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Kong Sez:

    Dr. "B" explained this to me at least 10 to 15 years ago. Now, it has come to pass. That man is something else. Now, he tells me, and since this is happening, I'm going to follow through. Store all the vitamins and minerals you can. Do it the way he explained and demonstrated, with desiccants, oxygen absorbers, and Mylar bags, especially you people who have special health needs, heart, liver, stress, and depression (we've been telling you what to get in Dr. "B's" Depression series, currently running in the monthly Chembio Updates), and those of you who are developing mind problems and cognitive deficit problems. Mark my word, the man is going to be right come 2013 about this disappearing or harder to get in the latter part of 2012.

    Now, get this folks. It is on the website. He has talked about it. He has preached about it, and this is it. Freeze dried foods are going to disappear. That is another prediction he has given us.

Do the following immediately.

  • Get freeze-dried foods, all you can.

  • Then get dehydrated foods.

    All of these in #10 cans.

    But, you might ask, what's wrong with getting all the canned foods, and the beans, rice, spaghetti and other dried foods? The canned goods last 12 to 18 months, depending on storage conditions. And because of cross contamination, and what is about to strike this planet from the stars and from the sun, things will probably grow in those cans that will make them very dangerous to eat, and you will not know it. They will not be swollen. They will not give a swish or a hiss sound when opened. And there will be no odor. This is going to be a source of much mortality and morbidity.

    There are many things he has told no one, and is beginning to now as we get close to the Χ–hour!

    The dry goods, if you have been perceptive and listening to Dr. "B" and practicing the eating methods he has lectured on in this series and across this nation will not cause this, will cause you to run through those foods like crap through a goose, and these foods, in turn, will cause a huge structural tissue loss while giving you the appearance of health as you start bloating up.

    Another problem surfaces — where this man is getting this stuff, I do not know! — it must be that massive study on all the sciences and arts he does — but the changes that are coming to this planet from without, as well as from within, will cause your dry foods to go to worms. What this means is, fungus (molds and yeasts) and other degredating and degrading microorganisms will rot the food because of how it sits somewhere, in some room, relatively unprotected.

    There are things that he has been shown that may get us through this. He did not elaborate on it. Get Blessed salt (something most people do not know of), Holy oil blessed by an ordained minister, such as a priest, using the rituals that proceeded from St. Peter, and Holy Water that has been blessed by those same principles. Annoint the room and the door lintels and sprinkle a little holy oil and holy water over the foods, and believe. When the Angel of Starvation rises up from the infernal regions, it will pass over your stores of goods. It will be as the same thing when The Three Days' Darkness comes.

    Now, for the crux of the matter. Without freeze–dried foods that are canned, that last 20 to 30 years under proper conditions, and similar for dehydrated #10 cans, it will get you through this horrendous period we should start seeing in about 6 to 8 months, through and to 2014 to 2016, depending on how you use it. You eat, as he has said, "When The Hell Breaks," on his site, when things are really bad, you stop cooking and eat your canned goods first. That is why you have a pressure cooker, because the weather changes, as you recall above, will probably cause changes with the contents inside. Then, you start eating your other foods, the dry goods foods that need cooking. When this is the most rigorous period of your life, do not cook with seasoning or aromatics (anything that puts out strong odors of cooking).

    Now, here's the rub. Planet Earth will probably get, and I believe this is the third prediction Dr. "B" has given me in this article, and I am taking him to heart, so hot in many areas, many places, the grass will probably catch on fire. We may have to go underground in those areas, possibly for as long as 3 to 6 months. The death and mortality rate will rise before many get to safe underground caverns. If you are worried about your wonderful U.S. government, don't. They have got their mole holes all under Washington, D.C., for them to go to. They are not yet quite aware they will drown like rats in their underground shelters, built with your money.

    Do I think all of this is going to happen? I do not know. But the man has a very good batting average about these things. Be Prepared! And You Think You Can Prepared For All The Friends, Neighbors, and extended Family?

    What about my garden. We just told you in a word. Do not be surprised if Mother Nature turns against you. Your gardens are not going to make it when we get to this period. That is why you want freeze–dried food first, dehydrated food next.

    Now here's the difficulty with this. Each can of freeze-dried and dehydrated #10 can foods has just gone up $10 across the average, if they can get the food! If you have waited too late, you are going to learn what it means to be so hungry, your gut knots up. This is why, on these deserts, troops have been taught to soak their belts (leather) in a little bit of water, if they have it, and chew on it. It helps ease the pain. We have just given you another fact from the mind of Dr. "B." He has been there, and he doesn't want to go back again. That is why he is totally disgusted with someone trying to rat him out. He hopes they learn what true suffering is when somebody tried to help you. Knowing this man since the 70s, I can understand how he feels, and I am feeling this way for him, too.

    God have mercy on all of us, and please remember, after 8 months, do not be surprised if your garden begins to yield little to nothing. Most definitely, in 12 or so months!

    Watch your friends, especially the religious. See Pastor Chuck Baldwin's article, "Identifying Our Friends."

The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, March, 2011


While we are warned everyday of the dangerous affects of obesity, smoking, lack of exercise, and other risky health practices, perhaps no other threat to our general health as a country looms larger than the peril imposed on us by an out-of-control government bureaucracy, and the rogue institutions put in place to regulate our access to healthcare. America’s healthcare industry is under siege, and perhaps at no other time in U.S. history have our rights and freedoms over our own healthcare choices been more under attack.

Of all the aggressive attacks on our basic constitutional freedoms, perhaps none is more subtle, more imminent, or more pernicious than the assault on our health freedom. Certainly with ObamaCare on track as the law of the land, the healthcare world as we know it is already vastly under attack. Without large-scale victories from a litany of legal challenges now working their way through the courts, or political rollbacks from the newly ensconced Republican powers-that-be in Washington (an unlikely scenario), the American healthcare horizon will soon be vastly altered terrain.

Freedom in your healthcare choices as we know it is no more. Obama’s nanny-state healthcare world will soon expand its powers to limit our choices, define our options, and decide our fates with regard to healthcare choices. You are no longer in charge of your health – Obama has found a regulatory agency and a legion of bureaucrats to make your decisions for you. Amazingly, Americans have good-humoredly signed over their rights in this critical area, as they have in so many other arenas of their lives. Americans want to be taken care of, be pandered to, and coddled. And the nanny-state is here to oblige us.

While ObamaCare launched a full frontal assault on your liberties with regard to mainstream medicine, there is a more subtle flank attack that is just as insidious, and just as lethal to your freedoms. 99.9% of Americans are unaware of this stealth attack, and will be blindsided by the effects on their healthcare choices. But make no mistake, this sneak attack is every bit as dangerous to your basic freedoms, and comes courtesy of Obama and his socialist agenda.

Their battleground in this covert attack is the burgeoning market for alternative healthcare: nutritional supplements, therapies, and treatments. While mainstream medicine, conventional healthcare, and the billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry is the enormous Goliath of healthcare, alternative medicine is the tiny David of the industry. Goliath represents billions of dollars in a mammoth industry and is engulfing the American economy and strangling American productivity. The tiny David of alternative health represents a miniscule percentage of the healthcare industry, but has become Big Government’s next target in its attempts to destroy your rights and squeeze out your constitutional freedoms.


In 1993, newly elected President Bill Clinton launched the first major modern push to impose a nationalized “Universal” (read: Socialist) healthcare plan on the American people. Hillary Clinton, appointed by her husband to head up the draconian task force, held secret meetings to devise a healthcare plan that would be forced down the throats of the American public. Billions of taxpayer dollars were spent in an attempt to launch the program, but in the end, the American taxpayer would have none of it.

In an unprecedented modern times revolt, Americans, aided by physicians’ groups and the burgeoning conservative media, launched a grass roots challenge to the proposed legislation. A full scale battle for the minds of Americans was waged, and the mainstream media became the battleground. Who can forget the surprisingly simple, yet enormously effective “Harry and Louise” commercials that asked common sense questions, aimed to raise awareness and concern among regular citizens about the behemoth healthcare program. Americans wrote letters to their Congressman in record numbers, and rallies were organized to draw attention to the revolt. In the end, conservative, freedom-loving Americans won out, and Hillary Clinton had to disband and retreat in the face of overwhelming opposition from the public. Perhaps never before has a grassroots movement been more successful than the 1993 campaign to halt a nationalized healthcare system. That movement to protect American citizen’s access to healthcare was just the beginning. Conservatives, eager to shore up their rights and access to mainstream, as well as alternative healthcare therapies, were also able to take this unprecedented opportunity to pass legislation they believed would protect their access to natural health remedies well into the future.

In 1994, Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). At the time, supporters believed that this legislation would give them the protection they sought from overzealous governmental interference in their access to alternative health practices. It explicitly limited the Food and Drug Administration from interfering with the public’s right to control their own nutritional supplements and alternative healthcare. Unfortunately, that was not to be the case.


The 1994 DSHEA law could not have been more clear in its design and intent: It was written to protect Americans’ freedoms with regard to their access to alternative healthcare, natural remedies, and nutritional supplements. That law still stands as citizen’s first line of defense against intrusive action by the FDA on Americans rights. But is it effective?

Essentially, no. Jonathan Emord, a constitutional lawyer in Washington D.C. has spent the last twenty-five years taking on Big Government and its abuses. He has challenged the Food and Drug Administration seven times in federal court, and defeated them at every turn, earning the nickname “FDA Dragon Slayer.” He is also the author of seven books on the abuses of governmental power, including: Freedom, Technology and the First Amendment (1991); The Ultimate Price (2007); The Rise of Tyranny (2008); and Global Censorship of Health Information (2010).

Emord, when questioned in a recent interview published in The Bolen Report on his opinion on whether the 1994 Law is still effective, gives this response: “DSHEA has not given reliable protection against FDA censorship or FDA restrictions on access to products…. FDA has purposely misconstrued the law to defeat its plain and intended meaning.” He goes on to explain: “Congress has been derelict in counteracting the agency’s abuses.”

What went wrong? How could a bill written and designed to protect the public actually end up enabling a big government agency like the FDA to effectively limit the public’s freedoms, and disrupt its access to natural health remedies?

Essentially, through vague language and open loopholes in the law, the FDA was able to actually increase its regulatory power over alternative health practices. In fact, certain provisions of the law gave the FDA footing to enlarge its powers over censoring health information and restricting access to nutritional supplements. For example, DSHEA requires that manufacturers of supplements file with the government notice of what “structure/function” claims they plan to make regarding their products. These are claims that address the beneficial effects of a nutrient on the structure and/or function of the body. Under freedom of speech provisions, these words should be protected language. In comments regarding the wording of the bill before its passage, Emord argued that the FDA would use the vague language of the law to redefine the structure/function language to prohibited drug claims. In fact, the FDA has done just that, thereby increasing its power over language laying out the benefits of certain nutritional supplements.

What’s more, DSHEA gives the Housing and Human Services Office the power to define good manufacturing practice guidelines (GMP) for nutritional supplements. This power alone gives the government ample room to squash production of supplements on technical violations and manufacturing technicalities. Under this provision alone, the government now wields wide authority in limiting and regulating the alternative health industry. In fact, an independent consultant found that armed with the GMP provision alone, the cost of compliance to GMP guidelines would exceed the gross income of approximately one-third of all supplement manufactures, thereby driving them out of business.

In one of the most strongly worded provisions of the law, Congress inserted language that should have limited the FDA’s power to ban supplements altogether to instances where the agency could prove a significant or unreasonable risk of illness or injury. Called the “adulteration provision,” Congress intended this to be a major barrier to an overzealous and power-hungry FDA. Basically, under the adulteration language, a supplement could only be considered unsafe if it is deemed unsafe in large doses. The FDA rejected this face-value reading of the legal language. Instead, it chose to interpret the language under a more broad “precautionary principle,” where a nutrient could be considered harmful if it was deemed harmful at any dose level. This is a preposterous and intentional misreading of the intention of the law, as virtually any substance is harmful at some level – including water.


As with so many other large government agencies, the FDA has become the puppet of the very industry it was designed to oversee and regulate. The FDA has become allied with, and beholden to, the mammoth Big Pharmaceutical industry, whose legions of lobbyists, lawyers, and shareholders maintain a steady control over the very entity designed to oversee it – the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA caters to Big Pharma by smoothing the way from laboratory to market for its products, and works to protect it from upstart alternative health suppliers whose products are usually less expensive, less complex, and often more effective.http://www.newswithviews.com/baldwin/baldwin634.htm Naively, the tiny alternative health industry has for years tried to play by the FDA’s often arbitrary policies and procedures. With an over-inflated view of their own importance, they believe that the FDA will protect their rights and safeguard their ability to market their products. This theory could not be further from the reality of the situation.

In truth, the FDA is a captive of the drug industry. Controlled by a legion of political appointees, the powers that be of this corrupt organization have a long history of overriding their own scientific review panels and approving drugs for market that have red flags attached by medical researchers. Top level FDA officials have learned that, by staying on friendly terms with the large Pharmaceuticals, they can enjoy cushy, high paying jobs when their government posts are up.

One drug, GlaxoSmithKline’s Avandia, was pushed to market over the objections of its FDA medical reviewer, Robert Misbin. In The Rise of Tyranny, Emord recounts how Avandia was rushed to market even though Misbin had alerted the agency to a link between the Type 2 Diabetes drug and heart problems. In an April 2, 1999 internal memo, Misbin warned of the drug’s use and “deleterious long term effects on the heart.” In fact, Dr. Misbin later revealed that one of his superiors stated that “we have to maintain good relations with the drug companies because they are our customers.”

Only after California Congresswoman Diane E. Watson, who used the drug to treat her Type 2 Diabetes, was diagnosed with a heart murmur, was a Congressional hearing called on the FDA’s approval of the drug. Only then, seven years after entering the market, was a “black box” warning label attached to the drug, which is still on the market today.

The fact remains, the FDA exists for the express convenience of the massive Pharmaceutical giants. It is there to aid the companies – their “customer base” – to move their products quickly to market, often in spite of serious concerns by scientific researchers on the government payroll ostensibly to screen the products. As in the example above, these concerns and warnings often fall victim to the political pressure of the agencies top management, eager to please their future employers.

The interests of the relatively tiny natural health industry pale in comparison to those of the almighty pharmaceutical industry. The FDA works at every turn to prevent natural therapies from impacting or affecting the profit margins of these health giants. In many cases, the FDA works to reduce and even eliminate the competition that alternative health companies and products pose. Without limiting the overzealous power of this rogue government agency, the entire natural health industry is at risk of being over-regulated right out of business – which is exactly where the big drug companies and the FDA would have them.


The European Union, as it is with economic and social issues, is already out in front of the United States on limiting freedom and advancing a socialist nanny state to control access to information and products for its citizens. Both under the umbrella of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (a subsidiary of the United Nation Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization), as well as the European Union itself, advances are being made in limiting Europeans’ access to nutritional therapies, as well as the information people need to make safe and informed natural health decisions. The United States is working in lockstep with these European counterparts to establish the same conditions in the United States.

At it stands, the FDA’s European counterpart, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), has issued directives that preclude any nutritional supplement from being brought to market until it is determined to be safe and “bioavailable” by the agency. What’s more, no information or claims can be disseminated in labeling or in advertising, that have not been first approved by the EFSA. This system of “prior restraint” has imposed a stranglehold on nutritional therapies and supplements across Europe. In fact, products that have been used safely and effectively for decades (or even centuries) can no longer be marketed in Europe until they receive the EFSA’s seal of approval. Europeans are even barred from having access to information about these supplements – a virtual censorship of information that has the potential to vastly and positively affect the health and lives of millions of Europeans.

These draconian laws in Europe will have the effect of denying millions of Europeans access to many affordable, common sense, and highly effective natural therapies that have been accessible to their parents, grandparents, and ancestors before that for hundreds of years. Almost nothing in science is 100% certain. Almost all scientific opinions are subject to further study, and findings are often inconclusive. Insisting that natural supplements be held to ridiculously high standards only prevents access to common sense therapies with long histories of proven safety and effectiveness. While insisting on the standard of proving the efficacy of commonly accessible natural therapies and supplements, millions of Europeans will be exposed to a rise in age-related ailments and diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, all of which are diminished through the use of common nutritional supplements. If the FDA has its way, Americans will soon find themselves in exactly the same censorship vacuum.

One key example of the potential for harm caused by this kind of government-mandated healthcare censorship is the FDA’s suppression of information regarding the benefits of folic acid when taken by women prior to pregnancy. In the early 1960s, researchers became convinced that giving women supplements of folic acid prior to conception could have a marked impact on the incidence of neural tube defects in newborns. These defects often manifest themselves as Spina Bifida or Anencephaly, and can cause life-altering, and even life-threatening harm to newborn children.

Yet, by using the provision of prior restraint, the FDA refused to authorize the claim that folic acid supplementation could reduce and even eliminate these dreadful birth defects. For six years, the FDA squashed the information, refusing to allow doctors to recommend the supplementation, and disallowing the product to be advertised to women planning to conceive. As a result, more than 2,500 preventable cases of Neural Tube Defects occurred in each of those six years, sentencing thousands of children and families to a lifetime of dealing with catastrophic birth defects. Only after the FDA was sued by Emord in a landmark case, Pearson v. Shalala, was the supplement authorized for use, and thousands of unborn children protected.

How many nutritional supplements are even now being restricted that could benefit thousands, or even millions of people today and into the future? As it stands, the FDA is moving closer to the European model of prior restraint, and away from free access to natural health information and products. Even today, there are several laws working their way through Congress that would limit the FDA’s abuses and restrictions on the natural health market, but until the public applies pressure as they did in the early 1990s, we are at the mercy of the Obama administration and its legion of socialists and bureaucrats who are intent on strangling our access to natural health information and products.


Now that Obama and friends have seized control over mainstream medicine, there is very little standing in the way of Big Government’s closing off access to the last bastion of personal health freedom – natural health therapies. The industry has no team of lobbyists, and no alliance of mega-corporations to wrangle political support. Without an uprising from the grassroots, the death knell will soon be sounded for the public’s free access to nutritional therapy information and products. Without a groundswell of support, Obama and the FDA will close off this backdoor to good health.

What can you do to help secure your access to the information and products you need to maximize your health now and into the future?

First, help vote out of office members of Congress who fail to support the public’s right to determine their own healthcare decisions, whether it be mainstream medicine or natural health alternatives. This is, in fact, a litmus test issue to determine who truly supports freedom and civil liberties for citizens, no questions asked. Secondly, contact your representatives and make your demand known for unobstructed access to alternative health products and information, and your desire for the end of FDA control over this common sense approach to healthcare.

Lastly, as always, I encourage you to become medically self-sufficient. As ObamaCare obliterates our national access to quality healthcare of our own choosing, you will increasingly be unable to rely on the mainstream medical system. Educate yourself now about herbal remedies, essential oils, nutritional supplements, and other aspects of a healthy diet. Read all you can about natural health practices and products, and assemble a library now of essential alternative health information. Learn about becoming medically self-sufficient as much as possible: learn first aid and what you can do now through the use of nutritional supplements to increase your odds of avoiding catastrophic illnesses such as heart disease and cancer.

As with all other aspects of your life, whether financial, educational, or medical, you must be in control. You cannot rely on the government to protect your access to quality healthcare in any form or fashion. Between Obama, the FDA, and the behemoth insurance industry, you can rely on no one to deliver the care and information you need to insure your good health. I encourage you to take control of your health now, and help secure your ability to live a long and healthful life.

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