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ElectroMagnetic Pulse Bomb
( E–Bomb )

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    A powerful force is coming our way. It is coming from God, or from man; or, Both — But it is coming!

    It is called The ElectroMagnetic Pulse Bomb or The E–Bomb,  generated by a star gone Nova or by warring mankind; or, both.

What Is It?

    Regardless of the altitude, an electromagnetic pulse is produced by any type of nuclear device when it explodes. They are produced with ordinary bombs or explosive devices but of little frequency and pulse, and consequently, nothing electric or electronic is affected, and thus, these effects were not even noticed until a test nuclear bomb on Johnson Island in the Pacific Ocean July 8, 1962, put out the lights on the Hawaiian island of Oahu and interrupted telephone service on the Island of Kauai 800 miles away. Over 30 strings of streetlights were interrupted due to blown fuses from the overvoltage and current in Oahu. This occurred simultaneously with the high altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) nuclear explosion, code-name Starfish.

    A 1.4 megaton bomb was used in the test that affected Hawaii. The same size bomb launched over Kansas from about 250 miles high would destroy most of the electronics and electric grid not protected (hardened) over the entire United States, and from that altitude, it would reach radially from horizon to horizon following a line of sight from the burst point. This means the EMP effects would reach out to parts of Canada and Mexico.

    On June 30, 2005, WorldNetDaily.com reported from Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin that Iran plans to take out America with one high-altitude EMP–bomb, if they develop the capability. In order to "take out America," anyone exploding such a bomb over the U.S. would do so at a high altitude of 400 kilometers (248.56 miles) or approximately 250 miles above Kansas. This state is relatively in the center of the United States, and a burst at high altitude here would reach out to all of America, disabling her sensitive electrical and electronic equipment.

    Any nuclear burst produces EMP–effects. It just depends on where and what altitude the bomb is burst at. EMPs were produced at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. However, the terrain absorbed much of the EMP release during the burst. The EMP pulse was absorbed by the earth. Maximum advantage has been shown to be about 250 miles high for the burst point, but they can be exploded at 100 to 300 miles up.

    Some scientists have said that when World War III rages at its highest, a change in attitude will occur and a "Black–Out" bomb, as it's also known, will be released to reach the highest level of atmosphere circling the earth (beyond 300 miles) and exploded to stop the warring factions. This would do it. It would put the "lights" out for the world.

    Relatively recent studies show that there are no real defenses against this. Hardening (making electronics more resistant) against such a phenomenon may not work. We don't know what really will be protected and to what degree. The items on the following list are known to be definitely affected if they are not protected:

"Electronic Components In Order Of Decreasing Sensitivity"

  • Microwave semiconductor diodes
  • Field–effect transistors
  • Radiofrequency transistors
  • Silicon–controlled rectifiers
  • Audio transistors
  • Power rectifier semiconductor diodes
  • Vacuum tubes

The Effects of Nuclear Weapons, 1977.

    The United States has hardened many crucial systems in its military. But, according to The Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse by Markoff, Greg and Kosta Tsipis:
"Predicting the effects of EMP on given systems...are riddled with uncertainty."

    A sneak attack on the U.S., if that can occur, with all the satellite and other electronic and radar equipment dispersed throughout the world with joint nations of like mind watching the skies, an attack that was successful on America would disable a number of key retaliatory systems, but not all. If some of the less important systems did not get hardened, which could include retaliatory missiles and systems that are offensive in nature, the U.S. would have to use them when notified of incoming fire prior to the missile silos and other military objectives being destroyed. Then incoming fire would be intended for the cities.

These missiles that are launched by the U.S. making it into the air above U.S. land and the incoming missiles exploding at that time, would spell disaster for the rising missiles because they would be vulnerable to the EMP generation from the incoming burst:

"Intercontinental missiles and their fire control centers depend heavily on sensitive electronic systems for guidance, radar, and communications, as well as to control the functioning of their nuclear warheads." — Ibid...The Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse (Markoff, Greg and Kosta Tsipis).

    Communications and radar are vulnerable to the "pulse." Therefore, once the missile is launched, there is no guarantee it may get to its destination with payload intact, if hostile forces have launched their missiles first and are exploding over their targets.

    The Electronic Pulse Generator or Simulator is a new type of weapon with a kill ratio of electronic components comparable to a nuclear blast's EMP. These weapons are coming online but governments are very quiet about them. They "perserve" life, but kill susceptible electrical grids' housing of delicate electronics that are vulnerable to oversurges of current and voltage. The same is true for other electronics used by a modern society.

    With the electronics gone, deliveries are not made, crops are not harvested or planted and medicines are not made. Some scientists are thinking now, this type of attack may be worse than a nuclear attack on/near the surface of the earth. Others feel it would be months to a year to get over the EMP attack.

    The electron is used in everything now, and if utilities go down—and they will, potable (clean drinking) water goes too! Also, follow your nose. If the water coming out of the hydrant smells strongly of chlorine (bleach), don't drink it.

    Boil the chorine off before drinking. Even better, boil it off and filter through charcoal. The odor means that the electronics that meter the amount of chlorine are kaput! The water utilities department equipment is allowing too much chlorine for water purification. This can be harmful to your health. This also means sanitation goes. We may see sewage spills and the like with contamination spreading. Cholera and dysentery starts. Dead animals will be decaying on streets and elsewhere, not able to be removed because vehicles using electronic ignitions are fried.

    If the electric power infrastructure is hardened—it's not—and it still gets damaged, then we have a cascading cross-default:

  • Transportation goes.
  • Finance too, as well as
  • Food,
  • Telecommunications,
  • Energy and,
  • Water.

    Also affected may be those who wear pacemakers, insulin infusion pumps, and various types of other medical implants that are electrical. The Holter heart monitor would be gone. Modern medicine would go back to the 1880s or so.

    This generates a disease explosion and martial law. If low–level nuclear bursts occur (see Yes! You Can Survive A Nuclear Attack), the psychological trauma will be horrendous because of the psychodynamic and physical effects of the explosions themselves that will include the traumatic results coupled with the general lack of understanding of the radiation phenomena will cause the "face–down" phenomenon in some Americans, because they will just lie down and give up, not knowing what to do. They die. Many are used to the "dole" and Big–Government taking care of their needs. It fails them here.

    An EMP–bomb creates an increased surge of electric current and voltage. But, there must be some collector for it. This is found in the following:

"Typical Collectors of EMP Energy"

  • Long runs of cable, piping, or conduit.

  • Large antennas, antenna feed cables, guy wires, antenna support towers.

  • Overhead power and telephone lines and support towers.

  • Long runs of electrical wiring, conduit, etc., in buildings.

  • Metallic structural components (girders), reinforcing bars, corrugated roof, expanded methal lath, metallic fencing.

  • Railroad tracks.

  • Aluminum aircraft bodies.

    The Effects of Nuclear Weapons, 1977.

    Equipment such as computers and equipment with solid-state components are quite sensitive to an EMP surge. However, those things that are less susceptible are alarms and systems using meters, switches, and low-current relays. Least susceptible to EMPs are electric motors, circuit breakers, transformers, and the like because they are designed for applications using high-voltage.

Missile Launch:

    A missile silo somewhere in the Balkan states or Russia: From a number of miles away, men controlling the missile silo's cover push buttons, and the cover electronically slides away. Several minutes later, compressed gasses eject a missile 80 feet long from this silo. The Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) possibly in support of the Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles falling on America, fires its engines and rises majestically into the air bellowing voluminous white smoke tinged with black. It proceeds upward using delicate electronics, making course corrections in its upward flight as thousands of Balkans and/or Russians watch. It speeds towards its target 6,000 miles away—The U.S. of A.

    The first stage drops off two minutes after being launched; then in a minute more, the second stage separates from the missile. By now, the payload, the size of a small Beetle Volkswagen, is now in space and coasting towards its target. The shroud opens and is ejected, exposing four warheads that are cone-shaped, each 6 feet long and two and one–half feet wide near its base.

    The four warheads are fired once a minute from its payload carrier. The carrier has small rockets mounted to fire periodically and adjust its trajectory, prior to cone-shaped warheads being fired.

    Over the Norwegian Sea, after the warheads have been ejected from the payload carrier, they start spreading out and silently head for different parts of America through space, travelling at 14,000 miles per hour.

The Warning:

    All of the above is happening so quickly, that one minute after the hostile missile launch, before the payloads disembark to various areas of the states, 22,000 miles in space, the U.S. Air Force DSP satellite, using sophisticated electronic boards, detects the exhaust from the missile. Instantaneously, the satellite opens communication to the North American Defense Command (NORAD) headquartered within a stone's throw to Boulder, Colorado. Here, the Air Force watches 24 hours a day for an attack by hostile forces.

    The complex satellite operation may go something like this: The emissions picked up are spectroscopically analyzed for matching signs of rocket fire. Within minutes, the NORAD commander is in contact with Washington, DC and the Pentagon. The information from the satellite allows the "decision" makers to ascertain that it was just another rocket launch to place a satellite in orbit and everything "stands down" again; or, with the incoming data analyzed and computerized, "high confidence" is reported by the commander of NORAD that a missile attack is headed toward American soil.

    Teams are alerted and everyone goes to work to find the President of the U.S. of A for a decision. Shortly...minutes...FEMA is alerted and...but wait! If a close-in attack from offshore in international waters bordering the U.S., from Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles occurs and rises to satellite heights first and elsewhere to set off a High Altitude EMP(HEMP), the immediate senario does not take place because hostile forces have timed the attack to EMP the satellites with a modern EMP bomb that has small or no nuclear qualities. The explosion of the new age EMPs destroys the electronics of high altitude satellites, those revolving around the earth and those in orbit at 33,000 miles that rotate with the earth in synchrony beneath it.

    Even if the people could be warned in time, the warheads are coming over Greenland at 750 miles up and soon will be targeting the U.S. predesignated areas. These "incomers" are air-bursted much lower than HEMP to effect a maximum kill of personnel and property.

    Such are the uses of EMPs. The newer generation are primarily for putting out electronics and electric grids and are not the product of a nuclear explosion.

Keep in mind that all missiles depend on the same delicate electronics for guidance, communications and radar as well as the missile's fire control centers, that EMPs disrupt. Without this, the nuclear warheads are functionless.

    Once missiles are launched, either side may be subject to the effects of EMP. Allies of warring countries may fire nuclear bombs at the enemy jointly and the EMPs generated from one ally to the next may null and void the delicate, even hardened, nuclear device that was to jointly be delivered. This action would weaken the joint attack.


"The electromagnetic pulse generator is emerging as one of the strongest contenders...to find effective weapons to defeat an enemy without causing loss of life."— EMP Weapons Lead Race for Non-Lethal Technology. Fulghum, David A.

    It appears practically everything the military is working with is carrying these generators from tanks to armoured troop carriers, and there are even hand-held units. These work for varying distances depending on the effect needed. A soldier can aim one at a tank and knock out its electronic system; a tank can aim its beam at troop carriers, other tanks, and foot-soldiers to null and void their equipment. They then are back to WWII equipment. Their night goggles stop, electronic shooting with determined read distances are kaput and anything else they carry that uses electronics is gone. The soldier has to depend on his skills and cognitive ability from then on.

    One of the reasons we won the first Gulf War so quickly is because, it is rumored in high circles, tanks and other military vehicles fired EMP bombs that worked on small localized areas. These small EMP accelerators or generators, or small bombs quickly placed the Republican Guard, who had electronic equipment, back to WWI/II status. Some U. S. officials say this did not happen.

    The final word is not in on EMP and its destructive effects on "hardened" equipment. Yet, in tests, systems stayed up on the first, and often, second tests. Still, they all eventually went down. Damage for electronic systems is potentially there. Mankind won't know for sure what systems are more protected by hardening and those less protected. What is clear is EMP effects are not plainly known.

Keeping Communications Up

    Cresson H. Kearny writes in Nuclear War Survival Skills under 'How To Keep Radios Operating':
"...both morale and the prospects of long-range survival would be improved in shelters with a radio bringing word of the large-area fallout situation, food-relief measures, practical survival skills, and what the government and other organizations were doing to help."

    He suggests the following to keep in contact with the outside world that is still up.
  • Bring all battery-powered portable radios with you to the shelter you go to. Also have fresh batteries on hand.

  • "Protect AM radios by using only their built-in short loop antennas. The built-in antennas of small portable radios are too short for EMP to induce damaging surges of current in them."

  • "Keep antennas of FM, CB, and amateur radios as short as practical, preferably less than 10 inches. When threatened by EMP, a danger that may continue for weeks after the initial attack because of repeated, high-altitude explosions, do not add a wire antenna or connect a short radio antenna to a pipe. Remember that a surge of current resulting from EMP especially can damage diodes and transistors thus ending a radio's usefulness of reducing its range of reception."

    Note, from above, any EMP striking a metal conduit, metal, pipe, or any thing that will conduct electricity will carry the EMP surge along the piping to various electrical and electronic work and damage or burn them out.

  • "Keep all unshielded radios at least six feet away from any long piece of metal, such as pipes, metal ducts, or wires found in many basements and other shelters. Long metal conductors can pick up and carry large EMP surges, causing induced current to surge in neaby radios and damage them."

    There would be an electrostatic charge that would build up and "jump" across the gap to the conduit feeding the electronics, thus burning them out or damaging them so as to make them useless.


    Some years ago, it was commonly circulated among electricians and carpenters to beware of the "Phantom Current" in attics. It was described to these WebMasters as "...for no reason at all, a carpenter would be working in the attic, and some electricians too, would be found electrocuted. Yet, even though they were working around 'hot' wires, they were found dead and not near them." It was assumed that the unfortunate electricians were handling a 'live' wire and must have touched a ground somewhere in the attic. The same applied to carpenters.

    However, one of the WebMasters said "nonsensical trep." A good electrician, though anyone can make mistakes and some have, would be extremely careful and on the aware for this. It had to be a static charge built up of such magnitude that it literally jumped from the source to the worker and he may have been grounded, thus causing his shock or demise.

    Years passed and this phenomenon—the phantom current—still circulated among the unitiated. Then, one day in a popular medical journal, the myth of the "phantom current" was solved: it was static electricity, hot humid conditions and a source of ground. There really was a "phantom current."

    Glasstone and Dolan, Writing in The Effects of Nuclear Weapons spoke about the "Phantom Current" in this manner:

    "...it is possible for an electric current to be induced or for a spark to jump from the conductor which collects the EMP energy to an adjacent conductor, not connected to the collector, thence to a piece of equipment."
  • "Shield each radio against EMP when not in use by completely surrounding it with conducting metal if it is kept within six feet of a long conductor through which powerful currents produced by EMP might surge. A radio may be shielded against EMP by placing it inside a metal cake box or metal storage can, or by completely surrounding it with aluminum foil or metallic window screen."

    The metal cake box would act like a Faraday box. However, one writer on the subject of EMPs contends vehicles would not be affected. The vehicle acts like a Faraday box on rubber wheels. He failed to consider that the electronic ignition is subject to the EMP effect. His contention is that since the vehicle is mounted on rubber wheels or some nonconductor and thus, separated from the gound, nothing would happen to the car or truck.

    When you watch the video below, you will find that is not so. Either vehicles then were different than they are at present. But the electronic ignition has been out for sometime now. The electric windows did work when the EMP was generated through an EMP generator.

    That particular writer did say that vehicles made of fiberglass bodies or located near long–runs of metal would be affected.

  • Kearny further says to protect "damage to a radio from extreme dampness." Recall above about "the phantom current."

  • One final point about batteries: "The batteries of transistor radios will last up to twice as long if the radios are played at reduced volume."—WebMaster's emphasis

    Cautionary Note:

    When the Hell Breaks, parents wanting to entertain or please their teen-age children will let them play the radio for entertainment. American teens are used to getting their way. They will blast eardrums with the radio, running down batteries.


[Compton Electrons Generating EMP] [Spiraling Electrons Generating EMP]                                                                           Kansas Proper Would Receive 50,000 volts/meter

    For the technically inclined, Click Here. For the non-technically minded, Click Here.

    The first few billionths-of-a-second (nanoseconds), at an altitude of 250 miles, the burst generates a region known as the deposition or source region—it is an ionization area where interesting things occur. This is the beginning region that goes to generate an EMP. The deposition area, at this height produces an area 6-miles thick and 2,000 miles in diameter. This would be a reason for bursting a high-altitude nuclear weapon over Kansas city. The results of what goes on in this source region would not only cover the U.S., but spread by line-of-sight from this height to horizon to horizon. This would include parts of Canada and Mexico.

    As the burst is occuring, solid matter is coming apart, of which gamma rays are formed. Traveling outward at the speed of light, the flux (a flow of) gamma rays strike molecules in the air, knocking electrons off air molecules, generally oxygen and nitrogen, creating high-speed speed electrons as the gamma rays impart tremendous energy to the electrons.

    These electrons are known as Compton electrons and the phenomena of forming these ultra-fast electrons and X-rays and an increasing in their wavelengths are known as the Compton Effect. The movement of these electrons occurs radially (outward) from the burst point because of the flux of gamma rays from the burst point.

    As these Compton electrons are moving radially, they inevitably encounter other molecules in the atmosphere, displacing (knocking-off) easily removed and loosely held electrons from their orbits. These electrons are slower moving and a collection of these electrons constitutes a source for current, which is a flow of electrons. This conduction current is known as Compton Current.

    An ionization region (deposition/source region) is rapidly—in nanoseconds—forming. An ionization area consists of a region of a body of charged particles. Here we have positive and negative (±) regions forming rapidly such that they generate an electric field. This is "the space between and around charged bodies in which their influence is felt."—Basic Electricity, Charles W. Ryan.

    As the slower moving electrons increase, the electric field decreases because it has become fully saturated in this deposition region. When this occurs, thermal heat is generated.

    A high–burst, such as the one we're speaking of can produce on the surface of the planet, huge electrical fields that may be 50,000 volts per meter. This would cover most of North America (All of the U.S, much of Canada and Mexico). Since the electromagnetic spectrum moves at the speed of light, this area would be affected practically at the same moment.

The ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP) is an electomagnetic field short lived and of extreme intensity caused by the nuclear burst.

    The electromagnetic field consists of an electric field and a magnetic field. The electric field is expressed generally in volts per meter.

    Now, though the literature says these occur within nanoseconds and are formed and those which come down to the earth's magnetic field, creating the EMP, last only fractions of a second to wreak havoc on the electric and electronic systems on planet earth, it is possible there may be "Signs and Wonders" seen in the heavens, if hundreds of nuclear bombs are exploded in the atmosphere over America. If this were seen, it certainly would be a display in the "heavens" that have not been seen since the Paleo man 11,000 to 16,000 years ago.

    Let us explain. When static electricity forms and jumps from cloud to cloud or from earth to cloud and vice-versa, as in an electrical storm with exciting, awe inspiring displays of lightning bounding about, there could be a display in the heavens, extremely visible at night high above the earth. It most likely occurs when current (electrons) jump to a region of positive ionization. However, this is not seen because of the limited time such an event occurs.

    Also, "retention" of the eyes do not capture this extremely fast phenomenon. Yet, if hundreds and hundreds of SLMBs are burst high in the atmosphere in an all-out war, we may witness this event. A time warp may be generated including a space warp and time dilation. With the slowing down of time and the curving of space and time, we may actually witness such an event, and even more.

    This is a warning in and of itself, if it is witnessed. You have time to get to shelter and be prepared for the Intercontinental Ballastic Missiles' arrival. These would be used to destroy cities. Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles that are surface burst or near-surface burst would be for military objectives. This is why we advocate moving from such an area if there is a worsening crisis. See Yes! You Can Survive A Nuclear Blast.

    The earth is a giant magnet. For the electrons reaching the earth's magnetic field, as they cut across the magnetic flux lines, they start spiraling around those lines of flux. In this operation, an electric and magnetic pulse known as the Electromagnetic Pulse is created, coming directly down to the earth where the lines of force are entrained by the high-speed electrons. If it hits the ground, it is dampened. Cutting across electric wires, conduits, antennas, phone lines, anything that is electrically and/or electronically served by the wiring and conduits, a tremendous surge of current and voltage results, burning out electronic and electrical parts. Even "hardening" may not protect them. The first EMP may do no damage against such a "hardened" (protected/resistant) device, but it is felt, and has been shown, that the second and third pulse weakened the hardened device and finally got to it.

    Where it strikes the ground, if a buried conduit is close by, the EMP may couple to the metal pipe and "knock-out" the artifacts it serves. This can happen, as discussed above under "Keeping Communications Active," if a conduit is close to a radio. Keep radios at least 6-feet away from electric wiring, conduits, and other electric/electronic equipment as the "phantom current" may strike it.

    With the intense ionizations occurring from hundreds of nuclear blast at high altitudes, there may be colorful displays in the sky, though no Aurora Borealis or Aurora Australis, but something of a brilliant display of flashing and moving lights visible in the night sky possibly resulting from electrically charged particles high in the ionosphere.

    Science News writes, in the October 27, 2007, issue:

"...light emitted by doubly ionized oxygen atoms in the supernova was shifted from its normal position..."

    For a non-technical review of what EMP is, the following is given, however, the WebMasters feel one should read the Technical too for more depth in understanding what is coming our way.

    The Office Of The Deputy Assistant To The Secretary Of Defense For Nuclear Matters writes:
"EMP is characterized by a sharp pulse of long-wavelength (low frequency) electromagnetic radiation produced when an explosion occurs in a non-symmetrical environment, particularly, near the surface of the Earth or at high altitudes. The intense electric and magnetic fields produced can damage unprotected electronic equipment such as communication systems and radar.

"The voltage travels via metallic cables, control circuits, and data links to equipment where it disrupts circuit function and burns out sensitive components. High Altitude Emp (HEMP) exists when a nuclear detonation occurs in the upper atmosphere and the prompt gamma rays interact with the upper atmosphere to create high intensity EMP that can create significant field strengths over a continent-sized area (over 1,000 kilometers in diameter)."

    When a nuclear device is exploded high above the earth, gamma rays are emitted that strike air molecules, freeing up easily removed electrons. These electrons striking the geomagnetic field, also known as flux lines or magnetic flux, along which a magnetic force acts, creating the ElectroMagnetic Pulse. It is also known as an Electromotive Pulse, which induces voltage and current when it comes down to the earth and is intercepted by metal. The induced voltage and current can "fry" electrical and electronic circuits.

    This is easy to understand when one compares the EMP to a lightning bolt. The EMP is spread out over a wider area whereas the lightning bolt is a local event. The induced EMP voltages and currents are equal in strength to the strongest of lightning bolts. "EMPs may reach 3 million volts and 10,000 amperes for a total of 30-billion watts of energy." —Electromagnetic Pulses, Art Reichert.

    One writer compares them to radio in the broad–band class (10kHz–100kHz). The EMP is similar to radio waves that are extremely powerful. The radio wave is controlled because one reason is that if it were super–powerful, it could induce high voltages and currents in antennas and conductors, such as metal fencing, pipes, conduits for electrical lines, and railroad tracks. This could cause problems at the end of the travel servicing electronics.

Cause My Demise ?

    Literature searches claim that EMP causes no harm to humans. This may be so. But first, many scientists are now very concerned about microwaves of the electromagnetic spectrum, of which an Electromagnetic Pulse belongs to. Some feel that too much of these microwaves such as cell phones, radio and other waves are causing problems in the brain's nervous tissue.

    It is being advised, especially for the teen generation, not to be on a cell phone constantly and for hours which continuously bathe the neurons in one's brain with electromagnetic waves. Cell phones, for instance, should be used only for short periods and then turned off, unless it is necessay to keep them on for an important incoming call from a parent; then, turn it off. Prudent Avoidance is being advised.

    We are now bathed in electromagnetic radiation from man and it is not too innocuous anymore since this radiation is on the increase and exposure is everywhere and continuous. Microwave energy, X–rays, various types of medical scans, even smoke detectors—all of these and others have now been implicated as not being too harmless, as once thought. The accumulative effect, some groups of scientists feel, have added up and we will see more problems in the immediate future from this.

    This being so, then what about an EMP attack? One attack may do something, the effects of which are not seen until years later. However, with multiple nuclear devices exploded high in the atmosphere and raining down multiple pulses, neuron tissue that has been under continuous attack from our current lifestyle may be subject to cognitive dysfunction.

    We would suggest to protect neurons and supportive structures with Curcumin, Inosine powder, Glutamine powder, Huperzine-A, Ginkgo Biloba, and DMAE Bitartrate (dimethylaminoethanol). This does not stop the pulse from reaching neurons but may help accelerate healing of those nerve cells that are on the cusp of damage and become damaged when the EMP(s) arrive.

    Those individuals on insulin pumps, heart pacemakers, and life support systems may find the delicate electronics damaged or burned out when the EMP(s) comes.

    "...a person in contact with an effective collector of EMP energy, such as a long wire, pipe, conduit, or other sizable metallic object ... might receive a severe shock," write Glasstone and Dolan in The Effects of Nuclear Weapons.

    This may be in excess of 50,000 volts. If the person has cardiovascular problems, he may go into arterial coronary artery spasm and die. He just got tasered.

Man Portion / God Portion ?

    There are two parts to this EMP coming our way, there is a "Man Portion," and a "God Portion" and the government knows it. They're doing everything they can to stop the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) coming our way. The government is mostly focusing their thoughts (their mindset) on the bomb that generates the electromagnetic pulse. However, in this Update issue, your WebMasters point out the "Man Portion," and then, the "God Portion."

    Scientists definitely recognize the Man Portion, and many scientists are now considering a God Portion is definitely in our future.

    The thing that is concerning some very knowledgeable scientists and has your WebMaster highly concerned, is the God Portion. When he first came across this in his thinking, about 2 years ago, it was hinted at in astrophysics that electromagnetic pulses are constantly generated out in space when a star goes nova, but there is no problem to it out there in space. Hold that thought.

    Science News, November 3, 2007, points out that as stars go nova, or stars that have gone nova, their gamma rays are still moving outward at the speed of light. As these gamma rays move into the earth's atmosphere, they'll be striking the oxygen and nitrogen, as well as other molecules high in the atmosphere, freeing electrons. This is known at the Compton Effect, or Compton source electrons.

    These electrons, hitting the magnetic flux of the earth, suddenly start spiraling around it, creating an electromagnetic pulse that is projected directly perpendicular beneath that flux line. Whatever is down there that is a conductor— antennas, electric wire, long stretches of pipe, above ground or below ground, or anything that can serve as a conductor of electricity and voltage will transport this surge to the parts that it serves and burn them out or render them useless.

    This can set up resonance in the human body with possible damaging consequences. More on this in "Prudent Avoidance."

    That which comes down directly to the earth where there is nothing there but flat land, will be somewhat dampened and dispersed and form a current in the earth that can be coupled to conduit that is close enough to pick up the surge and carry it, causing the same trouble just spoken of.

    Gammas rays carry "thousands to billions of times as much energy as visible-light photons—a 'particle' of electromagnetic radiation. Science News writes:

"At gamma-ray energies, the Milky Way forms a brilliant swath across the sky. Much of this high-energy emission has its origin in supernova remnants, expanding shells of gas created when a blast wave from an exploded star plows into surrounding space, sweeping up material along the way.

"Intense magnetic fields entrained in these shells of gas can, in theory, boost protons and other charged particles to nearly the speed of light, giving them energies 100 times higher than the most powerful ground-based accelerators can achieve. When these energized photons smash into atoms and molecules in the surrounding space, they can spark gamma rays."
    These gamma rays, as they move into the earth's magnetic field, spiral around the flux lines of force and generate an EMP that drives perpendicular to the earth, setting off the havoc discussed above.

    You are looking at 50,000 volts per meter, or for every 3.28 feet on earth. This is the voltage that they are tasering people with. And they say tasers don't do any harm to the delicate electrical work in the body? Well, we are about to get a surprise from God as to what His same taser voltage will do to the delicate electronic works on earth. And what might happen to some humans, see above.

    Now, let's bring that thought back down that you're holding: Apply that to the fact that now, we are definitely, irrevocably moving into the Galactic Plane (see The Galactic Plane), and we're moving into the densest portion of the spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy where our solar system resides, between Orion and Perseus, where all sorts of terrors exist, primarily in the form of super novas that occurred some time ago. We'll be meeting up with them as they meet with us. We may meet new supernovas. We will pass highly charged gas clouds, black holes, and stars passing close to our solar system. Gravitational waves and ripples can nudge or knock asteroids and comets out of orbit and they may hit the Sun causing rebound effects to our planet, or cause them to head straight for the Earth.

Click Here for The Full Story on, Bracing For Tomorrow, Buy Several DVDs; Sent to Friends...Have Them Do Likewise.

    The area we are moving into is fraught with this phenomenon, cosmologists tell us. In fact, it may be called "SuperNova Alley." There are also likely to be some black holes out there. One can see that as we pull these thoughts together and apply one of the latest Science News stories to it, in which they point out that super novas generate from their explosions gamma rays, and those gamma rays move into our solar system and the earth, and as we move into the Galactic Plane where more super novas reside, these gamma rays will be knocking electrons off molecules in the air, which will then react with the magnetic field of the earth, and we now have an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that is generated. That is the God Portion.

    About every 26,000 years, it appears there have been mass exterminations. But 26,000 years ago, they had no electronics that we know of on this planet. However, one thing was present--mankind, animals, and plants. As we move into the Galactic Plane, rocks that normally stay in our solar system in a relatively decent orbit will start coming into gravitational waves and ripples and shock waves from these novas, and the gravitational wave of the Galactic Plane itself, and they will serve as steering currents. They will gently, or maybe even violently, nudge these rocks out of their orbits.

    In The Holy Writ, when Sin was grave, and forgiveness not meted out, the law was stoning. It appears that God is preparing to stone the Earth!

Get The Full Story from Hyperspace, Produced by Sam Neill (BBC Video).
See Your Local Book Store or Amazon.Com.

[The Rocks Are Coming]

Signs And Wonders In The Sky

    We will see "Signs and Wonders" in the sky. We will see some of these boulders heading off into space and others heading towards planets in our solar system. Some will undoubtably head toward planet Earth. Those that are pulled into the massive gravitational field of the sun may cause a blast wave, or shock wave, back out into space. Recently this happened, but the shock wave was pointed in a different direction from earth. Scientists said if it had been aimed at or near earth, it would have ended life on earth.

    So, we have a Man Portion coming and a God Portion coming. The question: Which will arrive first?

    Or the Man Portion may arrive first, and on its heels will come the God Portion. With the rocks falling, and spherules sand-blasting the earth, there will be no time for mankind to continue its warring ways. We will see the United States make a hasty retreat from Iraq, the Balkans, and anywhere else troops may be stationed at that time. Other nations will be doing likewise, wherever they may be. All will be recalled to their respective homes to try to quell the masses and keep law and order, which they will not be able to do. Chaos will reign supreme. The possibility is that it is coming between now and 2016. Each year gets worse. We will definitely notice something is happening in the atmosphere within the next 3 to 5 years.

    We write this because today was a day of many criss-crossings, rapidly spreading contrails, hanging thickly in the upper atmosphere and clouding a formerly clear day. If this spraying is really putting something into the air, it is not to keep something in, but to keep something out.

    One thing that does stand out, if the governments of the world are putting something into the atmosphere, it may be to try to cause a dispersal of the EMP in the atmosphere, if possible. This may be the reason why there are so many world-wide criss-crossings of contrails, and barium may be the metal of choice to block the EMP, or to be ionized such that the electrons that are generated by the Man Portion may be absorbed by the barium so as to mitigate, somewhat, the electromagnetic pulse that would be generated from EMPs striking the magnetic field.

    The problem that we see is that the contrails are too low, though they are at the proper height for contrail formation; they should be in the higher atmosphere circling the earth. It looks like someone(s) is/are experimenting heavily with this and trying to find the right formula and chemical (and maybe get them higher) so that they wouldn't coagulate and come down to earth as "angel hair," but drift higher in the atmosphere for longer periods of time.

    There is another possibility to "what's going on?" with these contrails high in the sky. The following is not well-appreciated by the uninitiated. Your WebMasters, when they came across this, were astounded. No one, of course, is talking or writing about this, if they know it. And they would be the priviledged few working with the criss-cross spraying in our heavens and knowledgeable as to why they are occurring, if something is being sprayed.

    At the time the following was understood, chemical trails were not in vogue, only vapor trails from high-altitude flying planes. They were watched in "dogfights" over war zones during WW II. We understood them, what caused them and could follow the "fight" over the warring faction's territories. Chemical additions were added much later, if they have been employed for or against a country's citizenry. Crop spraying was one of the early uses of chemical additions known as crop spraying.

This Is What We Have Discovered:


"The general term 'scavenging' is used to describe various processes resulting in the removal of radioactivity from the cloud and its deposition on the earth."—The Effects of Nuclear Weapons, Glasstone & Dolan.

    Recall from Yes! You Can Survive A Nuclear Attack that when a surface or near–surface burst occurs, billions of tons of dirt and debris are pulverized and sucked up into the mushroom cloud and dispersed over local to wide areas for generating fallout.

    There appear to be three or four processes involved in this removal of fallout—all by Mother Nature, until recently...

  • "The condensation of the fission–product and other radioactive vapors on the particles and their subsequent relatively rapid fall to earth leads to a certain degree of scavenging."—Ibid.

  • "Another scavenging process...is that due to rain falling through the weapon debris and carrying contaminated particles down with it." —Ibid.

    The latter creates hot spots beneath the rain-out area, but the atmosphere is getting cleaner, and the ground below that part of the atmosphere is hot for only a short time.

  • "Another effect that rain may have if it occurs either during or after the deposition of the fallout is to wash radioactive debris over the surface of the ground. This may result in cleansing some areas and reducing their activity while causing hot spots in other (lower) areas."—Ibid.
    Also, a snow-out can cleanse the air, trapping radioactive debris and bringing it down to the earth before it reaches heavily populated areas. It may operate in reverse, bringing radioactive debris down to a heavily populated area.

    Therefore, if it has not been proposed to do an artificial scavenging to practice for the coming nuclear war, it will be thought of: You can bet on it! The U. S. Government may sacrifice some of its hordes of people if a fallout cloud is sweeping toward Washington D.C. or a military installation to save its retaliatory troops and efforts. In other words, the elite running our government will spray the fallout clouds before they can reach the "sacred" areas, even if the resulting "snow–out," "rain–out," or "chem–out" carries fallout down onto heavily populated areas. We will be expendable!

    There are no definitive answers on this yet; but, one thing is assured: An EMP is coming our way from two sources...and soon.

    As we move into the Galactic Plane and when the rocks fall, some undoubtly will be radioactive and generate Electromagnetic Pulse(s), as did the one at 7:14 a.m. in The Tunguska Explosion of June 30, 1908, as MAAR states:

"A comet fragment exploded in Earth's atmosphere in Russian Siberia. A great blue-white fireball, brighter than the Sun streaked through the sky, exploded six to eight kilometers (3.72 to 4.96 miles) in the atmosphere with a blinding flash and (an) intense pulse of heat.

"An electromagnetic pulse like anomalies were reported. The magnetic storm began a few minutes after the explosion. A compass was useless in Irkutsk, 1,000 km away (620 miles).

"The explosion was heard 1,000 km away, with trees flattened 30 km (18.6 miles) from a central point in the Stony Tunguska River Valley. Sides of trees were burned 60 km away (37.2 miles). The blast destroyed over 600 square kilometers (372 square miles) of forest as the pillar of smoke and dust rose over the area. No crater was found.

"Scientists have observed the destruction and concluded the explosion had the force of a 30 megaton hydrogen bomb.

"People were burned and died unusual deaths that are similar to radiation exposures from nuclear blast. The chief of the Tungus people declared the area enchanted and sealed off.

"Both plant and animal life at the epicenter and along the trajectory have been affected genetically. Trees and plants have an accelerated growth rate.

"Although there were no meteorite pieces, tiny green globules of melted dust called trinities were discovered in the area, similar to those produced at the site of the first atomic bomb test in New Mexico."

[The Place Where It Happened]

    However, there are some who believe the "Tunguska event of 1908 had to be of geophysical origin!" A gas cloud caused the event.

    Regardless, the rocks are coming[Artist Depiction of Tunguska Event]

    They have fallen before, but this time....

    Theories abound. Here is one for watching:

    Or consider this one:

    Let's see the UFO theory again. It is believed that they brought with them the radiation that caused the radiation sickness, burns, and deaths, when the alien ship exploded:

    But, the rocks are still coming...

    In her book, Surendra Verma, The Mystery of The Tunguska Fireball, writes:

". . .stones were literally falling out of the sky in front of bewildered witnesses (at Wold Cottage, England, on 13 December 1795; Evora, Portugal, on 19 February 1796; and Benares, India, on 19 December 1798).

"When a spectacular shower of several thousand stones fell near the town of L'Aigle in northern France on 26 April, 1803, which was witnessed by many French officials, . . . The report finally convinced the scientific establishment that stones do fall from the heavens."

    In Joshua 10:11, Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Bible says:

"The Lord cast down great stones from heaven upon them — Some have contended that stones, in the common acceptation of the word, are intended here; and that the term hail–stones is only used to point out the celerity of their fall, and their quantity. That stones have fallen from the clouds, if not from a greater height, is a most incontestable fact.

"That these have fallen in different parts of the world is also true; the East Indies, America, France, Germany, England, Ireland, etc., have all witnessed this phenomenon: of such stones I possess and have seen several fragments; some considerable pieces may be seen in the British Museum.

"That God might have cast down such stones as these on the Canaanites, there can be no doubt, because his power is unlimited; and the whole account proves that here there was a miraculous interference."

We Will Soon Be Passing Through Gas Clouds, Near Black Holes, Stars, Supernovas, and Other Dangers In The Densest Portion of The Galactic Plane. The Odds Are Now Stacked Against Us That We Are Going To Be Hit.
See Amazon.Com for The Full Story from BBC, Hyperspace, Produced By Sam Neill.

    And when the rocks come, many will explode in the air causing radiation and EMP–like effects and devastation:

A Comment About Cancer and Radiation:

    Should you get irradiated from a surfice or sub-surface blast, if an all out nuclear war occurs, or as in the "electromagnetic pulse like anomalies" in the Tunguska Explosion in 1908, "The God Portion," recall..."People died unusual deaths that are similar to radiation exposures from nuclear blast."

    Ray Peat's Newsletter, May 2007, states...

"...the idea of a 'cancer field' is an essential first step in thinking realistically about preventing and treating cancer, but that idea has hardly progressed since the 1930s."

"The recent recognition of the 'bystander effect' of radiation exposure, in which cells that haven't been irradiated undergo genetic changes or death when they are exposed to irradiated cells has provided an opportunity to return to the 'field' idea in cancer, because the stress-induced factors emitted by irradiated cells are the same toxic factors emitted by cells undergoing carcinogenesis from other causes, such as over-exposure to estrogen."

    Ionizing radiation is an excitatory process, he further writes. The WebMasters of this document suggest, as Dr. Peat's newsletters, one thing to use now for men and women, and we also advise to store some in the refrigerator and alternate its use, natural progesterone cream. We do not recommend the pill, synthetically made, nor the synthetic cream.

    We envisage a huge kill-off of the American population due to the extremely low cholesterols now encountered and promulgated, by whatever method. Dr. Peat writes, and is supported by voluminous research,
"Cholesterol itself is protective and in some cells it is massively converted into progesterone, which is even more effective in restoring homeostasis."

    When this goes down, your WebMasters will have their cholesterol up around 200 mg/dl or a little more. Start now eating eggs. They don't raise cholesterol! Excess saturated fat does and only raises it so much. This type of fat is converted in the liver (incidently, other tissues do make some cholesterol–most are unaware of that) to cholesterol.

"The liver synthesizes about one gram of cholesterol a day, and the more of it you get from food, the less of it the body synthesizes."—Ironman Magazine, November 2007.

    The American College of Sports Medicine, 2007, took healthy women and men, divided them into three sets of people, ages 50 to 69, and had them do weight training for 12 weeks. The first set or group ate no eggs. The second, one-egg per day, and the last group, three-eggs daily. Those individuals eating from the three per day egg schedule made the most gains in muscle mass and strength. The interesting thing that was of most interest to all researchers was that those in the one egg per day had a blood cholesterol increase and the three-egg group had no increases. This went counter to the "current" thinking about eating too many eggs daily.

    Incidently, low cholesterol is now linked to depression, stroke, and cardiovascular diseaseIbid.

    "Oh honey....I want three eggs sautéed in a little butter and a little coconut oil tonight for supper."

    The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, October 2007, page 8, written by MIA Associate Editor Jim Deeds, 'The Financial System: A "Game" Gone Out of Control,' quotes Bill King, 9/06/07 as follows:

"We've commented many times since the Great U.S. Stock Bubble commenced that stocks have disconnected from U.S. economic metrics like real wages, jobs and growth. The stock market is now disconnected, or oblivious, to the global financial system. It has become a game unto itself, where legions of day traders and schemers appear each day concerned only with the next several ticks."

    The Mogambo Guru, writing for Today's Daily Reckoning Monday, December 03, 2007, reminds us to be prepared for what's coming:

"...it is inflation in prices that is the precursor to social upheaval and economic collapse, which is why I figure that the Second Amendment was invented in the first place, and if you don't think so, then just manage to stay alive for the next couple of years to learn a real expensive lesson

that you will never forget."

Watch The Following Video Several Times.
Very Educational:

"In the 1970s government statisticians calculated that if all electricity were cut off, 30 % of the population would be dead within a month. Within a year, 80 % would be dead. And that was back in the 1970 ... now it's worse!"– The McAlvaney Intelligence Advisor, August 1999.

Watch This Too! You Will Understand About Your Automobile. This Is Why You Want To Know How To Trek!

What An EMP Does To Your Electricity...Electronics...Vehicular Travel...And More!

One Day...Soon...It's Coming.
See Amazon.Com for The Full Story from BBC, Hyperspace, Produced By Sam Neill.

    From Delray Beach, Florida, Wednesday, December 19, 2007, Bill Bonner of The Daily Reckoning writes:

"...the price of wheat rose to an all-time high.

"...not only are prices rising — the world's food supply is shrinking." And he graphically points out that population is increasing as food production is going down. Why? He says...

"Shrinking? How could the world's food supply be going down when the world's population is growing so rapidly? How could could farmers produce less food when they have so much more technology to work with? How could food production decline when so many marginal properties are being put into production? We don't know. But if it's true that farm output has peaked out, prices of agriculture commodities should rise even more steeply in the years ahead.

"Meanwhile, The American Farm Bureau tells us that it cost more than 10% more to feed people this year than it did a year ago."

    And The Mogambo Guru writing in the Monday, December 17, 2007, The Daily Reckoning, Referencing the Financial Times,
"'In October consumer prices rose an annual rate of 3.5% in the US, 2.1% in the UK and 2.6% in the Eurozone. German inflation is at its highest in more than a decade. Prices are also gaining at an annual rate of 6.5% in China, with rapid increases in other emerging markets too.

"'South African food prices rose more than 16% in October from a year earlier, a bigger jump than official figures show.'"

    The culprit has been identified, the Mogambo says. It is "the battle between supply and demand."

Russia too is feeling the pinch. "Russian consumer prices rose more than expected in November as fruits and vegetables became more expensive."

    And we might add, China is having other woes with food production.

Don't Be On This Road To Nowhere

Get Prepared! See The Following:

When The Hell Breaks. Things will start getting much worse, as we are now moving into The Galactic Plane.

    In the not too distant future, we will see harsh food and water shortages. There will be ever increasing strident geoclimactic changes. Chaos will then start reigning in areas thought safe from such turmoil. Gated communities will be pillaged. In the later stages of the Earth Changes, in many to most areas, the only law will be what you are packing! and what you have prepared yourself for.


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Times in America will change rather abruptly.
Your WebMasters suggest you check your
Medicine Supply/List

We Feel This Is Going To Be A Long, Hard Siege
Get Prepared...Time Is Short Now...
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