has spent itself into bankruptcy. Deficit spending is now the norm. We borrow money to finance our wars, the dole, etc. The easy money policy toward spending has made America a debtor nation. Third world countries are debtor nations. We will eventually, before too much longer, be a third world nation. The American family has used credit as if it were water. The middle class wealth has practically all but gone.

    Our real estate is rapidly becoming a shambles. This has been used as a pawn in a chess game of borrowing. We have borrowed mightly against owner–occupied real estate. Our banks have created "instruments" to create trillions of dollars upon derivatives (a bet on a bet), hoping to make piles of money. When the banks start toppling in earnest, there'll be no stopping them from falling. When the world–wide financial collapse occurs, and most of America is bankrupt, Michael Haga, a former financial newsletter writer, says the stock market will be gone for decades. There'll be no one trusting in stock markets. We might add, banks also.

    James Davidson & Lord Rees–Mogg, writing in The Great Reckoning, says:

"The last depression reduced the inequality of wealth. The tumble in the stock market and the losses from repudiated foreign bonds were borne almost entirely by the wealthy. Furthermore, the wealthy owned a larger percentage of the nation's real estate wealth in 1929 than they did in 1990. However, the coming depression may increase inequality rather than reduce it, because the lion's share of the losses may come in real estate, which has been bid to more fantastic heights by the Cold War inflation. The middle class has the largest proportion of their assets in real estate.

"On average, the top 10 percent of income earners have only about 15 percent of their assets in housing as opposed to over 50 percent for the middle class. Fifty–five percent of American families have negative financial assets. Their debts exceed the value of all the stocks, bonds, bank deposits, and other financial assets they have."

    The collapsing real estate market is now destroying pension funds, insurance companies, banks, and middle class America.

    Get out of bank stocks now! warns Weiss of Money & Markets. You will end up with nothing. This bleak picture that is now, and has been, being painted on the American scene for some time is picking up steam. It is a locomotive train out of control. There's no stopping it now that it has gained momentum. The guarantees by the Federal Government are doing nothing but tripling the government debt to the American people.

    Our government will soon be impotent to do anything except harass its people. Higher taxes cannot stop the locomotive train crash. The U.S. Government will be paralyzed. The American people will realize quite suddenly that The Party's Over. Government credit cards (the national debt) will not buy anything. The makeup comes off and the masquerade is over.

    An interview with Paul O’Neill, the 72nd secretary of the U.S. Treasury (2001 – 2002), printed in The Daily Reckoning, the article, 'Financial Roadkill,' Paris, France, Thursday, October 30, 2008, 4:17 P.M., points out what has happened in America today financially:
"It’s a lot like running up credit card debt: As long as you can pay the interest charges on your credit card debt, you can live way beyond your means. In fact, we as a nation are living way beyond our means, and for a period of time, there’s no doubt we’ve demonstrated you can get away with it. But I think we only need to look at the fate of other countries who’ve lived beyond their means for a long time to see you inevitably get into trouble"

    Our Country...our Government...our Citizens....have now reached this state. We are in serious trouble, and the piper must be paid. There are no short–cuts to avoid the coming Chaos and Confusion, Pain and Suffering. Whoever becomes President of the U.S of A., it will be business as usual. The suffering and pain will only get worse. We have now gone a "bridge" too far. There is the possibility, in the next several years, the government will issue a new, not the Amero, but a type of scrip because it will be broke and the new money will probably be backed by gold.

What You Can Expect From Now


    Suburbia will go. They are dying now. But, first, "Violent behavior, like that already typical in depressed inner cities, will become commonplace in the suburbs. The poor inner city communities have been living in depression since the early 70s. Look to them to predict America's future. The chaos of race wars, domestic terriorism, and vigilante justice will become an everyday affair" — America in Depression: The Coming Economic Crash.

    Regular readers of Chemical Biological WarFare Updates are well aware that we have been warning for sometime now to get out of the big cities, especially like cities Los Angeles with high populations of illegals. However, we receive emails from persons living there saying they can now see the chaos coming, but are waiting for the "Lord" to tell them when to leave by the Holy Spirit. "By the signs you shall know..." and they are not understanding the signs. The apathy is extremely apparent, because people are looking for "signs and wonders" and the Lord doesn't work that way. Now, I give you another city. Get out...I repeat... get out of San Antonio, Texas. If you don't, you will probably be murdered there or starved to death. The Reconquista will probably start there. Inner cities will be hell–holes. Other cities are very vulnerable to the chaos. Get out of large cities now if least the inner portion.

    "The average American will be solely concerned with issues of food, safety, and shelter. Legal, safe jobs will be scarce" — Ibid. The rogues that are coming will be interested, somewhat in similar, The Three F's: Food, Fuel, and Females. Hear me! Get Prepared. Time is almost up. You have little left.

    What we write now is not pretty:

"The federal government will become largely irrelevant. America will be forced to depend on itself—individuals, families, neighborhoods, churches, and local organizations. Government (especially on the local level) will be ill prepared to deal with domestic terrorism. All the smart bomb technology of the Cold War is useless in the face of domestic 'guerilla' warfare"—Ibid.

    Your local city, especially the inner cities of the U.S. will not be able to protect you. And if a smart–ass police chief exacts his own law, as that which was exacted in New Orleans, Louisiana, during Hurricane Katrina, you will be at the guerilla terrorists' mercy. He/they will be exacting three things from you. Don't give them up. Keep on fighting. Get out of large cities now. Expect no garbage pick up. For this reason, get a burn barrel now. Expect no potable water continuously. For this reason learn to purify water now. Expect no continuous utilities. Learn to do without now. Electricity will become sporadic at best across much or parts of the U.S. We will explore this in a latter issue. For now, know this is a real issue and has Washington very, very troubled.

    Expect the witch hunt—which has already begun—to begin in earnest after the election. Someone(s) or entities are going to be blamed for the financial crises. Watch Mr. Hank Paulson give his answers as to why his firm, Goldman Sachs created a special unit to short its own stock. Joe–the–Plumber types by the millions will have been fired from their jobs with the "pink slip." They are going to be sitting in tent cities, eating weevil infested boxes of cereals while sipping cheap rot–gut booze. How long do you think it will take before someone says "To hell with this shit!" and ventures out with hundreds of others with matches and sharp long knives? Cities are going to burn folks! Expect fire and police work to go down or be sporadic. Learn how to defend yourself now. Have an escape route and know where you can go if burned out.

    You can hold onto the little bit you prepared with only can defend it. Many of you we have been speaking with have still not prepared to defend what you have got. Wow! What is it going to take to get you to do this? Do not expect your neighbors, who have not prepared, to come to your aid. They may come to take the little bit left or overlooked by the spoilers. As you read this, many are considering Obama will be the next president; thus, gun dealers are reporting a brisk sale of all kinds of guns and ammunition. Already, Mr. Obama has declared to reinstate the "assault rifle" ban if elected. We venture he and his ilk do not even know what an assault rifle is. Most media do not know and hence have colored the issue with their prattle. Obama, Pelosi, and others, as well as citizens, are listening to this hype. But, if elected, Mr. Obama and his ilk will be the controlling power.

    This country has been doing unsound, frenzied spending for some time now. We have experienced a long period of growth and inflation. After 50 or 60 years or so, something commonplace happens with regular frequency—Depression. If the inflation is high, the depression is deep. It has always been that the size of the depression is always measured by the scope of the inflation. This depression we're approaching at full steam ahead promises to be a doozy. The middle class of America will be financially wiped out.

    Unseen since the Dark Ages, the world may experience total Chaos and tumult for a while. There will be no easy way out. You have to ride this one out. It is going to be a very rough ride. Many will die.

What Rome Taught Us
No One's Listening

    "During the first century before Christ (88–82 B.C.), the Roman Republic plunged herself into devasting civil war with her Italian allies (the Social War). Rome was victorious, but at tremendous cost. Rome's economy was destroyed. She could not afford to defend her colonies throughout the Mediterranean world. King Mithridates of the eastern kingdom Pontus then attacked the eastern Roman colonies, expanding his own kingdom, taking modern Turkey and Greece.

    "The war with Saddam Hussein is a perfect example of this classic human struggle. Saddam challenged America's predominant position in the world at a time when the U.S. could no longer afford to field an army. Saddam's fatal mistake was that he did not count on America's willingness to go begging around the world for necessary war funds.

    "Who would ever believe that America would be forced to hire out her armies as mercenaries or that the American people would be willing to swallow their pride and allow it?

    "It is ironic that at a time when America cannot afford to send an army into the Middle East, we have elected a President who promises to raise taxes and spending, and implement a wildly expensive socialized health care program"— Ibid.

    And from James Davidson & Lord Rees–Mogg in The Great Reckoning:

"Once the dole was introduced, the size of the bribe it entailed naturally tended to escalate over time. The availability of free food made the opportunities in the workplace seem even less attractive to large numbers of the Roman poor. So they stopped working. As the size of the mob rose, it became more important. And great efforts were extended by factions of the leadership to manipulate it. There also appears to have been a coarsening of the mob itself, which became less self–sufficient and more prone to violence as time passed."

    Doesn't this sound rather familiar since the dole has been going. Our society, the mob, has gotten more and more course, rude, and violent. And, they are more demanding and want more. This party has to end with a devastating crash. Then, Mr. Ugly surfaces and violence becomes the norm. We cover this thoroughly in The Whore of Babylon, January 2009.

    This is, and has been occurring, for some time now. Recall, the Roman Empire fell for instituting these things from within first, as we have now done. It won't be long now. Time is short.

    Knowing what is coming, and why, helps prepare you mentally for this extreme Chaos. We must also be prepared physically and spiritually.

    Think about this: Two–thousand years ago the people under Roman control sought to take a Man by force and make him King. Why? Because he would over throw the Roman Republic? No! Because, He gave them free food — John 6:26. And he disappeared in their midst. He knew what such an action, if allowed, would bring, and the ultimate results. He bought them a little more time before they were ultimately carted off.

    Some of our leaders today appear to think they are this Man; however, they lack his wisdom, foresight, and power.

Dr. Gary North's Reality Check

Tuesday, September 02, 2008, 9:02 AM, Writes:

"The day of small trucks with high profits is over. Gasoline prices are too high. These trucks are used to haul urban egos, not cargo. Ford and GM bet the farm on these non-farming tricks, and now they must readjust. The [sic] were lean and mean.

"Detroit is finished, in every sense. They sat on their laurels. They thought it would be fat city forever. It is more likely to be bankruptcy. The American industry will not recover.

"You must adjust whenever you can. This is the lesson of the Big 3 (Ford, GM, Chrysler). They did not adjust."

    They are finished! The Party's Over. It is over for not just them but the big and small banks, various industries, and others. This impacts us all in a negative way. It is going to be very hard times within the next few years.

The McAlvany's Intelligence Advisor (MIA)

Writes In Its September 2008 Issue, Strongly Encourages Its Readers, and Has For Years To:

"... Reduce ... debts; lighten up on stocks, long bonds, and residential real estate; and to move significant portions of their assets into gold, silver, natural resources, foreign currencies, and out of the U.S. (i.e., to Switzerland). We now, once again, repeat those recommendations but with a greatly increased sense of urgency. Do so before the November elections!"

    The November elections will bring a socialistic government to American soil never before seen here. The Party will be over and you can expect the worst downgrade in your life ever experienced. There may be a very brief honeymoon....then comes the Hell.... McAlvany writes:

"America is likely to have the most radical socialist government (including Congress) in early 2009 in our history. Are you prepared for this, mentally, psychologically, financially, spiritually, and personally? You had better be!"

    And when we think we can't take it anymore and evil forces think they have won against God and Christianity, "By some power of God, then comes The Chastisement, they are cast down....---The Two-Fold Chastisement: Visions of the Coming Earth Changes, Brocato and King.

    The authors, quoting from very early Church Saints, writes:

"The good, less numerous than the wicked, will be on the point of being annihilated, when, O Power of God, a stroke from Heaven will save them. All the wicked shall perish, but also many good."

    The Bob Livingston Letter, September 2008, writes:

"As most of you know, we own and recommend gold and silver coins in your possession not in a bank. We also recommend Swiss annuities for a very fast and easy way to get money into Swiss francs and out of the country legally. Call 1-800-331-0996 leaving your name and a full mailing address for information."

    McAlvany further writes, to try to survive this, do the following:

  • Get out of debt/get liquid.

  • Sell your real estate down to 25 % (max) of your net worth and sharply cut or eliminate your real estate debt.

  • Avoid the stock market -- except for energy, natural resources, precious metals mining, and selected food related stocks.

  • Avoid the bond market except for the very shortest T-bills (or T-Bill-only market).

  • Monitor your bank's financial stability very closely. (Call ICA at 1-800-525-9556 for a bank rating.)

  • Rural or small town living will be much safer than in big cities in a time of financial/economic/political/social turmoil.

    Note: Your WebMasters, and Now "Kong" have been most emphatic about this.

  • Six months of dehydrated/freeze dried food reserves makes sense - in light of growing weather related crises and global food shortages.

  • A cash reserve (on hand) that can carry you for two or three months in a crisis is prudent.

  • 35-50 % of liquid assets should be in U.S. or European gold and silver coins (which are liquid, portable, hideable, low profile and rising rapidly (i.e., three to four-fold in recent years due to accelerating U.S. and global inflation, and the on-going U.S. dollar collapse).

  • 25% of liquid assets in stronger foreign currencies (or short government bonds in those currencies).

  • 25% of liquid assets diversified out of the U.S., (in our opinion, Switzerland is best) - in either precious metals or a Swiss Annuity.

  • Consider the possibility of living abroad with your family (the subject of a future issue of MIA. This writer prefers less expensive, poorer, somewhat technologically backwards Third World countries where your declining dollars still go a long way and where freedom issues could be much more positive than in America or Europe over the next 5 to 10 years.

  • Find likeminded friends who understand the times, with whom you can share preparations or resources.

    Note: ChembioUpdate has been saying this for sometime now.

  • Develop a strong spiritual/Biblical foundation, seek to know and follow the God of the Bible more intimately, and pray for wisdom, guidance, and direction from the Lord as to how to survive, prosper, and navigate through the dangerous minefield which lies ahead.


    Isaiah 58:11 says:

    "The Lord will guide you always (continually); he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land, and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail."


    Isaiah 43:2 says:

    "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze." Parapharsed: The Lord will take you through the tough stuff and difficult times!

    McAlvany writes this food for thought...

"Only a year after banning all negative messages about homosexuality in public schools throughout the state, the California Legislature now is ordering school children to celebrate 'gay' lifestyle choices."

    And in the October 2008 issue of MIA, they write:

"The FDIC is in trouble, with only $45 billion to cover $13.4 trillion in deposits in 8,500 banks — .00035% coverage. (Martin Weiss forecast that 1,457 more banks will fail with total losses of $2.4 trillion.)"

    The MIA further points out that the FDIC will be broke as they have to pay out " more large bank and 10 medium–sized regional bank failures." They advise to get ready for the next big government give away or bail out, if you want to call it that. Regardless, the U.S. Government is going to have to bail out the FDIC sooner or later...and this means trillions of dollars of free money is going to be "created out of thin air."

    What this means for You. Super–to–Hyperinflation is coming. If you have not prepared thoroughly, you will not be able to afford anything, especially food.

    It is all too likely, that a Slate Wiper, created by the American Government (whether intentional or not), is coming to the U.S., and this will be used for control, until they have reduced the burgeoning population and more manageable sizes are presented.


    October 24, 1929, was the day the Great Crash occurred. The United States went into a funk. It funked out! The Great Depression first started overseas, in England, and rolled across the Alantic to America. The blight on the economy was sent back across to other nations in trouble that were linked to the American economy by means of international commerce.

    The entire world of the West was at the edge of the abyss, and it looked as if the Marxists were going to be proven right—Capitalism would fail. However, with the arrival of the Second World War and also arriving upon the scene was John Maynard Keynes, a brilliant economist, this changed things. Keynes knew exactly what to have the American government do, and others followed suit. The medicine he prescribed was simple, and the war was the vehicle to show that it would work.

    If the government would make prodigious and extraordinary expenditures that would be generated by the war effort and to maintain the war machine, unemployment would drop drastically. Men would go to war, men and women would stay back and support the war machine in factories and jobs that were war related. Keynes medicine: The government would make massive injections into the economy via spending and creating more jobs. In the end, the war was the elixir to save the economy. This is why a new world war is in the offing. This will be covered in The Whore of Babylon in the ChembioUpdate Issue of January 1, 2009.

    Since then, governments in trouble have always used this Keynesian economic theory and some form of this has served as a guiding factor for the World of the West.

    Writing in The Great Depression of 1990, Dr. Riva Batra says:

"The economic behavior of individual economic units such as businessmen, consumers, etc., he adressed himself to the question of maco–economics, i.e.; the analysis of the entire economy. Keynes observed that businesses performed a two–pronged function: as producers they supply goods, but they also pay incomes to households in the form of wages, rents, interest, and profits. The households in turn spend money to buy goods from businessmen. There is thus a circular flow, with income flowing from producers to consumers and then from consumers back to producers. As long as businessmen can sell all their goods at a reasonable profit, this circular process continues uninterrupted.

"But several hitches may arise. A part of an individual's income is saved and deposited with financial institutions, a part taken away by the government in the form of taxes, and a part spent on foreign goods in the form of imports. These are what we may call leakages from total expenditure, and they tend to keep aggregate demand for goods short of the aggregate supply. Counterbalancing these leakages are the three injections to total expenditure—business borrowing for investment, government spending, and exports.

"If the leakages exceed injections, aggregate demand falls short of aggregate supply and some goods remain unsold, so that businessmen are forced to trim production and hence their employment of labor; in the opposite case of the injections exceeding leakages, production and hence employment tend to rise.

"This, in simple terms, is the well–known Keynesian process of national income determination. In this system aggregate demand plays an active role, and aggregate supply a passive role in the sense that the latter converges to the former. High national income and hence high employment call for high aggregate demand. The corollary is unmistakably clear: during years of low demand, the economy suffers from high unemployment and hence recessions or depressions (Note: This is what all are talking about now, Recession. And this may parlay into Depression—WebMasters). The policy prescription is also unmistakably clear: in order to cure unemployment, the government should step in and raise aggregate spending in the economy by means of fiscal and monetary policies.

    The government has waded into this current economic fiasco and we are seeing this enormous government spending, but for profligacy. It is not being spent for unemployment. The working person on the street will not realized the figure was picked out of the air to save profligate bankers, insurance companies, mortgage companies and so–forth. There was no documentation for the billions which actually needed to be more, and furthermore it was immediately recognized by economists and financial newsletter advisors that the figure is too small. Regardless who gets the highest office in the Nation in November, 2008, they are going to have to spend inordinate amounts of money that will eventually spell Hyper–Inflation. This will not be enough to fund all the programs designed to "rob" the rich and middle class as well; we will have to create, or some other nation will have to start a third World War. Get ready in mind, body, and's coming.

    In the October Issue of The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, 2008, they write:
"Faith in government dissolves along with faith in the currency. Widespread flouting of law is common and tax payments quit. If it gets bad enough, crime flourishes, both organized and random. The domestic economy collapses into a depression and the currency just collapses."

Does this sound similar to what you have been reading in this document?

MIA continues:

"By this time there are several violently outraged groups of people: the first group consists of those who have been dependent on the dragon (the government) for their free programs, and once the dragon reneges on its promises to provide these, they are outraged at the violation of their imagined rights to a free lunch. This can include pensioners who paid the dragon money but discover the dragon spent it all before they retired."

Remember what Christ said: ..."That is why they wanted to make Me king."

This is the next big problem, your WebMasters feel you will be seeing in the not too distant future.

"The second group is the middle class, who have been beaten to death to feed the dragon and his cronies. They have lost all their livelihood and property. This is the point where many revolutions occur. Sometimes the revolutions are non–bloody and occur only at the voting booths; sometimes they are bloody and violent. It is a dangerous time because the chaos caused by the breakdown of economic and political order coupled with the collapse of morality and often requires brute force to restore order, and brute force is the fertile ground for dictators and the destruction of rights.

"One of the great ironies of history is that those who started the mess and benefited greatly from it are rarely ever called to pay for the crimes and carnage they caused. Finally the dragon dies."

    If you read this again, keep in mind no civilization ever lasted at its prime for more than 200 years. America reached that a few years back (1976).

The Party's Over

The Following Shows How Swiftly A Triviality Can Snowball Into A Lethal Situation.

(Be Careful From Now On)

And After This...Then Comes

Times in America will change rather abruptly.
Your WebMasters suggest you check your
Medicine Supply/List

We Feel This Is Going To Be A Long, Hard Siege
Get Prepared...Time Is Short Now...
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