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    Folks! Lee Bellinger echos what Chembio Updates and Dr. "B" have been saying. And now, Dr. "B", if you haven't done anything by nowYou Won't !

    Many are gonna be hurting before long because they believe the big lies out there. This gives them a reason not to do anything. However, When The Hell Breaks in full, they will show up on your doorstep demanding you must share. It's your Christian duty.

    These are the same ones who chortled at you and uttered what so many Christians are famous for saying: God's In Charge. In their minds, this gives them sanction from doing anything. They conveniently forget about Joseph and the 7 years of famine and what he did prior to offset it; or, "Get two guns...a bag and script." Or, Pick up your cross and carry it.

    Don't blame the man in Washington. He's just taking his orders from the New World Order bunch. And they are taking their orders from the Pitchfork  Carrier .

    Mr. Bellinger is very dire in what follows:

[Lee Bellinger Tells All]

How the State and Local Government Funding Crisis Could Impact You

Hostility toward capital investment by the Obama Administration, the death of private-sector job-creation spawning depression-level unemployment, entitlements and social services threatened, and rising crime.

If this trend continues, a breakdown of civil society may be on the horizon.

It isn't on the national radar screen quite yet, but state and local government budgets across the country are falling apart after expanding to lofty levels during the recent "salad years" of sky-high tax revenues. With meaningful cutbacks blocked by government union bosses and other political parasites, public-sector budgets are getting squeezed in the wake of failed businesses, job losses, and collapsing tax revenues.

Government Officials Inclined To Cut Popular Programs First In Attempt to Build Support for Tax Increases

But rather than cut useless bureaucrats and extravagant pensions, you may have noticed that government officials are more inclined in many states to punish the public with basic service cuts the populace really likes – hoping that doing so will lead to more political support for higher taxes. That means jails are emptied, criminal sentences shortened, police patrols pared back, parks closed, after-school programs axed, and corners cut on basic government services.

Even the pro-Obama Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute now admits state government tax revenues are sinking fast and are the worst seen in at least five decades, when such statistics first started being compiled. This is one of the biggest under-reported stories ever.

It is no wonder the October 20 edition of Wall Street Journal notes that one of the few private businesses with enough strength to "go public" recently is a gun maker enjoying a surge in buyers concerned about self-defense. Growing numbers of middle class Americans who sense something is deeply wrong are not only arming themselves, but buying up every bit of ammunition gun dealers can put on the shelves.

In addition to the national ammunition shortage, the growing demand for private stashes of gold and silver makes it clear millions of Americans are preparing to protect themselves from the growing number of financially desperate people and collapsing state relief services.

Government Budget Shortfalls Unprecedented

The still-sinking commercial real estate market, to which millions of pensions and state government budgets are tied, is contributing to a collapse in tax revenues. "We're looking at a multiyear problem hitting essentially every state," said Robert Ward, the Institute's deputy director, who told reporters "the depth of this decline is unprecedented in modern times."

For the first time since a brief period during World War II, social security tax revenues are in decline, as are the collection of withholding taxes in 37 states with broad-based income taxes. And as the Rockefeller Institute admits, "sales tax declines were reported in all regions." Let me reiterate this is a completely unprecedented situation in our United States of America.

I bring this to your attention because the meltdown of so many state governments' tax bases simultaneously confirms several dangerous trends Independent Living has been highlighting for some time:

  • Unemployment is already dangerously high, well in excess of 17%, as documented by Shadow Government Statistics. This is because the most commonly referenced government statistics omit a number of important classes of people, such as those who are using and have used up their unemployment benefits and veterans returning home from Iraq/Afghanistan. Nor do the statistics highlighted by the government count people who are underemployed (i.e. those can't get full-time jobs, but are taking one or more part-time jobs just to make ends meet), or "discouraged workers" (i.e. individuals who have simply given up looking for gainful employment).

  • In addition, manipulated government employment statistics "factor in" hundreds of thousands of non-existent jobs supposedly being created by small businesses – when in reality those numbers appear to be in the red (this is known as the "birth-death" model).

  • The national collapse of employment, which continues to accelerate, is already being accompanied by higher national crime rates compounded by cuts in social services, policing, the forced release of prisoners, and shortening of sentences for serious crimes. Meanwhile, senior citizens are already competing with teenagers for scarce jobs (and winning them), while teenage and 20-something unemployment is rising to record highs across the country.

No End In Sight To Collapsing Budgets: Are You Prepared For The Mayhem That May Follow?

My friends, right now there are no apparent signs of a bottom in this economic slide. While the stock market may be going up (an early harbinger of money creation and the inflation to follow), there is no evidence that any new private-sector job-creation is on the horizon. By all indications, capital remains on strike in the face of the ongoing government takeover of the private-sector.

The preconditions for social chaos are moving into place. Please read the briefing below carefully. Yours in Freedom and Prosperity,

Lee Bellinger, Publisher
Independent Living

...To Be Continued...

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