TheWhore Of Babylon

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What Is The "Whore"

    The Whore of Babylon is the Catholic Church, according to fundamentalist, David Hunt. He gives a number of tracts pointing this out; especially that of Revelation 17 – 18. This is the chapter fundamentalists love to quote from the Bible proving that the Catholic Church is the Mother of All Whores. However, nay, says Texe Marrs, researcher and author of numerous books. He points out that one of the favorite arguments fundamentalists use is that the Catholic Church's Vatican sits on seven hills in Rome, Italy. Thus, this proves the argument. Others are used too, but this is not the point. Marrs says a lot of other places are sitting on seven hills. He feels, and gives good arguments, that Jerusalem, Israel, is the Whore of Babylon. She too is, not generally appreciated, sitting on or among seven hills.

    However, when we look at Revelation 17:1–6, we get a look at Who and What this Whore is:

"This passage tells us several things about the Whore: (1) She is an international power, since she 'sits on many waters,' representing different peoples (17:15), and she has committed fornication with 'the kings of the earth,' and she has inflamed 'the dwellers on earth' with her fornication. (2) She is connected with the seven-headed Beast from Revelation 13:1–10. That Beast was a major pagan empire, since its symbolism combined animal elements from four other major pagan empires (compare Rev. 13:1–2 with Dan. 7:1–8). (3) The Woman is connected with royalty, since she is dressed in the royal color purple. (4) The Woman is rich, for she is 'bedecked with gold and jewels and pearls, holding in her hand a golden cup.' (5) She has committed some kind of fornication, which in Scripture is often a symbol of false religion—lack of fidelity to the God who created heaven and earth. (6) She is symbolically known as Babylon. (7) She is a central cause of 'abominations' in the land, abominations being a reference to practices, especially religious practices, that are offensive to God. And (8) she persecutes Christians 'the saints and . . . martyrs of Jesus.'" — Catholic Answers

    Now, let's get out of the religious mode and point out broadly that what we read above is clearly extrapolated to profligacy, extravagancy, usury, going into debt when we cannot afford homes, automobiles, and coveting things and getting them when we cannot afford them. This is Free Food warned against. The whole world is encompased, for the most part with this, and what you have been and are witnessing now is the Whore coming home to roost! The Whore boastfully claims the money lenders as belonging to her also. Ad infinitum to ad nauseam.

    And now, we have given ourselves over to a perverse spirit. Just look at Inside Cover at topic sentence: Bible Publishers Sued For Anti–Gay References. After this, what's it is....

    And what about this from with the topic sentence: Prominent Homosexual Activist Says Bestiality OK 'As Long as the Animal Doesn't Mind'.

    For most who get caught up in all this without any help, you will be at another's mercy. And that will be Hell For You and Yours! The Whore is going to eat you up. She is already hitting all of us in the pocketbook. More is to come. You can rest assured of this.

Characteristics of The Whore

  • Welfare nation.

  • Money desired in every aspect of a nation's culture.

  • Banks and credit institutions loaning money to deadbeats.

  • Bad banking practices.

  • Burgeoning credit.

  • Easy money.

  • High technology for its time.

  • Crime rises.

  • Education guarantees nothing.

  • Broken families.

  • Marital abuse.

  • Alcoholism.

  • Drug Addition.

  • Unruly kids, teens, adults.

  • Family unity disentigrated.

  • Dishonesty in governments, local, state, national.

  • Decadence, violence, and self–gratification becomes the norm.

  • God is dead. A new created God rises.

  • Reality shows

  • Abusive, vulgar, media practices.

  • Selfishness in every walk of life.

  • No one takes responsibility for actions.

  • Good is called evil.

  • Evil is called good.

  • infinitium .... ad neuseaum....

  • Why You Won't Like Hell ... Because

    You Won't Like Your Neighbors

        Prepare now, with what little time is left to shore up a Covenant Community Relationship with at least 10 people within 100 miles. This is extremely important! You will not like being cast in with people you don't know; have nothing in common with; who eye you suspiciously, that are coarse, vulgar, and loud.

        These people tend to be quite selfish. Recall the media stories about recent hurricane evacuees. There were fights, hogging in lines, noise and radios blaring all hours of the night in the shelters. Even rape or attempted rape. There were sex offenders present that did not register until caught, moving freely among potential victims. The complaints included not enough toilets; toilets backing up; and no supervision when a child or woman went to the "Johnny On The Spot" toilets outside of the shelters. There were mental patients wandering about, and one was arrested for causing trouble. There was no privacy. A large number of people were crammed into a structure that leaked.

        There was confusion...confusion...everywhere confusion. Then, the evacuees complained about being locked up at night like criminals. The city, Tyler, Texas, in this instance for Hurricane Ike, did not want these people wandering the city and possibly causing crime. There were complaints regarding the "police and National guardsmen at the site"—The Beaumont Enterprise, Friday, October 3, 2009, page 7A.

        "They (police and National Guard) treated everybody like they didn't care at all. I don't know if it was because it was a predominately black evacuation or what." —Ibid

        There were several fights among teens such that one had to be tasered. Note well that that teens and children are not like they used to be 40 years ago. They are very selfish and you be damed when it comes to what they want and getting their way. This is in now in all strata and social classes of society. Reread Cannibalism at this site.

        And remember, the above Hell is nothing compared to days turning into weeks into months into years. Yes! You read that right. This is going to be a long hard seige for all of us, especially horrendous for those who scoffed and ridiculed those who prepared. Your WebMasters are beginning to receive word from those who prepared and talked, that they are Hoarders by their friends and so–called good neighbors. The people writing us are saying,
    "We're afraid because some of our good friends are not acting so good now. They are saying we have to share with them, but they laughed at us for storing when food, especially, was plentiful and much more inexpensive than it is now. What do we do," they ask?

        Some have confided that they believe their friends, when hungry enough, and their neighbors too, will come with force, and take what they have prepared and put aside by going without, so they could have essentials for this moment.

        One of your WebMasters said, "Do not hesitate, get out now, while/if you can. And put them down if they come with force to take the little bit you have. They have degenerated all the way to 'rats' and 'wolf packs.'"

    Historical Determinism:
    The Cycles Of History

        Throughout the ages, men have always looked for cycles or patterns to determine as best they can when to buy, sell, trade, plant, etc. They searched for some determinate in understanding these cycles. Today, modern man tends to inflate to keep the "status quo" or business as usual and pays no mind to patterns or cycles. However, Tornybee, Marx, Spengler, Saint Augustine, Aristotle and Plato looked at and predicted from cycles as best they could.

        An intellect and scholar, Prabhat Ranjan Sakar, from India revived historical determinism. His Law of Social Cycles is based on four classes found in a society. He discovered they exist in all societies. His student, Dr. Ravi Batra, uses these laws in predicting a great depression. He contends the following from his book, The Great Depression in 1990:

    "One reason the idea of historical determinism has traditionally invited so much hostility can be traced to a popular misconception. True, the concept means that history follows a set pattern; that society evolves and undergoes transformations in tune with a discernible rhythm. But it does not imply, as is commonly believed, that humanity cannot make its own destiny; nor does it signify fatalism and resignation before the might of Providence."

        Sakar considered that people generate social cycles as does Robert Prechtor of Elliott Wave Theorist. Prector believes that social mood generates cycles. And what generates this no one seems to know. But, it is real. The U.S. Government spends billions attempting to create a better social mood that "all is well" and thus the market can only go up. The mood generated by government, "It's too big to fail," is being used right now for big banks and businesses.

        Sakar bases his Law of Social Cycles on Four Classes of Society. He took basic human characteristics and discovered that these generate into the next social class; and this, into the next until the cycle reaches its zenith in buying power; then fails, and starts over again.

        These traits are common in any civilization in which most of the people share the same mood or common goals. History shows that these peoples share common learning objectives to reach their common goals. Most U.S. citizens want status and comfort. To achieve these ends, some use their intellect, some their physical prowess, and still others use their ability to gather wealth to induce comfort and status.

    This now takes us to the Four Classes found in a Society:

    Sakar's Four Social Classes

    [Unskilled Laborer]

    America In Depression: The Coming Economic Collapse writes for this class:
    "He is the physical laborer, lacking vigor, higher intelligence, drive for money, or ambition. His level of education is low; his marketable skills are severely limited. He is exploited by the other three classes. He does the work that nobody else will do and is poorest of the classes.

    "Farm workers, unskilled factory workers, low–level clerks, etc."

    [The Warrior]

    "He excels in physical skills requiring courage, stamina, and vigor. He is born with superior body strength and is usually employed in occupations requiring physical risk. He solves his problems using might and muscle.

    "Police, fire fighters, soldiers, professional athletes, skilled blue–collar workers, etc." — Ibid

    The Intellectual

    [The Intellectual]

    "He is endowed with relatively superior intellect rather than physical prowess. He uses his mind to solve his problems.

    "Lawyers, physicians, engineers, artists, scientists, white, collar workers, priests and ministers, writers, scholars, etc." — Ibid

    [The Acquisitors]

    "He is endowed with intellect, but uses his energies primarily for the goal of amassing money. Usually the most affluent of the classes, money is all that matters in his life. It alone is the key to success.

    "Merchants, bankers, moneylenders, businessmen, landlords, etc." — Ibid

        Notice, as we have risen through the four social classes, society evolves through four time frames or eras. Each time frame is predictably under the control of a different social class. The Great Depression of 1990 by Dr. Ravi Batra, points out that one can change his social class by means of hard study, endeavor and work. However, this is not often done.

        Let us start with the Era of The Unskilled. What characterizes it? History shows this period of social class is fraught with mob rule, confusion, disorder and chaos. The economy goes down and there is a decline in morals. Law is not respected. Does any of this sound a little familiar and growing within the last 20 years or so? Violent crime is rampant during this era of the unskilled. Violence in marriage is common. Divorce is now accepted as a way of life. People live in fear for their safety. We no longer see children who are disciplined.

        Push start on the player below and review what Howard Beale has to say from Network.

    This Is Characteristic of The Fear That Is Coming. The Government Will Use This To Control Us

        From here, we move into the Era of The Warriors. Our societal structure is strong and centralized. Discipline becomes the focus point of most citizens. Their children are disciplined and respond with manners. Self–control and self–reliance become the focal point in one's life again. The family structure and unit becomes sacrosanct again. Morality returns.

        As the leaders of the Warrior Movement become corrupt again, this era breaks down and gives sway to the Intellectual Era. Their rule is characterized by religion, reasoning and thinking. Might is out. Diplomacy and talk reign supreme. A big game develops of cunning, wit, cleverness, and control through these facets. The government loses its central theme in one's life. It has become rather decentralized.

        But they too fail and give way to what money can bring. Thus, money becomes the theme of the age. Greediness and the things money can buy characterized this era. This is what we are now leaving and therefore moving once again into the Era of the Unskilled. The cycle is complete. Crime will become rampant. People will live in fear. We are moving into this now. But, from one monied area to the first era again, a Great Depression befalls us and we move into this first era with all its pitfalls. Family and society start eroding again. As has been happening, morality is cast aside. Get prepared mentally, physically, and spiritually, if you now can.

        Dr. Ravi Batra writes:

    "It should be noted at the outset that every entity, however small or large, is subject to cycles. Everything in the universe, no matter how short or long its life, moves in ups and downs. Nothing moves in a straight line... Everything in the world is subject to fluctuations."

        He points out that most of American history exists within the last age, The Age of Aquisitors or Acquirers. This age closely protects one's rights of ownership, wealth, and what you have been and are witnessing now with the "bailout" programs for the big banks, industrial giants, and the profligate—Greed!

        When the Great Depression hits this time, this is what we can expect, according to von Feldt & von Feldt's book, America In Depression: The Coming Economic Collapse: A time of disorder and chaos. Society breaks down. Most of society will be unemployed. Hunger will be present everywhere. People will destroy themselves as they see their fortunes lost. Crime, depravity, and alcoholism (and your WebMasters add to this list, drugs) will soar. We wrote in the last issue, The Day The World Stands Still, that in order to reduce the over population, stimulate work, and increase more and new industry, America will to have to go to war.

        Crime will begin dissipating; family unity will become holy again, and America will come out of the depression and develop morals and ethics once more. the Unskilled Class will start to rise once more. Then, the Cycle of Social Classes commences again reaching its zenith with the Age or Era of Acquisitions.

        Where we are right now: The Whore of Babylon stage is where we are. We are near the End of An Age (see Galactic Plane) and near the End of the Age of Acquisitors. We are falling. We are approaching with light speed the Age of the Unskilled and all that it brings. The Whore has laid claim to us with all her defiled beds. We have made that bed with Her and now have to pay the piper. The future of capitalism looks dim for now. It will rise again. The treasury will close to the masses. People will develop work ethics and have to work hard. America, the welfare nation, is finished as such. Churches will grow as they have in the past in helping people. The day of the mega church is about over. The buildings will be torn down or used for something else after the war.

        A college education will mean something in the future, if they come back. Affirmative action will cease. You will get into schools and universities because you are smart and not because of ethnicity with a modicum of brain power. The U.S. government has run out of borrowing power because the world is out of real money too. The party has ended and we must now come up with real money backed by something solid other than faith and trust in the government. The day of fiat currency will be gone. Possibly, the world's governments will back their currency with precious metal, such as gold. The banks can't easily get away with "new debt instruments."

        The good news from all this is that the Party Is Over! However, "Catastrophe of immense proportion is at hand. Change will come whether we want it or not" — America In Depression: The Coming Economic Collapse.

        "The greatest depression of all time is at our doorstep. It will trigger chaos, violence, and anarchy to levels America has never seen. The new depression will usher in the Age of the Unskilled and will shake America to its deepest core" — Ibid.

    "America will violently polarize into special interest groups—all fighting for survival. Decadence, violence, and self gratification will reach even greater levels. Chaos and anarchy will reign" — Ibid.

    This is the Era of The Unskilled. And with all the gangs now...and the illegal aliens.... and the burgeoning population. You better be armed!

    The von Feldts continue:

    "After a period of time—maybe generations—a single powerful military/authoritarian leader will rise up (possibly The Great Monarch?—See The Two–Fold Chastisement: Visions of The Coming Earth Changes— Brocato & King), culminating the Age of the Unskilled. Morality and discipline will be restablished. Order will be restablished. And Most Important, a new philosophy will be born. What that will be, I do not know. I only know that it will glorify might rather than money and it will not be capitalism."

        In The Great Depression of 1990, by Dr. Ravi Batra, he writes of this epoch or period we are now leaving and in the downturn state the following:

    "...Successive generations of the dominant class, having been nurtured in luxury, turn oppressive and tyrannical. They care nothing for the rights of the people. New conflicts develop in society, and the fortunes of the rulers begin a long–term decline. Old age sets in and the era meets its end, frequently, though not always, by violent upheaval (italics by WebMasters). Those opposing the ruling class then come to power and begin a new era, with different ideology and attitudes."

        This process, he writes, manifests itself again and again from the Warrior era to the Acquisitive era. Then, he writes something riveting. This has shown throughout history:

    "Whereas in all phases of civilization, society consists of four broad classes, at the end of the acquisitive era only two remain: acquisitors and laborers—warriors and intellectuals having been reduced to the laboring class by the extreme concentration of wealth. "

        But the acquisitor and laborer groups can now be reduced to one, history demonstrates repeatedly, acquisitive–cum–laborer age, that is, the acquisitor and laborer age. As the wealth becomes concentrated, we have the haves and have–nots near the end of the acquisitor age. This evolves into crime, poverty, and indifference, such that the masses revolt. We are near this period as market forces place more people on the street and hunger ensues. The revolt will be led by the ones displaced by the Age of the Acquisitor, the Warriors and the Intellectuals.

        They are highly reinforced by the Laborer class who embraced the acquisitors such that they would have more work. Now, things have degenerated all the way down for them such that they reinforce the warriors and intellectuals in violence and overthrow of the last age. This revolt is masterminded by those warriors and intellectuals who were reduced to the poverty level of the laborer's class. The laborers lack the brilliance of the warrior and his vigor to lead to such an overthrow, but he has a mass of peoples that can be used.

        As the acquisitor era winds down, disgruntled warriors' and intellectuals' thinking is reduced to that of the laborer. They are tired of the acquisitor era, with its wealth and all the negatives it spawned. This generates to an upheaval of extreme violence at the end of the acquisitor period and becomes the "laborer's" revolution of the warriors and intellectuals who now have become the laborers and joined ranks with the original laborers. This violence—which we are about to be experiencing—ushers in the end of the Age of Wealth. This is the terminal phase of the Acquisitors.

        We saw this during the Russian Revolution, the French Revolution, and when you look at it carefully, the American Revolution too! These social revolutions have been seen in history and through the diggings of archeologists when primitive man started his move up the social ladder to acquire more food and things.

        When a class of peoples became/become dominate in any period of time, they become "nurtured in luxury, turn oppressive and tyrannical. They care nothing for the rights of the people. New conflicts develop in society, and the fortunes (as you are seeing happen now in this epoch, 2008...) of the rulers begin a long–term decline. Old age sets in, and the era meets its end..." quite often in extreme violent actions — Dr. Ravi Batra. Those who challenge and overcome the rulling class bring new and different ideologies and attitudes with them as they begin the new epoch or era.

        These Social Revolutions have occurred in modern time in France, England, and Spain, the result of which brought the warriors back into power controlling the laborers, intellectuals, and the now defunct wealthy class. This becomes a period of absolute rule.


        This will occur, if The Galactic Plane does not affect the Solar System. Then, the process starts all over again. If The Galactic Plane creates catastrophes, the process will be delayed for another few millennia until mankind moves forward again. However, we are told by early Church Saints, things will be different and man will move forward very, very rapidly—not as before.

        Louis XI overcame the rich nobles in France somewhere about 1460. He formed a central rule of one man, a monarchy. Queen Isabella, with help from Prince Ferdinand did the same in Spain in the 1470s. In England, in 1485, Henry VII ascended to the throne and did the same. This action founded the Tudor dynasty. Where are all these Societal Cycles now? They have been erased violently from the face of the Earth. The Glorious Revolution got rid of the new warrior age that went on until 1688. The revolution outdid the warrior age. History is replete with such actions, from when man first learned to cook his food in a cave and this same man learned to start burying his dead.

        The Age of the Acquisitor is diminishing now. As social conflict in the U.S of A increases, the pain of change will be horrendous. Come it must; but, as the mentality of the acquisitors is eliminated from being the force dominant, the U.S society will move into another Age of The Warrior. It is inevitable. Courtesy, decency, disicipline, manners and respect will return...but at what a price in suffering will have to be paid by all.

    The Warrior!

        In order to get through this extremely harsh period now breaking over us, you will have to become the warrior! You may be the Laborer; or, the Intellectual; or, a member of the Acquisitor class—the latter will find it extremely hard to change. Yet, he has the cunning, skill, and is well–practiced at the "hunt." For, in effect, he has been doing this all his life. All he needs now is the physical strength. This same idea is true for the Laborer. In his case, he has the physical strength but must develop the cunning and adventurous spirit of the warrior.

        If you are going to survive, you are going to need to develop this mindset. We see literally hundreds of people who are members of the Unskilled Sect, the Intellectual Group, and are members of the Acquisitor Class. They say they will not "hesitate to put someone down trying to rob, rape, murder me or my family." That is what they say.

        They are not aware that they may have to become The Eye of The Tiger in order to survive. They may have to stalk the prey that is stalking them. But when you look at them and question them, they are pussies! They do not have the physical superior bodily strength, as a Warrior; nor have they acquired the physical skills that demand stamina, vigor, and courage. If they did not start months ago on strength development, skill development with weapons, and survival training they have not developed the Warior mentality. They have not become accustomed to doing without and making the best of what is available, and developing cunning as they learn to do better.

    Dr. Ravi Batra writes:

    "A warrior believes in physical discipline, in firm authority over his family, and when he comes to power, his family extends to the entire population living in his domain—Italics by WebMasters. A warrior ruler believes in authoritarian government, in absolute power. That is why warrior eras have always been characterized by political centralization, by the divine right of kings and by dictators."

        Here, we must be careful. Note, that we have pointed out in earlier documents that you have to be in control of your domain; the weaponry, the foodstuffs, and anyone coming to live with you must follow your rules and respect them. We have written about KP duty, Latrine duty, and so forth. These rules must be thought out in advance and copies made and given to invited guest in advance such that if they cannot and will not accept them, they cannot come. They must have control over their children, if any come. No uninvited guests! They, and they alone, come. Otherwise, turn them away at the door. Once in, you won't get them out without a fight. You can be sure of this. They may overcome you and yours. This is why you want your family well trained in dicipline and weaponry, if they are of the age and mental discipline to handle such a responsibility.

        For instance, Russia is moving into the Warrior stage and China is leaving the Warrior stage and entering into the Acquisitor stage. This will happen unless the movement is derailed by the coming Galactic events, and war.

        You must have mastery over your environment, especially your immediate environment. You may have to eke out your food by going out under harsh conditions and looking for food; to do farming; to hunt and fish. You have to have this adventurous spirit. You have to have the Warrior spirit to protect from maurauders who come looking for food, fuel, and females! They too are of a negative adventuresome spirit. Be prepared for them. Give them nothing.

        Be apprised. Some, especially certain of the female class castigate you with aspersions for thinking this way and cause you some to much disconcertation. But, when the Three-Fs coming looking for her, you can expect the bitch to be on your doorstep begging you to open up, and this will give the maurauders possibly an in. Do you want your family to die for someone who got to you once, and now twice?

    Kong Speaking Here:

        Harsh Sounding? Well let me tell you your WebMasters have been attack 8 times within 8 years. Had they not had the Warrior Spirit and given in to the demands of the maurauders that "Do what we say and you will live," you can rest assured it would have been horrible for them. The WebMasters made them run from them; fear them, beg for mercy! Those that ran off into the dark, when caught because of another crime, admitted they ran because the WebMasters fought like hell! And they were literally "scared of them and feared for their life."

        Know well, someone is going to try and test you. That is the nature of the beast out there coming. Some will try as a practical joke...just to see what you will do. Wow, have they made a mistake. They are the carry over from the failed period, the Acquisitor era with all its lack of discipline and "fun and games."

    Kong Also Sez:


    Cowards Die Many Time Before Their Death,

    The Valiant Taste of Death But Once!

    Regarding Money!

        For the millions of you reading this document, everything has a cycle, be it inanimate or animate. There is a time to plant, a time to live, a time to die, a time to sow, a time to reap... This cyclic fashion is in a dynamic state of evolving.

        If the United States fights an internal war (from within via internal insurgents from its own peoples); or, foreign invasion, the U.S. will be devastated, even if the prevailing government overcomes its insurgents. The same is so from a foreign invasion. The U.S will be traumatized by havoc and destruction under such circumstances. This has happened before, and it took two decades to recover from the Civil War because it took from the 1880s onward for the money growth to reach its normal cyclic growth rate again. The two world wars did not create the havoc with unemployment and heavy loss and damage of skilled workers and capital. Those world wars were fought over seas.

        Now, understanding the above, it is prudent to know that the wealth or money supply of a nation is the central point around which every thing or entity in the society of the U.S. revolves. It (the money) is the economy, but everything else in America since the War of Independence in 1776 revolves around that money point. The fact is that there is an unexplanable natural law of the cyclic nature of things, money is one of them. We, in America, are in the Era of the Acquisitors or the money game where money is the chief acquirement for men. But now, this unexplanable natural law is going into its decline for money, such that money will fall and all things with it, regardless of what the Central Banks of the world do, including the American Federal Bank. This will and is happening regardless of how much they pump money into the cycle. It will do no good. The cycle is now turning down. A principle of nature says the cyclic nature of money, guided by a large array of forces in nature, will cause money growth to soon stabilize, and eventually fail! It's coming. It can't be avoided.

        Perhaps, this is why The 50–Year Jubilee was given to man. God knew something man, in all his apparent wisdom, does not know. We spoke about this in The Day The World Stands Still, referencing The 50–Year Jubilee. Mother Nature, in her wisdom, gave certain laws concerning the cyclic nature of events and things.

        We are now at this unexplanable natural law. And it is about to fall on us, and our money system is coming unglued! Business, as well as the average citizen who is in the know, has reason for panic. It is getting harder and harder to raise money for business ventures. Business venture capital has all but vanished. You will see new projects cut and old employees fired (given the pink slip). This will generate more problems as more consumers increasingly go on a thrift rampage.

        The trash bins will be filled with credit cards. Malls and big box stores will be silent! Higher unemployment and more foreclosures and more bankruptcies. And, because Americans will no longer be shopping but will make do, merchandise that is produced in China will sit on Chinese docks waiting for ships that never come for them. Then, and it is already happening, China will have massive unemployment. And recall, this leads to massive unrest which leads to sparks leading to revolution. These reasons are why this Depression will be world–wide. The last depression affected only those who depended on America and England or were tied to their currencies. It affected Europe as well. Actually, the depression of the 1930s was worldwide in its scope and third world countries were one way or another brought into the throes of economic meltdown. Dr. Batra points out that "In some European countries the crisis had actually begun as early as 1926, although the collapse did not come until after 1929."

        For those of you working; those on fixed incomes; those on pension plans, the money is not going to be there. You had better assume that the income you generate now or receive will—over the next year—drop 25% or greater. Now is the time to start dealing with this. Then, deal with gold coins you take possession of. You do have a personal food bank for 3 to 6 years, with heirloom seeds, don't you? Ammunition and the means to use it also?

        Somehow...someway...we are about to experience what or why The 50–Year Jubilee was given to man and The Man Himself said, "You sought to make me king because I gave you free food." He knew that it would not stop there, and the nature of mankind and how the natural law (we spoke of above) would be violated if such an action, such as a permanent dole, were started. We are seeing the results now, with the tremendous indolence and slothfulness by such "free foods." This spews crime, violence, family breakdown, rudeness, lack of marital fidelity, lack of discipline in children and children's respect for parental authority. Once our society learned that they could vote themselves ammenities out of the treasury, it only increased and this will generate the fall that will be enormous. We are about to experience this soon. You! had better be prepared. Get your body in shape too.

        Please be well–aware that the Age we are now leaving was one of Money! The acquisitive mind is obsessed with money and acquiring more money. The acquisitive mind must have money to rest his social prominence on. Understand this age and this principle(s) during this age. The psychodynamics of this action and motion is so powerful that suicide will increase in this group. Everything they have is judged by the amount of wealth they possess. If their wealth drops down, they feel worthless; they don't measure up.

        When their money goes, as it always does with most in this Acquisitive Era, the collector of such loses self esteem, feels humilated, thinks he "doesn't measure up anymore," and suicide will increase. The stress in this class of people will be horrendous. The foreclosures are already generating this mindset of self–destruction. However, they are not only going to take their own life, but their family's too; or, anyone around them at the time. Other lives may be taken of a stranger or friends because these people are very, very depressed and angry. They do not really understand that greed for possessions via the money tree caused this. They do not want their families humilated for their loss of home, finances, etc., hence, the destruction of the family. You will see more brokers and financial advisors of the same mindset also doing the same action as many forclosed home owners will be doing. Suicide will and has already increased in these classes of people.

        If this financial loss happens in your family, watch your family members for becoming withdrawn and developing lethargy. Get them to share their feelings with you. If both of you have this, share with a member or two of your covenant community. The private burden you carry seems less when shared. Pay extremely close attention if a menber of your family; or another, starts giving away personal and private possessions. Many so afflicted do not even tell their spouse or close friend of their impending disaster and embarrassment.

        On the high seas of the early days of sailing, a sailor or two on a sailing vessel would develop this withdrawn attitude and then, without cue, start giving away personal belongings needed for the voyage. Having been at sea so long, the sailor would feel depressed, stressed, and hopeless and commence to give away his belongings. Some actually knew they were going to die, as in Moby Dick. They knew their time was up in the next battle for whales, booty, or raiding far–flung communities in distant lands. Recognizing the symptoms could have saved them, then, as now. Every member of the ship's company was valuable.

        Make sure someone in your family, or, a family that is a friend gets good nutrition, keeps eating, and exercises and rests, especially gets biologically restorative sleep.

        While things are still up...we don't expect too many things to run as they are running now when The Great New Depression hits, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1–800–273–Talk (8255), if someone you know and love presents as given above.

        Also, one can call Homeowner's HOPE, a foreclosure national hot line, at 1–888–995–HOPE (4673). In a number of towns, a call will be routed to a help center if one calls 211.

        Additionally, you may receive help from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling by using its web site or calling 1–866–481–6322. The foundation can guide you in debt counseling and advice as well as make referrals to other sources of help.

        One of the chief things that will mark this downturn of the acquisitive age is violence. People will turn to violence as the market turns further down and unemployment rises. When violence reaches it peak, and long before then, people will go to work and quickly return to their fortified homes for feelings of security. No one will be out late except those wanting to take from the naive.

        Now is the time to build a high privacy fence surrounding your home. Place within the fence a secure shed or two and keep various items you are going to need. Have the sheds placed such that you can "cover" them from more than one Window!

    What SocialismWill Be Like Under
    The Whore

    Folks... This Is Control! This Is Being Watched Totally.
    Press Start Arrow To View Video

        Now is a good time to reread: The Day The World Stands Still!



    The Year From
    Hell !

    The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor
    December 2008
    Subscription: P.O. Box 84904
    Phoenix, AZ 85071


        "In the late 2008, the U.S. finds itself in the early stages of an economic meltdown that will snowball (in 2009) into a full-blown depression — which will (in this writer's opinion and for reasons to be discussed below) dwarf the pain and carnage of the Great Depression of the 1930s. And yes, it has gone global!

        "In 2009 we can expect to see an explosion of unemployment, with millions of job losses; a huge wave of personal and corporate bankruptcies, including some of America's largest manufacturing, high-tech, service, and financial companies; a collapse in economic activity; an acceleration of the bear market collapses in stocks and real estate; a crisis in U.S. pension funds; more local, state and national bankruptcies; and central banks created in an attempt to reverse the spreading global economic meltdown.

        "Government interference in the free market process of cleansing and purging the huge financial excesses of the past 10-15 years will extend the depression to a decade or longer (think Japan's 15 year depression and the New Deal Era interference in the U.S. economy). The U.S. government and Fed have already created $3.5 trillion in liquidity to fight the depression and will double or triple that sum as they fight the economic/financial meltdown.

        "These actions set the stage for hyper-inflation and the ultimate collapse of the U.S. dollar (possibly over the next two to three years — think Weimer Germany, 1919-23). As in Germany in the 1930s, could a dictatorship could a major war emerge to ultimately resolve the Second Great Depression? One thing does seem certain to this writer: the present deflationary credit collapse (i.e., deflationary depression) is likely to morph into an inflationary depression in America — very possibly within one to three years.

        "The U.S. dollar, at this writing in a strong uptrend because of the 'perceived' liquidity and safety of U.S. Treasury Bills, will roll over and collapse as foreign holders of over $12 trillion in U.S. dollars begin to comprehend the implications of $5 to $10 trillion in new U.S. dollar creation — not to mention the U.S. 2009 budget deficit of $1–$1.3 trillion. There will be a massive global flight from the U.S. dollar (in this writer's opinion within 12-36 months or less) which could trigger a U.S. hyperinflation. Hence, dollar holders (U.S. and foreign) should exit the U.S. dollar during its present strength. Gold (now in the shortest physical supply in modern history) will explode to several thousand dollars an ounce or more as the U.S. dollar collapses. In the meantime, 2009 is going to be the year from hell!"

    McAlvany continues:

    "Municipal bonds (inherently illiquid) are facing their own crisis, as state budget deficits exceed $100 billion (i.e. California has a $12.5 billion budget deficit which could grow to $25 billion within a year). New York is broke (according to New York Governor Patterson), facing a deficit of $1.5 billion in the current fiscal year, $12.5 billion next year, and $47 billion through 2013. Distressed Debt Securities reports municipal bond defaults are up more than seven-fold in the past year to $2.4 billion. And that was before the major crisis arrived."
    Kong Sez:

    "You'd better have some means of feeding yourself, cleaning yourself, wiping yourself, and defending yourself. City services will break down. Cities will become hell holes as their economies break down or come unglued. Internet service providers (ISPs) may go down! Make hard copies of anything on this site you think you may need in the future. The site may not be there when you need it most.

    "Your WebMasters, in their book, The Two-Fold Chastisement: Visions of the Coming Earth Changes, write about numerous saints who saw, for our time, from the early Church before it became the Catholic Church, that there would be a world–wide financial crisis. This crash would affect all nations."

    McAlvaney supports this by detailing the huge "emerging market bubble" in Western Europe, which is even bigger than the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States. It seems that the big European banks lent billions to emerging nations like Eastern Europe, Latin America, and emerging Asia, and now those nations are defaulting right and left. The financial pain truly is worldwide.

    "'Governments are not really trying to save the system anymore,'" said Satyejit Das, a banking expert in Sydney, Australia. 'They now realize that's impossible. They are just trying to manage the decline.'"

    Why Heaven ?
    Heaven Is Perfect

    It's Still Coming :

    One Final Word On
    The Whore

        As He gave:

    "You Wanted To Make Me King Because I gave You Free Food!"

        Keep those outstanding words of wisdom in your mind as you read the following.

    The Whore Includes:

    • Auto workers who do very little work expecting to be paid (and are) $80 per hour.

    • Hard–working Joe Plumbers who work hard expecting to earn prodigious amounts of money and have.

    • Real estate agents who are used to selling over–priced houses and making large commissions.

    • Teachers who baby–sit badly and expect to keep their jobs and get bonus raises.

    • Congressman who fill the "barrel with pork" so they can keep their nice cushy jobs with big retirements and benefits.

    • People who have paid little to nothing into the "system" and expect and get entitlements from Government.

    • Actors, actresses, entertainers in general including baseball, basketball, and football players, among other sports people paid huge salaries beyond what they do.

    • Medicine...drugs...etc. who say "What is your life worth?" as if to do a number on you. They are part of the problem too!

    • Stocks...bonds, equities whose P&E ratios that are extraordinarily high and the entity they represent is not near the price charged for those entities.

        Folks! (As Kong would say), The Whore is a mindset developed over this last era of the acquisitors that will not end until a SlateWiper comes and reduces our present population to nearly zero.

        We have to reset our thinking...our way of life...our belief systems. Some will survive this SlateWiper; they will harbor The Whore within themselves, but will have to amend their ways—for a while—to survive.

        Allow us to explain this a little more thoroughly.

        Your WebMasters know of a brilliant Chemical Engineer. He has retired; got bored; hired out as a consultant to a large company. In the only eight months he's been there, he was started with a $70,000 dollar per year income! He was given a home in the "company's little city" to live in for a modest price to rent. When the electricity went down, the company made it up to the employees in the city and gave them vouchers for a supermarket in the next town for food. Can you believe that! Obviously there are excellent benefits there too.

        And being there for such a short time, he -- and others too -- received a "bonus" severance package. Eventually, the company will wonder why their liquidity is all but gone! Just consider the auto industry and what happened to them.

        Now, the company has come upon hard times as their product is no longer in demand for the time being. They let one wave of 60 employees go. They just let another wave go...our brilliant engineer was included with them.

        The point of all this is that he is now Wrecked! That's it...Wrecked! And does not know it. How? His MindSet. He'll never be able to work for another as such with a muchly reduced salary and especially benefits. His feelings of self–worth, as will be many, many others in such a state, will be terribly damaged. The Whore is upon him! And the people who hire such a person, their mindset is wrecked too. They are under such stresses to hire and pay such wages and give such entitlements that they are wrecking their future business. The Whore is upon them! This is happening all over America. The stresses are now accumulating to the breaking point.

        How do you correct such a thing? You don't. It has gone too far. You have to suffer the consequences of such a mindset and action melded with one's personality for 40 to 60 years.

        Remember, this always happens at the end of the age of acquisitors. It is happening now and it is becoming very painful for many just will get worse for all of us.

        This is happening all over the world, primarily so in the U.S. of A.

        These people are used to much. Big salaries...Big entitlements...Big retirements...Big pensions...Big benefits. They can never go back to normalcy. Going back to zero will be total Hell for them! The stress will be inordinate for most because they can not measure up in their MindSet to what they once were. We are now sitting on the Edge of The Abyss...and sliding into it. The pain is going to be horrendous. The depression now breaking over their heads is going to be unrelenting. People who never suffer depression will now undergo it. It will be most debilitating.

        Hold these thoughts:

        The Man knew what such an engagement of Free Food would do for these people. They would develop the MindSet of such that we have been discussing above.

        He knew that giving Free Food is analogous to, and would generate, the ideas listed above. This engineer, a good man to be sure, has now been given free food. The Congressmen of America; the school teachers; the Joe Plumbers of the world; the auto industry; the bankers; the Wall Streeters; the Real Estate agents, and more—all have had this Free Food and now are warped!

        The Whore is a mindset from actions that generated selfishness and excess that will not end until a SlateWiper comes and reduces us to zero.

        We will learn to be grateful again for every tiny blessing. But first, a massive Kill–Off is coming to this planet; then, a massive Die–Off. We will discuss this Killing Mechanism in the future. It is coming from within and it is coming from without. Regardless how you have prepared, you may not survive it.

        One of your WebMasters looked in the mirror and became ashen. He thought just for a minute he saw The Whore staring back at him.

    Gregorian Chant
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