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Kong Sez:

    The time is coming when you are going to need to look poor, drive poor, talk poor, and act poor.

    The political party currently in power is trying to make political hay by encouraging hatred of the rich, as this is the easiest way of casting blame on everyone but politicians, which are a major cause of the current financial crisis.

    The problem this causes lies in the definition of "rich." If you have $20 in your pocket, that might be perceived as "rich" by someone who does not have $20 in his pocket. Many people out there are actually poor, in that they owe more money than they can ever hope to repay, but they look rich because they're still driving around in that new Hummer and they're still living (for now) in that McMansion that they now owe more money on than the house is worth.

    When times get rougher, and when food and utilities are harder to pay for because prices are still climbing and jobs are still declining, this hatred of the rich may well explode into riots. Rioters will be on the lookout for anyone fitting their definition of "rich," and you don't want to fit that definition, whatever it is.

    This means that you should be:

  • Dressing down. If you own some old clothes, possibly faded and maybe patched or mended, now is the time to wear them. Or visit Goodwill or some other thrift shop and purchase some clothing especially for these times if you do not own anything suitable. Stop wearing your diamonds or gold necklaces, even if they're the cheapie costume version. Rioters are an emotional bunch, and what "looks rich" to them is what they will attack. You want to look like you've hocked your last gold tooth.

  • Driving an elderly, rusted-out vehicle if possible, or at the very least, a car that says "economy model" instead of "sports model" or "luxury model."

  • Talking poor. In conversations, keep your mouth largely shut unless you can remember to hint that you have lost your 401(k) and your pension plan to the crisis. You also don't know how much longer your job will last, and you don't know how you're going to make your next utility payments. If everyone around you is talking about how they are about hand-to-mouth living, then that is the kind of living you are doing, also. Say nothing about gold, silver, or your paid-up bills.

  • When the crisis comes to a head, with riots and armed gangs everywhere, now is the time for you to eat well, live well, and train well. The only way to make it through the crisis with your health intact is to take steps to deal with stress and to obtain as many nutrients as possible.

    This means you must:

  • Eat well. Hopefully your garden and your food storage will provide you with all the necessary nutrients. Remember, extreme stress requires extra protein, so be sure you have plenty of protein powder (whey or milk-and-egg) stored, along with plenty of real vitamin A and D and vitamin C.

  • Live well. In the privacy of your home, you must surround yourself with good books, including books on survival skills and repair skills. You should also have inspirational books that uplift your spirits, and institute a daily plan of Bible study. Now is the time for your family to come together and support one another.

  • Train well. If you enjoy training at a gym, remember that your favorite gym may be either shut down or dangerous to get to during a crisis. Make arrangements to do your weight training or aerobics training in your own home or backyard, and obtain the necessary equipment now. Have some books on bodybuilding or weight training, so that you can find exercises that strengthen certain body parts. You never know when you might want to learn a new skill that requires strength in areas other than what you have been training in.

  • You Don't Believe In Guns! Everyone's talking about putting signs up that this is not a gun–free house, etc. Don't! If they come, hopfully they will be in a more relaxed mood and, if possible under such circumstances, and you Give 'em the surprise of their death!

    Now is the time to prepare. According to James Kuntsler, the class anger being fomented by the politicians may explode between today (Memorial Day) and July 4, so most of your major preparations, such as food storage, should already be done. In the time remaining, concentrate on what you need to do to present a poor-looking target to angry mobs in search of some wealthy people to string up.

    One final note. Dr. "B" was listening to some people talk who had prepared and some who had not. The "Had Nots" said to the "Prepared," Well...we know where to go if things get really bad and get some food.

    The Prepared responded: "I hope you eat bullets!"


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