The Mechanism
(Depopulation--Part IV )

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Psychological Stress

    The stress-response (alarm reaction, resistance reaction, exhaustion) generated by just thinking about something that is negative or even positive, that may or may not affect you, perhaps it affects another person–your mindset, the way you look at something–can modulate the stress-response. It can be adjusted up or down.

    The variables generated in your mind can start the response to the mental stressors that are produced from our own mentation.

    To garner the most from what follows, see: The Galactic Plane, The Mechanics of Depopulation, The Mechanics of Depopulation Part II, and The Mechanics of Depopulation Part III, to get a firm grasp of this document's theme. Then return here.

    For a refresher, see:

    to get a firm grasp of this document's data. Then return here.

Why Is Psychological Stress Painful?

    Mental stress becomes obtuse when there is no outlet for it. And that outlet is effective, when it exists, when it draws your attention away from the stressor. For instance, place an animal in a cage and give him good treatment, but isolation, his stress hormones tend to rise. This is a form of discipline used in prisons for intractable prisoners; it is called isolation, solitary confinement. No maltreatment whatsoever exists, but the confinement or isolation causes a stress-response. His response is what causes him pain.

    However, there have been some who have met an "enlightened" being who informed them, while under such conditions, of a higher ordered way of thinking and living. They became ‘saved' and totally changed. Their mindset changed too, such that they were no longer affected by the isolation and actually enjoyed it, for they had, in effect now, because of their thinking, developed a higher consciousness. From this experience, they became model citizens, events that were unexplainable by the prison warden. They made something of themselves and served as channels of blessing to another, both in and out of confinement.

    We have seen the same thing in the concentration camps during WWII. Those very few individuals became channels of blessing to another human being. Because of who they were (became), the Nazis saw to it they received the worst treatment. When the Allies came, they were eventually held as collaborators because, though very emaciated, they were in better health than those inmates who had more of the meager rations. The Allies changed their position when the other incarcerated individuals came forward with praise for ‘the emaciated one.' For he shared what little food he had with those who had even less or needed more; especially the sick and dying. He received the worst treatment and beatings from his ‘masters' than anyone else. He gave encouragement..."Hang on...just hang won't be long now..." Sound familiar?

    His outlet for the psychological and physical stress was redirected in a wholesome and healthy manner to serving as a channel of blessing to another human being–"Just hang on and look upward," he would say.

    Psychological stress differs from physical stress. When there are no physical reasons for the stress-response (you have surgery under anesthesia, getting burned, etc.), the mental stress-response causes the same neural and hormonal responses, but under the psychological type, there is no physical reason for it. The stressors generated are mental in nature and cause the same neural and hormonal responses.

    Having an outlet, as in physical exercise or mental imagery, can relieve it as long as what you do distracts effectively from it. This means you have to talk or think your way through it quite often.

Outlets For Mental Stressors

    Exercise is one already given. This helps reduce the neural and hormonal stress-response if the exercise is not too excessive. But, when a "pump" occurs from nitric oxide release, circulation is enhanced and the endorphins released aid in a general sense of well-being.

    However, there can be formed aggression from the psychological stressor. If it is displaced adequately, the stress-response drops to normal. The outlet displaced another target of the stress-response from you onto an acceptable reference point or target. The outlet could be another human being or object that is receiving the aggression. This needs to be re-directed safely, and the one receiving any redirected aggression needs to be prepared for it and see it coming in advance, thus thwarting it and surviving When The Hell Breaks.

    But, given the nature of today's societal "me first," attitude, the displacement is often onto a spouse, steroids, recreational drugs, an innocent person passing by, and so forth, so as to relieve oneself of the stressor burden. "They made me do it," is the answer often given by one so psychologically stressed, and his ass is caught in a crack!

    When The Hell Breaks, the resulting chaos and confusion will produce aggressive behavior in the form of crime in America. You see this happening now. It will be more so when "they" can't get their TVs, toasters, boom boxes and ‘games,' among other things to work as the division of labor breaks.

    The aggressive behavior will be displaced aggressively onto innocent bystanders! This demands:
  • You are very familiar with the weapon of your choice.
  • Do not put your life in the hands of a 0.380 or less.
  • Practice with moving targets while you are moving, and given the nature of gangs now-a- days,
  • Against multiple targets.
  • Learn to shoot under low-light conditions, fast, accurate, and
  • Make positive target identification.
See Gun Page for more information.

    This displaced aggression will be taken out on other people by the psychologically stressed who did not prepared mentally and physically, and is often done by the alpha male. You know, the one who has to be macho at all times for all reasons. Watch out for him...he's coming! Some will become this way if they do not have their emotions under good control and pre-thought about this in advance.

    Don't take someone else's heat and die for it because you didn't prepare totally. A golf club, billy bat, fish bat, or any other kind of bat won't cut it under the coming condiitons.

    You are probably a nice person reading this, but, there are those who aren't. They will kill you! They will maim you! They will harm you! Why? Because you did not prepare your mind against this type of psychological stress that will be everywhere and turn nice ‘guys' into a Grendel's mother: "a monstrous man-eating descendant of Cain slain by Beowulf in the Old English poem Beowulf".

    Burn the following into your mindset:
Remember, above all things, what gets an innocent person killed in a gunfight is his own morally inbred hesitation to kill fellow human beings. This is not a consideration shared by the criminal that you, the private citizen, may someday face.–In The Gravest Extreme, by Massad Ayoob, p. 117.

We are bred to give aid, encouragement, nuture, nourishment, and medical care. The criminal you will face shortly is not so inclined.–WebMasters.

    Know well, the psychologically stressed individual, When The Hell Breaks, if he becomes an alpha-male or "macho" man, his aggression will deteriorate quickly into a criminal type. The signs will be present everywhere....Don't Hesitate!

    When push comes to shove!
  • Mega-Stress decreases predictability and control.

  • This loss of predictability and control generates increased stress, which implies psychological stress, and this creates increased chaos and crime, which will be displaced onto another, usually an innocent bystander.

  • And if loss of predictability and control is displaced onto you under such circumstances, due to another's projection of his mega-stress, you have lost control and predictability in your life.

    When this happens, there are several things, discussed shortly, you can do to regain control of your life; however, if someone suddenly breaks into your domicile, you have lost immediate control and predictability over and in your life just then. If they make you prisoner in your own home for days to weeks, as will occur When The Hell Breaks, you will have lost control and predictability over and in your life for that length of time and suffer other psychological stress as aftershocks forever, possibility. More important, you may lose your life!

    Keep all this in mind and realize the above loss of immediate control and predictability, which can result in loss of life, your wife and children being sexually abused, harmed, tortured and murdered, as this brings us to: The Mission of The Handgun!

Defensive Handgun Mission

Be A Winner....Not A Loser

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    "The mission of the defensive handgun is to defend against the unexpected attack. In other words, control of your immediate environment has been taken from you forcibly and without warning. The handgun allows you to get it back." You must command all the training skills in your repertoire.--- Combat Handgunnery, Chuck Taylor; p. 127.

  • Your Immediate Environment

    • Has been forcibly and without warning taken away from you.

  • The Defensive Handgun Mission

    • Allows you to get it back
    • Defends against the unexpected attack

  • Command (control of) skills necessary

    • All skills/techniques taught in your defensive handgun courses

    "'Defensive pistolcraft is for stopping the fight that someone else started."'---The Modern Tecdhnique of The Pistol, G.B. Morrison; p. 137. Remember, the gunfight begins with the first shot fired.

The Intended Victim

    Therefore, "Your job as the intended victim is to bring the fight to a conclusion
  • In your favor
  • In as little time as possible
  • With as few shots fired as possible,
not just make the attacker fall down." You must be sure of threat identification and your backstop. You must..."present minimal risk to bystanders at the same time...."---ibid, Taylor; p. 153.

    "Violent assaults and murder are all too frequent, but they would be less so if there were fewer victims in waiting."---ibid, Morrison; p.137. Therefore, you must decide you are not going to be a victim, but only a winner. You are going to train with that purpose in mind. You must decide now,
"I am not going to feel guilty for being a winner for something I did not start, nor did I intend to be involved in."---WebMasters.
    The criminal wants you to fear him. He does not know you, but when he comes up against you--make him fear you. You do not fear him. You must begin by being in "Condition Yellow," projecting strength and confidence, not weakness and insecurity. You continue through the potential encounter communicating:
  • Strength,
  • Confidence,
  • Security, and
  • Skill of training.

    This is what Combat Defensive Handgun Training and its Mission is about.

  • I shot to keep from being killed!
  • I shot to stay alive!
  • I shot to keep from being seriously injured.

You'll be glad you read and studied this page if this suddenly happens to you!

Outlets For Stress

  • Control over a situation and circumstances diminishes the stress-response.

  • Exercise is another critical outlet exemplified earlier.

  • The Meaning one attaches to a...

  • Perception of an event that things are improving reduces the stress-response.

  • Social support groups or individual contacts from a supportative individual reduces stress.

    This helps one refrain from displacing aggression. It is better to interact in such a manner such that each party (actor) feels they have a "Win-Win" solution instead of one actor to the stress problem is placed in a "Win-Lose" situation. That is all bad and can generate--in this social climate--an outburst and an attack.

    But, if the confrontational tone is not quelled, and allowed to escalate to "force continuum" by a party (actor), time for talk is over and you must be prepared to defend against displaced aggression in whichever form it takes from an abusive diatribe to a physical threat against your person resulting in serious bodily injury or death.


    This "force-continuum"--an escalation of an encounter to a higher level of confrontation and possible use of force--usually physical, can occur in the "blink" of an eye. Be well-trained in such matters and always in condition yellow. See Color Codes of Readiness to assist you in awareness of your surroundings (allow time to load, a rather large file).

    Signs of one or more of the other parties usually, but not always, could be accelerated breathing and heaving, clinching and unclinching of fists, saying erratic things, such as repeating your words in a sarcastic and confrontational tone, staring intently at you, among other actions, may indicate that they are going strike you and attack. Step back, be well-prepared. Your WebMasters have personally seen several times and been in once or twice the following: Regardless what was said or done, the other party (actor) would not have a "Win-Win" for all present--only a "Win-Lose" in his favor. Trying to exit such a situation was impossible. For the other actor would not let you leave, he was seconds from a physical encounter. He became very combative and confrontational in words and action. No escape was possible, nor allowed!

    The one thing this actor then recognized was overwhelming physical force!

    This is coming to You! Be Prepared.

  • Predictability...not loss of, but too much predictability can lead to stress. We see this when one has boredom at a workplace.

    If you have this, the stress-event becomes, often, less stressful.

    Someone has broken into your home. Your stress level goes way up. You hear them down your hall, now at your bedroom door. You now are responding even more to the stress-response--tunnel vision sets in, loss of fine motor control (you are clumsy at securing your gun in a firing grip, auditory exclusion sets in (you're oblivious to the loud TV playing), your perception of the space-time continuum is skewed, with things seeming to slow down immensely. The latter is why it seemed that it took him an inordinately long time to try the locked doorknob to your bedroom.

    But, with the gun now in your hands, you have more predictability in your favor! Stress is still high, but held now in check because you have returned some predictability to your immediate life and environment! You breathe and hold your breath periodically to reduce the sympathetic neural response that dilates your pupils; you want slits to better see your sights with sharp focus and this is only brought into play via the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). This type of breathing facilitates the PNS for the encounter you're about to have.

    The Process for Tactical Breathing:
    (A Modified Valsalva Maneuver!)

    • Breath in for a count of 1...2.
    • Hold for 1...2.
    • Breath out for a count of 1...2.

    Repeat until sympathetic response drops down and/or eyes can focus on rear sights. Parasympathetic is now reacting more strongly.

    However, point-shooting at extremely close distances should suffice if you have been well-trained in this. Otherwise, aimed fire is best!

    Show-time baby! The door bursts open, framing a huge hulk of a man's figure. He moves aggressively toward you, saying he wants "you, sweetheart." You fire--two well-placed, cranial vault shots designed to instantly put down someone about to do you serious bodily harm or kill you. He goes down, no movement. The police still haven't gotten there yet from the call you first made when you head someone in the hall. Things happened so fast. You wait. But, you have restored to your person predictability and control. Still no police. You call again. They report,

    "Officers came and knocked at the door to your house. Everything seemed all right--they left."

    This has actually happened. This is why you want to be prepared for that eventuality and to have control and predictability as much as possible in your life, especially with what is coming.

Police Have "No Duty" To Protect Individual

     "An appellate court in Washington, D.C., has ruled that the D.C. police department was not negligent in failing to protect three women from a brutal 14-hour ordeal in which they were repeatedly raped and beaten by two knife-weilding assailants.

    "The case stemmed from a 1975 incident in which two men broke into the house shared by the three women and a four-year-old child.

    "Two of the women called the police after hearing the third woman's screams for help.

    "A police dispatcher assured them assistance was on the way. But one squad car arriving on the scene merely circled the house without stopping and another officer apparently knocked on the door but left when no one answered. The women telephoned police a second time, but according to the court record, the dispatcher failed to relay the second call.

    "The two intruders subsequently discovered the other women and abducted all three at knifepoint, repeatedly raping and beating them over the next 14 hours.

    "Even though two of the women had called the police and received assurances of assistance shortly before the crime occurred, the court said the women were not entitled to sue the police department for negligence.

    "In dismissing the women's suit, a seven-judge panel of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals reaffirmed what it called the 'well-established' and 'uniformly accepted rule' that 'a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any particular individual citizen.'

    "The court held that the police have a duty only 'to the public at large and not to individual members of the community.'

    "Similar court decisions across the nation place citizens in a dilemma. More and more states are adopting stronger limitations on the citizen's right of self-defense and on when an individual can use deadly force against a criminal assailant.

    "Compounding this is the nation-wide drive at both the local and state levels by anti-gun groups to place increasingly restrictive gun laws on the books, laws which hamper the law-abiding citizen's efforts to possess firearms, especially handguns, for self-protection.

    "In the District, for example, handguns are virtually banned. Long guns kept in the home are required to be unassembled or trigger locked...

    "If higher court rulings ultimately hold that police have no duty to protect the individual citizen, and if the private ownership of firearms faces ever-increasing restraints, U.S. citizens will continue to find themselves at the mercy of the violence-prone criminal element."

You'll be glad you read and studied these Gun Pages if this suddenly happens to you!

...and When The Hell Hits, food, fuel, and females will be valuable commodities to rogues like this.

...and you'll be doubly glad you got one of these...and learned how to use it !

Don't Let The Threat Get Between You and Your Gun!

The JPFO Liberty Crew has this to say about Police Have "No Duty" To Protect Individual

Click here to Return Below if you came from there.

    I have clients, who, not knowing the psychodynamics of a physical encounter, have actually said,
"If someone is suddenly found in my house at 3 am, I will talk him out of mischief."
Another said,
"I will wait until I am sure he is going to cut me, shoot me, or hurt me before I respond."
Still another said,

"You can't do anything until you are sure he wants to rape you!"

And this one takes the cake (incidently many women feel this way),

"My husband has guns! He'll take care of me. I have no need for self-defense knowledge, especially involving guns."

Comment :

    Many husbands foster this idea in their wives. After meeting with many of these men, it becomes apparent they have this alpha-male or "macho-man" attitude and you can't tell them anything. They are good men, but somehow they got their thinking twisted that they will always be available and present to protect the "little" woman. The psychology is that they are quite insecure in this area and haven't considered the consequences of those thoughts. They do not know that the felon(s) will put him down first to get to his wife and food, and other resources. If she has had gun training and knowledge, and practices regularly, while he is possibly struggling with the intruder, she can save his life and the situation from disaster.

    We have personally had this go down when doing a seminar in Denver, Colorado. The husband was grateful that he listened at a prior conference. His words:

"I'm glad I listened. My wife took the training.

    The intruder said:

"If you don't do as I say, I'll kill your 'ole' man, child, and then you, after you give me a good time," he grinned, throwing a wicked wink in her direction.

    This was addressed to the woman as he furtively eyed the male.

    She produced a Chief's Special, by Smith & Wesson and got back what was taken away from them by force and threats--Predictability and Control in their immediate lives.

    She was not more than a five-count...1...2...3...4...5...(five seconds) from a weapon. This farseeing person had invested in the means and time to carry the firearm on her person, safely, legally and concealed.

    One student, living alone, learned almost the hard way what it meant to be separated from your handgun. The poor creature deftly talked the interloper to her bedroom under the guise for jewels, money and other valuables. As she reached for them in a "cubby" hole he grabbed her and hurled her across the room, whereby she quickly grabed a concealed weapon and fired several times, saving her honor and life.

    In consultation with numerous males and females, we were informed such situations would not happen! The male would be there to handle it all. Geez! I have a bridge I'd like to sell them.

Consider This:

    The Mafia teaches a person is most vulnerable in the shower or when bathing. This is the time to "hit" them. This is also picked up by the common criminal. Make sure you have double dead-bolt locks on your bathroom door(s). Always stay alert when bathing, and be armed! Many criminals I have spoken with told me they "scope" out a hit and figure out when men or women are alone and when bathing.

    Some quickly enter and do a hot prowl. This is the process when they enter the dwelling, knowing the occupant(s) are sleeping, bathing, or otherwise preoccupied. The hot prowl, one told me, "gives the most exhilerating feeling you can possibly have--better than coke," he added.

    Another said, "When they come out of that relaxing shower, they are in no mood for what to expect if you hot powl them and they suddenly find you there." He said this with enjoyment and relish. "It adds to the mood when you especially catch a broad like this." "She's relaxed and she is yours," he further commented with a laugh.

    We teach our clients, especially if a female, living alone, you don't know who is in your house when you have been locked up in the bath. Do a house or apartment clearing. This means you need practice....and lots of it...again and again and periodically to become very proficient. This also demands you have a firearm. A golf club won't cut it. He will use it on you, often to discipline you with it up an aperture! We have seen this happen with a baseball bat.

    If you haven't read the marquee: "Police Have No Duty To Protect Individual," Click Here; read, 'DIAL 911 AND DIE?,' then return here. Not very pretty, is it? Don't let this happen to you. Get Prepared Now! Time is very short. Things have changed in America. You are gonna have to protect yourself now, and especially so in the very near future.

    Generally not appreciated by the layperson, many firearms are gotten from night stands during a hot prowl. Weapons are also personally taken away from citizens during a hot prowl if the intruder is confronted, and with dire consequences to the layperson. You know why: hesitation and allowing themselves to be talked into a close enough position whereby such an action can take place. You should not....we repeat...should not allow an intruder(s) within more than nine feet distance to you. In a small bedroom with furnishings, this is practically impossible, thus, not more than six feet and no hesitation! The closer the assailant, the faster your response must be. This takes more training.

    However, if you are one of those people who always have your door(s) open and people coming and going at all hours, get rid of your weapon. You are going to put down a "friendly," and suffer for it. If you live in an apartment or condo, he could just say he stumbled into your residence. That's why you make positive target identification in a split second. But, if your doors are locked; no one told to "just come on in" anytime, and you find someone suddenly in your bedroom, don't engage in conversation. Shout gruffly and loudly, "Get out! I have a gun!" Surprisingly, many an interloper tries to talk the victim out of the gun...surprisingly...he does. Respond immediately with action.

    Always have an excellent flashlight in your bedroom, bathroom, and other places in your dwelling. We recommend SureFire flashlights for combat shooting. It can temporarily blind the intruder and gives you bright light. Combat brands have pressure switches. Get training using the flashlight.

    Your gun should be in the Low-Ready position or At The Ready Position utilizing the three-eyed principle--your two eyes, and the barrel makes three; finger on the trigger, and no hesitation when the interloper comes crashing into your bedroom. If you meet the intruder on a stair landing or in the hall after the shower, doing a house clearance--Low-ready position, going instantly into the aim-fire technique and applying in a split second positive target identification, ascertaining your backstop, and if any innocent bystanders are present, maneuvering for clear fire. This demands expert prior extensive Combat Training with the pistol and thinking!

    For an action to become automatic, it must be practiced at least 2,000 times. Latest information now says 3,000. It must be something in the water.

    There is only going to be one "Win-Lose" actor, and it had better be you. It is time for action--not talk!

    You don't care why he's there, you only know he shouldn't be there--It's show time baby, and you ain't the picture.

    By the time these people respond to criminal action, they are too far behind the action curve to do keep from having serious bodily injury done to their person. They may put the felon down...but, because of their hesitation, suffer life-long consequences.

Remember! Once something starts down and you are aware of it, you are 0.25 seconds behind the action. If the felon can get you to talking--a thing they often learn in prison or jail--that places you 0.75 of a second more behind the action curve, such that you are one full minute behind any action that should have been taken sooner.

    It still amazes me how fast things can go down in parking lots, the streets, a home-invasion, a smash and grab small-time criminal and especially with the "youth" of today. They do not know they can't undo a projectile traveling from them to you and perceive the immediate and future consequences of such action.

Reporting Back

In the May 1, 2007, Issue #81, We wrote:

    A new class of drugs called Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) will soon be making a debut in two years to four years after they go through the long and expensive trial demanded by the FDA. This will be a boon to anyone not wishing to take androgen anabolic steroids (AASs). The oral form is just out. These are much weaker as they are allowed through over the counter (OTC) sales. But there will be an oral form of the SARMs of pharmaceutical grade requiring a prescription. I am personally trying the OTC form for evaluation.

    The AASs are great for stimulating bone and muscle growth. But they also stimulate the receptors anywhere on the body that contains them, such as skin, prostate gland and sex organs, causing unwanted side effects.

    The SARMs only bind to muscle and bone receptors, hence the name Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. This new class of anabolic drugs will be of great interest to physicians' patients suffering from bone loss, muscular degenerative diseases or trauma.

    At that time, only one of your WebMasters had been personally evaluating SARM-X, then the other WebMaster. At first, one of your WebMasters thought, "More health-food Bull Shit!"

     Then, as he grew in muscle mass and strength.... We have found the OTC to work for us! We were both skeptical but would give it a fair trail. We both have developed more muscle and bone mass as evidence by measurements, strength enhancement, and other modalities. We implied that we would report back to you and the immediate above statement is our report. We think it definitely works for us. We have found no contraindications except that as its popularity increases, if you are a professional or amateur athlete, subject to performance enhancing drug tests by your sanctioning body, then you may want to avoid this product, as it may cause a false positive blood or urine drug test.

    One lady, after only four weeks, contends that it doesn't work. If she wants that kind of speedy results, go take hard-core testosterone.

     It is felt at this end of the Web that all should approach the coming chaos with more muscle mass, bone mass, and strength. Another modality of prepareness.

    You can read more about SARM-X by MPH: SARM-X. MPH writes: "SARM-X— The First Ever Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. You Better Get It Now Before It's Banned!"

I Lost My Love Handles

    Another product I have been working with that stimulates one's natural growth hormone is DopaTechTM-HGH by ProSource and Doctor's Growth HormoneTM, Triple Strength by Fountain of Youth. Both come in capsules. Your WebMasters know that growth hormone is expensive and demands a prescription. Given the nature of performance enhancements now, and that the media has demonized them, your WebMasters have found natural alternative ways to slow down aging. At least it is working for enhancing bone mass and muscle mass and weight loss while maintaining lean muscle tissue.

    A number of women we see in our private practice find either of the two supplements affordable and have said that they have built back lost bone, enhanced their strength, and lost fat mass. And it shows on them. These women are in their 60s and 70s. They also use the SARMs spoken of earlier. They like not being on expensive drugs and not losing their jaw bones!

    Yet, there are those people out there--usually it's women--we see who tell me they have the small, slim body of a child and therefore, "I never take more than one of anything."

     We also hear, "Since my body is like that of a child, I have to take much less." That may be so, but I often tell these poor misguided creatures of insight that they "have the biochemistry of a 90 year old--take the required amount, lady!"

    Your WebMasters recommend you now get more muscle mass and strength to sustain self when the mega-stress hits sometime in 2008/2009, and continues decades thereafter. This deems proper exercise with these substances.


    Money and Markets, Thursday, July 12, 2007, 7:27 AM, gives other perspectives as to why you want to prepare. Larry Edelson writes in this day's publication, 'Warnings,' the following:

I hate to say it, but I believe the next five to six months will harbor nightmares for the U.S. economy so profound that they will impact each and every one of us.

Before I go any further, let me say that I'm not a gloom-and-doomer. Longer term, I am very optimistic about U.S. and global economic growth. I'm even optimistic on the U.S. real estate market. But I'm also a realist …

We've had over four years of a rising stock market without one 10% decline, a record breaking string. We've had historically low interest rates. We haven't had a terrorist attack on U.S. soil in nearly six years.

We've had a huge rebound in corporate earnings since the depth of the 9/11 woes. We've had the benefits of explosive economic growth in countries like India and China.

In short, we've had a period of virtually uninterrupted, explosive global economic growth without too many downside surprises. So while I expect global economic growth to rise in the years ahead, there are going to be some huge speed bumps to go over in the short-term.

Few people have a clue what's coming down the pike, so the shock will be devastating. The good news is that if you've been following my columns here at Money and Markets, as well as my recommendations in Real Wealth Report, you're largely prepared for what's coming.

Still, there are more steps you'll want to take. Before I get to those, here's what I see ahead …

A Terrorist Hit Could Strike The U.S. Economy Hard

I sure hope and pray that I'm wrong on this one. But my gut, along with several of my indicators, suggest that a terrorist event could hit U.S. soil before the end of the year. Why?

For one thing, it's been six years since 9/11. In my book, the odds of a strike rise with the passage of time.

For another, as Martin has shown you in various issues of Money and Markets, terrorism is spreading … gathering momentum … and building renewed vigor. The recent incidents in Pakistan, where al Qaeda is now spreading, and the bombings in London are proof positive. Not to mention the hugely deteriorating situation in Iraq.

Plus, al Qaeda and other groups that are hell bent on hitting the U.S. see the political scene in the states as a huge plus for them. What better time to strike than when there's so much dissent not only amongst the American public about Iraq, but also when senior GOP Senators are now defecting from Bush's policy.

I believe al Qaeda wants to send Bush packing with his tail between his legs, and divide and conquer Washington well before our next President is sworn in.

Mind you, this is mere conjecture on my part. I have no hard facts to back it up. Nonetheless, I feel very strongly that a terrorist event in the U.S. could come sooner rather than later.

Even if I'm wrong — which would make me quite happy — I still see another big problem …

The Price of Oil Could Soar To New Record Highs and My Target Price of $100 a Barrel

Oil is already trading near $73 a barrel, just from basic supply and demand.

It's very simple: The global economic expansion of the last few years has created the biggest-ever increase in world demand for oil. At the same time, supplies from virtually every oil-producing country in the world are quickly becoming tapped out … refineries are running at capacity … and production costs are rising because of the lack of easy-to-refine "sweet" crude oil.

Add in a terrorist attack … anxiety about this year's hurricane season … or even minor supply disruptions in countries like Nigeria … and it's not hard to see how the price of oil could hit $100 per barrel, even higher.

The issue, then, is: What higher oil prices would do to U.S. economic growth, which is already a sickly .7%.

My view: Rising oil and gas prices haven't even hit the economy yet. But they soon will, on the next run-up in prices. Then we'll see what I've been predicting all along — rising inflation coupled with absolutely no economic growth. It's what I call the "Big Squeeze," or stagflation.

That Would Lead to a Sharp, Unexpected Drop in Most U.S. Stocks

I gave you my downside target for the Dow a couple weeks ago: Approximately 11,500. In my opinion, the most vulnerable U.S. stocks are real estate issues, which will go into their final sharp-sell off, and shares of financial institutions, who will get caught flat-footed with more loans going bad.

    "This investment news is brought to you by Money and Markets. Money and Markets is a free daily investment newsletter from Martin D. Weiss and Weiss Research analysts offering the latest investing news and financial insights for the stock market, including tips and advice on investing in gold, energy and oil. Dr. Weiss is a leader in the fields of investing, interest rates, financial safety and economic forecasting. To view archives or subscribe, visit

    These are some of the financial things that are going on, but there's a lot more. Stay tuned.

More on Creatine

    We've been reporting on various nutritional items that will help you through the Chaos When The Hell Breaks. We'll review and give new, additional information on the supplement, creatine, a muscle energizer. It is taken up by the muscle cells of the body and converted into phosphocreatine. From here, it acts as a rapid source of the "energy currency" of the body, ATP, adenosine triphosphate. This latter molecule carries "phosphate electricity within cells."--The Energy of Life by Guy Brown, Ph.D.

    Some of the things creatine does, including new discoveries are:
  • Energizes Muscle cells.
  • Increases satellite muscle cell formation.
  • Increases muscle mass and strength in muscular dystrophy patients.
  • Decreases catabolic (tissue breakdown) effects of glucocorticoids.
  • Good for the brain metabolism and in treating neurological dysfunctions:
    • ALS-- Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's disease)
    • MS--Multiple Sclerosis
    • Muscular Dystrophy
    • Myasthenia Gravis
    • May slow Parkinson's disease
          ... See American Journal Physiology, 292: R1745-R1750, 2007

Blood Glucose Monitoring

    It would be advisible, because of the insulin resistance and diabetes being so prevalent in the American society, that one get a blood glucose monitoring system, such as Ascensia Contour® by Bayer or any other such type by various manufacturers. They are inexpensive and easy to use, unlike earlier models.

    When you have insulin resistance, you are prediabetic. However, some never go into diabetes but do develop complications. In fact, various researchers of this malady have said that even if diabetes is well-controlled, there is more to diabetes than just blood sugar control--it is a hidden conflagration causing all sorts of problems, a derangement of the entire metabolism. Therefore, if you have been diagnosed as prediabetic, also known as impaired glucose tolerance, losing weight can help if you are over-weight.

    The reason for such is that you want to adjust your eating patterns and diet now and store the foodstuffs that are not heavy in starches and sugars. This demands meticulous planning, because most food storage patterns are arranged around carbohydrates (which is starch, which goes rapidly to other sugars, mainly glucose). If you find during the chaos that your glucose reading is rising, then, as now, is the time to eat less starch and increase saturated fats (coconut oil, palm oil, first class proteins, and vegetables from above the ground that are not starches. Starches includes peas, beans, carrots (eaten raw, fine; cooked: more sugar is made available to the body), and corn for starters).

    Also increase your exercise. If you have been reading these Chembio UpDates, you know the stress will go through the roof. If you are overweight and insulin resistant, then you may well develop diabetes in a matter of weeks as the Chaos is escalating.

    We still suggest you now store protein powder such as 100 % Whey without added soy. Get cases of it. Learn now to eat this with little starch and a few more vegetables not of the high starchy class as given above. If you have practiced on controlling your appetite, you will not eat your reserves in a few short months and then starve! You can manage with the starches you have stored, just remember! You can't eat them with abandon as most Americans do now, and this is with anything. Times are going to get very hard. Do not be a part of the depopulation that is most definitely coming our way.

    Learn to use your glucose meter immediately. Take your blood sugar several times a week---more in one day if insulin resistant. If your blood sugar is still up around 150 plus, one hour after eating, you just may be diabetic. Most assuredly you are insulin resistant. The normal range, dependent upon the test strips, should not be more than approximately 138. Better at 100 to 115/120 an hour or so after a meal. Exercise helps.

    Your local pharmacy carries an assortment of glucose monitoring meters. They are inexpensive. The strips are not. The strips are where the money is made. But, you need one of the meters for yourself and family. Blood sugar out of control can take you out quickly and not pleasantly. Medicine will be in short supply as the financial crises, cosmological events, and other occurrences manifest. Get prepared. It's still coming!

A Sensitive Matter

    There was a young lieutenant in Viet Nam. He happened upon one of his medics counting prophylactics, in the past known as "rubbers," and now called "condoms."

"Son," he said, "You know these mamma-sans are loaded with disease."

"Yessir," came a snappy reply! "But sir, this isn't for's for the troops," he said with affirmation in his voice.


"Not for what you think, sir," the medic interrupted.

"You see," he continued, "if one of the troops gets it in the chest, he develops a 'sucking wound.' I open one or more of these--they are sterile, you know--and slap it on and this saves a life from a collapsing lung. I have bought some time to dress the wound and get him back to battle-aid station."

    We now know they are not really sterile, but compared to big rubber balloons--that can be used in a pinch, they certainly are.

    From that moment on, everyone, and I mean everyone, was writing home for prophylactics and explaining why they wanted them.

    We suggest for When The Hell Breaks and the ensuing Chaos follows, you have from your pharmacy either "Fourex," "Naturalamb," and "Trojan Magnum Larger Size Condoms." Even the 'ole silver dollars' will do in a pinch. They may just save your life if you carry them as well as an adult family member.

    Oh, by the way, this very sharp thinking medic has since then become a New York Physician (surgeon). One of the best I understand.

    Another two items you want in your armamentarium bag is caffeine tablets and Everclear, 190 proof Grain Alcohol (ethanol). You can use Natural Guarana 200 mg tablets or capsules if so desired.

    When it hits the fan, medicines will be in short-shrift. Stress will be high. About 600,000 people experience a clotting (ischemic) stroke yearly in the U.S. If facial paralysis and numbness are experienced, you only have a short time to do something. Of course, the best thing is to get to a hospital--if one is still up in your area and can take you in.

    Otherwise, brain tissue cells will die if you are having a stroke. This is where the caffeine and ethanol comes in.


    When a clot occurs in the brain, Constantino Iadecola, chief of the division of neurobiology at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City, says:

The area around the clot maintains some blood circulation and can be salvageable for hours. However, the cells dying in the immediate clot area release glutamate causing an even worst problem. The excess glutamate outside the core clot area causes those cells to open to an influx of calcium ions.

    This generates excitoxicity wherein the cells are excited to death. Also involved is inflammation, protein destruction, free radical generation and DNA destruction. This occurs about a day after the stroke and the wave of destruction produces apoptosis, programed cell death also known as cell-suicide.

    However, James Grotta of the University of Texas in Houston uses an infusion of caffeine and ethanol, called caffeinol, in animal experiments. The caffeine, he says:

  • Blocks dying cells from releasing glutamate and,

  • Ethanol inhibits the chain reaction generated by glutamate release on cells that survive the initial stroke.

    In other words, you have reduced the potential damage after the initial stroke.

    He further says both products are cheap and side-effects are well-known and both quickly enter into the brain.

    Science News, July 14, 2007, writes:
"... the area of dead cells is reduced by 80 percent. A person would have to get the equivalent of two cups of strong coffee and one cocktail to get a dose equivalent to what the animals received, Grotta says."


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