The Physiological/Psychological
Effects Of Noise
Part IV

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Noise Can Cause High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, High Triglycerides, Fatigue, Exhaustion, Fractured Sleep, Learning Difficulties and Much More...

[The Thousand Yard Stare]

The Thousand Yard Stare

The Look Of Total Stress

High Blood Pressure
Heart DiseaseHigh TriglyceridesHpothyroidism
And More

And Now . . . The MORE!

There's going to be noise, much you will not be able to hear as we approach the heart of The Galactic Plane. We are ignorant in our bliss! But, as we go about our life, as this Galactic Plane encompasses, we will come near heavenly bodies, and more. There are invisible monsters out there, especially The Black Hole. We'll be there as we approach a dying star, forming a black hole. This may one day destroy us all. But first, the Galactic Noise, which we may not even hear with our ears, may cause much madness as it traverses through the organism.

This extrapolates to unprecedented Stress! Stress that will cause one to go 'Face Down.'

    "Audiogenic stimuli (sound) have been found to induce cardiovascular changes in adrenal weights and adrenal ascorbic acid and death," writes J.P. Buckley and H.H. Smookler, Department Pharmacology, University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy.

    You recall from previous writings in this series, that Vitamin C is used mostly by the white cells of the body of the immune system; next, it is used extensively in the adrenal glands for and in its functions. This is still another reason the WebMasters of this site suggest strongly one make sure they store vitamin C and ingest it regularly.

    "Herrington and Nelback," write Buckley and Smookler, "exposed rats to a complex type of stimulation including audiogenic and cage vibration and observed changes in the experimental animals similar to those produced by thyroid overdosage." Thus, we see that noise impacts the thyroid gland. I. Tamari of the Hebrew University, Hadassah Medical Centre, Jerusalem, Israel, says, "Auditory stimuli induce regressive changes resembling those produced by other stressful stimuli. The weight of the adrenal cortex increases under auditory stimulation (D'Amour and Shaklee, 1955) combined with an associated increase of corticosteroids (Duncan, 1957). The studies of Sackler et al. (1950, 1959, 1960) also provide considerable evidence for increased production of adrenocorticosteroids, and inhibition of gonadotrophic and ovarian hormones, and possible inhibition of thyrotrophin (TSH) and thyroid hormones."

    He further points out that auditory stimuli "induced rapid discharge of ACTH as evidenced by marked depletion of adrenal ascorbic acid in male rats by intense sound stimulation." Also, sound stimulation affects testicular function.

    And if this affects the rats, who are similar in response to humans biochemically, then this can be extrapolated to humans.

    Noise stimuli, motion, and visual stimuli causes animals to become hypertensive, exhibit excessive saliva flow, aggressiveness, and irritability. It was shown that tranquilizers, such as reserpine and chlorpromazine, enhanced the test animals' response rather than lessened the responses.

    A drug such as reserpine, an antipsychotic given daily not only failed to decrease the pressors (stresses which cause high blood pressure and vasoconstriction) but appears to potentiate lethal effects of stress. In the experiments with reserpine, the animals treated showed marked deterioration (degeneration) and necrosis possibly in the adrenal cortex outer layers of the zona fasciculata. These cells secrete mostly glucocorticoids. "They affect glucose homeostasis."—Principals of Anatomy & Physiology, Tenth Edition, Tortora & Grabowski. This is extremely important. These two authors write:

Glucocorticoids have the following effects:

  • Protein breakdown. Glucocorticoids increase the rate of protein breakdown, mainly in muscle fibers, and thus increase the liberation of amino acids into the bloodstream. The amino acids may be used by body cells for synthesis of new proteins or for ATP production.

  • Glucose formation. Upon stimulation by glucocorticoids, liver cells may convert certain amino acids or lactic acid to glucose, which neurons and other cells can use for ATP production. Such conversion of a substance other than glycogen or another monosaccharide into glucose is called gluconeogenesis.

  • Lipolysis. Glucocorticoids stimulate lipolysis, the breakdown of triglycerides and release of fatty acids from adipose tissue into the blood.

  • Resistance to stress. Glucocorticoids work in many ways to provide resistance to stress. The additional glucose supplied by the liver cells provides tissues with a ready source of ATP to combat a range of stresses, including exercise, fasting, fright, temperature extremes, high altitude, bleeding, infection, surgery, trauma, and disease. Because glucocorticoids make blood vessels more sensitive to other hormones that cause vasoconstriction, they raise blood pressure. This effect would be an advantage in cases of severe blood loss, which causes blood pressure to drop.

  • Anti–inflammatory effects. Glucocorticoids inhibit white blood cells that participate in inflammatory responses. Unfortunately, glucocorticoids also retard tissue repair, and as a result, they slow wound healing. Although high doses can cause severe mental disturbances, glucocorticoids are very useful in the treatment of chronic inflammatory disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Depression of immune responses. High doses of glucocorticoids depress immune responses. For this reason, glucocortricoids are prescribed for organ transplant recipients to retard tissue rejection by the immune system.

    One can see, from just the above, what problems we are having now from the stresses noise vibrations are making. However, it gets worse as draconion laws are enacted as the National Government goes down to exact more money out of its cash–strapped citizens. The latter is of a different noise, but, nevertheless. . . Noise. It pollutes the mind and body. It causes more stress to an already overburdened body. Still, more noise is on the way. It is arriving daily from bankrupt states, cities, and loss of income from no jobs. This noise, taken together, with the noise of sound vibration that we hear and that which we do not hear, but feel consciously and unconsciously, through our tissues and bones, is noise stress. More and more, we are getting to the 'Face Down' position for many world–wide! What position will most take when national governments, states, cities, towns, and villages go 'Face Down?'

    For those who prepared, it will be horrendously difficult. Try to align yourself now with someone you know who is strong and understands what these writings are about. Make sure they are not just strong, but strong–strong, for these coming events!

    The test: Do they have the mindset to survive? Do they have the wherewithall to survive? Do they think in 3–D? Do they think and see the future difficulties and know how to cope with them mentally, physically, and spiritually? Will they be quick to respond to an emergency, such as threat(s) forcing entry into their space? Will they be quick to evaluate, in seconds, as lethal force is being presented against them? Will they be quick to respond with lethal force when only seconds count? This or these are the ones you want to align yourself with. But, be warned, they will see through you if you are not sincere in doing something, and only want the dole and physical protection they can give you.

    Don't just make noise! How do you evaluate the above for this? Ascertain does the person exercise? Does the person or persons know weaponry? Does the person or persons know the human body? Does the person or persons know and understand stress and its ramifications? Does the person or persons know how to cook, treat snake bites, wounds, sickness? Does the person(s) have an understanding of human psychology? Does the person(s) have a congenial personality? Is that person(s) quick to get over minor infractions? Can that person(s) follow through on a plan of action, whether it be self-defense; or, a move when under severe stress? Will those person(s) go to pieces under harsh stress? Can they maintain discipline in the face of extreme adversity? Can they calm a stress situation?

    These are the things you need to know before you align yourself with another!

    All this noise, including that of sound vibrations, will cause more left ventricular hypertrophy and vacuolization of all the three zones of the adrenal cortex. This is serious, as many will not have the adrenals to function to fight back against the predators now here and increasing; nor the ability to fight everyday stresses, then and in the future. In the immediate future, the stress will be far worse. They will go 'Face Down.'

    This takes us to what is now occurring in Pregnant Women, and their fetuses. . . and what the latter may be like When The Hell is over — if they survive! Monster-formation is on the way. No one wants to lose an innocent child, but God's judgement against us will be horrendous, soon.

    William F. Gerber, from the Department of Pharmacology, Medical College of Georgia, wrote in Cardiovascular and Teratogenic Effects of Chronic Intermittent Noise Stress, that there is a correlation of noise on the cardiovascular system, and a definite relationship on blood flow to a pregnant woman's uterus such that this decrease in blood flow causes mal fetal development. He further points out that there is a "role of maternal exposure to noise stress" which causes abormal fetal development.

    Noise can cause degenerative left ventricular failure as well as an increase in blood pressure. The latter mechanics of how this is caused was explored in Part III. Our main thrust here is on the fact that noise exposure in the mother causes fetal development problems.

    The introduction in the 60s and especially the 70s of loud music and then the 'big boom box' noise, beginning 50 years ago, has now generated problems and more in the offing. Look at all the adults with health problems because of less blood flow to the uterus by a mother who engaged in rock concerts, music, loud boom box noise, and the increased noise pollution of our overall society for the past fifty years now. Those adults that were in the uterine stage of development then will have various problems with survival when the system is no longer up. There will be no medical infrastructure that can keep them medicated to survive, as they have developmental problems from continued loud noise, then and now.

    One problem with noise on fetuses is hypoxemia (decreased blood flow and hence oxygenation to an area of tissue; in this case, the uterus, which houses the fetus; thus, less blood and oxygen to fetus) and this is known to be teratogenic, which is monster–like formation. Gerber, from above, had discussed this in a paper sometime back and says, "There is reasonable evidence in the literature for the participation of the two factors of hypoxemia and catecholamines (generated by excess stress—noise, in this case) in the etiology of congenital malformations."

    The mechanism of this is broached by Gerber:
The noise stress is received by the auditory apparatus of the adult animal; the various higher brain centers integrate the signals; the hypothalamus and hypophyseal (pituitary gland) areas are activated; the adrenal cortex and medulla are stimulated to release their respective hormones.

The combination of hormones and increased peripheral resistance raises blood pressure (vasoconstriction occurs in peripherical blood vessels) in the adult and decreases uterine blood flow, which in turn interferes with proper gaseous, nutrient, and waste product interchange between fetus and mother.

The relative hypoxemia along with the catecholamines released by the maternal stress reflect their effects in the fetus by interfering with both normal fetal blood flow and certain biochemical pathways, thereby resulting in an improper sequencing of development events in the fetus during critical phases of organogenesis (forming and growth of cells and tissues to make a working organism).

    We now have people who are extremely irritable over the least little thing. We see extreme depression practically everywhere; anger over practically nothing; gastrointestinal problems manifesting regularly; fractured sleep and all the problems it brings. With what is about to befall mankind, people will not be able to handle the stress, tension, and intolerable nervous strain, as they become more unsociable, irritable, and quarrelsome at work, at home, and in just simple daily duty.

    And still, we have people telling us they are going to take care of adult family and extended family members, and many include friends. These people they want to take care of, good people to be sure, are too stupid to see the light of day at the end of the tunnel, and they are going to take them into that dark tunnel with them. There, you will all undergo this humongous stress response, and if any one of you gets out of there, somebody will put you down because having been through that tunnel, you will not be able to be lived with, communicated to, or dealt with, because you will be unsociable, you will be irritable, and you will be mad as hell all the time. God's will be done!

    All this implies The Killing Mechanism is up and running here too and will strike hard.

And This Is The Kind of Stress We Are Looking At:

Screaming Terror

Our Stress Will Be Turned on To This Level, Not Only From Screaming Terror, But Also For/From Thoughts and Memories!

    Now, with the above considerations, we reconsider the figure below from Human Anatomy & Physiology, Sixth Edition, by Elaine N. Marieb.

    We suggest one copy and carry this figure with explanation in their run bag if they need to know what's happening to them and/or family and friends, as the Stressors mount.

[The Stress Response]

    Note: On the top left–hand chart designating that response from the hypothalamus is "Short Term."

Short–Term Stress Response:
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Liver converts glycogen to glucose and releases glucose to blood
  • Dilation of bronchioles
  • Changes in blood flow patterns leading to increased alertness, decreased digestive system activity, and reduced urine output
  • Increased metabolic rate

    Not only do we have an understanding of how Chronic Stress from whatever source, in this case, generated by Noise Pollution, causes high cholesterol, but we have been given a hint about high blood pressure and other diseases, such as diabetes.

    This is from the top right-hand of the above chart:

More Prolonged Response:


  • Retention of sodium and water by kidneys

  • Increased blood volume and blood pressure

  • Proteins and fats converted to glucose or broken down for energy

  • Increased blood sugar

  • Suppression of immune system

... To Be Continued ...

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, any copyrighted work in this message is distributed under fair use without profit or payment for non-profit research and educational purposes only. [Reference:Cornell Law School]

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