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Cannibalism Is Coming To America !

    The United States Census Bureau on April 7, 2008, reports the estimated population in America is 303,800,397 persons. This probably does not include much of the hidden population, illegal aliens. Yet, it is an estimate in which the U.S. Government tries to ascertain how many people are using resources, their rate of use, and restoration of such.

    As supplies of goods lessen and when the delicate just–in–time deliveries no longer meet deadlines, and as the Division of Labor disintegrates, resources—especially food products—become increasingly scarce or nonexistant, then obvious strife to everyone will occur. As Famine comes from geoclimatic changes in the Earth, man's unwise use of the Earth's assets, and war, starvation will begin. When The Hell Breaks in its fullest rigor, hunger will be rampant. Crime will have increased to the point such that people will not venture on the streets after dark, and then only for the little work that is government appointed and by some others. They will go to work in "gangs" or groups of threes and fours heavily armed to fight off the "locusts." The predators will be from all ages and classes.

    Parents and grandparents will learn the hard way not to allow children to be left unattended and not to allow those children to wander more than a few feet away, in yards, at malls, strip centers, etc.—if any few are left operating at that time.

    This time will be especially hard on teenagers. They will not be allowed to venture away from home and they are now used to doing as they want. This will lead to family structure breakdown in toto. Those teens who do get with friends; some will be carrying weapons and will use them indiscrimately and create more havoc. Teens who disobey orders to stay near home and go out only with a group will disappear and never to be heard from again.

    Many teenagers eating a bad diet; having their own way; listening to extremely loud, antisocial music—We have written before about how noise affects the brain in an excitatory, negative manner. We will do a document in the future on noise pollution; creating mayhem in schools with other students, and battering teachers whereby the teachers need medical attention, and showing no remorse about it; these you must be mindful of. This mindset of these youth is that they are willing to try anything for a lark. They will become the Young Cannibalists! This set of teens have no scrupples now. Zero tolerance has been taught in schools so long now that no one will come to your aid if you are attacked by the Young Cannibalists, because they (those who would have come to your aid) are taught that if you fight back if attacked, you will be in trouble with the school. Docility is rampant now in all ages and has spread throughout our society.

    Even the teachers are scared to fight back and defend themselves; instead, they just scream, holler, roll on the ground, and take their beating at the mercy of their perpetrators.

    And not one student comes to their aid. Instead, they encourage the beating...and film it. They are like Roman citizens enjoying watching the Gladiators slay one another; or, do battle with wild savage animals tearing their flesh apart; or, Christians thrown to wild beasts and torn asunder and their flesh consumed before their eyes for entertainment. This is what we have become in America. These students are Hedonistic.

    The young cannibalists are like locusts--consuming anything and everything in their path. Don't hesitate!

    American Cop (a publication for policemen; AmericanCopMagazine.Com) writes in the March/April 2008 issue:

"...we have a 'zero tolerance' policy toward violence. This policy punishes the student who defends himself against an attack.

"In doing so the schools are teaching our children never to fight back for fear of punitive retaliation from the school administration — how odd."

    What you have been seeing in our society, breakdown, and will experience most pronouncedly in the immediate future is one of the results of overpopulation (See Depopulation series on this Web Site). More and more factions of the American Society have less and less consciousness of human dignity and life and feel no remorse or responsibility for their actions that hurt another.

    When the Chaos breaks in its complete rampage, rumors of death from starvation will abound. The government will have run out of any food stores by now, and as people weaken, sicken and die from lack of foodstuffs, first there will be scuttlebutt, then the shocking news that Cannibalism is occuring in some parts of America. Cannibalism is extreme survival!

    With the coming famine, the infrastructure will collapse. People will experience a "time shock." They are not self–reliant. They are not used to doing for themselves. They did not plan and prepare. The Government has programmed this into the population for decades now—it will take care of them. The lack of self–reliance has about reached its height and soon will make its presence felt when the infrastructure goes down, for famine collapses infrastructures. If you are not getting a bad feeling from this, you should be, even if you prepared.

    The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, May, 2008, page six, writes:

    "Today, outspoken individuality and self–reliance are missing in 97% of the American people.

  • "McDonalds and Panera prepare our daily meals...most Americans do not know how to cook.

  • "An ID tag allows you through the door to your work. And when you travel, a long, electronic strip search, and maybe even a 'pat down' await you before you can board your plane.

  • "Who needs community? TV provides game shows, reality TV, 'pro' sports, late night 'mindless' talk shows, and any kind of violence or sexual perversion your heart can desire. TV allows us to pull back completely into our erotic non–thinking 'self.'

  • "Political leadership? This year we get to chose between a Republicrat and two fascist/socialists to be our next president. Enough said.

  • "Education? It's been dumb–down time for the past 40 public school years...where a massive socialistic union shows us all how to 'average down' to the lowest level of achievement — making sure no child is left behind. Government money, grants, and special minority programs dictate the future direction of all education — to lower levels in comparison with the rest of the world."

    And on page 12, The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor says:
"To say the vast majority of Americans today are brain–dead is a gross understatement. They have been dumbed down, mesmerized, propagandized and brainwashed by Wall Street, Washington, the Fed, the media (especially television), and the educational system. They have lost almost all ability to think, reason, connect the dots, or discern the emerging threats and crises of our day. We are now losing our freedoms in quantum jumps, and almost no one takes note, cares, or is even aware of what is being lost."

    When Israel divorced themselves from God, disobeyed Him, and angered Him,

Romans 11:8 writes:
"God gave them a spirit of stupor, eyes that could not see and ears that could not hear."

    Americans no longer seem to know good from evil and evil from good; they now call good evil and evil good.

I Thessalonians 2:11 says:

"For this reason, God sends them a powerful delusion, so that they will believe the lie......" Is this America now? We wonder.

    "Many holy people, seers, and other instruments of God have referred in their prophecies to vast numbers of dead that will cover the earth when the Chastisement is over. And...there will be no one to bury the bodies. Rose Colomba spoke of 'large multitudes' of corpses." And "Saint Gaspar du Bufalo, founder of the Precious Blood Fathers, and who died in 1837, said the earth will be covered with cadavers. All survivors will therefore think they are alone."—The Two–Fold Chastisement: Visions of The Coming Earth Changes

    "Enzo Alocci, stigmatist and father, who started receiving apparitions in 1966," said:

"Man will soon realize his nothingness and will be hurled down to his knees. The day is not far off when the whole earth will be covered with fire and the world will abound with corpses. Only one quarter of mankind will survive."—Ibid.

    The immediate two examples above are given showing that early Church Saints, and numerous others before them, prior to an organized Church, saw into our time for the Chaos and Confusion coming along with pestilence and famine.

    Cannibalism has occured numerous times in the past when seige was laid to a city or area. In Germany, it occured during WWII. It also occurred in the Nazi concentration camps. One doctor inmate was asked by the those in charge, how best was it to clean the flesh off bones for study? They had practically the whole of Europe in those camps for extermination and what did it matter if vivisection was performed, experiments, and the study of bones to compare to the Aryan race? The inmate physician responded: "boiling."

    And so it was done on the dead Jews, Gypsies, Poles, and anyone else they sought to retrieve their skeletons for study, using "big words," strutting about holding glistening 'femurs,' skulls, etc. for comparison for "scientific" reasons. The starving inmates rising one cold morning went outside to the compound and smelled an aroma wafting the air. Hurriedly, they retrieved utensils and poked into the boiling vats and ate. When it was shouted at them what they ate, most retched up the stomach contents; but others just had a blank stare. They returned when the boiling occurred again....such is the nature of starvation and what it can do to one under stringent conditions.

A Comment Is Necessary At This Point:

    There are some, Alex Jones, documentary reporter, for instance, who say that concentration camps are coming to America when the Chaos is too great to maintain order in the cities, etc., and for the dissidents. In Nazi Germany, they had in charge of each camp barracks, a prisoner. But, this prisoner wore clean, pressed prison garb and was obviously well–fed. Another point, they were cruel to their own people, meting out punishments and seeming to delight in it. This occurs in jails and prisons in America. We now call this the "Stockholm syndrome," whereby certain captives begin to identify with their captors. Be warned and beware. Because he is one of you does not mean he will be kind to you with encouragement, nourishment, succor, and medical aid. This seems to be more the norm than the abnormal when chaos is everywhere.

    In At Last The Truth About Eichmann's Inferno, Auschwitz, by Dr. Miklos Nyiszli, a doctor's eyewitness account, writes that when people are treated like animals, they become animals to each other; though, they are under the same conditions. Overcrowding and overpopulation does this eventually to a people.

    An airplane carrying a number of persons crashed on a snowy mountain some years back. As the survivors stayed in the hull of the plane and huddled together for possible warmth, any food present ran out and starvation set in. The dead from the crash and those that died later were removed a little further from the aircraft. Their frozen bodies were simply left in the frigid air for later recovery if the remaining persons got off the mountain alive.

    As hunger deepened, the subject was broached that there was food outside frozen. After light debate or so, it was given it was okay to eat human flesh because Christ said, "Eat my flesh and Drink my blood." Finally, it was agreed upon to eat the flesh of the dead frozen people. The first to do so told the survivors how to do it, as he was a going to become a medical doctor. He said to eat the thighs. Thus, each went to the designated frozen dead, one at a time and carved off a piece of thigh and consumed the frozen flesh. The first to do it, who proposed the proposition, said within minutes he started feeling better, as he "now was getting the protein I needed."

    They survived for weeks on that mountain doing as such. During that time, one of the injured was dying and begged of the leader of the food proposal, "Please do not eat me." He was promised that he would not be eaten...and wasn't.

    Years later, a reunion was held on that desolate mountain. Meeting there were now a physician, several businessmen, an engineer, and others. They wept, and one swore never to return to that place again.

    Such a thing can and will happen; then be mindful of your person and children and grandchildren. For I envisage the worst. Children and others may be snatched up and held with others and summarily held until such time as food provision is needed, as if they are the Eloi.

    In China, the law allows only one child per family. This places a huge burden upon pregnant women, as girl babies are aborted and boy babies are prized. One female Chinese doctor said, "What a waste!" She has, the physician claims, eaten three aborted babies. She prepared the babies by "washing in cold water." Then she "boiled" them.

    Her comment:

"The fetus tastes like boiled pork."

    This chilling account is taking place right now in's coming to America.

    This is another example of overcrowding and overpopulation. Stress becomes inordinate. Remember, in the Holy Writ, when the stress was inordinate because of seige, woman ate their own babies.

What The Book Says About

    Dake's Annotated Reference Bible writes in the Old Testament, Deuteronomy 28: 48, what's going to happen if the children of Israel become a Godless nation: "Twenty–One curses of slavery, death, cannibalism, and extreme poverty and death."

Dake's Commentary on verse 53 through 57, says:

"This prediction of cannibalism in Israel is horrible to think about, and it shows to what extent they were brought down by God because of rebellion against Him and His covenant (v 52–57). This happened first in the days of Jehoram, son of Ahab (2 Ki, 6:24–31). The greatest of it was in this seige and destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, 70 A. D."

    It happened.

2 Kings 6:29 (KJV) Writes:

"So we boiled my son, and did eat him: and I said unto her on the next day, Give thy son, that we may eat him: and she hath hid her son."

    This happened to its highest extent in Jerusalem when the Romans sacked it and laid the area to seige and destruction in 70 A. D.

Lamentations 4:10 (KJV) says:

"The hands of the pitiful women have sodden their own children: they were their meat in the destruction of the daughter of my people."

We're Being Dumbed Down And Made Passive...And Being Passive, You'll Become Like...

"Passive Eloi face a grim future as prey to the ... Morlocks" in H.G. Wells'
The Time Machine
We want to avoid this situation.

And From The History Channel
This Becomes Common During Wars And Great Crises When "Birds, Pets, and Rats" Can No Longer Be Found, Others Contend

    The Franco–Prussian war of 1870 was a well–known war in which the French declared war on the Germans. The reason for this declaration has long since been forgotten. The German approach was rational and sensible about it. They simply marched into France; quickly dispatched the French army, and placed Paris under siege. Soon, when all the food was gone, Parisians resorted to eating cats and rats to stay alive. They also consumed other pets and any birds caught. They made the most of it. The "Frogs," as they are known as, developed recipes, exchanged them and made the most of it. The war was short–lived. The Frogs surrended, paid reparations agreed upon, and the Germans withdrew. They were civilized about it. No boundaries were changed; no bases set up in France; the war was not stretched out for years and no one was forced to learn German.

    Had the seige been similar to the seige and destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 A. D., they would have been eating more than birds, pets, and rats when they ran out.

    A great curse is now coming upon us. In the days of old, when man didn't do right, an abomination was placed on him.

    Diabetic children can "eat" their lettuce in capsule form and get insulin too, soon. One can see the problem this would create for non-diabetic people who get this lettuce by accident that is not in capsule form.

    Natural Foods Merchandiser writes, February 2008, Vol. XXIX #2, page 10:
"...diabetes is a problem of national concern, but should people have to eat insulin in their lettuce? That's the issue raised by the announcement that researchers at the University of Central Florida have genetically engineered lettuce that produces insulin. Typically, diabetics take insulin through injections, but lead researcher Henry Daniel proposed using the powdered, freeze–dried cells of insulin–bearing lettuce in capsule form. The plant's cellulose prevents the insulin from degrading until it reaches the intestine.

"Daniel is also founder of St. Louis, Mo.–based biotech firm Chlorogen.

"While the researchers hailed the development as a breakthrough for diabetics living with painful and inconvenient injections, critics have expressed alarm that such 'pharmed' crops could cross–pollinate the rest of the food supply.

"'Consumers, including our children, who may unknowingly eat pharmed lettuce, could get an uncrontrolled dose of an untested, biologically active drug—with unknown consequences,' said Charles Margulis, spokesman for the Washington, D.C.–based Center for Food Safety, in a letter to The Californian, a Salinas Valley area newspaper."

    The human genome has now been crossed, not only with viruses, bacteria, and insects, but also with lower forms of animals. This is a form of bestiality. It's an abomination hated by the God of the Bible.

    It is no wonder curses are coming upon us.

If You've Had Enough By Now...Give It The Bush Finger

There's Still More To Come...

[The Second Bush Finger]

Don't Be Some Body's Meal
What You Can Do

    First, get aware. Get out of Condition White. This state is being not conscious of your immediate or distant surroundings. One or more people are approaching you in a parking lot, for instance, and you just think they are going to the vehicle on the other side of yours.

    Did you notice if hands were kept in pockets, as if to withdraw a weapon in a moment's notice? Did they keep looking at you directly or askance to see if you were wise to them? If you moved away, did they change course and follow you?

    The threat or threats may use the old ploy of "Do you have the time, please?" Or, this one is often used against women in a neighborhood in their own driveway or yard:

"Can you show me where Eloi street is on this map, please ma'am?"

    If you don't pick up on the signs, you are in Condition White. If you do, you are in Condition Yellow. These Color Codes, as they are known, keep you alert and to your objective of awareness and self–preservation, whereas in Condition White, you are behind the action curve as you have to come to the realization that you are now being threatened and overcome denial and,
"What Do I do Next?" mode.

    Start practicing now the awareness mode. What did you notice on the street when you drove to Church; or, work; or your grandchildren to a pizza parlor?

    Next, get a Concealed License To Carry or CHL (Concealed Handgun License). By doing this, you will learn about several weapons of carry from your instructor. Ask plenty of questions. These instructors love to help people protect themselves from crime and stay alive and healthy.

    What about inside the home? "What should I do?" Your instructor can tell you how best to use your weapon and not shoot wildly and go through the wall or street and hit somebody's granny, of which you have no recourse with the law. This is always a concern. You don't want to put down the assailant and have injured or killed one of your loved ones because you did not know about your eventual backstop, which may well be your child.

Enter The Shotgun

    First, you need an instructor who can instruct you as to which shotgun to use and determine that its Length of Pull is correct for you. This is nothing more than, can you shoulder the gun correctly, with the trigger finger reaching the trigger confortably, without body contortions, such as leaning back because the stock is too long for you or, too short and you have to hunch forward.

    Have the instructor have you pattern the shotgun and get the feel at the same time for that particular gun with its various nuances. At thirty feet distance, you may find the weapon shoots high and to the left. For a take–down on an hostage taker, this would be detrimental to the hostage. For plain self–defense, a take down shot would miss, and the assailant would well be on you in seconds.

    Adjustments can be made with simple "washers" if the gun is shooting too high or low. A proper instructor will know where to place the washers. Most people do not know how vitally important patterning is for self–defense. We have a number of people, prior to lessons and "corrections" to the gun and them, think a "I've got a shotgun and I'll use it where it counts most." One woman did not follow our advice for a shotgun for her size and small frame, nor get lessons from a qualified instructor, because one of her sons left a shotgun when he left home. She actually thinks she can use this gun she has never shot and does not even know what gauge it is. Somehow, mysteriously, she will know the manual of arms, have the correct ammunition present when she has to use it, and has the strength to use a long barrelled, heavy weapon. What nonsense!

    You want to be ready to take down, if your life and honor depends on it, a horny biped toad.

    What you want is a shotgun, 12 or 20 gauge, for home defense, with a barrel no longer than 18 1/2 inches. This is known as a "riot gun." You definitely do not want a field or sporting forearm on your home defense shotgun. You want a police fore end, or military forearm. The latter have shortened forearms, so that they do not cover the loading port when racked backwards. This is important in clearing malfunctions. We recommend a Mossberg Maverick, model 88, pump, 12 gauge. It meets all these conditions, is relatively inexpensive, and is easy to clean.

    If you opt for a semi–automatic shotgun, the first thing to learn is how to clean it and where the gas ports are. They clog easily after a number of sessons of use when not cleaned per sesson, we have found. Some instructors say they shoot them for years before cleaning and have experienced no malfunctions. Don't trust your life and family to such an operation. Learn to clean the weapon after each use to develop a pattern of cleaning and especially the gas ports. Then shoot, shoot, no clean for three or four shooting sessions and at each shooting session, use 8 to 10 boxes of 12 gauge 7–1/2 shot. By the third or fourth session, the gun will probably start malfunctions, such as in "short stroking" and not ejecting the spent round and loading a fresh shot shell. You do not want this when someone decides to charge you during a gun battle. It's all bad. This has happened before.

    It is further recommended that you get a second or third shotgun. You can search various pawn shops for shotguns under a hundred dollars. They are inexpensive. We suggest a 20–gauge and 12–gauge gun. Consider a Hinged, Single Barrel, trigger-cocking type. UpDate readers have asked about what kind we recommend? The New England Firearms (N.E.F) "Pardner" Shotgun is an excellent single shot, hinged, trigger-cocking gun that can be used for sporting and self–defense. When you get any type of shotgun, learn how to clean it, know its Manual of Arms, and most importantly, shoot it plenty. You want to make sure it will hold up when you need it most. If it fails during practice and it is an N.E.F "Pardner," then call 1–978–632–9393. Make arrangements to send it to them and get approximate cost to repair.

    You want an ammunition that patterns what is called the "rat hole" shot, from 0 to about 30 feet. Generally, encounters in your home will take place within conversational distances somewhere from 3 to 21 feet. We recommend a birdshot of 7 1/2, with 1 1/8 ounce powder and a dram equivalent of 2 1/2, but if you can't find 2 1/2, then 3 1/4. We do not recommend magnum shells. Stay within 2 3/4 inch lengths for your gun, depending upon what your gun accepts.

    With heavy dove shot by Remington, which we tested at 3 feet, 6 feet, 9 feet, 21 feet, and 30 feet, we got a neat rat hole shot, except for the 30 foot shot—too much spread. We also tested our targets for heavy clothing, such as an assailant would have on if he broke into your home in the dead of winter. At these distances, our tests showed a penetration through 4 inches of heavy cloth material, patterning only the size of a "rat hole." Clint Smith, owner, chief instructor and director of teaching gunnery at Thunder Ranch in Oregon, loves the shotgun for home defense for similar reasons.

    We recommend heavy bird shot only at close distances, such as under 21 feet. Double (00) aught buck is highly recommended for the more than novice shooter who knows about backstop, placing the shot in the threat for more body mass to decrease possible exit and overpenetration.

    By using birdshot ammunition, you aren't overly concerned about penetrating your walls and injuring somebody on the other side of the wall, or across the street. But, you must stop the assailant from injuring you and your family. We suggest practicing with the gun you will be using for home defense and patterning with various brands of ammunition and shot sizes with 2–1/2 or 2–3/4 dram equivalent. Also use (1/8, 1–1/8) ounces powder for comparison. The birdshot should be considered if living in a very small, thin-walled, efficiency apartment. You must go to the range and practice with various ounces of power, dram equivalents, shot sizes, and different brands. The latter you will find has a lot of varience. Also, different guns can make a difference. Practice with your home defense shotgun, not someone else's. There is no substitute for testing your gun with your choice of ammunication to see what it will do. You may find that you have to go to double (00) aught buck.

    Heavy birdshot, 7-1/2, will surely inflict a very ugly wound at 21 feet or less. But, it may not penetrate flesh, bone and organs such that the shot shuts down the heart or the assailant. At closer ranges, it would penetrate the brain casing and close the brain and spinal nerves down. The penetration will not go the two or three inches wanted for such an action unless you are at near contact distance, which you should never be closer than six feet to the threat. But, this is not about inflicting disgusting wounds; it is about putting the threat(s) down that intend to do you serious bodily harm and/or put you down. You want to shut the threat down immediately and keep him from putting you down. The farther from the threat(s), the better, and this calls for buckshot.

    What about recoil? You can use a high tuck of the stock under the armpit and shoot from here, or at the waist. It would be hard to miss a threat at close distances shooting this way, but, again, we advocate, go to the range and practice, practice, practice at the distances we have stated. We prefer aimed fire.

    For those who can't acclimatize to the 12 gauge because of fear of sound and perceived recoil, we also highly recommend the 20 gauge by Mossberg. However, it does not come in an 18 1/2 inch length barrel. It is longer. The long-barrelled shotgun presents problems in negotiating corners and furniture in your home. You want much training in house clearing with the shotgun under these conditions, even with the shorter barrel. Some students have had their Mossberg barrels cut down to legal size and found it a breeze to shoot. It is equivalent to two 44-magnum pistols in power. It makes a marvelous rat hole shot.

Ammo Switch

    You want loaded on a butt cuff and/or a side saddle, Buckshot, double aught (00) and Sabot Slugs. Know where they are and practice at the range on retrieving and firing them:

The Reason(s):

    If the house invasion progresses to the outside, then it is time for an ammo switch to Buckshot, double aught (00). If the threat(s) are retreating and firing at you and now are at/about 75 foot distance and moving to cover, it is time for slugs. A pistol will not be that effective nor heavy dove shot at that distance, neither double (00) aught buck. It is now slug time. We highly recommend a Sabot. This slug has a "shoe" or covering over it and protects the barrel as the slug travels to the exit port, the muzzle. The petals of the covering are caught in the air and peeled back as the slug leaves the barrel such that you have pure slug moving down range.

    Therefore, this all demands training from a professional instructor who can teach you ammo switching under a stress fire situation. Then, practice, practice...and still more practice safely at a range applying all the rules of safety:

  • All Guns Are Always Loaded.

  • Never Point The Muzzle At Anything You Don't Want To Destroy.

  • Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Your Sights Are On The Target.

  • Make Sure Of Positive Target Identification.

  • Be Aware Of Your Backstop.


    When you practice, wear eye and ear protection. Also wear a cap with bib.

    "According to Dr. William Clark, Ph.D. senior research scientist in charge of the Noise Laboratory at the Central Institute for the Deaf in St. Louis, the damage caused by one shot from a .357 magnum pistol, which can expose a shooter to 165 dB for 2 msec, is equivalent to over 40 hours in a noisy workplace. Dr. Krammer, Ph.D., Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana has documented the following pressure levels."

Shotgun Noise Data (Decibel Averages):

  • 20 Gauge 28" barrel: 152.50 dB: (Differences in guns & ammo account for differences in our test)

  • 12 Gauge 18_" barrel: 161.50 dB: (Differences in guns & ammo account for differences in our test)

    And remember, "Keep in mind that conversational speech is approximately 60-65 dB, and the threshold of pain is considered to be 140 dB." --Ibid

    One misguided police officer said at a ham radio meeting several years back that Home Invasion can be stopped in most instances. The reason is that most people do not lock their doors. I guess he never understood the real meaning of home invasion. It usually involves the concept that the home is invaded by someone smashing and bashing their way into one's dwelling. In fact, practically all the home invasions I have been consultant to, the invader entered through a pried or smashed window. Others have involved the front door literally being either kicked in or some sort of battering ram used to quickly gain access, such as a 4 x 6 inch lumber piece three or four feet long with handles screwed onto it for holding and ramming.

     What a surprise the threats had when the owner at the first smash of his door grabbed his shotgun and fired when they came in. He kept firing until all were down or were fleeing. Don't assume you're safe because your doors and windows are locked.

    In Prudent Avoidance: Part II, we reported Barton M. Biggs, the former chief global strategist at Morgan Stanley, saying:

"A wave of home invasions is sweeping the country. The young criminals, who are often high on meth, are totally without conscience. Their usual procedure is to kick in a door and shoot everyone except the person they want to hand over the money and valuables. The vicious groups are in and out before the police arrive."

    When The Hell Breaks in its fullest, they will be looking for the three Fs: Food, Fuel, and Females. Get Armed Now! We are now in our last warnings.

    We can't really tell you what to do with your time, money, and energies. Therefore, pray for discernment. We would not go down for the enemy. Make the enemy fear you; run from you; go down for you! Don't give up...Keep Fighting.

What Gets Innocent People Killed In Gun Fights:

    "Remember above all that the thing that kills innocent people in gunfights is their own morally-inbred hesitation to kill fellow beings. It is not a consideration shared by the criminals the private citizen may someday face."---In The Gravest Extreme. Massad F. Ayoob (ret. police officer), p. 117.

When You See The First Food Riots In America's Big Cities, This Presages More To Come. When The Food Riots Go Into Mayhem, This Will Presage Cannibalism.

It Is Already Happening!

"On June 24th, 2008, violence broke out in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, when over 3,000 people waited in line to receive free food vouchers" —Last Trumpet Newsletter, August 2008. (Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, June 24, 2008, by Annysa Johnsonb, Linda Spice, & Gred J. Borowski, Milw.WI.)

Inner Cities Are Going To Be Chaotic. Get Out Now If You Live In A Big City!

By Patterning Your Shotgun With Heavy Bird Shot At Conversational Distances, You Will Want To Be Armed With Double Aught (00) Buckshot and some Sabots In Your Butt Cuff or SideSaddle, When This All Goes Down. And Know How To Do An Ammo Switch, If Necessary.

We do not recommend rifle or carbine use in the dwelling, unless your neighbors have disappeared.

Remember, when you saw the birdshot blow through the target, the target backing is just cardboard, not bone and flesh. That makes a difference. We would recommend 12 gauge double aught (00) buck and 20 gauge 3 buck (3 bk), provided you know your backstop—which should be the threats. No wild–ass shooting!

By Doing Aerials, you learn a lot. You learn how to keep from being behind

The Action Curve

    For the well–practiced, who want faster shooting, the new Mossberg semi–auto Special Purpose Home Security Shotgun, No. 85320.

[Mossberg Semi–Auto Special Purpose Home Security Shotgun, No. 85320.]

    The 85320 in Action:

Practice Using Cover. Do Not Hug Cover, Else Projectiles Could Be Hurled Back At You. Also, Ricocet Rounds (Also Known As Skip Rounds)
May Follow "Hugged" Cover Back To You.

Combat Shooting The SemiAutomatic Shotgun
Using Ambidextrous Techniques From Cover

Smoking The Clays:

    When You Learn To Do This, You OverCome The Three Delays.

  • "The first time delay is human reaction, the brief span of time between the brain's decision to fire and the actual pulling of the trigger.

  • "The second delay is a mechanical delay, the time it takes the firing mechanism to function from the trigger to the muzzle blast.

  • "The third and last delay is the time it takes for the shot charge to reach the target."— The Basics of Shotgun Shooting. NRA.

Smoking The Clays: Taught Correctly, This Teaches One To Overcome The Action Delay In A Self–Defense Gunfight

Dogs Gone Wild

    During the aftermath of Hurricane Rita, we came up on a man cornered by a pack of skinny, starving (it appeared) dogs. The dogs were attacking a man who carried a large, heavy knobbed walking cane at one end. He evidently was one of the unfortunates that did not get out in time and was caught in the hurricane that roared through at 126 miles per hour.

    The man was fighting bravely, but was being overcome, even though he had his back to a parked car on the street. He would swipe viciously at the snarling animals, with an occasional good whack upside the head or body. But, this was not enough deterrent to run the howling, snarling, vicious biting animals. He made it onto the hood of the vehicle with one or two leaping up there too, only to be knocked off. Only then, did we see his clothes were ripped and tattered from the biting animals. No blood or open flesh were observed at a distance.

    We stopped our vehicle in the middle of the road; it was totally deserted, as no one was about. The animals were oblivious to us. We disembarked the vehicle, shotguns pointed in a safe direction. They spied us, some came howling and snarling towards us. We broke up their attack with a couple of well–placed shots. Unbelievably, being only about 50 to 75 feet from the man still fighting the wild dogs, some continued their attack on him. We fired into the ground after carefully noting our backstop. That did it.

    They dispersed, howling all the time looking over their shoulders as if to say, "We'll be back." The man came down from the vehicle, thanking us profusely. He said he was chased for two blocks before he found that automobile to make a stand from. He was afraid of going to one of the deserted houses as he could not get up on something to make his stand. He asked, "Why didn't you kill these around the car?" Our response was, "Private property could have been damaged." To which he said, and he had a point, "They are only going to kill someone else. They were after my flesh!"

    An American reporter, in the Spring of 1943, for Time magazine, covered the war occurring in China between the armies of the Nationalists and Japan. Theodore White was stationed in the province of Henan. This is what he saw:
"What we saw, I now no longer believe...There were the bodies: the first, no more than an hour out of Luoyang, lying in the snow, a day or two dead, her faced shrivelled about her skull: she must have been young; and the snow fell on her eyes; and she would lie unburied until the birds or the dogs cleansed her bones.

"The dogs were also there along the road, slipping back to their wolf kinship, and they were sleek, well fed. We stopped to take a picture of dogs digging bodies from sand piles; some were half–eaten, but the dogs had already picked clean one visible skull."

And Jasper Becker, writing in Hungry Ghost: Mao's Secret Famine, says:

"The famine conditions in this province are heartrending...Dogs feasting on human flesh."
    Never give up...Keep Fighting. The animals are coming. Do get prepared. Become like this Wildebeest in this video:Keep Fighting...Don't Give Up!

    And here's one story, from a few years back, that will turn your stomach. It is on the increase and not reported. Overpopulation is a cause. See When Pets Attack. And, it's going to get worse. This is in the U.S. Dogs gone wild are very bad in other parts of the world. Australia, for example.

    As the population increases and as food scarcities increase, feral dog pack sizes will increase as people turn loose pets. The animals are coming. Get Prepared!

Animal Farm !

If This Video Is No Longer Available, Then Click Here.

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    When we emerge from the Hell that is now breaking upon us, my, what we will have learned. Common decency, respect, and care for others will return; we will become good stewards of the Earth again.

    Children and teens that survive will become respectful and obedient to parents, the elderly and laws. More good parenting will occur. Parents will raise their children, such that teachers will enjoy teaching and will do teaching without all the red tape paper work that now teaching engenders. They will not be baby sitters. Students will be studious again, seekers of knowledge. Not like what you see here:

Memorial High School
Port Arthur, Texas

Now, that you've been to the zoo and see what's coming your the following:

(It Is Happening All Over The World)

[Sick Schools]

From The Times
March 17, 2008

Classrooms Have Become War Zones, Battered and Threatened Teachers Say

Alexandra Frean, Education Editor

Violence in the classroom is on the increase, but it is not only the pupils who are the victims, according to a survey that has found that nearly a third of teachers have been punched, kicked, bitten or pinched by children or attacked with weapons or missiles.

More than half of teachers say that their school’s policy on pupils’ poor behaviour is not tough enough and two thirds have considered leaving the profession because of physical aggression, verbal abuse and threats.

The survey, published today by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, suggests that excluding the most violent youngsters does not help because they will repeat the pattern of violence at neighboring schools.

Mary Bousted, the union’s general secretary, said that no teacher should have to put up with the behavior seen in schools today.

“Not only is poor behaviour driving teaching staff away at an alarming rate, it is also damaging the chances of other pupils during lessons by causing major disruptions,” she said.

Speaking ahead of the union’s annual conference in Torquay today, Ms Bousted said that one in ten teachers had received physical injuries in the classroom.

Twelve per cent said that they had needed to visit a doctor and eight per cent had taken leave from teaching as a result of pupils’ aggression.

Three per cent of teachers said that they had been involved in incidents involving knives, two thirds had been punched, nearly a half kicked and a third had been threatened.

The survey follows news last month that airport-style metal detectors are to be installed at hundreds of school gates.

Official figures also suggest that schools are finding it increasingly difficult to exclude violent pupils because of the growing tendency by governors and appeal panels to overturn the head’s decision. Between 1997 and 2007 permanent exclusions fell by 25 per cent to 9,170 cases nationwide. But over the same period the proportion of expulsions over ruled by panels rose from 20 to 24 per cent.

Jean Roberts took early retirement from her post as a deputy head of a primary school in West London because she could no longer stand having to restrain children physically.

“Over the years, we are increasingly seeing children who are disturbed, with very little ability to communicate other than through biting or pulling hair. Some are barely socialised [sic] when they arrive,” she said. “They kick or they throw things when they are in an extreme state of anger.”

Most teachers said that pupil behaviour had worsened in the last two years and many said that low-level disruption – such as pupils talking, not paying attention and refusing requests to turn off mobile phones – was now the norm in classrooms.

The findings coincide with comments from Jim Rose, the Government’s adviser on the primary curriculum, who said that part of the role of primary schools was to socialize children and teach them how to behave.

“Where else would they get it if they don’t get it at home?” he said.

School of hard knocks

— Teachers suffered 221 injuries from attacks in 2005-06, up 21 per cent on the previous year

— 1,128 teachers were assaulted between 2000 and 2006

— A survey found that most attacks were on nursery nurses, special school teachers and learning assistants

— Another survey suggests that British schoolgirls are among the most violent in the world, with 29 per cent of English and Scottish girls aged 11 to 15 having been in at least one fight in the past year

Source: Times database

    For what's happening in America, see For Teachers Battered by Students, Psychological Wounds Linger, The New York Times, June 26, 1988.

    Get this! We are talking to you—teachers who have been brutally assaulted—they are coming for you When The Hell Breaks...and for you, the populace at large! Get Prepared!

    This is what school teachers in Texas are expressing: See Survey.

    These "Latch–Key" kids are everywhere. They are in your neighborhood, and...if not, they are coming when they "Locust–up" everything in their own neighborhoods.

    ...And remember! Many of these people are on antidepressants. What happens in their bodies when they can't get their pills any more, or just go cold turkey and stop taking them as the Hell is breaking in Full Earnest?

    These very people you have been reading about and watching, it is this class that had so much food that they had "food fights" or "food wars" in the cafeterias. No longer will someone shout, "Food Fight," and everyone starts hurling handsfull of food at one another. They will be shouting "Food Riots." "Where's ours?" and "When will get get some food?" "People get very, very mad and do terrible things when they are hungry," according to Gerald Celente, trends analysis expert.

The Great Rat Experiment

    Sometime between the 70s to the 80s, scientists performed an experiment. All the sociologists were talking about it. They were in an uproar.

    The researchers took two groups of rats; both groups had plenty of rat chow, were allowed to play rat games; had rat drinks, plenty of rat space, and in effect, had the "Life of Riley." One was a control group that was going to be used as comparison for the other group of rats who also had The Good Life.

    But this latter group, just when they thought it was too good to be true—It was. The researchers slipped in a couple of more docile rats. Nothing happened. But when this second group's blood was sampled, they showed stress indicators rising. No problem, it was contended.

    More rats were added, as well as more rat chow, more rat drinks, cages cleaned very regularly and no reason to be unhappy. One thing, however, wasn't increased—the rat space.

    Suddenly, without warning, all hell broke out. It was every rat for himself. They exhibited the cornered rat syndrome. They became violent, some intimidated and bullied others. Still other rats became violent and killed other rats, taking huge bites of fur and flesh out of their cage mates. The rats in the first cage, however, were still blissfully happy, and in that cage reigned peace and serenity, with the occasional "disciplining" of another who over-stepped his bounds. For the most, everything was okay.

    No so with this other group. The Battle Royal went on, and finally, almost with out signal, it stopped. Littering the cage were rat parts, fur, flesh, and dead rats. When a certain ratio of space was returned by kill-off, the mayhem stopped. When the overpopulation and overcrowding were returned to normal, by kill–off and die–off, peace came again. What killed the rats that were not killed by angry rats? Stress killed them! They had no outlet, and it consumed all their life resources. They felt trapped like a rat.

    We have now reached an overcrowding and overpopulation in our school system, such that many, many teachers are flat leaving the education profession. "It's not worth it," one said. Another remarked, "The district does not support you, and the principals are cowards."

    We have let so many illegals into our society, it is The Great Rat Experiment about to go South. We are the rats in the experiment.

    Oh, in case you didn't get it, there was some Cannibalism in the second rat cage, in spite of the abundance of rat chow.

What You Can Expect

    If you are attacked by the rats, as you saw in the first and second video, expect no help from anyone. Let me relate a disgusting story from a few years back that made the late night talk show TV circuits. There was a construction group of workers putting up a high–rise. The second story was going up and still close to the ground. The workers saw a woman stalked, attacked and thrown to the ground. They watched excitedly. Do you think they came down and went to her aid? No. They called others working with them to watch and took bets as to whether or not she would be raped! When asked why they did not stop the rape, their comment was: "We've never seen a woman raped." Another said he "...wanted to see what it was like." What sordid human beings—rats.

    We have lost our sense of balance and sin in America. We have lost our conscience.

    Get well–prepared and practiced. Get within a radius up to 100 miles 5 to 10 people of like mind that can come to your aid and you to them. Initially, until proper help arrives, you can only depend on yourself! And by the time help arrives, you will probably have solved the situation permanently. Get Self–Reliant.

    We have known a number of idealistic young women going into the teaching profession that feel that, "Children just need dialogue and to be shown that you are their friend, and they won't misbehave." Wow! What nonsensical crap the education colleges are teaching prospective teachers. We have heard many times, "I am going to make a difference."

    Well, most of those teachers are no longer teaching. One flat said, "It's not worth it."

    The government, aided by the demon of political correctness, has wrecked the education system. The sooner parents realize this and pull their children out of the public schools, the better off we'll be as a society. Don't place your children in a cage with the rats. Homeschool them, or send them to private schools as your elected officials in Washington, D.C. do. In the meantime, vote against every public school initiative you can on the grounds that you don't care to throw good money after bad. The withdrawal of Money is about the only thing that will straighten out this particular "rat hole."

Rats On Internet

    One of the reasons teachers are brutalized is because it has been planned such that one member of the "rat pack" is to video the brutalization and send it up to MySpace, YouTube, etc. This is their only claim to fame and they are so stupid that they do not realize that this is evidence against them.

    Even the parents of the brutalizers don't feel their "children," have done anything wrong. Then, when you finally get a look at these "children," they are really adults—some huge.

    This is what has to say about Internet rats in its Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine, April 2008:
"Last summer one teenager videotaped an interaction with a veteran Baltimore police officer who got physical when the teen and his friends were caught skateboarding in a marked no–skateboarding zone and refused to leave. Almost a year later the video appeared on the Internet site YouTube.

"One of the teens and his mother were then asked to appear on 'Good Morning America,' where they decried the officer for his actions. The officer, who had no complaints on his record, was suspended without pay.

"'That's the power of the Internet right now,' says Rivera (Rich) of the Police Complaint Center."

    We just had a case worker (April 17, 2008; 12:45 PM) with the food stamp department. Her complaint is extreme stress, and that is making her fat. She said:

"Food scarcities are showing up in the system. The economy is breaking down, and the people have no money for the basic necessities. They are like rats in a line that have gone mad. They are overloading the system. Soon, food stamp riots will break out. This has almost happened several times here already. Every day brings a dangerous, new challenge."

Monkey Meat !

    Innumerable accounts from history point out crisply that "human meat" tastes like Monkey Meat. This comparison arises from the undeniable fact that the flesh of monkeys has the distinctive taste of tender, juicy, succulent, rare pork. And the "people food" of humans tastes like fresh pork. Hence, the moniker: "Monkey Meat."

    The Tahitians call human meat, "Long Pig."

    A religious argument could be made here in that some religions prohibit the eating of pork. This may be due to the connection of human flesh in taste to pork.

    By the time cannibalism is ocurring, you won't even know it until it comes to your door. This will be the most hushed–up news item ever — even more hushed than "UFO's are real." It will occur quietly in all sectors — you will know only that people are disappearing in large numbers.

    Some Precautions:

    Note 1:

    If you are out of resources or did not prepare, and a neighbor looks chubby and "juicy"; has plenty of energy and moves with alacrity in the midst of famine and starving neighbors, and you are suddenly asked for dinner with a goodly spread of "meat", and a few home grown vegetables, you may have just eaten "Monkey Meat." When, and eventually you will be told what you just ate to sustain you, and you denigrate it, you may become the next feast!

    Note 2:

    If you have prepared, and in the midst of famine with your neighbors starving, you are looking chubby, not lean and gaunt, but "juicy," you are setting yourself up for attack. Remember, when shortages—especially extreme—if you talked about storing provisions for just such an event and your neighbors did not, but ridiculed you, they will remember. For in extreme deprivation, incredible memories will be displayed.

    Note 3:

    If you have a home invasion during this time, and the assailants start calling you "Monkey Meat," or "Long Pig," know well they are not casting aspersions on your being. They are referencing you, along with your family members, in their minds as "Fresh Meat" on the hoof!

    Note 4:

    We have said continually throughout these documents that "Loose Lips Sink Ships," and do not be out talking about what you have done to prepare. Do not to invite, we advise, friends who have not prepared, to stay with you. Once in, you will not get them out! They will whine and dine you out of everything—especially patience, tolerance, and your nerves. They may even commandeer your domicile and supplies, and you become victim to working for them as a servant in your own dwelling and are doled out meager, very meager rations, your family included. Your wife and daughter may become their "momma" and there is nothing you can do about it but take it, because you let them in, and they have now overtaken you.

    Teach the women in your life, now, how to fight! Use weapons—especially the pistol (semi–automatic, revolver), the rifle, the shotgun, to fight with.

    Remember! They kill the men first to get to the women. Teach the women to fight with lethal force weapons. While you are struggling with an invader(s), the woman can come up unobtrusively and quickly produce a weapon and put down the intruder(s), freeing you to fight another time and saving herself from a terrible fate.

    Get a covenent community started now of 10 like-minded people who live within up to 100 miles or so. As we said before, Mormans are a good bunch and have prepared. Make sure you get with someone who is not squeamish about knives and guns, and who knows how to use them and owns them.

    Note 5:

    Say, for instance you have vegans or vegetarians come stay with you, and you do not know their food preferences. Every time you sit down to dinner they make snide and sly comments about eating meat. This can make an already very rough time, horrendous. If they do not eat meat, they will consume an inordinate amount of your staples, such as starches, grains, legumes, seeds, nuts and beans, to get "filled" up and keep feeling good. They will need to eat more often as starch digests within three hours, protein 4 plus hours, and fat around six hours to be out of the small intestine and into the blood stream. Your supplies will diminish quickly. Have rules about eating times; KP duty; cleaning the latrine, etc. You must be; or, a trusted, strong member of your family, in charge of watching over them in KP duty. Stealing food and precious water will not be tolerated. Take up all guns.

    Infractions of rules will be cause for dismissal from your premises. You can't do this if they have their weapons with them. If the dwelling is attacked from the outside, re–issue weaponry. After the battle, take them up again, along with the extra ammo dispensed. All of this must be explained prior to the first entry into your domicile by invited guests. Rules must be written out and sent to invited guests in advance. Go through the rules once or twice a week with them. People are now used to doing it "their way," and resent authority. Especially if they made more money than you, have more education, and consider themselves a pillar—in their mind—of the community, that is now disintegrating before all eyes.

    See "When The Hell Breaks" under "Menu" on this site for in-detail information on how to handle this situation.

    People must eat what you set before them and waste not. People pouting or complaining, and not eating what is on their plates, and all of it, means they don't eat the next meal. The reason for this is, they will be hungrier and needing more food at that next meal, whereas the meal they bypassed was wasted energy for their biochemistry. Therefore, this action of no food at the next feeding time, conserves precious food wasted at the previous meal. You can not allow wastefulness. You and/or others do not want to eat the food they glossed over. If a family member eats it, nothing has been gained. The indolent spoiled eater is still hungry and still has not learned to discipline himself under harsh circumstances and thus will want something else at that meal and "not the garbage you're eating."

    Be strict. He missed that meal, he does not get the next meal, for food was wasted; therefore, he eats what he glossed over and left, for the next meal. Remember this:
If they did not go through the expense and trouble of storing it, and doing without so they could store it, they will not be appreciative of your provisions.

    If they wanted "such and such," they should have gotten off their lazy American asses and stored it themselves.

    American teens and children are extremely bad about wasting food. Find out in advance if someone does not like vegetables and a mixture of starches, as well as some meals consisting of what you have stored, such as a meal consisting only of protein powder and rice and a vitamin pill. If so, do not let them into your home. These will be hard times then, and you can't just satisfy someone's whims or allergies. Don't let them in, and send them away from your door before they get in.

    For instance, take the lowly peanut. Most are unaware that it is high in protein, not complete, but close. This, combined with rice...and voilá...the meal now has complete high protein. But, the person who came with an invited guest (someone they brought with them without asking permission) who has peanut allergies, just your eating this meal with family and invited guest can cause them to go into anaphylactic shock and possibly die. Why? They are so sensitive to peanuts just the opening of the sack of peanuts and placing a few ounces on top of the cooked rice aerosolizes, makes air borne, the peanut dust.

    Do you want this problem? Commercial airlines don't. They have had this problem. So they no longer serve peanuts on flights. But this is in your own home under harsh conditions occurring everywhere and food shortages present. You knew what you could prepare for your family and self.

    If they wanted such and such; can't eat such and such; don't like such and such; you are going to have nothing but pain and suffering from them and their family, and you do not need this at this time.

    If you stored coconut oil and freeze dried butter, you don't want a "purist" asking you or telling you about cholesterol. You stored it for a reason. And if they do not eat these fats, the polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs) will become toxic faster. Saturated fat helps tame the toxicity of PUFAs.

    Many of the people we have spoken with across these United States have chicken raising capabilities and are now having fresh eggs from true range fed chickens.

    Sitting down to dinner with the whole egg in food amalgams or preparations, such as a nutritious gravy thickener and piquancy made from whole eggs; or, a nutritious dessert, is enough to get you lectured by the purist and they refuse to eat, but watch you eat and mutter...mutter...making your meal an ordeal. No need for this to spoil a pleasant time that once was for family togetherness, but became wrecked by television, meetings, cell phones, and so–forth breaking the family unity. Have rules set in place in advance. You do not want to have to "teach" the sophomoric (conceited and overconfident of knowledge but poorly informed and immature) people.

    Note 6:

    From the above, one can see the reverse is true. If you and your family must run and lose all provisions and are invited in by a good Samaritan, then as He gave, when he sent them out by twos: The house you stay in, "Eat What They Set Before You." The Holy Writ puts it this way:

Luke 10:8 (KJV):

"And into whatsoever city ye enter, and they receive you, eat such things as are set before you."

1 Corinthians 10:27 (KJV):

"If any of them that believe not bid you [to a feast], and ye be disposed to go; whatsoever is set before you, eat, asking no question for conscience sake."

    Note 7:

    Be warned! When famine comes to America, there may be some Chinese markets and/or resturants advertising "Fresh Meat." It may be people meat. The Chinese culture has a history dating back before B.C for cannibalism.

    "The consumption of human flesh in China was not, however, limited to times of famine. Indeed one authority on the subject has concluded that cannibalism holds a unique place in Chinese culture and that the Chinese 'have admired the practice of cannibalism for centuries', and cities were not under seige.

    "In many periods of Chinese history, human flesh was considered a delicacy. In ancient times, cooks prepared exotic dishes of human flesh for jaded upper–class palates.

    "A Yuan dynasty writer, Dao Qingyi, recommends in Chuo geng lu (Records of Stopping Cultivation) that children's meat is the best–tasting food and proposes eating children whole, including their bones. He refers to men and women as 'two–legged sheep' and considers women's meat even more delicious than mutton."—Hungry Ghosts

    Confucius recommended eating your mortal enemies of combat as revenge. Prisoner's hearts were often consummed by both sides of a conflict to embolden the one eating the flesh. The brains and hearts of condemed men were often eaten by Chinese executioners.

    Throughout the dynasties and China's Great Leap Forward, when famines occurred, often times The Ultimate Taboo was crossed. But it did not have to be a famine that caused it.

    Hungry Ghosts: Mao's Secret Famine, by Jasper Becker, gives numerous references to this. Here is just one:

"Wang OLanying of Banjing brigade of Wudian commune not only took back home dead human bodies and ate them but also sold 2 jin [just over 2 lbs] as pork."


"In some schools students killed their principals and ate their bodies to celebrate a triumph over 'counter revolutionaries'."

And at another school, to show she was more red (communist) than others,

"The first person to strip the body of a school principal was the former girlfriend of the principal's son. She wanted to show that she had no sympathy with him and was just as 'red' as anyone else." She then took part in the cannibalism of the school principal, her former boyfriend's father.

    One of the protagonists in the book, Shui hu zhuan, or The Water Margin, enters a wine shop and is conducted to a room:

"Where men were cut to pieces, and on the walls there were men's skins stretched tight and nailed there, and upon the beams of the roof there hung several legs of men."

    Epicurean cannibalism fills Chinese literature with these accounts.

    Incidently, many so–called health foods are now coming from China. They have entered into the organic movement, especially meats.

    As we have said earlier, be mindful of your children. There is a term in Chinese, dating back before Christ, "Yi zi er shi — 'Swop child, make food' — was common." — Ibid

Don't be somebody else's dinner!

When There Is No More Food Out There — You'll Become The Food

Unless You Have Prepared

Time Is Running Out....Prepare Now

Causes Of Famines

    Famines are caused by weather pattern changes, engendering droughts, floods and drying winds. Soil erosions by nature and man–made by clearing farm lands for "condos," uprooting and destroying watersheds by destroying trees making way for new developments, such as malls, highways, and sectors for apartment housing, and additions are another cause of famines when overdone and not wisely done.

    In large countries, where famines may occur from time to time, "...there is such a range of climate that a crop failure in all the provinces (areas) simultaneously is almost impossible. Even though four or five provinces are without a harvest there are still seventeen or eighteen where there is a yield and some of them are almost sure to have a bumper crop." Then why do people starve; resort to eating "mice, rats, sparrows, ants, earthworms," and grasses and its roots, tree bark and the leaves of trees, and finally resort to The Ultimate Taboo, Cannibalism. —Hungry Ghosts: Mao's Secret Famine, Becker. (See what Ted Turner has to say about Cannibalism.)

    In a word, transportation. One area may be starving while another is well–fed. But if the transportation facilities are not there, such as roads, gasoline, vehicles, planes, etc., then the food and grains sits where it is and may rot. Often, history shows profiteering by administering officials in the localities where food is plentiful and does get out to no food areas. The people still starve because food is sold there that was intended to be freely distributed to the starving populace, most of whom by now have exhausted their resources to buy the meager rations.

    Still, a big cause of famines is the destruction of family farms and the generation, as has occurred in China and Russia periodically with dynasty and regime changes, of giant factory–farms.

    And Earth changes, such as those that are happening now and still more to come in the immediate future, cause famines and massive Wipe–Outs and Depopulation crises.

    We have in our society, right now occurring, giant, mega factory–farms. When Russia got rid of the family farms, the masses starved. The family farms were able to feed the entirety of Russia, but the central planning of the Communist government couldn't.

    If the U.S. Government gets bad off enough, it may engineer a famine. Why? One, to reduce the population. Second, to control the populace. And third, to do as Russia did during Stalin's time. To get gold! This is what the Russian government did:
"Peasants hoped that if they go to the cities they would be able to buy bread using gold or foreign currency at the special foreign exchange shops called torgsin that the government had opened. These shops stocked goods and foodstuffs otherwise unobtainable and the government used them to obtain gold and foreign exchange cheaply." — Ibid.

    The Russians would use the gold and foreign exchange to finance their government and buy tractors and become a world contender in the market place.

    People were so desperate for food, those who had no gold, opened the graves of the dead searching for gold; when finding it, scurried to the cities to the exchange shops to buy food with it. They were not given the full value of the gold for the food they received. The government profited, and so did the individuals overseeing and enforcing the grain allotments. Blackmarketeering was rampant.

    We are seeing the beginnings of a world–wide developing famine. And, it's coming to America.

Faces Of Famine

    The traditional response to famine has always been flight! Famines lead to starvation. People leave rural areas and go to cities looking for food. People in cities leave and go to rural areas looking for food. Bucolic scenes are hard to find during famines.

    And when people can't flee, in their desperation, their only alternative is to rebel against the establishment. Violent and bloody clashes against the American government will come. Scapegoats by the people will be sought out, real and/or imaginary. First, illegal aliens of any nationality will be targeted.

    There are three faces to starvation:

  • First Phase:

      The adult will be emaciated; his stomach pushing out. He looks like a "hungry ghost." A skeleton draped with taut skin over protrubances of bone at the cheeks, hips, ribs, and other areas. He can still work if forced to in forced–labor camps. He moves slowly. Memory suffers, confusion exists for him. Food is always occupying his mind. His eyes look glassy, big, and have an empty stare.

      The bacteria growing in children's stomachs and intestines cause them to bulge out with swollen bellies. They cry for food constantly. No one can do anything for them. They are the wretched, as the infants when the mother's milk dries up quickly. The infants don't live long, unless the allotment of gruel from the government forces is carefully fed to them.

      Before starvation kills them, disease often claims the hungry ghosts. They do not reach the terminal stage of starvation.

  • The Second Phase of Starvation:

    This stage is characterized by a look of well–fed and healthiness at first glance. But, on closer inspection, you see the people move slowly, some teetering on supports, such as sticks, make–shift crutches, and anything they can carry using for support. Touching them leaves a deep indentation that slowly fills back up as if you were testing rising dough for bread making. Edema is a symptom. It is not a disease.

    A number of biochemical processes are operating here and overlaping to produce this prodigious swelling of the body. Often it starts at a foot, and progresses up to the chest where it embarrasses the lungs, and one suffocates before he dies from the final stage of starvation. However, it may begin in another limb and progresses to the whole body causing similar results as just given.

    The face can become so swollen that the eyes become slits and one can't see out of them. As the edema spreads to the neck and on down, the neck area becomes so swollen with fluid, the victim dies from the air passage being shut off. If it spreads to the lungs before death ensues, the edema victim drowns in his own fluids—a type of pneumonia.

    Several causes bring about this; one, lack of complete protein such that the albumin cannot gather fluid, especially the chemical, urea, and send it to the kidneys for elimination.

    The extravasation of fluid, primarily a watery solution, from tissues and the blood into the intra– and extracellular spaces causes this swollen look. The lack of good quality, complete protein and vitamin C causes the connective tissues to lose their tightly knit chemistry and leak fluid out of the blood vessels and tissues into the spaces between cells and tissues.

    Another big cause of this, which we see regularly in our private practice, is the puffy, swollen look—and these people have the benefit of diruretics and high quality protein, and a health–care provider. This is often caused by, and in starvation, most definitely, the endotoxin-producing bacteria of the colon producing endotoxins that are absorbed into the body, and this causes leaky capillaries and allows the blood–brain barrier to be compromised and broached. By having complete bowel evacuations and speeding the contents through in a normal manner under non–famine conditions, coupled with liver support and coconut oil medium chain triglycerides, patients often recover nicely.

    Starvation victims are inordinately weak, tired, no energy; but when you see this in a non–famine society and the participants are having no energy, then the mitochondria are not up to par in producing the energy currency of the body, ATP. There are measures and modalities that can be done for the non–famine patient. However, the famine victim experiencing starvation is also being robbed of energy by the endotoxin absorption through leaky gut tissues, and this in turn robs the victim of mitochrondrial energy as the intestinal bacteria toxins interfere with production of energy through increased sepsis (blood poisoning). You are slowly being poisoned to death in a non-famine situation, and quickly poisoned to death in a famine situation, along with other problems in your biochemistry caused by the famine.

    During this stage the large joints of the body are easily dislocated, as the connective tissue is stringy and loose. The joints often become inflamed and hot. They are big and give off a crepitation sound, joints clicking. Lymph nodes often become very enlarged and painful in various places of the body. Many victims develop high fever, headache, and a exacerbating cough such that eventually some cannot get oxygen into the swelling lungs. The heart will beat slowly, and hypertension will occur. The body is now into deep decompensation and is trying to keep itself going.

    As you're reading this, keep in mind governments often cause famines by their political policies and give aways and do not keep graineries for storage full, and rotate the foodstuffs in and out of the storage bins. The U.S has very little stored now for its own people. Famine is coming. All America needs is inclement wind and weather conditions and droughts. We have set up ourselves for famine.

    A person in this stage of edema, if cut or pierced, the fluid that runs out will present as a slightly yellowish, clear liquid. This can happen by just bending over; handling something; picking up an item, and so forth. The pressure engendered from this action causes the thin tissues of the skin to rupture; break, and out goes the fluid. When this occurs, the victim of starvation is not far from the final stage.


    • A person under the throes of starvation will undergo oxidant stress, an imbalance of prooxidant/oxidant steady–state levels leading to tissue dammage. Oxidative stress is an imbalance in the ratio of prooxidant to antioxidant status of the cell such that this ratio is in favor of the prooxidant. This leads to the formation of reactive oxygen species, primarily, reactive oxygen species (ROS). The major ones are superoxide, hydrogen peroxide, and the hydroxyl radical. When controlled, life proceeds biochemically to a relatively healthy life. It is felt, this is what aging is mainly about. When these chemical moieties leak out from their cellular compartments and not under antioxidant and cellular chemical control, cellular damage occurs. If chronic, disease follows.

      Famine, scaracity of foodstuffs, leads to starvation, if the famine is protracted. Starvation leads to death. However, we see edema and much sickness often before death under such conditions. The suffering is horrendous.

      We now live in a sea of chemicals, endocrine disrupters. This generates a constant attack upon healthy organisms. If one just fasts, hepatotoxicity of many of those chemicals make manifest and causes liver dysfunction. Know well, your liver is your life. One of the chief causes of this liver dysfunction is due to the fact that many chemicals cause a depletion of glutathione (GSH) in the liver and other tissues, but primarily in the liver.

      "Glutathione is a tripeptide of cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine, widely distributed in living tissues. It takes part in many oxidation–reduction reactions, due to the reactive thiol group (—SH) being easily oxidized to the disulfide (–S–S–), and acts as an antioxidant, as well as a coenzyme to several enzymes." —"The Facts On File Dictionary of Biochemistry," Daintith, John.

      As glutathione is deplenished from the famine in persons' bodies, xenobiotics and products of oxidation will increase. They will not be removed quickly and thus, nulled and voided. Thus, the living organism which has evolved using various protective systems, especially the glutathione measures, will not minimize the events that are injurous to one's health. The oxidative challenge that is coming shortly to Americans, and this does include the rest of the world, is going to be a major part of the depopulation of species these documents from ChemBio Updates Issues have been writing about.

      It is as if Lucifer himself planned this, knowing the biochemistry of man and how it functions in times of stress and starvation. Why do we say this? "Don't eat red meat." This is where you are going to get the most food carnitine for fat transport across the mitochondrial membrane for fat to burn effectively. Also, eating high quality protein such as meat will give quality sulfur-bearing amino acids, such as methionine, cysteine and cystine, to help fight the horrendous oxidative stress coming your way and ours too very soon now. However, here's the difficulty with this: Fasting starts depleting these chemicals quickly and as the body burns muscle tissue for energy—as well as fat too, but only muscle meats give sulfur-bearing amino acids—the body quickly undergoes depletion. The addition of the the following two amino acids, cysteine, methionine, or the biochemical, N–acetylcysteine (NAC) helps reduce the liver toxicity and restores the body back to its former healthy status, if the disruption has not generated too much damage and proceeded to the "bystander effect."

      Glutathione (GSH) is a scavenger of many potential deleterious and free radical compounds and their "offspring(s)," various metabolites.

      We suggest one be on now, and have stored Alpha–lipoic acid with biotin, NAC, and Silibinin concentrate, a milk thistle seed powder extract. These combinations not only will assist and protect your liver, testes, kidneys, lungs and other cells and tissues, but will keep down the edema from blebbing formation of the cellular surface throughout the body. When there is hypoxic and toxic injury to the cells of an organism (as occurs in ROS), cytosolic calcium becomes free and appears to be the stimulus for bleb formation. A bleb is "a collection of fluid beneath the skin, usually the lesions are smaller than bullae of blisters" —Stedman's Medical Dictionary: Illustrated/23.

    • The Stress is going to be extremely hard for even those who prepared. Deprivation is always hard. This can lead (and will in many people who have never witnessed such a thing as to what is coming to planet Earth) to severe stress and this will garner deep depression. Many are already in a depressed state (mild or severe). This will cause a greater rise in Aldosterone, a hormone produced by the adrenal glands in its outer portion, the adrenal cortex. This hormone, when under control, balances water loss and salt (sodium) retention. Greater sodium held in the body means more water held and thus, increased blood pressure. This is not all!


      • During the night, its secretion increases.

      • As given above, its rise is greatest in stressed and depressed people. Aldosterone is strongly associated with depression.

      • Energy metabolism is inhibited. Note: When The Hell Breaks in full rigor, as we have said in other Updates, people will flat give up and die...they have no energy to meet the needs of the times then. Their aggression to survive is gone.

      • Aldosterone enhances insulin resistance. Note: What is one of the biggest problems today? Metabolic Syndrome! And part of this collection of symptoms in people is Insulin Resistance. What does this often presage? Diabetes!

      • Aldosterone generates more substances that become inflammatory in adipose (fat) cells. This is another reason why fat (in the form of bodily obesity) is toxic to your health.

      • As one ages, if he restricts salt, this action produces an inordinate rise in nighttime aldosterone. A belief was started in the 50s from the discovery of thiazide diuretics (causes sodium to loss in the urine) that sodium causes hypertension. This has generated a whole generation of people thinking that salt causes high blood pressure. Women, numbering in the millions, were hurt with that thought that engendered an entire cult, especially their babies.

        Ray Peat writes in his July 2008, newsletter, Ray Peat's Newsletter:

        "Estrogen...causes sodium loss, reduced osmolarity, and increased capillary leakiness. Combined with a high protein diet, eating a little extra salt usually helps to correct a variety of problems involving edema, poor circulation, and high blood pressure.

        "During stress or fasting (recall from above what is coming), the loss of tissue protein can be minimized by supplementing the minerals, potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium. Salt restriction can cause aldosterone to increase, and excess aldosterone causes potassium loss, and increases the use of protein to form ammonia (Norby, et al., 1976; Snarft and Taylor, 1978; Welbourne and Francoeur, 1977).

        "Magnesium deficiency is extremely common, but a little extra salt in the diet makes it easier to retain the magnesium in our foods.

        "The sleep–inducing effect of salty food is probably related to the anti–excitatory effects of hyperosmolarity, of adequate thyroid function, and of carbon dioxide.

        "The danger of salt restriction in pregnancy has hardly been recognized by most physicians, and its danger in analogous physiological situation is much farther from their consideration. One of the things that happen when there isn't enough sodium in the diet is that more aldosterone is synthesized.

        "Aldosterone causes less sodium to be lost in the urine and sweat, but it achieves that at the expense of the increased loss of potassium, magnesium, and probably calcium. The loss of potassium leads to vasoconstriction which contributes to heart and kidney failure and high blood pressure. The loss of magnesium contributes to vasoconstriction, inflammation, and bone loss."

      • Aldosterone, it appears, facilitates a rise in blood sugar in diabetics. It does this by interfering with cortisol and insulin interactions.

      Progesterone, natural—not synthetic, is a natural antagonist of aldosterone. Medical science now recognizes that antagonist to aldosterone as an effective treatment for water retention, high blood pressure, arrhythmia, diabetes, congestive heart failure, kidney disease, and various inflammatory problems. Many synthetic medications are at their best for these dysfunctions when they are "most like natural progesterone." writes Dr. Peat in Ray Peat's Newsletter, July 2008.

      Dr. Peat further writes:

      "Since aldosterone contributes to fibrosis of the heart and kidneys (nephrosclerosis), Progesterone, the 'antifibromatogenic steroid,' should be helpful for those problems that have been considered irreversible."

      He continues:

      "A lack of salt stimulates the formation of serotonin, which in turn stimulates aldosterone synthesis—that is, a sodium restricted diet activates processes that cause cells to take up sodium inappropriately, in a situation reminiscent of the calcium deficient diet causing inappropriate calcification."

      This is one of the reasons why this WebSite has repeatedly said, "Without salt, you may not make it." Store some. This is going to be a long hard siege that will test man's mettle (vigor and strength of spirit or temperament).

    • Recently, a medical release says that people are drinking too much water or various other liquids as they were once told to do. This is diluting sodium and contributing to hyponatremia (low sodium) and other conditions. Drink, now according to thirst. But, certain drugs and medications, as well as psychotic conditions can alter the water stat. This is especially true in the elderly.

      Hyponatremia has gotten to be such a problem that Worst Pills Best Pills News, Public Citizen Health Research Group (, Sidney M. Wolf, M.D., Editor, writes in its July 2008, issue, 'Medications and the Perils of Too Little Sodium in the Blood,' the following:

      "Patients with diseases such as pneumonia, congestive heart failure, cirrhosis, certain malignancies and other diseases such as epilepsy may be at increased risk of hyponatremia.

      "Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)...selective serotonin/norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) used for depression and other psychiatric disorders have been associated with hyponatremia in a number of studies and case reports.

      "(PAXIL)...hyponatremia developed in 12 percent of people within 12 weeks of starting paroxetine (Paxil). Hyponatremia can cause symptoms that mimic depression such as loss of appetite, fatigue and lethargy.

      "There is some evidence that tricyclic antidepressants...can also produce hyponatremia".

      Antipsychotic, antiepileptic medications such as Mellaril, Stelazine, and Haldol, non–steroidal anti–inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen), Motrin, ACE inhibitors, such as Vasotec; Septra, Bactrim, Cordarone, and Prilosec have been indicated in hyponatremia.

      Symptoms include fatigue, cramps in the muscles, loss of appetite, nausea, lethargy and headache. Those are mild symptoms of hyponatremia. Severe low sodium causes seizures, delirium, cessation of respiratory function, and coma.


      The elderly do not metabolize drugs as effectively as a younger person; hence, they should be more suspect by their physician or caretaker for hyponatremia.

    • Post–Apocalyptic Stress will be horrendous as well. Many will not be able to adapt to the "new order" of things. In Post–Apocalyptic America, life will be simple...very simple. People will eat locally grown foods and work locally. Shopping will be at local farmers'–style markets. Home–made fashions and products will be fashionable. Craftsmanship will return. Electricity will be minimal, or not at all. People will learn to entertain themselves and the children that survive will eventually develop manners. From what we see, there will be a big advancement coming for mankind during this time. Hold on and make it through the Post–Apocalyptic era. What wonderful things we will see. What beautiful things we will experience.
  • The Third Phase of Starvation:

    Let us assume you are on a desert island with a small amount of rations for six months if you eke it out...hopefully, and plenty of water. You eat sparingly, but just enough if you want to make it for six months, and hopefully help arrives in time. Though you ache for food, you try and discipline yourself and eat only a little twice a day. Soon, you observe your meager rations will be gone long before six months eating this way.

    So you eat 3 ounces of food once a day. You feel bad. You dream of food. You think of food constantly. You are consumed with food thoughts. You are starving...have been starving. Your health deteriorates and your teeth loosen; some fall out. You've been edematious for some time now and you say, "What the Hell!" And eat more. This action causes you to howl as your stomach and intestines cramp viciously. Your hair loses its luster. It turns a sick looking dull grayish color. Your body has gone through the first stage of starvation and has been in the second for some time now. Your hair now falls out!

    First, you were skin and bones, but now you are so swollen, your skin is glossy and off–color. Your food is gone and you can only hobble or roll over a few feet to relieve yourself. You have had profuse diarrhea for some time now. What you now eat goes through you whole. You tried eating grasses and roots; they went through you whole, undigested. Though you are not drinking that much water, you void voluminous amounts of urine, very clear, regularly.

    When you breathe, saliva bubbles form on your lips. Suddenly, without explanation, you feel great! You get up and walk to the water's edge. If you were witnessed by others, you would appear cheerful and pleasant to talk with and you articulate well. You don't know what is happening, but you feel great. Suddenly, you fall over dead.

    What happened? Biochemically, the stress–response caused the body throughout all this to burn fat and muscle tissue. The brain needs glucose. It gets it from the glycerol of the fatty acids and the muscle tissues. The brain does not care how bad you feel, nor the fact that you are dying. All it is concerned about is that it gets its glucose.

    At this final stage, the brain issues its ultimate command: Self–destruct the body. And with this order, a giant lever is pulled in the brain. The huge sheets of body muscle and any remaining fat are ripped off and thrown into the "fat" of the fire. Anyone watching you may claim they actually saw you shrinking as you went through this cheerful energized state just moments before dying.

    Be advised, if help had arrived in time for this poor soul, and the helpers did not understand starvation and what transpires, the well–meaning help could have caused him an excruciating death.


    This is how it happens. When one starves, his tissues become quite thin, especially those of the intestinal tract. You lose, primarily, this tissue first, though you are losing from everywhere also. But the intestines, small and large get very, very thin. Refeeding this poor soul all he wants would cause his stomach to not process the food and burst because of the thinning tissues. That which went through to the intestines would cause violent air bubbles (gasses) and rupture his intestines, since he no longer has the enzymes necessary and ready to digest the food; hence, gas formation, as bacteria breaks down some of the foodstuffs, and violent ruptures occur in the colon and small intestines. This leads to peritonitis or inflamation of the peritoneal cavity that surrounds the internal organs. It is a medical emergency.

    Another tissue used for conversion into amino acids to reap glycemic amino acids from so they can be converted to glucose is the liver. Keep these thoughs in mind when famine hits America.

    The above immediate problems can be exacerbated by refeeding with cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower and others) or beans. Avoid these foods as well as onions and garlic for the time being. These gas formers create voluminous "air bubbles" that a thin colon cannot handle, and will cause rupture or bursting of the organ(s). This goes for the stomach organ too.

    Refeeding should be slow and gradual. An all purpose vitamin ingested along with digestive enzymes should be given with soft food, such as a little "white" rice several times daily. Only one–half ounce given with water or in a simple water, salt, and rice soup. Do not let the patient eat "all he wants."

    If you prepared, and have powdered protein, not made with beans or soy, you can give one tablespoon of this in 4 or so ounces of water; stir, and allow the patient to consume slowly. The mixture should be watery, not thickened with the protein powder. Again, this should be give once or twice a day with time for assimilation into the body which will be slow at this point in refeeding the starving organism. A peeled, boiled white potato—not yam nor sweet potato (gas producers), mashed and mixed with warm water to make a watery solution can be used as refeeding twice daily in small amounts. This can be served with the protein drink not at the same time. You would feed the rice "soup" or the potato "soup" at one serving; then, the protein at another until the patient had two to three "soup" meals and two or three protein "meals." Do Not OverFeed.

    Do not feed any type of nut(s) unless they have been soaked in brine water for 24 hours; rinsed, and then baked in a slow oven (300 degrees) for an hour or two to make crisp and remove anti–nutrients. Then, give only one or two nuts as they may still cause bloating and result in bursting or rupturing of the stomach and intestines. Nuts are extremely hard to digest unless they have been treated in the manner given. A 1/4 teaspoon coconut oil, however, may be administered two or three times daily, per every three or four hours, if the first dose is tolerated well. Coconut oil is especially good for infants who exhibit "failure to thrive."

    For refeeding of infants, be mindful of giving too much protein. Give same diet as above except in very small doses and that should be puréed and strained. Do not give more than a 1/4 tsp of protein to babies until such time as they can be reintroduced to their normal diet. Even then, give only small...very small amounts of protein to babies. They do not have the biochemical machinery and kidneys to handle it yet. If the mother's milk has dried up due to the extreme stress of starvation, if her milk comes back after the initial month or so of refeeding, then mother's milk, provided she is on a good nutrient density diet, should be given to the baby.

    Dr. Benjamin Lee was condemned as a "rightist" (someone who opposed communism) and sentenced for four years to the prison state farm at the border of the Sino–Russian Heilongjiang province at Lake Xingkai. He took copious notes on starvation and had 5,000 prisoners to observe in the throes of starvation. He discovered that a thin watery bowl of gruel and a thiamine, vitamin B1, injection, snatched a number of prisoners out of the clutches of death. Later, he came to America and worked at the Department of Pediatrics at the Louisiana State University Medical Center.

    It was discovered by the peasants that just sugar, which was in short supply in China from 1959 to 1963 could keep a person alive when dissolved in a bowl of water. This, with their regular two bowls per day of thin gruel with very little rice in it, could sustain them. Soon, everyone was clamoring for sugar and eventually the Mao Zedong's government included it in rations. The peasants would take a cube of sugar, dissolve it in water and many survived. The ration was a starvation diet of 1600 calories per day for the peasants.

    Infants can handle the sugar water but do not give organic honey. Boil it first or use pasturized honey. Botulism spores or botulinum vegetative microbes may be present and they cannot handle the spores and microbes because they have not developed competitive inhibition, nor do they have the digestive juices to destroy the microbes in the vegetative state. ChembioUpdate will do a separate document on Botulism for your knowledge to be prepared for what's coming after this issue.

    Keep food and supplies under lock and key as starving people being refed will not use control but go and gorge themselves, resulting in ruptured gut tissues. Keep an eye on the patients.

    By the second or third week, as the patient shows weight gain, this is an indication that his biochemistry is refueling itself to make hormones, enzymes, and build tissue as well as digestion is occurring more normally. He is not out of the "woods" yet. If you have a mineral tablet, break it in half and serve with food as you gradually increase foodstuffs, still avoiding gas formers for now. The mineral magnesium in a separate mineral tablet may send the patient into a tailspin with cramping and diarrhea. The colon and small intestines and stomach organ are not yet ready to be distended as much as in normal eating. Allow at least six weeks and be gradually...very gradually adding small amounts of more food after the first two to three weeks.

    Not knowing all this, healthcare workers, or the National Guard, or FEMA will go to an area and set up soup kitchens and overfeed patients. The people, if allowed to "eat as much as they desire," by relief help, will hasten famine deaths. This has happened throughout history. Well–meaning people doing refeeding brought on horrible deaths, and faster than had the participants not eaten all they wanted.

    This, refeeding, may be your worst problem throughout all this, or in effect most Americans are "pussies" and demand what they want when they want it, whether it is good for them or not. This is especially true of teenagers. They are used to getting their own way. Soon....very soon, all this is going to change. Self–decipline, manners, and respect for the "hoary" hair will come back. Congress, if we have one when this is all over, will truly represent the people and not just special interest groups and their areas in terms of "pork barreling" (government projects or appropriations yielding rich patronage benefits; government funds, jobs, or favors distributed by politicians to gain political advantage).

    The medical profession will get over itself and rudeness to patients and one another (physicians, nurses, technicians) will evaporate. Why are so many rude? Crude .... disrespectable ...? Some are sleep deprived! Recall what we wrote a few issues back about police officers—chances are when they pull you over in traffic; or, talk to you in an investigation, they are sleep deprived, and with it comes all the attendant problems of little or no sleep. The same thing is happening in our teens...sleep deprivation. And this is one of the reasons we see this group of people, teens, so irascible.

    Many in the medical profession are having to go to sensitivity training as is happening in other disciplines. Eventually things may get better. But what we will have to go through to get it again. A number in the medical profession are just bad apples. They bully nurses, medical technicians, and other doctors. They throw things, "kicking, spitting, and cussing."

    They feel they are the doctor and anyone under them must pay obeisance to authority. Many intimidate with voice intonation or condescending language. Those on the receiving end have even received threatening body language. If they do this to their own kind, it is easy to see why they are so rude to patients. Many just leave a patient hanging while the patient is asking a question and the doctor just walks off. When The Hell Hits, people will remember...and it is not going to be nice for the condenscending medical professional.


    If you have prepared and talk; or, if you allow just one guest to come and they talk; or, a close friend(s) with children and they talk during this time, however they communicate you have food—maybe just seen eating a cereal bar in town, then you can expect as the famine deepens in America, there will be hundreds at your door. History has shown this repeatedly. It has also shown, as the Chinese Army discovered, these weakened, emaciated—at death's door starving people—found the strength, when they thought food was to be garnered, to literally attack a fully armed garrison with stones, sticks, and just body count, overcame them and took food, weapons, and made off into the hills, where they lived as guerrilla units.

    Keep this in mind. Throughout my invited lectures, we always hear that, "We're not worried because they will be too weak to fight. We'll sweep them off the property with a broom." It is unfortunate one can't help all his neighbors, but remember the dole-takers and ingrates from Hurricane Katrina and Rita. As Christ observed: "The poor you will always have," and this situation will hugely magnify the problem. Remember!
Loose Lips Sink Ships!

    Get a covenant community formed now, of 10 people within a hundred miles that you can absolutely trust, and who feel the same way you do about these subjects and are doing the same things to prepare that you have done.

Definitive Storage Items:

  • We highly suggest one store several cases of Coconut Oil: Two cases or more unrefined for all components and flavonoids. This coconut oil goes very well when making polynesian dishes of vegetables, some meats and nuts. Quite delicious. It does not taste like coconut oil when cooked into an amalgam. One or more cases of refined coconut oil for differences in food preparation may be desired and utilized with this type.
  • In our invited lectures across this country, many have stored vegetable oils. They erronously believe this would be better for them. Let's explore this for the moment:

    First, unsaturated vegetables oils go rancid in the body if no additives are present, such as BHT, a powerful fat antioxidant. And since the shelf life would be greatly diminished, BHT is added to prolong the shelf life. For regular readers of ChembioUpdate, you know why we don't recommend polyunsaturated oils in the raw or commerically produced by non–organic processors. You can take vitamin C and E, as well as other antioxidants with its ingestion and some to much will become rancid within seconds to minutes of its ingestion. With that said, let us now explore other reasons one must be careful of organic or non–organic polyunsaturated oils (PUFAs).

        Dr. Ray Peat writes in his March 2007 issue of Ray Peat's Newsletter:

    "Tissue irritation from foreign bodies and from vegetable oil, even in relatively small amounts, can produce severe systemic reactions, because of the reactive production of nitric oxide, prostanoids, and a great variety of pro–inflammatory and tumor promoting cytokines."

        In our private consultation practice some years back, we used to recommend to men testosterone injections 200 mg every two weeks for profound andropause. In between shots, we suggested testosterone cream, 20%, daily. However, through much thinking and study, along with research, the conclusion was reached that the injections were actually harming the individual in the long term. We now suggest testosterone cream 20% or more; regular testing throughout the year, including an estradiol test. If estradiol is elevated, a number of natural remedies can block testosterone from being converted into estrogen. If this is not sufficient, then Arimidex, 0.5 mg once or two weekly, spread out.

        Testosterone is suspended in vegetable oil. The injection lasts for two to three, and sometimes 4 weeks, with the lion's share only for one week! After this time, the force of the injection is dropping down quickly, but, the oil is still there and it too is dropping down as the body breaks it down. The oil is a foreign object and hence, one of the reasons men develop sore buttocks. The oil is still there and spreads out, but the point is that an inflammatory–response is always set into motion, sometimes very great...other times not even noticeable. The point being: the oil injection may last up to and maybe longer than a month, depending upon the testosterone injected. Manufacturers are currently looking for betters ways of optimal introduction into the body. Nasalbol, an intranasal testosterone spray, is currently under investigation.

        The price has to be exacted sooner or later. The older the male, the more exposure he has had to PUFAs, the more damage occurring to the body. This, of course, is dependent upon the individual health and biochemistry of recipient.

        And now for more facts about additives in the polyunsaturated oils. Hexane is a chemical solvent used in the extraction of PUFAs from the oilseed throughout the world. The chemical is volatile. It is explosive and will burst into flames. This is one of the causes of explosions and fires in edible seed oil plants. This also occurs in fryers used in fast foods on occasion. It has been shown that inhaling the hexane fumes causes nervous system damage. This is followed by numbness in hands and feet and this weakness generates less strength in the legs and feet. We wonder if diabetics stop the PUFAs, would they improve? In our practice, we had only one diabetic that gave up the PUFAs, even fish oils and actually overcame neuropathy in the feet and legs.

        Small amounts of hexane are found in cooking oils because these oils are processed with this chemical. An epidemic of diabetes now exists throughout the world, especially in America. It has been shown that hexane, according to one ( fact sheet causes high blood sugar in the toxic range.

        Another problem is gastroparesis. This is stomach organ paralysis in which nothing moves, but rots or ferments.

        Hexane is also an ingredient in animal feed; however, since hexane is mildly toxic to pigs and definitely toxic to baby pigs, whose digestive tracts are similar to humans, vegetable oils are not in pig feed generally.

        Another problem with PUFAs is the antioxidant added to them to restrain spoilage from oxidative stress. One addition, previously mentioned, is BHT, and also, BHA and now, TBHQ. Various problems have been listed:

    • Behavior Changes in children, such as decreased learning and focus, including learning and recall. Also, nightmares, and screaming, teary fits.

    • Kidney toxicity

    • Liver dysfunction

    • Bladder problems

    • Reduced Thyroid function

  • Vitamins and mineral tablets designed for storage. Also have on hand, use and replace regularly, a large supply of vitamins and a separate supply of minerals. Use now as well as then, B–complex high in thiamine (B1) with 150 mg per B vitamin except those which should be in micrograms. You want a balanced B: the B2 to the B6 should be in the same ratio, 150 mg of B2 to 150 mg of B6. One not so obvious reason is that most have stored starch in the form of grains and grain products. This may be all you can "scrounge" up when the big famine hits America. This may be all the U.S. Government can give you for a few days until supplies run out. This means you most definitely need thiamine (B1) when you consume a steady diet of starch. We further suggest one start now on benfotiamine, a fat–soluble form of thiamine not well–known, It goes beyond regular thiamine.
  •     Ingestion of carbohydrates in which the starch portion is converted into sugar (glucose) demands the B vitamin thiamine (B1) for proper metabolism of starch and fats (glycerol portion) into glucose. Perhaps, what is wrong with many Americans currently is that they consume too much starch and fat and not enough B1 for the fat and starch proper metabolism. Just regularly eating a high starch (carbohydrate) diet or meal with high calories and not enough adequate B vitamins in the foodstuffs consumed, causes one to be deficient in vitamine B1 — Lonsdale, D. "A Review of the Biochemistry, Metabolism and Clinical Benefits of Thiamin (e) and its derivatives." Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2006, Mar. 3(1):49–59.

        People going into the immense problems with a food supply starting now will suffer a thiamine deficiency as well as other nutritional deficiencies. Neural problems will result, such as Wernicke's encephalopathy:

    "Wernicke encephalopathy is a syndrome characterised by ataxia, ophthalmoplegia, confusion, and impairment of short-term memory. It is caused by lesions in the medial thalamic nuclei, mammillary bodies, periaqueductal and periventricular brainstem nuclei, and superior cerebellar vermis, often resulting from inadequate intake or absorption of thiamine (Vitamin B1), especially in conjunction with carbohydrate ingestion. Its most common correlate is prolonged alcohol consumption resulting in thiamine deficiency. Alcoholics are therefore particularly at risk, but it may also occur with thiamine deficiency states arising from other causes, particularly in patients with such gastric disorders as carcinoma, chronic gastritis, and repetitive vomiting" — Wikipedia.
        People who have had bariatric surgery to treat obesity will suffer neural problems in the future unless they have taken precautions to have the vitamins and minerals needed then. They, even now, with all the food present, have difficulty absorbing nutrients. If they have not prepared, they will suffer greatly.

        Beriberi can also result from eating refined cereals. However, in Mao Zedong's China between 1958 to 1963, the great famine years which China has never officially claimed happened, peasants had thiamine deficiency and many had beri–beri and they were eating unrefined cereals, but just not enough.

        Eating a meal in simple carbohydrates (glucose/dextrose, fructose, galactose, ribose, and table sugar, as well as xylose) and high in fat along with too much starch can create a thiamine deficiency.

        This is what Mosby's Drug Consult, 2006, has to say about high carbohydrate meals:

    "The requirement for thiamine is greater when the carbohydrate content of the diet is raised. Body depletion of vitamin B1 can occur after approximately 3 weeks of absence of thiamine in the diet."

        And what are people storing for tomorrow, primarily eating today? Carbohydrates. If they have not given any forethought to the immediate above when they start eating from their food stores, there are going to be thiamine deficiencies.

        Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy, 21st Edition, clearly points out, "It is generally assumed that thiamine need is related to caloric need, particularly calories derived from carbohydrate."

        The 21st Edition, further says the following concerning thiamine deficiencies:

    "In the diagnosis of thiamine deficiency, symptoms to be noted in particular are anorexia fatigue, loss of weight, sensation of burning in the soles of the feet, tenderness in calf muscles, muscle cramps, and general muscular weakness. Such signs are not in themselves specific, however, without supplementary laboratory findings that indicate a reduced thiamine content in blood and urine."
        Physicians give heart patients thiamine injections. The heart is a muscle and needs adequate thiamine.

        However, When The Hell arrives in its full rigor within 36 to 38 months....

        Remington additionally writes:

    "Thiamine is widely distributed in foods. Thiamine is found in all plants and is synthesized by some microorganisms, particularly yeasts. No one food can be considered of particular importance above all others, although the cereal grains, milk, legumes, nuts, eggs, and pork probably furnish the larger proportion of thiamine in diets used in the US.

    "Sophistication and processing of foods generally tend to reduce the thiamine supply. For example, in the preparation of wheat flour, separation of the bran coat and germ removes 3/4 or more of the thiamine present in the whole wheat. This is true for other cereal grains as well. Much of the white flour, corn grits, and rice used in this country is enriched to approximate the whole–grain level. Because of the liability of thiamine to heat, cooking and baking processes reduce the raw food content of the vitamine.

    "The loss of thiamine in home cooking is not considered excessive, except with foods cooked in large amounts of water that then is discarded. Because of its solubility, the thiamine content of the cooking water is always appreciable."
        Thus, your WebMasters suggest, that when cooking food during The Coming Chastisement, it would be prudent advice to save any water left over from the cooking of grains, vegetables, and etc. to be consumed with that meal and/or used immediately in the next meal forthcoming.

    Things To Remember:

        Cook thiamine containing foods with acid yielding foods; alkali (basic) substances destroy thiamine. If one becomes sick with upset stomach, the alkali given will neutralize the thiamine. Do not take acid–neutralizing substances before or after eating. You want the thiamine to be present for absorption and not its fragments (pyrimidine ring, methylene bridge, and thiazole ring). Again, this is going to be a long hard seige and knowledge will help us get through it all. Storing digestive enzymes would most definitely help in digesting foods that one's digestion grinds on and grinds on pumping out more acid in an attempt to break it down.

        You can get long term storage Vitamins here. Super Spectrim 10-Yr Vitamins (180 Tablet Special) Item Number: 5606.

        When All Hell Breaks out, what food that can be found or afforded, and you buy to store, you will be labeled "hoarders." Just know well, if you store when food is plentiful, you are not hoarding! But, the name calling is coming and the demonization of your efforts and there will be physical attacks upon you when this occurs. Get is right around the corner.

    This newsletter doesn't cost. It pays, and it pays big.
                            Discern it with prayer

        Beriberi was named twice, some writers have contended, because the nervous system ailment was so rigorous on its victims, robbing them of the vitality of life.

        Wikipedia writes:

    Beriberi (pronounced Berry-berry) is a nervous system ailment caused by thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency.

    The origin of the word is from a Sinhalese phrase meaning "I cannot, I cannot", the word being doubled for emphasis.

    Beriberi is caused by a lack of thiamine (vitamin B1). It is common in people whose diet consists mainly of polished white rice, which is very low in thiamine because the thiamine-bearing husk has been removed. It is also seen in chronic alcoholics with an inadequate diet, as well as being a rare side effect of gastric bypass surgery. If a baby is mainly fed on the milk of a mother who suffers from thiamine deficiency then that child may develop beriberi as well.

    The disease has been seen traditionally in people in Asian countries (especially in the 19th century and before), due to those countries' reliance on white rice as a staple food. Beriberi is a nutritional disorder caused by deficiency of vitamin B characterized by damage to nerves and heart; general symptoms include loss of appetite and feeling of lassitude.

    Its symptoms include weight loss, emotional disturbances, impaired sensory perception (Wernicke's encephalopathy), weakness and pain in the limbs, and periods of irregular heart rate. Edema (swelling of bodily tissues) is common. In advanced cases, the disease may cause heart failure and death. It may also increase the amount of lactic acid and pyruvic acid within the blood.

    Wet beriberi affects the heart; it is sometimes fatal, as it causes a combination of heart failure and weakening of the capillary walls, which causes the peripheral tissues to become edematous.

    Dry beriberi causes wasting and partial paralysis resulting from damaged peripheral nerves. It is also referred to as endemic neuritis.

    Treatment is with thiamine hydrochloride, either in tablet form or injection. A rapid and dramatic recovery within hours can be made when this is administered to patients with beriberi, and their health can be transformed within an hour of administration of the treatment. Thiamine occurs naturally in unrefined cereals and fresh foods, particularly fresh meat, legumes, green vegetables, fruit, and milk.

        Recall the physician who pulled back many from the edge of death with thiamine injections and a thin watery gruel.

    Warnings Concerning Thiamine (B1) Injections:

    "Serious sensitive reactions can occur. Deaths have resulted from intravenous use. An intradermal test dose is recommended prior to administration in patients suspected of being sensitive to the drug — Mosby's Drug Consult, 2006.

    Adverse Reactions To Thiamine Injections:

    "An occasional individual may develop a sensitivity or intolerance to thiamine, especially after repeated intravenous administration.

    "Some tenderness and induration may follow intramuscular use. A feeling of warmth, pruritus, urticaria, weakness, sweating, nausea, restlessness, tightness of the throat, angioneurotic edema, cyanosis, pulmonary edema, hemorrhage into the gastrointestinal tract, collapse, and deaths have been recorded." — Mosby's Drug Consult, 2006.


        This maybe due to the citric acid used as a preservative. Citric acid is well–known to cause necrosis of tissue when used in various injections. The necrotizing tissue may spew clot formation and other life threatening conditions. Hence, use a small test injection if one uses this. It is suggested in the literature to inject into the muscle or intradermally. Nevertheless, it burns or stings as if you just got injected by a bee sting or wasp. The acid stings for a few minutes.

        Special needs for thiamine are experienced by people who have had part or all of the stomach removed. This will be exacerbated in the immediate future unless they have prepared.


        Surface and ground water are becoming more contaminated. When everything breaks wide open, potable water will be a problem. It is getting that way now. Contaminated water may contain arsenic. This represents a significant health problem. At this writing, more than 100 million people are exposed to arsenic. There are at least 70 countries with this problem and the United States is presenting with arsenic in certain parts of the country now.

        VRP.Com writes in its December 2007, issue of Vitamin Research News, the following:

    "When arsenic is ingested, it is converted into monomethylarsonic (MMAs) and dimethylarsinic (DMAs) acids, two compounds that are easily excreted from the body. When folate leavels are low, however, this conversion of arsenic into these early excreted metabolites is reduced. This is because the formation of these compounds is dependent upon folate. Therefore, the researchers of the current study theorized, folic acid supplementation may be thought to help in arsenic excretion."

        Storing, rotating and taking folate, as these WebMasters have suggested for years, is still a good idea. It helps with gouty arthritis. The recommended dose is 45 to 75 mg per day. Most tablets sold over the counter are 0.8 mg. The largest one can get from prescription is 1 mg. Thus, you have to ingest a large number of the 0.8 mg tablets. They are tiny and easily consumed. However, ingesting several mgs daily when water starts getting scarce or you have to forage for water and purify it (see our Water Page, Purifying Water, on this web site) may help you eliminate arsenic converted metabolites that can cause neurological problems, among other things.

        "Stanford professor Donald Kennedy said global climate change was now setting off a self–feeding spiral. 'We've got droughts combined with a psychotic excess of rainfall,' he said." From Water Crisis To Be Biggest World Risk,, assessed: June 13, 2008, 12: 24 PM, CST.

        This global climate change is caused by the End of An Age, The Galactic Plane, and will be exacerbated by the enormous sunspot activity coming soon. Good, clean, drinking water is going to be a problem for most of the Earth's inhabitants.

  • Whey or Milk & Egg protein powder. No soy extenders. You want this for when the stress becomes inordinate, the stress–response is going to kill many with its unrelenting, chronic attacks. Recall the rats above that died from chronic stress. Wasting will occur because the body burns fat and muscle tissue for energy. Fat is converted into glycerol and triglycerides. Glycerol goes to glycogen (stored sugar) and then to glucose (sugar) for energy creation. Triglycerides are burned (oxidized) to carbon dioxide, water, and energy. Most amino acids from muscle will do similar in that they are glycemic amino acids, especially the branch–chain amino acids, rendering glucose for the central nervous system (brain and peripheral nerves, etc.) for energy formation. Hence, the body will waste quickly to the first stage of starvation spoken/described above in this document.
  • Eat Meat !

        Remember when the God of The Holy Bible told Elijah to "Eat Meat." He commanded the ravens to feed him meat and bread; or, protein and high quality starch which then contained all its nutrients. The reason is because He knew that when Elijah followed his command to fight Baal, the demonic god, this would be an inordinate amount of stress upon his body and cause "wasting." Hence, the commandment: "Eat meat!"

        There's probably another reason, the Bible does not deliberate on. The diet prescribed by God to Elijah was to preserve his free testosterone and hormone status, as well as that of his growth hormone. The diet certainly was not low fat, low protein. Otherwise God would have said, " I have commanded the ravens to feed thee vegetables and fruits and bread.

        By this time, Elijah was getting onto the late side of middle age. His hormones after 25 to 30 would have been on the wane. His aggression, necessary for problem solving, would be down and he would give up more easily in a fight. Elijah already exhibited this when he gave up and wanted God to take him. He wanted to die. The stress of Ahab and Jezebel wanting him dead drained him, as well as the work he had done. His natural vitality decreased, from that chapter, showing a man tired; worn out; hormones dropping. So, what did God do? The obvious thing: Build him up with "Meat and Bread." Drank from that fresh pool of water until it dried up and then, the mettle (vigor and strength of spirit or temperament) was ready for forging. His vitality was restored. His hormones were up. He was like Moses. He had the energy and vigor of a young man. "And Moses was an hundred and twenty years old when he died: his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated."—Deuteronomy 34:7

        Twenty–five hundred years ago, God told Elijah what was recently discovered: Saturated fats increase testosterone and polyunsaturated fats reduce testosterone. This made all the news publications dealing with muscle development, hormones, and solid body mass and journals of nutrition, exercise, and physiology.MDmagazine wrote,
    "Saturated fats and monounsaturated fats have been shown to increase testosterone, whereas polyunsaturated fats seem to lower testosterone levels"—Muscular Development, May 2008.
        You probably did not see it in the regular news, but it's been known actually for some time now. Trans fats also kill testosterone. The American Heart Association (AHA) certainly did not tell you about it, neither did the vegetable oil industry. The beef industry probably got wind of it but hasn't seen the connection that God saw for saturated fat in red meat for man, especially Elijah. There has been a decline in the male hormone for some time now, and this is generating a sperm count drop. Also, all the estrogen mimetics found in our foods, plastics, and drinking water bring down testosterone generation.

        Not only men, but women too need testosterone. You, under these harsh conditions, want youthful hormone levels. Testosterone will provide you with get–up–and–go, muscle building and maintaining strength, bone building, cognitive function, alacrity and alertness. This hormone will help you guard against severe mood swings, maintain energy levels and help protect against obesity, cognitive decline, fatigue, and depression. In a word, what is just written is testosterone provides you with the necessary aggression to fight against overwhelming circumstances. It does not cause "roid–rage" unless you already have exhibited tendencies in that direction. And this would be due to supraphysiologic doses of the stuff. You can only get this in injections. Also, not generally appreciated by the general public and medical caregiver about oil that is used in injections may cause:

    "Tissue irritation from foreign bodies and from vegetable oil, even in relatively small amounts, can produce severe systemic reactions, because of the reactive production of nitric oxide, prostanoids, and a great variety of pro–inflammatory and tumor promoting cytokines." — Ray Peat's Newsletter, 'Estrogen, progesterone, and cancer: Conflicts of interest in regulation and production," March 2007.

        Using natural methods to raise testosterone or testosterone cream, gels, etc. do not cause roid–rage.

    "There's a part of your brain that probably has lots to do with aggression, a region called the amygdala. Sitting right near it is the Grand Central Station of emotion–related activity in your brain, the hypothalamus. The amygdala communicates with the hypothalamus by way of a cable of neuronal connections called the stria terminalis."

    "The amygdala has its influence on aggression via that pathway, with bursts of electrical excitation called action potentials that ripple down the stria terminalis, putting the hypothalamus in a pissy mood." —Sapolsky, Robert M., The Trouble with Testosterone.

        To the initiated, you see it immediately, it is not the testosterone that causes the roid–rage, the user of testosterone is already a "bad ass," and testosterone put him in a more "pissy" mood.

        You want to avoid the Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency, especially if you are male and plan to take care of your family during these coming crises:

    • Less bone density.

    • Increased risk of coronary artery disease and heart attack.

    • Mental problems which include angst, depression, and irritability.

    • Issues with Prostate.

    • Male hot flashes.

    • Decreased mental ability, discernment, and dementia.

    • Fatigue.

    • Waning libido and erectile problems.

    • Increasing weight in the abdominal area.

    • Loss of muscle mass.

      Growth Hormone also drops as testosterone drops, as testosterone helps stimulate growth hormone formation and release.

    Now, God knows what He created. Let us, in some very small way, see if we can understand His thinking when He ordered Elijah to go to the place where He commanded the ravens to feed him.

    First, let us consider insulin, sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), growth hormone (GH), insulin–like growth factor–1 (IGF–1), insulin–like growth factor binding protein–3 (IGFBP–3), fiber, polyunsaturated fatty acids and Omega–3 oils, for our discussion at hand.

    • Sex–Hormone Binding Globulin:

      This is a protein that is built in the liver and circulates in the blood, binding testosterone. A high total testosterone means nothing if it is bound. Namely, it is the free testosterone that is important to building and repair, and increase in muscle size. Testosterone is also bound with the protein albumin, but, is not tightly bound and released as needed. With SHBG, testosterone is tightly bound and not released. Therefore, a high level of SHBG causes a lower level of free testosterone to be available to receptor sites to stimulate muscle growth, building and repair.

      As men age, SHBG increases. When testerone in the blood drops, there is a corresponding stimulation of SHBG to rise. This is brought about by the liver. With all the estrogen mimetics about, a rise in estrogen increases production of SHBG. As men age, the aromatase enzyme increases and hence, testosterone that breaks free from serum albumin or that which did not get trapped by SHBG, is converted more at this time in life than ever to estrogen, estradiol. As the estrogen increases, more fat is laid down on the body, and hence more aromatase enzyme formed in the increased adipose tissue, such that more estrogen forms from any testosterone, and this estrogen stimulates more SHBG increases.

      As good as fiber is for one, high fiber diets, as found in vegetarian–type diets, generate more SHBG. However, high quality protein diets reduce SHBG. Normal insulin spikes, from eating around 6 feedings daily generate lower SHBG.

      This modality is used in women with polycystic ovary disease (PCOD). These women have high testosterone and this is lowered by a high fiber diet. The high fiber increased the SHBG and this trapped more testosterone and reduced its action in the body. They were fed cruciferous vegetables, okra, and leafy green and yellow vegetables, berries, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and others as well as oats and other cereal grains. They ate more soy, fish, seaweed and olive oil. They enjoyed more beans and legumes than most who were not vegetarians and consumed only four times a month eggs, cheese, milk, and meat.

    • Insulin:

      A low fat diet coupled with high fiber brings about lower testosterone. The process is produced by lower glucose in the high fiber diet, and that which is produced is more slowly released into the blood stream by the digestion process. This sparks low insulin release that is modulated on the low side. When insulin levels and glucose are low, SHBG increases. And this reduces testosterone. However, if glucose is allowed to spike momentarily, as in 6 small feedings daily, the glucose rises, insulin becomes acute briefly, and SHBG decreases. Lower testosterone levels are found in vegetarians because their SHBG is increased. If dietary fiber is increased, serum testosterone levels plummet and SHBG rises.

      God knew this chemistry He created and the modulation processes of the hormones and chemicals produced within the body as diets waxed, waned, and changed. He knew that Elijah needed high testosterone levels to fight Baal and his demons. He knew that testosterone would reduce and stop the depression Elijah was experiencing. This is why He commanded the ravens to feed him meat and bread, to bring the modulations of SHBG down and Testosterone up. And for insulin to become acute, but not chronically high or low. When the mettle (staying power) of Elijah was ready, He would call him forth, not one moment before biochemical stablizations were made in his body and he overcame the depression. God knew the extreme stress Elijah would undergo fighting Baal and his demonic hoard would send his cortisol through the roof and burn up any fat and muscle Elijah need to do the work assigned to him. God had Elijah rest and build–up. He had the ravens feed him "meat and bread."

      Men in a study who received testosterone replacement reported having a better mental outlook and depression decreased. — Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology, 15: 529–538, 2007.

      When the famine comes, we will need to keep this in mind or our mettle will not be ready if we do not eat correctly through preparation. But, testosterone is only part of the answer.


    • One wants to raise protein and decrease SHBG. To do this, one must have prepared and ingest complete high–protein in the diet during times of stress. Additionally, one should strongly consider storing and ingesting now branch–chain amino acids. These are leucine, iso–leucine, and valine. An excellent, not the best tasting, is a powder that would last two persons approximately a little under a year would be Amino–Vil by Carlson Laboratories. The isoleucine would also be good for one who is attacked by Cholera, which would generate prodigous diarrhea. The taste is tolerable, but tart, bordering on slightly bitter. Americans have to get over themselves and "bite" the bullet. Branch–chain amino acids do come in tablets and capsules, but you take more to equal a teaspoon or more of the powder. Protein intake and branch–chain amino acids reduce SHBG and hence tend to raise testosterone levels. Also, a mineral tablet which includes zinc would help raise androgen levels also.

      Free and total testosterone, including cholesterol was reduced with a diet consisting of low–fat, omega–3 oils as found in fish oil, and flaxseed in a pilot study. Again, a low–fat, high fiber diet.

      Growth Hormone:

    • When the body secretes growth hormone (GH), which is facilitated and stimulated when testosterone is sufficiently adequate (Textbook of Medical Physiology, Eleventh Edition; Guyton & Hall), this does help with healing and repair. However, when GH goes through the liver it stimulates Insulin–like growth factor–1 (IGF–1). This growth factor stimulates muscle hypertrophy and tissue repair. As testosterone becomes bound with SHBG, IGF–1 has its protein binder too. And when bound, little to nothing much happens in the body as far as healing and repair and hypertrophy are concerned. The IGF–1 binder is known as insulin–like growth factor binding protein–3 (IGFBP–3). When this is high, as in SHBG and testosterone are not turned loose in the serum; the same occurs with IGF–1. The latter is bound with IGFBP–3, created in the liver. This binding protein is lowered with high quality protein and most especially the branch–chain amino acids such as Amino–Vil. The latter amino acids have more influence than non branch–chain amino acids. Having an adequate circulation of amino acids, including branch–chain amino acids, is important to keep IGF–1 "up and running."

      God did this for Elijah and gave us a legacy for when we undergo severe trials and tribulations, as are coming very soon. "Eat Meat!"

    Low insulin levels and IGF–1 are reduced when high fiber diets are introduced exclusively to low protein and branch–chain amino acids. Many women take calcium for their bones and get little to nothing out of it and continue with bone fragility. IGF–1 enhances calcium uptake. Omega–3 fatty acids increase IGFBP–3. But, saturated fat, as that found in real butter, whole eggs, and coconut oil lowers IGFBP–3. Vegans were found to be lower in IGF–1 when they ate more starch and polyunsaturated fatty acids than meat eaters.

    This document suggests balance in the diet. Especially, when you are under famine conditions and have prepared. Though stringencies will exist, you can get by and in good to excellent health. When this comes your way, keep in mind the Man that was fed by the ravens and what they were commanded to feed him.

  • Ground Cinnamon: This spice delays emptying of the stomach. Since most of us will be eating starch, and for those who stored meat and starches, etc., we all will end up eating starch (carbohydrates) when all the first class protein foods are gone. By combining wheat, oats, rice, rye, barley and corn with legumes (beans, peas, lentils) and nuts with the aforementioned grains, wheat, etc., to make complete protein, you will want to delay the emptying of the stomach such that insulin rises more slowly and blood sugar too. This will not place as much a biochemical burden on the body's chemistry. Simple sugars empty the fastest; complex starches (carbohydrates) next; then protein; then fat (This was discussed elsewhere in this document).

        Therefore, you will eat less of those starch foods such as beans and rice; or, corn tortillas (flat breads used as 'wraps') with legumes or beans. You will stay full longer and not over eat your supplies because the blood sugar quick rises are dampened down. You will not need to eat every few hours or so as in a normal starch meal, because the last meal is still emptying from your stomach organ and slowly being metered into the small intestions where major digestion is occurring.

        This knowledge is extremely important for diabetics. We use this modality in our private practice with persons on diets to slow down absorption and maintain fullness of appetite, thereby easing oxidant stress on the person and maintaining satiety between feedings. Excess weight is burned on the diet and comes down slowly. We have also found that some diabetics on this program need less medication to maintain them.

        Know well, we will all end up with starches to consume for protein and energy. Slow down the absorption of them and maintain a normal homeostasis in the body. Those who don't will eat through their foodstuffs like locusts, and their supplies will be gone in short order.


        Cinnamon in the form of capsules, such as Cinna CARE by Futurebiotics, can be used. Take one or two prior to meals.

        Lentils are a very good legume that cook relatively fast and do not need much water. They are flat and small. They can be cooked down somewhat and lightly stirred to a paste and liberally spread on bread or toast. Heck...why stop there? Learn to make flour tortillas (flat breads used as 'wraps'). It's easy. Have stored sweet bell peppers, dried chives, freeze dried or dehydrated onions, freeze dried or dehydrated mushrooms and freeze dried cheese. Combine all ingredients (one–fourth/half cup vegetable ingredients and one cup lentils, except cheese; cover with one–half inch water and bring to a light rolling boil for 15 to 20 minutes; stir occasionally. When thickened, remove from heat and add cheese. Stir. Season. Place on cold or warm wrap.

    When Will All This Come About ?

        We envisage this to occur within the next three to 8 years. Why this number? The Signs of The Times: Our banks are bankrupt. Our Federal Government is bankrupt. Our State and Local municipalities are bankrupt. Our morals are bankrupt. Our youth are morally bankrupt. Our medical profession is full of internal problems (Click here for story). Our climate and weather are changing and we still have the end of an age we are going through, which often signal fraughtful times. History shows it takes somewhere in this length of time for a populace to realize it is in trouble. When this happens, mayhem results ..."Confusion ... confusion ... everywhere confusion," said an Early Church Saint witnessing our time — The Two–Fold Chastisement: Visions of The Coming Earth Changes, Brocato and King, 1996.

        However, a time shock may hit this country in middle September. People may wonder what century this is...what the superstructure comes crashing down because the infrastructure can no longer support it. Life as we know it will change overnight for most or all Americans, especially if the United States experiences a hyperinflation, as happened in the Weimar Republic and in 18th century France. It's happening now and will accelerate.

        James Cook, writing in Investment Rarities' Market Update, Mid–July, 2008:

    ". . . runaway inflation leads to enormous social unrest, civil disobedience, riots, strikes, radical politics, and other destabilizing upheavals."

        Two–thousand years ago, a Man was asked, "Tell us when the End of the Age will come and its signs?" During that time, beings were more knowledgeable of the various ages of time. Interestingly, this Man and His followers lived in the same age as we are living. They knew they would not live to see this great end, as an age is about 26,000 years. But, they knew all ages seem to end with fraughtful times. They wanted to know about theirs.

        They lived in the Age of Pisces, the one present day man is living in. The next age coming is The Age of Aquarius, and it is almost upon us.

        This Man, in Matthew 24, gave a whole litany of things to come during the latter period of Pisces. It most definitely appears we are now entering—and have been—for some time now, the new age, Aquarius. We are at the End of An Age, Pisces. It's going to be a rough go.

    When This All Goes Down:

    It's The End Of The World...As We Know It...But Those Who Prepared, Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually ... Will Feel Fine!

        Dr. Gary North writes in Gary North's Reality Check, Tuesday, May 27, 2008, 8:48 AM, "Sometime around 750 B.C., the prophet Isaiah identified the practice of monetary debasement as one of a series of government acts against the public interest:

    "Thy silver is become dross, thy wine mixed with water"— Isa. 1:22.

        This has happened with our money, our morals, our governments.

        Anyone can see our weather is changing and is more harsh and is increasing in its violence. Earthquakes are more prevalent and severe and increasing in intensity. Terrifying windstorms are more common and on the rise. Giant waves will become more the norm in the not too distant future. Droughts are increasing and desertification is on–going in various parts of the world, especially China. The soil is yielding up as much as it can and the chemical fertilizers have reached their peak.

        Christopher Laird of writes:

    "China just spent a $400 a ton premium on fertilizer that used to cost $170 a ton Jan 08. It was a huge order. Reason? They are afraid that if they don't have great harvest this year, tens of millions may starve in 09."

    What's Happening Now ?

        What this means for the average American: If one hasn't prepared, it will be too late When The Hell Breaks in its full rigor. The signs are is getting too late to be well–prepared...and too costly.

    And Once More Concerning Food Storage and more...

        Know well...when food is plentiful, storing is not Hoarding as many who are playing the foolish virgins now are trying to claim. But, when there is no food out there to speak of, the media and others will label you a hoarder. However, you stored during times of plenty and thus, you actually helped the farmer and agri–business.

        Be prepared for neighbors, if you talked, to do a "number" on you. They will castigate you and your family. Develop an 'alligator hide' to all this. You can even expect various ones to organize against you and come and get—by force— the little you do have...because you talked. Now is the time to shut–up. These WebMasters will go underground When The Hell Breaks. Peruse the web site, because you may need some of the information. Download to your printer. We Will have to take down the WebSite and make it to safety.

        Many of our contrarian newsletters, those we have been quoting from with financial information and other information concerning food, water, health, and disease, have clearly said they will probably be shut down by the forces that be when the Hell Breaks in its fullest rigor. Many website masters have told us similar. Trustworthy information may be nowhere to be found, so print it out now.

        It appears, that sometime in 2009, the weather is going to get very hot. This may occur later...sometime between 2010 to 2014 or so. Nevertheless, when outdoor temperatures are 160 degrees Fahrenheit, air conditioning only cools to 100 degree Farenheit indoors. It appears, for now, the reason for this heating up of the Earth, as on other planets in our solar system, is due to the Sun at this time. These massive solar storms created by the huge Sun spots will cause the heating of the Earth, some feel, along with the enormous solar blasts coming our way with mass coronal ejections along with protons hurled in the Earth's direction.

        No one really knows what to expect here. But, if this be so, then it is advisible for those living near hilly or mountainous areas; or move to such, and lay claim to a cave. From what is being expressed in certain circles of science, one will have to "cave" it for several days, weeks, or months. One has said, "decades." We don't know, but what we can tell you is to be away from any shore line and the Mississippi river in the next two years. Watch for signs that coasts are eroding quite fast and/or a Pleasure Island or Pier, a marina, or even a city on the coastline has ocean water flooding its major streets near that coastline. These are signs. Do not disregard them. Get to higher ground.

    But first, View The Following For The Right Mood:

    There Will Be Waves 3 and 4 Miles High. This is 15,840 feet high to 21,120 feet high as The Oceans Bunch Up on One Side of The Planet as It Capsizes from Whatever Cause:

        Then, watch again from a previous Chembio Update, PoleShift, then come back here.

    Why A Disaster Plan:

        Americans most definitely need a disaster plan. Nature is turning against us. Food supply will diminish. There may be man–made disasters. Regardless from where it comes, one needs to consider a safe escape, a back roads travel map plan, and a food storage plan. Without food, you can't run very far. You may or may not be able to haul all of it with you. But, you have prepared, and thus, may just hunker down and take your chances. There are a lot of variables here and you will have to write out your measures. You want to have thought this out in advance. The worst time to do this is when you suddenly find yourself having to leave...but where? But first, here are some things that must be considered:

    • The First Person you are going to have to rely upon is you.

    • A World–Wide Financial Collapse will mean, regardless of the amount of money you have—possibly even gold and silver, you will not be able to buy food when it is in short shrift. Grocery stores would be closed and people will hide their food.

    • A Man–Made Disaster could possibly disrupt delivery of food. By having a personal food bank program, you will be immune to marketplace disruptions. Being provident in good times keeps you from being improvident during bad times.

    • Crop Failures would generate food shortages. The Red Cross, FEMA, or the National Guard will take time to get to you. You can hang on with your food supply. However, with the type of disasters coming, don't count on any help for a long time, except from what you can do for yourself and your Covernant Community if you have aligned yourself with such, as we have been suggesting.

    • A Freeze Dried, dehydrated food storage program in place needs no refrigeration. You have no waste nor spoilage.

    • Having a food storage program is one of the Best Tools for Barter. A lot of this is going to occur during the Hell and post–apocalyptic time period.

    • A Freeze Dried and/or a Dehydrated Food Storage program can be stored easily....under the bed, under the stairs, or in a closet. Even a basement or attic.

    • "Most U.S. cities have approximately 72 hour's worth of food within their city limits (Sam Andy Foods)." However, when the deliveries crater, true hoarding will begin with its attendant problems similar to the gas lines of the 70s. The food will disappear quickly. Almost immediately, limits will be placed on amounts. The 'Green Revolution' may be over for a while as petroleum dwindles. Pesticides and fertilizers to maximize crop yield will diminish.

    • You are going to need Calories and Protein. Make certain of these provisions now. In Minneapolis, Mn., where I was invited to lecture, I discovered many had stored beer...pretzels...dips, and low quality snack foods. "You mean 'canned pudding' is not high–quality protein?" They thought this constituted a well–planned food storage program.

      Since they had not followed any of the advice and "hand–outs" from the last visit a year ago, I suggested they call their local Morman Church's bishop and ask if they can come to one of their preparedness seminars for Mormans. They will take him by the hand, so to speak, and gently direct this person on how to store...what to store. Their route is a little different from mine but leads to the same path of Staying Alive.

      Remember! When This All Goes Down...You Want To:

      I have yet to see anyone turned down by the Mormans. Our government could learn much from this group of people on teaching self–sufficiency to those on the dole. It would reduce the dole, add money to the treasury, and put pride and work ethics back into the dole receivers.

      No, I am not Morman, but I know a good thing when I see it. The Mormans will not tolerate indolence and receiving at the same time. You must give something in return. And, when self–sufficient, help others who are in the same state as you were. Great philosophy and practice.

      You want to learn how to "tailor a food bank to suit your family's needs. What to store, how much you will need, how much you'll save. Also where to store it, how to prepare, how to use and keep fresh." You want "meal planning charts, RDAs, and more"—Sam Andy Foods.

    • James Howard Kunstler, writing for The Daily Reckoning, Tuesday, July 15, 2008, in 'Event Horizon':

      "...We've got to get to work re–tooling all the everyday activities of life, including the way we grow food, the way we raise and deploy capital, the way we do trade and manufacturing, the way we go from point A to Point B, the way we educate children, the way we stay healthy, and the way we occupy the landscape....We don't have any choice if we want a plausible future on this portion of the North American continent."

      And that brings us to the next point: Heirloom Seeds. Those are seeds that reproduce true to form. They are not hydrid seeds that produce only once, and the seeds allowed to form for reproduction do not make the true plant again. They are "half–ass." You can't reproduce the plant you just harvested. This is done for money. You have to keep buying the hybrid seeds.

      Store a wide variety of those seeds that will grow in your area and areas you may be forced to vacate to during or post–apocalypse. You'll need your food bank to get you through the worst and until your food can be grown from heirloom seeds. It's still coming folks and it ain't gonna be nice.


    It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) —R.E.M

    That's great it starts with an earthquake Birds and snakes and aeroplanes And Lenny Bruce is not afraid Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn World serves it's own needs, dummy serve your own needs Feed it off an aux speak grunt no ladder with a clatter fight, fear flight down height Wire in a fire representing seven games and a government for hire in a combat site Left of west and coming in a hurry with the furies breathing down your neck Team by team reporters baffled, trumped, tethered, cropped Look at that low playing, fine, then Uh-oh overflow, population common food, but it'll do Save yourself, serve yourself, world serves it's own needs Listen to your heart bleed dummy with the rapture and the revered and the right, right Vitreolic, patriotic stand, fight, bright, light Feeling pretty psyched It's the end of the world as we know it It's the end of the world as we know it It's the end of the world as we know it And I feel fine Six o'clock TV hour, don't get caught in foreign towers Slash and burn, return, listen to yourself churn Locking in, uniforming, book-burning, blood-letting Every motive escalate, automotive incinerate Light a candle, light a votive, step down step down Watch your heel, crush, crushed uh-oh this means No fear cavalier, renegade, steer clear A tournament, a tournament, a tournament of lies Offer me solutions, offer me alternatives And I decline It's the end of the world as we know it It's the end of the world as we know it (It's time I had some time alone) It's the end of the world as we know it And I feel fine I feel fine The other night I dreamt of knives, continental drift divide Mountains sit in a line, Leonard Bernstein Leonid Brezhnev, Lenny Bruce and Lester Bangs Birthday party, cheescake, jellybean, boom you Symbiotic patriotic slam book neck Right? Right! It's the end of the world as we know it It's the end of the world as we know it (It's time I had some time alone) It's the end of the world as we know it And I feel fine I feel fine

    It's The End Of The World As We Know it (And I Feel Fine!)
    Press Play To Start

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    "Most of the people will have died and the rest of us will be cannibals," said Turner, 69. "Civilization will have broken down. The few people left will be living in a failed state — like Somalia or Sudan — and living conditions will be intolerable."
    Back To Where You Were

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