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Kong Sez:

    Do you remember Mr. "B" speaking about someone is watching you now and will remember you "When The Hell Breaks?" Do you remember Mr. "B" saying they may not even know it...but you will surely pop into their minds when they want something. Well...we are already in some minds.

    Soon...before long now...with what is coming from the Stars, all to most of the world's electronics will go down...and for you who have been followers of this site's ChemBioUpdates, you know what that means.

Dr. Gary North, Ph.D.,
Reports on his Member Only Website About:
Being Watched

The License Plate Monitor: You Are Being Watched
Gary North
May 30, 2009

    This video is a shocker. But it tells only part of the story. This is from British Columbia. The narrating policeman is quite proud of the technology.

    This is a vehicle-based system. There are comparable fixed-location cameras on freeways. These have been there for a decade. The technology keeps improving.

    Auto theft in the United States peaked in 1991. It is down by over 35% since then. So, there have been gains. Whether spy cameras are the reason for this decline is not clear.

    Cameras in Europe are being used to track auto speed. Speeders have tickets issued and sent to them automatically. Of course, the free market responds. A spray-on product, PhotoBlocker, blocks the photos in 95% of the cases. The cameras use flash. The spray blocks this.

    In the U.S., the cameras are used for red-light violations. The main reason these are not more widespread is cost. But costs keep getting lower.

    We are being anesthetized to these reductions in privacy. The good news is that governments are in trouble financially. This will increase.

The Second Ammendment!

Learn This...Memorize This...Let It Become a Part of You! Bring It Back When The Terrible Chaos Is Over...If There Is Something To Come Back To.

[Running For Your Life]

In The Meantime

Run For Your Life

From now on, Folks, it's gonna get pretty rough! In fact, downright cussed.
Mr. Ugly Will Show Before Long.

But For Now...

[Running For Your Life]

Keep Running

Keep Your Purse and Scrip With You—Luke 22:36

And Now

Get Two Guns—Luke 22:36–38

Before The New Dude Won't Let You Have Them

Times in America will change rather abruptly.
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