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Kong Sez:

    Recently, I posted a mention of what Dr. "B" had said to me in a private conversation concerning the deprivation coming to Planet Earth. I related only a few lines of that discussion. I had said to get into Pressure Cooking and named a brand that I got and am practicing all my meals with.

    Now, Dr. "B" conveyed to me one of the important things that most do not know about a pressure cooker, is that not only can you Sterilize with it, but you can use inexpensive cuts of meat, "tough" game, highly cellulosic vegetables, and other foodstuffs, that can be cooked to a surprisingly tenderized and moist state. Some of the fat and water trapped within the meat exudes and as the fiberous connective tissue (tendons and cartilage), and collagen breaks down, a thick, syrupy, highly nutritious gravy or sauce is formed. It is loaded with condroitin and glucosamine sulfate which is good for joints.

    The glue that holds the animal together is collagen. It is free of tryptophan and contains 32% of its weight in Glycine. "Hold this thought, Kong," he said.

    "Furthermore," he explained, "Let's understand what a good stock consists of." A meat stock, he continued, is made from veal, beef, fowl, or even fish. The bones are sawed in pieces if long and large, with meat on them, and vegetables such as garlic, leeks, white and green onions, maybe diced tomatoes, various seasonings to taste—but not black pepper as in the slow lengthy cook turns the amalgam bitter; hence, use peppercorns. Cover with water and simmer in a covered container for 8 to 24 hours, depending on the melding of flavor you want and to release the collagen and juices desired. Also, add 1/4 cup of vinegar to leach the calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and other minerals out of the bones.

    Dr. "B" also adds 1/2 cup of Reunite D'Oro or Bianco — Bianco is best — into the mixture. Simmer for the allowed time. This is the classic way of making stock.

    Now, just what is stock? Stock is the above process using any meat and bones or just bones and vegetables to choice. A vegetable base forming a vegetable stock may be used instead of meat. When the amalgam is ready, pour the entire contents through a sieve lined with cheesecloth. The liquid portion is stock. Made from bones and meat; or, just bones, the stock is now known as Broth. Some call that made just from bones, Bone Broth. You can have a vegetable broth, which is bracing and flavorful, but no collagen is present.

    From here, several things can be done to the broth to make it more presentable and flavor enhancing. The stock (broth) is clarified, made clear to be used as an aspic; or, clarified and reduced (boil for a few minutes to concentrate flavor) and formed into what is now called a Consommé, a clear sparkling type of soup, with only the barest trace of fat. However, most simply refrigerate and drink cold before it has a chance to gel, or heat and drink. The broth can be poured into an ice cube tray and frozen for future use in soups, meat dishes or especially nice in rice and pasta presentations, or just to be used as a bracing, steaming hot cup of broth.

    The gelatin rendered, chilled, may be served up in small quantities into small plastic bags and frozen for a later day use.

    Now, here's the rub, Dr. "B" says. You no longer have to do stock—making in a big stock pot for 4 to 8 hours! Simply take, for example a whole chicken (retaining all the bones), cut up or not, place it in your Pressure Cooker; add the same ingredients (you do not need to add the vinegar if using a pressure cooker) — using a 6 or 8–quart pressure cooker — lock it down, place the pressure regulator on and start the count the moment the regulator starts to "jiggle," for 40 to 45 minutes.

    Following the directions of the manufacturer, use a gradual cool down or quick release method, open cooker correctly and remove chicken. Pour liquid contents through a sieve omitting the cheesecloth this time, and then pour these contents into a fat separator,
[Fat Separator]

removing most to all of the fat and having pure stock, now called broth. Reserve vegetable contents in sieve. Cut chicken into pieces. Combine chicken pieces and reserved vegetable contents into a large bowl. Add homemade mayonnaise, chopped jerkins, three diced whole eggs and mix, forming chicken salad.

    The reason for the chicken salad is because if you used a stock pot and made stock for 4 to 8 hours, slowly, all the flavor has gone out of the meat and vegetables into the stock. This is why many French Chefs say to discard the solids, keeping the liquid portion, which is the stock (broth). Making a chicken or beef salad, add flavorings and homemade mayonnaise gives the amalgam new body and flavor.

    Here's the big surprise! You can now try one of the chicken bones. It has crunch and tends to melt in your mouth, adding more nourishment. Or, coat with homemade barbeque sauce, using sugar and not corn syrup; broil a few minutes in the oven for a tremendous taste treat for the entire family. Extremely healthful. Better than corn or potato chips.

    Another thing one can do is to remove the bones from the chicken; place them in a blender and pour the defatted broth in and whirl for a few minutes; sieve, and serve as a cool, refreshing drink; or, serve hot with a lemon slice.

    The whole point is that you have not wasted any of the chicken. If you raise your own, the young hens are best for collagen. On commercial chickens, nothing is wasted. Every part of the chicken is used. The feathers of commercial chickens are removed, washed, rinsed, and enzymes break them down into amino acids, which go into animal feeds. The claws are highly prized in China as a delicacy, when they have been cleansed and fried. The entrails are washed in a strong disinfecting solution, rinsed, dried, cooked and ground up and mixed with feeds or fertilizers to overseas companies.

    However, in your own backyard flock, you can use the claws that have been washed and cleansed and then mixed in with chicken bones, if you make just a chicken bone broth. The claws are loaded with collagen. It renders much gelatin, which collagen is broken down to.

    Gelatin is also found plentiful in pig's feet (trotters), veal shoulder, breast and cuts of leg meats. The bones of young animals, namely calves (veal), render much collagen which dissolves in cooking to yield gelatin. Less collagen is contained in older animals, but pressure cooked, does yield a decent stock. Knuckle bones give up the most gelatin and should be cracked in two with a meat cleaver prior to making stock.

    The shank bone of animals, especially calves, sawn into cross sections, has a particular advantage in addition to the gelatin; the bone is filled with nutritious and delicious marrow. The hindshank has more marrow than the foreshank. The shank bone of animals renders a high gelatin content when slow cooked; or, when processed in a Pressure Cooker at 15 psi for 75 or so minutes.

    You may have a backyard flock; your neighbor down the road, pigs; and another, some cows. Have a covenant relationship with them. You all will need one another, especially for assisting in physical protection when the going gets rough, and food exchange, including various vegetables.

    Ox tails are another goodly source of stock with gelatin. Ox tail soup is very delicious and nutritious. Ox tails are nothing more than the tail of cattle. Folks, we're going to have to learn all over again to "waste not!" If you're squeamish...get over yourselves. We know women who won't touch raw meat, such as the breast of chicken, unless it comes already prepared in a frozen meal. Dr. "B" is right: "Many are not going to make it!"

    The shoulder regions of a cow yield fibrous tough cuts of meat. For example boneless shoulder, bone–in blade and bone–in roast and arm steaks. All of these meats are filled with connective tissues and are best cooked in liquid — a little white wine may be added for flavor and assisting in connective tissue breakdown. A Pressure Cooker reduces hours of slow cooking and adding hot liquid to about 75 to 90 minutes at 15 psi. Water is dependent upon the size of the pressure cooker used.

    Gelatin has a goodly amount of glycine and proline too. The latter has some properties similar to glycine, such as antiexcitatory actions on the nerves. "Both proline and glycine (which are major amino acids in gelatin) are very protective for the liver, increasing albumin, and stopping oxidative damage." — Leakiness, aging, and cancer, Ray Peat, 2006.

    And in the reference of this following journal:

Br J Nutr 1997 Sep;78(3):459-67. Influence of dietary protein and fat on serum lipids and metabolism of essential fatty acids in rats. Ratnayake WM, Sarwar G, Laffey P. A “In general, the concentrations of serum triacylglycerols and total cholesterol and liver phospholipid levels of arachidonic acid (AA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) were higher in rats fed on casein diets compared with those fed on the gelatin diets. These effects were more pronounced in rats fed on the high-casein (300 g/kg)-high-fat (150 g/kg) diet. Gelatin was hypocholesterolaemic and also suppressed the liver phospholipid levels of AA and DHA (reported for the first time). The difference in the amino acid composition between casein and gelatin may be responsible for the observed effects. Casein contains higher levels of glutamic acid, methionine, phenylalanine and tyrosine, while gelatin contains higher levels of arginine, glycine and hydroxyproline.”

    "Things to reduce the stress-related coagulopathies:

Sugar and niacin to minimize the liberation of fatty acids, progesterone and thyroid to protect against estrogen and to avoid hypoglycemia (which increases adrenaline and free fatty acids and accelerates clotting), magnesium and gelatin (or glycine), to protect against intracellular calcium overload and hypoxia, and vitamin E and salicylic acid for antiinflammatory effects, are major nutrients that protect the circulatory system against clotting, bleeding, edema, and tumefaction (Bleeding, clotting, cancer, Ray Peat, 2006)," is another reason for gelatin.

    Gelatin is protective against serotonin and melatonin toxicities, comments Dr. "B". There are numerous other reasons for ingesting gelatin. He gives one more:

"Balanced proteins, such as cheese, potatoes, eggs, and beef- or lamb-broth (for the gelatin and mineral content in particular) will prevent the tryptophan excess that suppresses the thyroid and is potentially a nerve toxin" — Multiple sclerosis, protein, fats, and progesterone, Ray Peat, 2009.

    As such, Dr. "B" extolls the virtures of gelatin. He advises placing in a hot mug of stock (broth), a packet of Knox Gelatin. [Knox Gelatin] However, pouring powered gelatin in a hot drink, such as broth, the gelatin will tend to forms lumps and not properly dissolve and produce a grainy texture to the drink. Softening the gelatin first in a 1/4 cup tap water; then adding the hot broth takes care of the lumping problem.

    This drink, he suggests, should now be started on now for the inordinate amount of stress one will soon be encountering. The Bone Broth, or just regular stock (broth) is good for stomach and colon problems. Research indicates it is good for osteoarthritis (we suggest one ingest a 1000 IU capsule of Vitamin D3 once a day).

    Stock (broth) made from animal bones and connective tissue, is good for nervous conditions of the body, according to contemporary thinking in a number of experts.

    "Bone Broth is an excellent drink for the aged," Dr. "B" adds. "Served with an excellent sandwich with real meat (no amalgam of processed meats with trans fats) and homemade bread from real flour — your stored goods, makes an excellent meal for the elderly, as well as for you Kong!"

Kong Here Again Folks:

    Well...Mr. "B" then pulled another rabbit out of his hat:

"Another thing I suggest one have stored in their preparation center, if they have an elderly staying with them; or, will, is Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), The Flavor Enhancer."

    I've got to say I looked at Mr./Dr. "B" very quizically. He picked up on it and responded:

What is a big problem with the elderly?

    I perceived this to be a rhetorical question...I was right...he quickly answered.

A major problem faced by physicians when they place elderly patients in the hospital is that they lose muscle and bone mass, including fat. The reason: They won't eat!

People under stress; often worried; or experiencing other problems, causes (probably due to Cortisol) the Arcuate Nucleus — an area of neurons (nerves) in the hypothalamus of the brain, which controls appetite, to be interfered with in some way, thus causing people to display symptoms of not being hungry.

It has been shown that adults and children, who consume foods containing large amounts of MSG feel more and more hungry, the more they eat. Hence, they, more often than not, eat more than they burn and thus store the extra calories as fat. Here is one major reason for more fat kids and adults. Also, the trans fats in those foods interfere with the receptor sites on cells that respond to insulin, causing Type II diabetes to proliferate in children and adults.

Furthermore, some physicians have shown that practically every fast food eatery or restaurant uses some MSG. The most notorious ones are the "chicken houses." One famous chicken house uses more than others, and therefore, tends to have the greater reputation for — and this is what MSG does — people associating their fried chicken with their name. As a result, people continuously flock back to that particular fast food joint.

When you eat that fried chicken a time or two, the brain associates that "Chicken Restaurant" with the pleasure centers in the brain, and one is invariably drawn back to that pleasure center for more organoleptic sensations. It's like sex some say...once started...never stopped.

Now, here's the difficulty. Many have trouble with what was once known as "The Chinese Restaurant Syndrome," or a problem with neural sensitivity because of the MSG in that food. The effects associated with MSG are lethargy, anxiety, panic attacks, sleepiness, disorientation, mental confusion, insomnia, and headaches and migraines.

    Dr. "B" said, he recommends it to his patients who are elderly in the hospital who shut down eating. He has the family, or patient (if cognizant), or medical staff sprinkle a little MSG over one or two meals daily, and their weight, instead of dropping, goes up!

    The reason for this phenomenon, he explains:

The MSG causes the gastric area to empty faster keeping the patient from feeling "bloated," and "full" after just a few bites. I believe it may also help a sluggish colon distal to the gastric (stomach) area to empty more completely and regularly. Thus, the patient is eager for his next meal and often asks for snacks just a few hours after one of his meals. Quite often, the patient no longer needs bulking agents to have a complete bowel evacuation.

    Many elderly, Dr. "B" added, just don't taste their food very well; therefore, they eat very little. Quite often, they drink their meals: milk and crackers, protein shakes pre–made, jellos with a few bites of toast, and ice cream. Then, they state: "I'm full."

    "But here's the rub, Dr. "B" says:

MSG works primarily with vegetables, meats, and the next item brings us back to what this discourse is all about: Stocks, which are soups, broths, bouillions and consommé.

    Dr. "B" also uses this with protein shakes for his recalcitrant body builders who are hard gainers of weight. This small daily dosing of MSG, provided they do not have the above problems, allows them to start gaining.


  • Shigeru Yamamoto, Miki Tomoe, Kenji Toyama, Misako Kawai, and Hisayuki Uneyama, 'Can dietary supplementation of monosodium glutamate improve the health of the elderly?' Am J Clin Nutr, 2009:90 (suppl):844S–9S.

  • ZXai H, Kusano M, Hosaka H, et al, "Glutamate added to a high–energy high–protein liquid diet promotes gastric emptying.' Am J Clin Nutr, 2009; 89:431R–5.

  • Schiffman SS, 'Sensory enhancement of foods for the elderly with monosodium glutamate and flavors,' Food Rev Int, 1998; 14:321–33.

    He further points out that because of the immense amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids (including the omega–3 fish oils) people now ingest, one should be on one to three packets of Knox Gelatin daily, morning, noon, and night, if one does not make the Bone Broth.

    Incidently, one, 1/4 oz. packet (approximately 2–1/2 teaspoons) of gelatin will set (firm) 2 cups of fluid, when placed in the refrigerator. He recommends using several, at least three, in the Bone Broth just made. Simply empty three packets into the container, after using the Fat Separator and softening the powdered/granular gelatin in about a half cup of water; stir, let sit for a few minutes, and stir again. It will firm nicely and one can follow the procedure given above for freezing. It will last for six months in the freezer and 1 week in a very cold area in the refrigerator compartment.

    However, to increase the stock's storage life in the refrigerator compartment, bring it to a boil every few days, killing any bacteria, returning it to the refrigerator while still hot.

    Louis Diat, famous French Chef and author of Gourmet's Basic French Cookbook, writes the following:

Stock may also be called "broth" or bouillon;" whatever it is called, it is by definition the clear, flavorful liquid which remains after any of various combinations of meat and vegetables have been simmered in water for several hours, until their flavors are extracted, and then strained out of it.

In usage, the term "broth," and the French word, "bouillon," usually refer to this liquid served as it comes from the pot without further cooking, and simply garnished with rice, barley, or perhaps noodles. If the stock serves as the base for more elaborate soups, or is concentrated and used to make sauces, it is more likely to remain "stock."

Stock made from beef is brown stock; chicken and veal make white stock; feathered or furred game, game stock.

Consommé results when soup stock is further enriched with added meat or poultry, and clarified with egg white and sometimes chopped beef.

    Dr. "B" says Stock is a Soup to be finished; or, left as is, and enjoyed.

    Now, for that thought you are holding in your head, consider it in the light of the following, Dr. "B" said to me.

    More and more people are just one pay check away from disaster, he reports. This worry is generating more and more stress. Remember...The Killing Mechanism, he reminded me. I saw immediately what he was getting at: More Stress...More Cortisol....More Health Problems.

    Dr. "B" asked me, "What are the fats most of America is on?" "Polyunsaturated fats," I responded. And most Americans have too much tryptophan(e) in their diet. And they go out and buy tablets or capsules, or get a prescription for SSRIs, if they think they are depressed and/or not sleeping right.

    Then, Dr. "B" said, "Have you noticed senseless crimes on the increase; especially among the young and teens?" I have.

    Consider the following then:

  • Tryptophan increases serotonin, which decreases thyroid function.

  • Stress increases the release of free fatty acids (PUFAs), which increases tryptophan uptake in the brain, which increases the formation of serotonin.

  • Serotonin increases ACTH and Cortisol secretion, generating an ongoing catabolic state.

  • Serotonin increases the rate of aging and depression and weight gain in an individual. This depression, thyroid blocking, weight gain, and ill–at–ease is generating more anger, angst, irrational thinking, and crime. This appears to be especially so among the young and teen group. Police officers report to me people are more irrational with just normal traffic stops. They do not know when someone is going to suddenly go ballistic and attempt to cause them serious bodily injury or use lethal force against them. Many are concerned.

    Note: What are most advised to eat? PUFAs (Polyunsaturated Fats). What do the young ingest more often than not? Polyunsaturated trans fats, which boost diabetes, Type–II among the young. PUFAs slow–down thyroid function in all animals. In some, it inhibits the function.

  • Serotonin Excess can cause cancer, inflammation, fibrosis, neurological damage, shock, bronchoconstriction, and hypertension to name a few.

  • Serotonin Increases impair learning; serotonin antagonists improve it. Just look at the dumbing down of America that has occurred. Part of it may be an overall plan through "healthy diet."

  • Learning and Alertness are improved when tryptophan or serotonin is decreased.

    Dr. Ray Peat writes in Tryptophan, Serotonin, and Aging:

The polyunsaturated oils interact closely with serotonin and tryptophan, and the short and medium chain saturated fatty acids have antihistamine and antiserotonin actions. Serotonin liberates free fatty acids from the tissues, especially the polyunsaturated fats, and these in turn liberate serotonin from cells such as the platelets, and liberate tryptophan from serum albumin, increasing its uptake and the formation of serotonin in the brain.

Saturated fats don’t liberate serotonin, and some of them, such as capric acid found in coconut oil, relax blood vessels, while linoleic acid constricts blood vessels and promotes hypertension. Stress, exercise, and darkness, increase the release of free fatty acids, and so promote the liberation of tryptophan and formation of serotonin. [Bizarro] Increased serum linoleic acid is specifically associated with serotonin-dependent disorders such as migraine.

Coconut oil, because of its saturated fatty acids of varied chain length, and its low linoleic acid content, should be considered as part of a protective diet.

    It would be advisable for people, according to Dr. Peat, if half a pound of steak is consumed, to have about 20 grams of gelatin (about 3 packets) at approximately the same time; or, Dr. "B" says, it would be advantageous for one to visit their natural food store and get 1000 mg capsules of glycine and 500 mg capsules of proline, if one does not wish to take the gelatin. However, you only get those two amino acids.

    Dr. "B" further suggests one consume several thousand milligrams a day of niacinamide, and 2000 to 3000 mg of taurine daily, in divided doses to help offset some of the problems mentioned above.

    Dr. Peat further comments on page 4, the following:

Carbon dioxide, high altitude, thyroid, progesterone, caffeine, aspirin, and decreased tryptophan consumption protect against excessive serotonin release. When sodium intake is restricted, there is a sharp increase in serotonin secretion. This accounts for some of the antiinflammatory and diuretic effects of increased sodium consumption--increasing sodium lowers both serotonin and adrenalin.

    All the rage just now is Resveratrol. Dr. "B" has this to say:

Resveratrol, nitric oxide, and estrogen, unlike niacinamide, suppress mitochondrial respiration. Resveratrol inhibits the formation of progesterone (Chen, et al., 2007), which is synthesized in mitochondria" Resveratrol, rate of living, CO2, and aging, Ray Peat's Newsletter, 2009.

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