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This Song Is A Beautiful Song To Listen To. But, Close Attention To The Words Reveals Another Part Of The Problem In America Today:
It Is Trying To Get Rid Of
The Son Of God!

And He Asked, Just Before He Left...

"Will There Be Any Faith When I Return?"

    There is a long accepted and proved, not really understood fact, about economic booms and busts: They run in cycles. The boom cycles last between 30 and 40 years; or, 50 and 60 years. One may add 10 to 15 years or so to an existing cycle. But, the historical fact remains that as one nears the end of the cycle, as is the case now of 60 to 70 plus years, there will be a bust. The longer the upbeat; the greater the fall and the harder it is to overcome. Hence, history has always shown that a World War looms after the bust phase somewhere between one or more decades from the crash. This time, due to environmental circumstances (increasing peoples on the Earth, decreasing resources such as food, fuel, natural gas, timber, etc.) the World War will come much quicker.

    The conclusions we can draw from this is that the Coming Crash will be harsh and quick when it starts. Then, we can look forward towards an "economic war," World War III, to pull the U.S. out of the pits. What is now besetting us will be the worst America has ever seen. All will be affected in a very negative manner.

Kondratieff Discovered The Cycles

    In the 1900, a Russian economist, Nikolai Dimitriyevitch Kondratyev–Kondratieff, developed his economic theory: "There are long–term cycles in capitalistic economies," and this transcends political beliefs. His theory gives us a working knowledge of the "innards" of a "free enterprise" marketplace in a capitalistic society.

    In 1918, Kondratieff was in charge of the Business Research Institute of Moscow when the Russian Revolution ended. He was also professor of the Agriculture Acedemy in Moscow. He wrote in 1922, a number of essays concerned with economic cycles of long duration. They were published as "The World Economy and its Conditions During and After the War." World War I had just recently ended.

    What got him into trouble with his country's rulers is that they wanted him to find that basically Captalism had a flaw—a defect— in it that would bring down its society and end it. He became quite popular and what he discovered basically about long–term economic cycles is that America was going to suffer a depression in the 1930s. He was the only one who predicted this at that time. What got him sent to Siberia as a slave laborer and to die in the salt mines was that he said, "capitalism would survive a major depression in the 1930s." Though he died and did not live to see his prediction come true, the cycle then peaked in 1920; prices declined which lasted for more than 25 years enveloping the Great Depression during the 1930s. This cycle lasted over 50 plus years. Then, the Ascension phase of the cycle started when America entered World War II. Study the immediate above and you will see where we are headed as we develop this thesis.

    Kondratieff based his theory on what has happened in the past many times before, and as you read the following you cannot escape the inevitable conclusion that we have come full circle and are now "Picnicking On The Banks of Hell." His theory has been uncannily accurate, give or take a few years or so. The Kondratieff theory took into consideration interest rates, bank deposits, wages, foreign trade, and commodity prices. This latter is considered one of the most important as it involves raw materials.

    America In Depression: The Coming Economic Collapse writes:

"Many things currently happening in the economy seem to be reinforced by Kondratieff.

  • A decline in capital investment,

  • Rising unemployment,

  • Falling return on investment,

  • Increasing severity of business cycles,

  • And Reduced innovation of technological advances...

Are all signals that we are in the gradually declining period before a great depression." ....And remember what follows a Great Depression: World War.


    Long economic cycles, as proposed by Kondratieff, rise and fall, reflecting recessions and depressions and business growth, controlled by master forces "far beyond" man's control. They occur with seemingly 50 – 60 year frequency, and history shows that printing money (as the FED has been doing and is most definitely doing now) only can pospone recession and depressions, but that action never reverses a major economic cycle — it only makes it worse.

    What we are practicing economically in the U.S. today and the world is the Keynesian theory of economics. This has been shown to be wrong many times, but it lets the good times roll until the Hell Breaks. Present day edonomists do not allow the market to weed out bad market practices but try to force events to happen as desired with deficit spending, that is, spending money you do not have.

    Austrian economists are not followed in that market forces are not allowed to dictate the economy. God, in His wisdom, had another plan. It was called "The Fifty–Year Jubilee." Somehow, it worked when it was followed correctly.

"British born John Maynard Keynes surfaced in the 1930s with his theories, preaching that recessions and depressions could be prevented by deficit government spending and stimulation of consumer demand.

"Business cycle theories went out of vogue and Keynes became politically correct. His General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money justified the deficit spending of the depression 30s.

"Today, we have a current generation of 150,000 economists (more now), all raised on the absolute truth of Keynesian economics. To these educated elite, the idea of an economic long wave is purely ridiculous. Unfortunately, this will not be the last time that the authorities of knowledge are proven wrong."— America In Depression: The Coming Economic Collapse

    October, 2008, Global changes & Opportunities Report, by Jim Powell, writes:

"Once the public realizes the bailout program isn't working and the economy is in serious trouble, I think there will be runs on everything from banks to grocery stores. At the same time the crime rate will soar. You must be ready for these problems before they begin.

"Your priorities should be cash, food, water, fuel, prescription drugs, a good home security system and the means to protect what you have (haven't you heard this a number of times somewhere else? This WebSite).

"Get plenty of everything so you can help your neighbors whose loyalty could be valuable."

He says much in this last statement. He's now talking about a Covenant Community relationship with one or more.
He further says,

"If taking advantage of tough conditions makes you feel like a vulture, don't worry. The feeling will pass. Well–fed vultures are happy vultures."

    The media, the government, friends and neighbors who did not prepare, are going to try and put a guilt trip on you. Especially, you who prepared, and stand in line. They are going to call you not only vultures, but "Hoarders."

    You stand in line because you want to keep quiet about what you have and you want to eck out what you've got. Recently, a person your WebMasters have given much in terms of advice, tried to do the "guilt" trip thing on self and indirectly attack them about standing in the FEMA lines. We suggested everyone do this for the experience, unless it got too dangerous. That will occur when the Crash hits U.S. shores in full force.

    Screw those people! Let them die! There are too many of these "West–End-Wandas" or do gooders that do not know what they are saying. They bite the hand that feeds them knowledge and information to survive, as well as "feeling guilty" as they guzzle down your morsel of provisions. You do not need that. Screw them!

    You bought when times were good and helped farmers, food growers, and big business. Keep tight-lipped. Remember: "Loose Lips Sink Ships." And recall from above, Crime is going to rise exponentially.


    On this matter of hoarders, Dr. Gary North's Remnant Review, November 21, 2008, page 15 points out that "The government may even declare price controls. The problem is, it will create massive shortages of everything that people really want to buy. That is always the result of price ceilings. The shortages can then be blamed on hoarders."

    However, coupled to or not to price controls, but to peak oil having now arrived and on the way down, fertilizers and grains will become in short shrift in the future and food shortages will occur. Anyone putting aside food stuffs now or then even if they raised their own foods will be labeled as Hoarders by those who played the "foolish virgins." Thus, do not let your left hand know what your right hand does.

    Food is going to be in short supply in the future. Especially everyday items you take for granted, such as bread, rice, spaghettis, and the things they can be made into and bought from markets. You need now to learn how to make quick breads, bread, and wraps on open hearth outdoor furnances. This demands you will have to have some supplies for these items and what goes into them to make them into the final products you want.

    Food Riots will occur. What are food riots? Most people do not know what such a thing is. The Great Depression: America In The 1930s explains:

    On January 20, 1931, seething anger seized the personalities of farmers when they could not get enough food from the American Red Cross, "a mob of men and women broke into a grocery store near the city hall in Oklahoma City and began taking goods off the shelves after the mayor rejected a formal petition for food."

"On February 25, several hundred men and women smashed the windows of a grocery and meat market in Minneapolis and grabbed bacon and ham, fruit and canned goods. Similar 'food riots' broke out in many cities at one time or another, from San Francisco to St. Louis."

The people were possessed with a perverse, invasive spirit.

"Oklahoma City attorney Oscar Ameringer told a House labor subcommittee investigating unemployment about a rancher who had stormed into his office in Oklahoma City. The man announced that he was wiped out and,

'By God, I am not going to stand for it.'

"When asked just what he had in mind the rancher reminded Ameringer of the Russian Revolution, and predicted the same for America:

'I just want to tell you that I am going to be one of them, and I am going to do my share in it....If there are enough fellows with guts in this country to do like us, we will march eastward and we will cut the East off.

'We will cut the East off from the West. We have got the granaries; we have the hogs, the cattle, the corn, and the East has nothing but mortages on our places. We will show them what we can do.'

Notice the word mortages that your WebMasters highlighted in red. Is this situation beginning to sound similar?
    T. H. Watkins, author of The Great Depression: American In The 1930s writes:

    This man is no wild–eyed fanatic. He is an American Citizen, probably a Kiwanis or Rotary member as well, and "When people like that started talking Revolution..." maybe its "time to take heed."

    Very serious problems are about to erupt, people. Remember Obama wants to take from the rich and distribute to the poor to average...well...recall the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. Watkins describes it:

"...those violent months during which an entire social system had been turned upside down, when rich and powerful people, people just like them, had been driven from their homes by angry mobs, looted of their possessions, even murdered in their beds.

"For those who had survived the violence, existence had become an agony of dull, plodding conformity and repression of human initiative, all individual dignity and purpose subsumed in the great proletarian dream of

"from each according to his ability, to each according to his need."
That is Marxism folks....Socialism at its highest! What do you think the building anger will do to the American people this time? It's here and it's not going to be pretty!

The 50Year Jubilees

    In Leviticus 25:10, reference is made to Fifty-Year Jubilees, where all debts were forgiven every fifty years. There were certain rules surrounding this and the people always prospered as long as they followed those rules given. Break the rules, and ruin, famine, disease, wars, and disaster began to make its appearance. When the rules were followed, peace and harmony reined supreme.

    These economic cycles, according to history, have always been with us. There is no precise, scientific reason for these economic downturns. But history is exact in the 500 year cycle, and mostly so in the 60-year cycle.  We'll illustrate shortly.

    There is a force, supernatural it appears, if we are to heed the words of the Holy Writ, that no one can explain, except cursorily, the reason for the 60 year cycle--but, still no absolute, concrete, scientific reason can be given for the 500 year cycle.The latter cycles are most precise. They last around 500 years and no one knows why they occur, nor why this time segment.

What History Discloses:

The 500 - Year Cycles

  • Approximately 500 A.D., the Roman Empire collapsed.

  • Around 1000 A.D., the Dark Ages were ensuing.

  • Around 1500 A.D., the Middle Ages had begun, and now movement into the Renaissance began. Sometimes around this time (1500), the Modern Age--our time--began.

  • When 2000 A.D. arrived, we had reached another turning point in the 500 year cycle. Notice, in all these cycles, there has been a high (prosperty and relative peace), then a low (a period of depression, war, dramatic changes in science and techonology and vast upheavals of no small magnitude. We are now at this next cycle!

        "Peter Kendall, an economist from the Elliott Wave International (1-800-336-1618 or, ... forecasts the end of the current long-wave of economic prosperity.  According to Kendall, we are in the end stages of the 500 year Grand Supercycle that will drag the DOW Jones down to 400 along with plunging prices for real estate, automobiles and so forth."

        "Kendall said, 'Deflation is more than falling prices, it is a decline in the money supply.'  This is a trend which is already well underway throughout Asia and is spreading to the U.S."

        The immediate above was an interview on United Broadcasting Newtork, December 20, 1998, with Peter Kendall by Michael W. Haga, former publisher of the The Economic Outlook (no longer extant), and excerpted in the January 1999 issue, Vol. 8, No. 1.   For a taped copy of this interview, call UBN at 904-397-4300.

        Also, Peter Kendall reports that "we are at the end of the fifth wave of the Grand Supercycle which began in 1835.  The ending of this cycle promises tremendous deflation in all areas of the U.S. and global economy."  Consumers at first will think this is great, until the "Falling prices .... initiate a general economic collapse as overindebted Americans are forced to accept the new reality that their assets (homes, stocks, cars) are worth much less than the amount most people owe on them," writes Michael Haga.

        Haga further points out:

    "Once this new reality becomes painfully obvious to the average man and women (sic), everyone will try to sell at once -- to mitigate losses.  This will compound the problem and will usher in an overall collapse in prices.

    "Bankruptcies ... will skyrocket."

        Haga continues by saying:

    "A people accustomed to borrowing their way to prosperity -- will now have to learn how to start over, often with nothing. This will lead to an overall change in social sentiment.

    "Gone will be the arrogance of the 'me' generation.

    "Gone will be all the luxuries, perks and taken-for-granted demands of a people who believe the good times would never end.

    "It will become the day of the saver.  To those who have saved, there will be unheard of bargains for everything from homes to cars to office buildings.

    "A new generation of millionaires will be created as wealth shifts pockets once in a generation.

    "It will be a glorious and frightening time to be alive-- depending on whether you are a saver or spendthrift.

    Folks! You can't borrow your way out of debt and to prosperity.

The 60 - Year Cycles

    Since the middle of the 16 century, there have been nine depressions, generally occurring about every 60 years. According to the Kondratieff Wave, and other forcasters, we are overdue for a Total Collapse of our financial market place by about 6 or 7 years..

    However, it appears, because of the bigger cycle now relatively coinciding with the 60 - year cycle, the bigger force is now controlling the smaller force meshing it into itself. If this be so, this will lead to a worse state than ever before predicted.

    The only reason that can be somewhat given and understood for the 60 - year cycle is that historical cycles repeat themselves. This has been shown to be a given. However, one explanation that has been advanced for this type of cycle is as follows:

    When a depression ends, those who lived through its horrendous time become very careful in their buying and spending habits--they become conservative.

Lenders of various institutions make very careful loans that are considered totally safe with no risks associated with them.

Investors place their money in only "sure-bets."

    However, as more and more people from the depression era die off, less and less is remembered about the hard times associated with this time in a country's history. And, more and more of the people who are now investing, making loans, buying, and selling have little or no memory of the past---they now, 30 or 40 years later, throw caution and conservatism in their habits of buying, spending, and loaning, to the wind.

    They feel they are missing opporturnities to make huge profits and take all sorts of risk. Lenders do the same and create new accounting methods. Manufacturers create "just-in-time" manufacturing. Real Inventories are a thing of the past. The society develops an attitude of "easy credit" is okay.

    This new generation takes control of the economy involving lending institutions, government, corporations and other institutions, throwing caution to the wind, applying newly created banking, governmental, and financial laws to its society.

    By now, only a few are living who remember the last great crash in their society and are they are not the "movers and shakers" now. It is those who feel the "good times" will go on forever. They have no recollection of tight money, nor when there was no money. As long as this new generation can remember, the good times just kept rolling along--the equities market (stocks and bonds) and real estate have soared.

    In 1954, the Dow Jones Industrial Average finally reached the level that it had reached in the boom years of the 1920s. Therefore, things and instruments, and institutions were manipulated and the rise to prosperty spiraled straight up. When a crash or "correction" occurred, a new thing had been created by various world governments: "They're too big to let fail."

    And hence, the big bailout of bad investments, bad timing, bad strageties, and corrupted institutions began world-wide. Instead of letting these entities individually go out of business, government step in and bailed them out.

    Remember Chrysler? Then came the banks that were allowed to grow to behemoths that they "were too big to collapse." Recall Continental Illinois bank. It cost you and me, taxpayers, billions. If that was what the banks could do in banking and accounting, then what was good for them was also good for the Savings and Loans Associations--they were next. They had become "too big to allow to fail."

    And if all this was not good enough, then recall the famous, now infamous Brady Bonds. Without this new twist, many of America's biggest banks would be no more today! The banks made bad loans, etc., and were losing billions; the infamous Brady Bonds saved their bacon.

    When the average citizen makes a bad investment, no one pulls his "chestnuts" out of the fire for him. He has to suffer the loses and become more conservative in his dealings next time. This is not the case now with big business and investment houses. They just get pulled out of the fire; we pay for it; they spend more foolishly and make more unsound business deals/investments. Those at the top are "fired" and given millions to take home. Let the bastards live like the wretched that they have created.

    Dr. Gary North says the latter this way in:

Gary North's Reality Check
Friday, September 26, 2008, 10:48 AM
Blaming The Victim: The Free Market:
"The economists who created the mathematical models that made possible these preposterous, money–losing contracts clearly did not understand the complexity of these issues (contracts, corporations, banking and all the involvements into various "created" sophisticated sounding instruments with fiat money: derivatives, tranches, collateral debt obligations (CDOs), and more — WebMaster's Comment).

"The entire financial structure is dependent upon the fulfillment of these contracts, but these contracts cannot be fulfilled by the people who wrote them. So, the people who wrote them went to Secretary of the Treasury Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke and moaned and groaned and screamed and begged and pleaded:

'Give us the money we need to fulfill our contracts.'
"That is exactly what Paulson and Bernanke are doing with Congress. They are acting as representatives of the profit–seeking, bonehead bankers who loaded up on debt, skimmed off the front–end commissions, and have now gone away, with tens of millions of dollars in their pockets. Now the taxpayers will be saddled with the obligations to the tune of almost $2 trillion."

Now, Here's the Rub:

Everything is in place for the next great depression:

  • Easy Money/Easy Credit.
  • New banking procedures.
  • New accounting procedures.
  • Bad Loans.
  • Cheap Money.
  • Ridiculous and foolish loans and investments of this "up" generation.
  • The Credit Cycle with its easy money policy began its unwinding in 1987, has created an all time bankruptcy high.
  • Various governments of the world printing money like there is no tomorrow to pay back. This is inflating the currency.
  • The U. S. and Other Governments now owning equity in banks and businesses.

    What Does The Downturn Signal for the end of the 60 - Year Cycle mean?

    History has shown repeatedly that all 60 - year downturns are followed by a period of depression (mental, physical, and financial); war; vast upheaval in societal and personal living standards, and technology changes of mind-boggling magnitude.

    Futhermore, history shows at the end of this cycle you can expect:

  • A crisis of extreme magnitude in credit.

  • Property values (real estate) will collapse totally and for a long time.

  • There will be extreme social unrest and distress leading to urban violence:

    1. City services: disruption of garbage collection, trash and sewage disposal, layoffs of city workers, little or no police force and fire service, and others.

    2. This will generate gangs followed by home and business (those that are still hanging on) break-ins.

    3. Bankruptcies will accelerate to such an extent that the city dies and millions will be forced to leave it for survival. These problems will be world-wide.

Right now, 2008, bankruptcy rate is the highest it has ever been in America's history. Yet, we are told that things in America, especially economic wise, will come back better than ever. Then why are bankruptcies so high?

The Answer:

One would think that bankruptcies would shrink in an expanding economy; and balloon in the hard times of depressions or recessions. History demonstrates, that during a recession or depression, the rate at which a society files for bankruptcy falls. This is counter to good logic, but it happens because during economic good times, lenders of money institutions are ready to lend more money to borrowers who are bad risks!
America's bankruptcy record of today reflects this. Our lenders are, in effect, saying that we are in a good solid economy. Their actions--making risky loans to borrowers--underpins the idea of a solid economy, not a bad one. But this action undermines the strength of America's economy and sets the stage for the worst time in history for Americans who have never been through a depression. We are now living on false hopes and faith.
  • A new dark ages could be ushered in for decades; or, totalitarian control may go into effect in some of the more fortunate areas that are still heavily armed to fight the mauraders.

  • The down turn will literally wreck the large and small independent businessman.
  • All 60 - year downturn cycles cause high unemployment, and this will lead to more crime.
  • There will be a major change in the policies and politics of a country. The consequences will be dire.

  •     The Modern Age began fifty or sixty years after the 1500s; the age we are now living in. It was brought in first with Gutenberg, who gave us the modern printing press. This in turn allowed Martin Luther to start the Reformation with his "95 Theses." The Modern Age continued by witnessing da Vinci, Columbus, and the Chinese invention of gunpowder.

        But The Point Is This:

    The people living in era after the 1500s began, did not know they were now living in a new era. They just knew things were happening and different. This is the same thing that happened in 1930--they did not know a Great Depression was occurring! There were up swings during this time in the stock market early in the crash. They just knew something was bad that was not good and it would soon be over. But it wasn't; it took the Second World War to revive the economy. A Third World War will be used to revive this current economy of 2008.... But, we still have to deal with The End of An Age and The Galactic Plane.
    It took someone else to tell them what they had just been through when it was over! They did not know what was occurring to them while it was in the process. Only...only, after it was over did they fully understand and see the consequences of what happened to them and the consequences of their folly--easy credit, lack of conservative business practices, inventive, creative accounting procedures, and more.

    The same thing is happening today. We are on the edge of a Total Shutdown of our society as we know it. It may last for years, or even decades. We are picnicking on "the Banks of Hell!"

    And...We Are Now At The End Of Both Cycles

        In her new book, The 2nd Great Depression, Dr. Frieda Rastelle, a noted Bible scholar, economist, and author, writes:

    "America is on the verge of a devastating economic collapse far worse than that of the Great Depression of 1929!"
    "Millions of people with jobs that seem secure and savings that seem protected will find themselves--overnight--freezing on the streets and starving like dogs."

    "The people who feel the most secure--the ones with lucrative jobs, health insurance, 401(k)s, and retirement plans--will be hit the hardest because they'll be the least able to adapt."

        The well-known Bible scholar says economic Armageddon is predicted and supported by the Holy Writ, the Old and New Testaments. It has been shown that the Great Depression of 1929 was predicted also by the Holy Bible. She further points out that the Dead Sea Scrolls supports the forcast for an world-wide, unprecedent economic crisis.

    "Only weeks after the banks and other financial institutions close, money itself will be without value."
    "Millions will die, unable to buy anything--even those with money in their pockets."

        In the 1920s the Weimar Republic in Germany was under easy credit and great debt. Just like it now is in America. When the Weimar Republic crashed, you couldn't even buy a loaf of bread with a wheelbarrow loaded full of Deutchemarks. People actually starved to death, "even those still employed."

        One Fräulein went to purchase a loaf of bread with a baby stroller filled with Deutchemarks. She took half the money in the store for the hopeful purchase, leaving the carriage outside. Upon coming out with no bread, she discovered that someone had stolen the carriage, leaving the other half of money on the ground.

        Note again what Dr. Rastelle said...

    "Millions of people with jobs that seem secure and savings that seem protected will find themselves--overnight--freezing on the streets and starving like dogs."

        For those of you who prepared yourselves mentally, physically, spiritually and defensively, you should be able to get through this hell. However, there is one other aspect to all this you need to start doing now! We'll get to this shortly.

        If you have noticed, the emphasis on low–fat diets has been decreasing in the past few years from, first, some fats are okay, as found in nuts, etc. to transfats and saturated fats are the "bad" ones. Study after study has exonerated the Atkins low–carbohydrate moderate to relatively high–fat diet. But, that is not what we are about this moment. It is mentioned only in that fat is not as demonized as it once was. However, the last 20 years of ingrained ideas are slow to die out. Hence, you still see in restaurants, supermarkets and hear nutritionists speak about, trim off all the fat on meats and skin the chicken to remove most of the fat.

        One of your WebMasters says it a lot stronger than Dr. Rastelle. He says,

    "Because of big financial interests that have tenacles into medical research, (money and greed) you are not getting the best for your health. Eat what the financial interests want you to eat and you will have a modicum of health and you will have to be on life sustaining medicines much longer than you ever considered, but what with the hell that is now breaching into everyone's life, you will not make it as the Superstructure—where we live—comes crashing down to the Infrastructure which supports the superstructure.

    People will die like flies.

    "Because so many are only marginal and do not know it. The medicines keep them up. The readily available food sustains them for the modicum amount of health. Teens will go mad in the literal sense of the word and figurative sense too when they can't get their "fix" of sex, loud noise, fast foods, and other things they have become accustomed to. Reread Cannibalism on this WebSite."

        Now...hold those thoughts. We now come back to the one thing that many are not doing because of big business interest. Incidently, you see what's happening because of big business interests, big banking interests, big insurance interests. Folks, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

  • We still have to "Chicken Fat" it. But first....
  •     The Holy Writ tells us that for every disease, pestilence, and dysfunction, an herb, a substance, and etc. has been given us to overcome, with the biochemistry of the body, disease. Also, we are ordered by a directive in Revelation to take medicine too. To take this all in perspective, we should combine all these precepts of widsom and use as necessary. To do only one is to be somewhat disobedient to the health of the body.

        There is a chemical in Mother Nature that your WebMasters have been writing about for years. This chemical has the power to heal, provided the body is assisted with rest, proper exercise, and when necessary and expedient, medicines. A number in the medical profession raised an askance eyebrow when they heard what you are going to read. Now, modern science will in the immediate future, make this chemical and sell it, of course, at exhorbitant prices.

        This chemical is a fatty acid. Its name is Palmitoleate. In chemical nomenclature, "...ate goes to "...ic" in reactions and so you can call it Palmitoleic Acid. This is a powerful antimicrobial fatty acid. It is found in Chicken Fat! However, it has now been recently discovered—Your WebMasters are exonerated—to not only be an antimicrobial, but studies suggest the acid to have a Cell Signaling effect on various cells in the human organism. This acid is made in the liver and fat cells of the body. Palmitoleic acid is the first lipid to be demonstrated that it works as a hormone. That job is usually done by proteins and biogenic amine hormones, such as insulin and adrenaline respectively. But, this particular acid is a cell signaling device to signal:
    • Muscles to respond to the actions of insulin.

    • Prevents fat build up in the liver, and...

    • Reduces inflammatory chemicals levels in the body made by fat cells (adipose tissue).
        Folks, do you see the tremendous implications here. One of your WebMasters has been having people with fatty livers eat a small cooked (boiled in little water) portion of chicken fat with water portion, several times a week, when they could not get their swollen livers with inositol, choline, and other B–complex vitamins to reduce the fat therein caused by various dysfunctions. Their physicians said it was "A miracle."

        When we reach the levels Dr. Rastelle writes of, diabetes is already going through the roof, and now in young teens, serious problems will abound. The young now are developing type II, adult onset diabetes, 40 years earlier in their life. Their biochemistry will be worn out by the time they reach 50 or 60...and if they can't get the medicines needed then...well.... We are already in serious trouble with the dietary guide lines set by the U.S. Government. This will all change soon when the easy availability of food goes way down, then to zero. But what price the young are going to have to pay?

        We are long overdue for an influenza pandemic. Cooked chicken fat and vitamin D may just help turn the tide along with other herbs and medicine, if one can get them.

        It is known that excessive inflammation or the shutting-down of ACTH formation in the brain to generate glucocorticoids from the adrenal cortex causes a loss of necessary inflammation to combat a disease state. Both of these conditions, primarily the latter, wreaked havoc in the 1918 to 1919 world–wide influenza epidemic. Palmitoleic acid helps control excessive inflammation.

        In rats, it has been shown that palmitoleic acid generates conditions such that there is no heart disease. No fatty liver disease, diabetes non existent, no asthma, no nothing. Did you notice no asthma? In the WebMasters' private practice, they are noticing an increase in breathing disorders, such as asthma. You can expect more vulcanism to be wide–spread as the Solar System goes through the Galactic Plane, World War III and nuclear attacks on various continents around the world. You will need a Gas Mask (given below) and to know how to operate it.

        We have patients that say they have been eating for some time plenty of "Chicken Fat." They have to be corrected. They have been eating trans fats that the chicken, with the skin and underlying fat, has been fried in. This high heat, especially that of broiled chicken, forms carcinogens from the fat. Do not eat fast food fried chicken. If you must, fry the chicken yourself using coconut and/or palm oil. The trans fats cause an increase in Type II diabetes. It blocks or damages the receptor sites for insulin. The latter piles up causing other problems but not controlling the blood sugar.

        This in turn causes glycosylation of the proteins. This is the process whereby sugar binds with proteins in the body and this causes lost of function and other problems, some of which are free radical formation. Not a healthy condition to look forward to. Recommendation: Start now on an antiglycating agent such as Carnosine. Get at your local natural/health foods outlet.

        The polyunsaturated fats that have been partially hydrogenated are trans fats. The interesterification of fats that is proposed to replaced the trans fats simply causes the insulin secreting cells of the pancreas to stop and this generates Type I diabetes. In effect, you have simply traded Type II diabetes for Type I diabetes when you go to interesterification of fats slated to make its debut next year sometime.

        The chicken that should be eaten with skin and some fat can be cooked in a casserole or steamed with water and vegetables, and a teaspoon or so of coconut oil. The fat partially melts releasing to the amalgam the palmitoleic acid. Thus, those who are still indoctrinated to remove all skin and fat from chicken get some dissolved into the solution of the gravy that is self-made. Even if they insist on no syrupy gravy formed from the collagan protein and fat, they still receive this valuable acid because it has coated the ingredients. And you have saved their lives, even though they give you such contention at mealtimes and spout all that nonsensical trep they found on the Internet.

  • Palmitoleic acid is also found in the highest amounts in Macadamia nuts. Be warned! Raw Macadamia nuts are extremely hard (something, however, has been done to the raw nuts—they are a lot softer now). You do not want any dental problems during this time, if possible, when the infrastructure is down. Hence, place them in a cup towel, wrap with towel and beat and crack with the broad side of a Chef's Knife. Then place in casserole dishes and cook with the unskinned chicken. Recipes follow.
  •     Dr. Mary G. Enig, Ph.D, a world–class lipid chemist, writes, in her book, Know Your Fats: The Complete Primer for Understanding the Nutrition of Fats, Oils, and Cholesterol:

    "Palmitoleic acid is a nonounsaturated fatty acid with 16 carbons and one cis double bond. Macadamia nuts have about 23 percent, chicken fat about 6 to 8 percent, most animal fats 2 to 4 percent and other fats and oils lesser amounts of palmitoleic acid (page 265)."

        And on page 134:

    "Poultry fat is a source of antimicrobial fatty acid, palmitoleic acid. Chicken fat usually has more of this fatty acid (6 – 8 percent of total fat) than duck (4 percent), goose (3 percent), or turkey (6 percent). Poultry fats are relatively unsaturated. The actual fatty acids depends somewhat on the feed given the birds."

    Dr. Ray Peat in his newsletter, Ray Peat's Newsletter, says that animals fed soy beans, etc., their fat takes on the character of the fats fed them.

        Science News, October 11, 2008, page 15 points out:

    "The lipid improves muscle responses to insulin and prevents liver cells from accumulating other harmful fats."

    They also write:

    "A caveman chasing deer probably had active production of this [lipid], but not us constantly stuffing ourselves with calories."

    The point being made that "What you make yourself is always the best. It's like homemade cooking."

        We use this principle with "hard gainers." These are body builders that have trouble gaining muscle tissue mass. The insulin is used more efficiently and, generally not well–known, can cause tremendous muscle growth if the calories are controlled. The principle is an "insulin like growth factor" that is generated from growth hormone. In this case, it is the insulin doing the job, provided one does not abuse the body biochemistry, otherwise, he gains fat too!

        We have had great success with diabetics who followed the precepts and did not eat the fast food fried chicken, etc., controlled the amount of calories they consumed, exercised (especially those with weights), and obtained proper sleep.

    Science News writes:

    "If the lipid works the same way in people as in mice, it could someday be added to foods or given as a supplement to ward off heart disease and diabetes."

        And sinces it helps muscles respond to insulin, a diabetic on insulin; or, oral medication, may find that he needs less medicine if his cells are using the insulin more properly.

  • Another reason you want the chicken fat: CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a fatty acid that is found in beef and chicken fat. You can also get this in supplements in higher concentrations; but, we feel the food sources listed, such as chicken you raise yourself, will be the only way in the near future. This fatty acid induces weight loss when Delta 6–desaturase (D6D) enzyme (a naturally occurring enzyme in organisms) is present and is active in animals and humans. But, certain environmental factors such as smoking, insulin resistance, aging, poor consumption of foods high in magnesium, vitamin B6, and zinc; health in poor metabolic shape, and ingestion of foods with excess saturated and trans fats cause lower activity of D6D. The foods, beef and chicken fat, also whole milk, eggs, and cheese must come from animals that are range fed. Nowadays, most of these animals are fed mixed–grains which do not generate CLA as do grasses — Muscular Development, December, 2008.
  •     As we have discussed in previous documents, you are going to be consuming mostly starchy foods. You know the reason for this so we will not elaborate, except to say this is what lasts the longest in its dry state and what is mainly stored.

        First, you know from this type of diet in order to survive, you must have potassium stored in the form of "Salt Substitue." Now, we tell you to start eating, if you have not been doing it properly, Chicken with skin and fat. Not to excess. Do this now while you can get it. At the height of the Hell, you will be eating from your food storage and what little you can eke out of the ground. Start a garden or two with the things that will grow in your area. Learn now how to raise your own food!

        But for now, learn to raise chickens. Get a backyard flock going. Order from this WebSite:

    Designer Eggs From Your Own Backyard
    By Kathryn Brocato.

    "How To Raise Your Own Chickens and Have Meat And Eggs
    When Things Get Tough!"

    Available Here. Cursor down to the title.

        For those of you who are concerned about saturated fat and have been avoiding it, you may die quite suddenly when all this stress becomes mega–portion. You may not have the prostaglandins needed to withstand the onslaught tissue degradation and loss of visual acuity.

    Gersted writes in 1998 and quoted in Know Your Fats:

    "Research has shown that saturated fat in the diet is needed by the body to enable it to adequately convert the essential omega–3 fatty acid (alpha–linolenic acid) to the elongated omega–3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. These latter fatty acids are necessary for prostaglandin formation and visual function, respectively."
        Wow! Look at all the people on fish oil and practically avoiding any and all saturated fat. Do you think they are going to survive this Hell now breaking over our heads? Their chemistry is not there folks! They are going to crater, especially as we all incur the powerful electromagnetic fields and electric currents in space that we are now moving close to in the densest portion of the Spiral Arm of Orion (See The Galactic Plane and Pole Shift at Menu.)

    Recipe One: From Your Food Storage

    We Interrupt For This Important Reminder: Time Is Very Short Now !


    • Freeze dried bellpepper dices (Or, dehydrated from Supermarket).
    • Freeze dried white onion flakes (" " ").
    • Pasta shells (spaghettis of any type).
    • Chopped dried chives (Can get from Supermarkets; get large size).
    • Chopped dried green onions (or; shallots, " " ").
    • Sliced freeze dried mushrooms (can be gotten from Supermarket).
    • Chopped garlic (fresh or dried, etc.)
    • Salt substitute or Morton's "Lite Salt."
    • Freeze dried cheese.
    • Lentils. We recommend Arrowhead Mills Organic Red Lentils. Order by the case from your local health food store. Red lentils cooks with in 15 minutes. Green takes more water and cooks within 30 to 45 minutes. You should order three or four cases or the 25 pound sacks. Do this while they can still get it.
    • Coconut oil or palm oil. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons.


        Instead of worrying with amounts and measurements during the stressful times ahead; your Chef WebMasters recommend the hand method of measurement used by many famous Chefs in their own homes for the cook in charge of the kitchen and making the foodstuffs into meals during this time. Therefore, taking a hand full of each ingredient except salt substitute and cheese, and place in a large heavy sauce pan. Take a pinch (approximately 1 teaspoon) or two of salt substitute and add to the mixture in the sauce pan or large heavy container, stir. When push come to shove, you will probably be cooking out–of–doors for a while. In this case, you should have a large Lodge Camp Stove (this is a Dutch Oven with "legs") to place over charcoals or wood coals or wood fire.

        Cover the amalgam (combined ingredients except cheese) with 1 to 1 – 1/2 inches of water. Place over heat source. Bring to a rolling boil. Cover. Stir periodically. Add a little water as necessary. Stir. You have a high protein meal by mutual supplementation of proteins. You will not sacrifice valuable muscle mass to neutralize the acid residues from the starch protein meal because you have added potassium in the form of salt substitute (See The Eye Of The Tiger). The above recipe gives complete protein without meat.

        When the casserole is done, it will be aromatic and thick. At this point, add a little more water and add a handful and a half of the cheese; stir. Cook a few minutes more and allow the cheese to expand and extra moisture to be absorbed. The dish should be thick, creamy and smooth. At each individual serving add a good sprinkling of salt substitute. Recall, this is not herbs, this is potassium chloride.


        If you have congestive heart failure or any other heart condition contraindicative to potassium, do not ingest potassium other than what you are accustom to in your diet. High potassium levels in the blood can cause the heart to weaken and can lead to the generation of irregular heart beat that can be dangerous if prolonged.

    Recipe Two: From your Backyard stock.

        Proceed as in Recipe One. However, add chicken pieces with skin and fat onto top of amalgam and then place on heat source.


    • We recommend one trim the fat hanging from underneath the skin with kitchen shears (scissors). We further recommend to trim the excess skin that was torn from other chicken parts and connected to the pieces to be used in the dish. However, when food becomes really scarce, cook this and serve to your pets.

    • Do not bone the chicken parts. Instead, place skin side down on cutting board and using a Chef's Knife, strike the upturned piece of chicken with the flat back part of the knife, cracking the bone. This will allow the treasure trove of ingredients to cook out of the bone and into the amalgam creating a succulent, nutritious sauce.

    • You want to be sure and allocate servings such that members of your family get the "red" meat of the chicken. This has the carnitine chemical; white meat does not. Carnitine is used by the body in each individual cell's powerhouse, the mitochondria—looks like a kidney bean, to shuttle fat across the mitochondrial shelf to be burned to water, carbon dioxide, and ATP, the energy currency of the body, to produce energy to drive the metabolic machinery.

    Recipe Three: Sautéed Chicken From Your Backyard Stock.

        Take a heavy iron skillet; add a teaspoon or so of coconut oil. Clean chicken parts, break bones and place skin side down onto hot skellet. "Salt" underside that is up. Reduce heat to moderate. Cover. Allow chicken parts to brown. Turn chicken over after 5 to 10 minutes with browned part facing up. Cover. Cook for 5 minutes. Deglaze with a splash of dry inexpensive white wine, such as Riunite Bianco or D'oro. Cook for a few minutes. Add a splash of water; sprinkle with a little flour. Add a little dried chives, garlic and onion. Gently shake the pan; reduce heat to low; or, move pan to edge of fire if outside cooking over a hearth. Cook for 5 minutes more usings a spatula to move chicken pieces about and scrape pan. Add one more splash of wine for complete deglazing; cook 5 minutes more over reduced heat. Serve with other prepared food storage items.

    Recipe Four: Proceed As Above But Leave Off The Oil.

        Place washed, clean chicken parts skin side down onto hot iron skellet. Follow as in above but use low to moderate heat such that the chicken fat melts and the chicken parts (thighs are excellent for this recipe) actually cook in their own juices. Muscle meats have a large amount of water and this will reduce burning. When skin side of chicken is brown; turn. Add a splash of wine and deglaze. Those brown crystals stuck to the pan are loaded with flavor and the white wine breaks them loose and frees color and flavor to the dish. After cook ten minutes on skin side or until brown and turned and cooked until skinless side is puffed about done. Add another splash of wine with equal amount of water. Cook until a simmer (bubbles just break the surface gently) develops, add herbs and other seasonings to taste and a sprinkle on a few finger fulls of flour. Allow to cook for 15 minutes more; turn as necessary. A thick succulent sauce develops. Thin with wine and water if desired and cook a few minutes more. Serve warm.

        Serve on a bed of rice, spaghetti, or potatoes from your food storage provisions. Now is the time to practice. Be sure and replace your practice provisions as you use them.

    Note 1:

        You will need the calories the chicken fat provides as food will be scarce, especially meat sources; thus, do not waste. If you don't want all the fat the chicken provides, cook, serve to your animals or place in jars and perserve until needed. You can make soap out of it if rendered properly.

    Note 2:

        Use The Following Seasoning Mix on Chicken, Fish, Meat, etc. And In Vegetable Cassrole Dishes. Get Plenty In Reserve. We find that many people who have prepared have not given thought to seasonings, except salt and pepper. They do not realized that spaghetti and beans, etc. taste quite bland when served only with salt and pepper. Your Freeze Dried Onions, Freeze Dried Green Bell Peppers, Freeze Dried Cheses, Dried Chives from regular grocery stores, and so forth will complement your other food stuffs. Do not supersize your dishes. Learn to economize or you will run out of major staples, such as beans, lentils, rice, spaghettis, etc. No one is allowed to waste food. He eats what is set before him. This is why you have planned in advance. Accept no one in your home who is a pussy about eating; have dislikes towards certain foods; have allergies to things you have stored to go with certain meal designs and plans. Otherwise, you will go through your foodstuffs like crap through a goose (Caca d'oie).

    Chef Charl (Charles') Season Mix:

    (Use whole bottles of spices, of approximately the same size. This keeps the mix in the correct proportions.)

    • 2 bottles paprika
    • 2 bottles oregano
    • 2 bottles parsley flakes
    • 1 bottle rosemary (ground preferred)
    • 1 bottle basil.
    • 1 bottle garlic powder
    • 1 bottle onion powder

    Empty all bottles into a large mixing bowl. Mix thoroughly. Place into shaker bottles with large holes. An empty 8 oz. parmesan container container makes an excellent holder for this spice mix.

        Recipes Are By Chef Charl (Charles), An Award–Winning French Chef!

    Note 3:

    • You can't do this if you did not prepare! Most are picnicking on The Banks of Hell and don't even know it.

    • Crime against women will be horrendous during this period! Someone is already watching you and they don't even know it... until, the situation is ripe. Get Armed...Get Deadly....Get Safe. We have seen too many women mauled by men and women. Become an expert in what you own and garner. There are going to be a lot of dead bodies around. Strip them of ammunition and firearms. Get now: The Gun digest Book of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly for Part I through Part IV for Automatic Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles, Shotguns, and Centerfire Rifles.

      If you come in possession of a firearm you are unfamiliar with, these books should be able to help you with it.

    • Women....practice now dressing like tough–looking boys or men. Either wear your hair short or tuck it under under a cap. It can hang long as some men still wear their hair in tresses. Wear old, loose clothes with dull masculine colors. No bright colors. Wear black, brown, or taupe shirts and pants. Do not starch, iron and crease apparel. Start practicing using henna hair color, black, and carefully out line a full week's beard and moustache. Let set for 30 to forty minutes, and it may last for a week or so, if the face is not washed.

      You want to practice scowling. Watch the movie Patton. He did to project a tough appearance to his men. Get false teeth that are bucked and space and/or a couple of false covers for a front tooth or two so as to look like you had them knocked out in a fight. You are going to have to present a rough, tough appearance. A group of woman students of ours went to a costume shop and found what they need: One got a false beard that even fooled the instructor when she called and asked if she could bring a guest. She even had a false hair piece that matched hers and made her look like she was a gang member.

      When you go out, dressed as a man, do not wear jewelry, especially feminine and diamond jewelry—any jewelry worth anything or that which identifies you as a woman.

      Here are two beautiful woman. They can go from this....

      [A Pretty Woman]           To This:            [The Transformation]

      Or This:

      [Close Up Transformation]

      And The Other Beautiful Woman:

      [Another Beautiful Woman]            Transformed To:        [The Transformation]

      And Watch Out When All Three Reprobates Show Up On Your DoorStep!

      [Three Reprobates]

      And What If He Comes With 'Em!

      [This Is How Kong Looks When He's Been In A Fight!]

          During the Great Depression of the 30s, women often dressed as men when in transient. This especially occurred when "riding the rails," or boxcars — The Great Depression: America In The 1930s, T. H. Watkins.

      You people with those baggy–ass pants/britches hanging at or below your ass cheeks. You'd better ditch them. Somebody out there is going to go for that cute little ass of yours. You'll walk funny from then on when it's over. You'll find a lot of dead people to a lot of baggy–ass pants on the side of the roads. Also, you can't run effectively from your attacker or police. Just watch below:

    • We are in our last warnings.

        During the severe times immediately ahead, the inordinate amount of unrelenting stress is going to create "leaky gut" syndrome (many already have this and do not know it—they just feel badly all the time and see various doctors, nutritionists, and Voodoo Doctors, looking for a cure). Briefly, with all the microbials that are continually feasting on us, an expedient approach into the body systems is right where many live—the colon. We can't avoid it. It happens all the time in a minute way and our body defenses can overcome it, especially when one is in good liver and kidney health. However, with all the hell now knocking at our doors, our bodies will be doing more than just simple housekeeping. The "attack" against us biochemically will be just about, and for many, too much for the body to handle. It will succumb.

        Certain bacteria that live in the colon produce endotoxins when they die or are killed by whatever means. The endotoxin is released when the gram–negative bacterial wall degrades. Endotoxins cause fever and shock. These bacteria live in the colon but do not cause any harm as long as they are in competitive inhibition with other "healthy" bacteria. This means that they do not over produce. See Botulism on this WebSite.

        Much of America is on fish oil to excess. Dr. Mary G. Enig, Ph.D., a world–class lipids chemist writing in Wise Traditions, Spring 2007, pp. 56 – 57, has this to say:

    "...If the cell membrane contains too many unsaturated fatty acids, the cell becomes 'leaky,' with all sorts of compounds going into and out of the cell when they are not supposed to. EFA (essenial fatty acids) earily beome rancid, meaning that free radicals develop during processing, cooking and exposure to air, causing uncontrolled reactions in the body. And finallly....a surfeit of EFAs lowers immunity. For these reasons, EFAs con contribute to cancer, even though they also play a role in preventing cancer."
        One can see immediately with the large recommendation to use EFAs (fish oils, etc.), we are adding to endotoxin absorption spoken of above. And it would be advisible to consider Gerster recommendation in 1998:

    "Research has shown that saturated fat in the diet is needed by the body to enable it to adequately convert the essential omega–3 fatty acid (alpha–linolenic acid) to the elongated omega–3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. These latter fatty acids are necessary for prostaglandin formation and viswual function, respectively" — Know Your Fats: The Complete Primer for Understanding the Nutrition of Fats, Oils, and Cholesterol, Mary G. Enig, Ph.D.

        What's one to do? We suggest to do now the following:

    • Start on Silibinin Plus, a product by Life Extension for the liver. We suggest one morning; one night.

    • Alpha–Lipoic Acid with Biotin.

      The first is a detoxfier and the latter helps liver tissue rebuild. If you can't afford these (money is going to get real tight). Then...or add to the immediate above, the following modality:

  • Fresh, clean, shredded/grated raw carrots. Why? The following is generally not known, but:

    "...A grated carrot with salt and vinegar can produce major changes in bowel health, reducing endotoxin absorption, and restoring constructive hormonal functions" — Ray Peat's Newsletter, September 2008.

        You want to minimize endotoxin absorption. The above modality would inhibit bacterial growth and at the same time make the intestines more resistant to bacterial procreation and cause no side effects that are harmful, writes Dr. Peat. We suggest one use a vinegar with the "mother" in it as it is made and fermented to produce things that are healthy for one, such as potassium. Such a vinegar would be Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar.
  •     What's good for the Hogs is good for you too! Hog farmers no longer use antibiotics as freely as they once did in order to increase the hog's weight by stimulating their growth. The farmers now have turned to alternatives for their antiobiotic actions, such as vegetables whose effect demonstrate natural antibiotic measures. The vegetable's natural antibiotic effect works by reducing formation and absorption of toxins presented to the intestines. The diet of humans can be so adjusted such that one can minimize bacterial toxins production and absorption.

  • We further suggest a probiotic such as PB8 by Nutrition Now. We like this one because it includes Lactobacillus plantarum, which, inaddition to competitive inhibition, has antimicrobial activity.
  • Another item highly recommended to have in your storage and be using now is Cinnamon. Cinnamic acid is the active ingredient. Cinnamon does a number of things to help protect you from what is now hitting this planet. It aids in protecting against inflammation, improves blood sugar control, and increases insulin release.

        This spice not only aids in keeping down inflammation but the phenols it possesses assist in promoting blood vessel health. We use this in our diabetic patients before recommending a second additional medication for blood sugar control first, often will good results. In our private practice, we recommend cinnamon for weight control too as it delays gastric (stomach) emptying and slowly raises and keeps blood sugar on an even keel, which promotes satiety and stops hunger sensations. Patients on weight loss diets like this because they feel full longer.

        The problems seen with cinnamon in not reducing inflammation, blood sugar control, and insulin release are the result of not ingesting enough cinnamon. You need approximately 1/2 teaspoon which is about 1 gram of cinnamon with starchy—and protein and fat—meals. This amount has been shown to reduce triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol, and blood sugar. A little more may be taken if desired — Journal Agriculture Food Chemistry, 56: 7838–7844, 2008; American Journal Clinical Nutrition, 85:1552–1556, 2007.
  •     Those who are regular readers of ChembioUpdate know that we have said in previous issues that if you are with low may just not make it in the next four (4) years. Why? We won't reiterate here, but will give even newer information.

        When one is exposed to statins, there are certain brain cells, progenitor cells, that reduce their generation of a special brain cell that is needed for hemorrhage, repair from an infection, inflammation in the brain, or a head trauma such as a blow to this area of the body. See: Statins have unexpected effect on pool of powerful brain cells.

        Research at Johns Hopkins University has demonstrated a relationship between statin use and autism in children. The use of these drugs are also associated with cognitive dysfunction and memory loss. Low cholesterol leads to weakness in muscle use, especially in people who are active. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol, 2007 Jun 21 points out —and this is a new study, that drugs that lower cholesterol inhibit the function of the mitochondria. The mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. It develops the ATP (the energy currency of the cell) to drive the metabolic machinery for growth, repair, development, and drive.

        Without drive, and the other functions of the body, when you need this function the most to survive, you may just up and go down; or, someone puts you down because your drive is in the "pits" to fight back, stay alive, and protect your family as the violence ratchets up in the coming years.

        And now (Circulation, August 5, 2008,) Dr. Daniel Steinberg of the American Heart Association wants:

    "More aggressive cholesterol control" for children via instituting low–cholesterol, low–saturated fat diet starting at seven months old!

        Wow! What Fresh Hell Is This?

        This means depriving these infants, children...of cheese, whole milk, red meat, liver, eggs, and butter which not only supply other valuable nutrients, but also arachidonic acid and choline that are necessary to develop their brains. It develops until age 21 to 22 years old, according to Science Magazine.

        A danger in this is the lowering of vitamin A which is necessary for iron to be properly assimilated. Not being properly utilized, then we see anemia in these children. We see:

    "Infants with chronic, severe iron deficiency have been observed to display increased fearfulness, unhappiness, fatigue, low activity, wariness,solemnity, and proximity to the mother during free play, developmental testing and at home. In a recent preventative trial in Chile, ratings after 30–45 minutes of developmental testing showed that, compared with infants who received iron supplementation, a greater percentage of unsupplemented infants never smiled, never interacted socially, and never showed social referencing." See Experts Recommend Low-Fat Diets for Children and a Reeducation Program to "Modify the Behavior of the Nation" .

        Vitamin A is important for proper metabolism of protein and building of muscle tissue. You want muscles to be there when you need them, as in locomotion, in defending self and family.

  • Eucalyptus Oil is another substance, gotten from natural foods stores, that would be advisable to have in your arsenal for germs. It appears to be bacteriostatic. It is also used for inflammation of respiratory tract mucous membranes. We recommend you place a number of drops in your air conditioning systems filter when cold and flu season is very prevalent in your area. This knowledge may help one if the world has a influenza pandemic within the next few years. We do not suggest ingesting the oil, as this can be quite toxic to one's health — Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy, 21 Edition; Natural Medicines Comprhensive Database, 2006.

  • The Three Phases Of A Cycle

        Long–term economic cycles fluctuate in a free enterprise, such as one like Great Britain, America, and Canada. The fluctuate in an eerie, supernatural way. There is a periodicity to which it flucturates. No one has ever discovered how, why this occurs. Perhaps, it was something inherent in the natural makeup of man, such that God of the Holy Writ, gave the 50–Year Jubilee because once the peak was reach, things had to be reset to zero to start over again.

        It appears such cycles have been going on even throughout early Bible history, when civilization was big enough to create commodties, selling and trading. The Romans definitely had cycles and the "Supercycle" changed history:

    "Around 500 A.D. the Roman Empire collapsed and the Dark Ages began. Near 1000 A.D. the Dark Ages gave way to the Middle Ages. Around 1500 A. D. the Modern Age (our era) began.

    "Today, we are standing at the threshold of the turning points of both the 60–year and 500–year cycles. If history is a guide, we may well witness a return to the Dark Ages not only in Russia but throughout the world.

    "...At its zenith the Roman Empire was a very advanced civilization. Romans enjoyed central water and sewage. They have enjoyed high living standards. They had a superior educational system (see later discussion of our "Modern Educational" system. You are reading something that is no longer taught in "modern" schools.) A modern army and navy." — Michael Haga, After the Crash: Life In the New Great Depression


    Does all this sound familiar? It should because that is where we are right now—the U.S. then, as now, they said, It can't happen here. That is, we can only go up. We can't be overcome by anything.

        Haga continues:

    "When the Roman Empire collapsed, humanity took a giant leap backward to experience 500 years of turbulence called The Dark Ages where brutality ruled and people killed each other for 'blood sport.'

    "In every American city there are 'War Zones' where armed gangs outnumber law enforcement and police are afraid to go. These gangs think nothing of drive–by shootings and gang land style slayings...out of boredom or just for fun."

    Folks...doesn't this sound familar right now, and is increasing. Oh, it's been going on for sometime....well...that's part of the long–term cycle. It goes for some time.

    The Three Phases To A Cycle:

    The following are the fluctuations that have been noted since Kondratieff's time. Economic trends revolve around one or the other. These fluctuations morph into the current economic trends occurring in a society.

    The Ascending Phase.
    (20 – 30 Years)
    The Plateau Phase.
    (8 – 10 Years)
    The Descending Phase.
    (20 – 30 Years)

    You will notice exactly where we are and what is about to possibly happen with dire results.

    After Each Great Depression, War Ensues.

    • End of the Great Depression of 1780's generated War of 1812.

    • End of the Great Depression of 1830's generated Mexican War of 1846.

    • Fortunes increases; then, turned down generating Civil War of 1861.

    • End of the Great Depression of the 1890's generated Spanish American War of 1896.

    • Fortunes increased; then, turned down generating World War I.

    • End of the Great Depression of the 1930's generating World War II.

    • Begining of the Great Depression of 2008...will generate World War III.

      • The war will use up the excess population of the 2000's era.

      • The war will put 100's of thousands who are out of work, back to work, in a frenzy to build and support the New Great War Machine, To win the war!

      • The war will force people to save again because everything will be rationed.

      • The war will provide the foundation for the next long–term economic boom.

      • The New Economic Boom will be based on new technologices.

    The Ascending Phase:

    This is a period of abundant prosperty. This fluctuation lasts for 20 to 30 or so years with the following characteristics:

    • People invest in equities (stocks & bonds) at the early outset of the Ascension Phase.

    • People save money from the rich to the poor. This creates a savings pool which provides the basis for true economic growth. Very little borrowing is occurring at this time.

    • Economic growth begins in earnest.

    • Farming prospers because commodity prices rise.

    • People migrate from towns and cities to farming communities because:

      • The lifestyle is superior to city life.
      • Cheap farm land.
      • People can earn a quality living.

    • The above characteristics are occurring during the first decade of the Ascending Phase. It is a good time to be alive.

    • Now, the real rate of inflation begins during midway of this phase. The inflation is not egregious...but it is now making its appearance. Two major reasons for this are:

      • The economy is growing so fast such that the ability to produce and bring to market the commodities necessary for the process of economic growth is outpacing commodity production. Thus, competition against one another by people for goods and services increases and this drives up prices because there is only so much commodity being produce.

      • Now, Speculation enters into the market place. All goods that come from various raw commodities now enter into the speculation market and therefore rise.

      • Weather is another factor. Until now, weather has not been mentioned strongly as a factor in cycles. Yet, weather undergoes with regularity a change every 50 years or so. This may have been what was on God's mind with the 50–Year Jubilee, because weather changes cause such problems every 50 years or so, people cannot pay debts in every sector and walk of life if inclement weather crucifies jobs and raw products. Real shortages now occur and this generates a definite rise in the commodity speculation market.

    • As inflation rises, there is now movement away from the equities market into "Hard Assets." This is real estate, collectibles (baseball cards, beanie babies, antiques, and whatever strikes the peoples' fancy during that period), art, diamonds, gold, silver, and precious metals are included in this "Hard Assets" market. You have seen this ten years back, especially when practically everyone was going to get rich in the the speculation market of real estate. You see what has happened to this market now. It is into the Descending Phase, which we will discuss shortly.

    • The long–term bull market in equities (stocks and bonds) ends.

    • Stock and bond prices begins a long period of stagnation.

    • Borrowing commences for investment in hard assets.

    • An unsustainable demand for credit and creation for excessive levels of debt.

    • Economic growth continues but now at a declining rate. A psychological need has developed for "Saving the World," or "Save the Planet." This fuels credit and excessive levels of debt creation because it cost to have the "little" wars going on almost simultaneously.

    We Now Enter Into The

    Plateau Phase

    With This Psychological Need

    We enter this phase with the following conjunctions:

    • Save the world attitude develops. Many small wars commence.

    • The populace wants to "save the world," but soon tires of this; thus, riots break out and are common place. Demonstrations against the war(s) become regular. Remember the Viet Nam riots. Recall the "May Day" riots of World War I.

    • Inflation increases

    • Problems increase at home.

    • Currency fixed rates of exchange are tossed out, dropped.

    • True inflation now begans in earnest!

      "Remember, commodities form the very core of our economic life and since other countries are beginning to export commodities, while economic growth is slowing and the emotional war has ended, commodity surpluses begin to develop and commodity prices naturally and inevitably begin to fall" — After the Crash: Life in the New Great Depression, Michael Haga.
      Hence, "Ironically, the true rate of inflation begins to decline because the price of commodities begins to decline" — Ibid.

    • The cost to maintain the same living standard as in the previous phase goes up because currency is losing value faster than increases in salary occur.

    • Cash is trash attitude develops and no real savings occurs. Increased borrowing occurs as is experience by people paying for a hamburger with fries using credit cards. Everything is paid with credit or debit cards.

    • People get into credit with credit cards and new businesses spring up promising to save you with just one bill, to them of course, and saving your credit rating.

    • "Debt levels reach unsustainable peaks because people borrow more money than they can ever hope to repay, and bankruptcies and foreclosures begin escalating nationwide" — Ibid.

    • Commodity surpluses develop.

    • The community of farmers enter into an economic depression, lasting more than 30 years. (Why so many family farms have now closed in the 2000's.)


      These farmers went deeply into debt for the purchase of land and farm equipment so they could enlarge their operations when commodities were in demand and in short supply. Then, the commodity prices began spiriling downward and the farmers got caught with big debt at a time when commodities were falling. Then, (This is happening now too!) drought hits the heartland of America and farmers suffer here too. They are getting a double whammy.

    • "Toward the midpoint of the plateau phase there is another major psychologicval shift in investment outlook. When the true rate of inflation falls dramatically, after about two years with no indication of reversing upward, and hard assets become overpriced. The populace once again turns towards making investments in the long shunned (and now very underpriced) equities market (stocks and bonds)." This is happening now — Ibid.

    • Various sorts of national emergency packages evolve in Congress to save the profligates, including the big banks, and other lending institutions. This is a sign we are now entering into the third phase of the cycle—the Depression Phase!

    We Now Enter Into The

    Depression Phase

    • Borrowing increases.

    • Debt levels are unstainable and individuals, small and large businesses, corporations, banks, insurance companies, and governments reach a crescendo and start coming apart en masse.

    • The debt can never hope to be repaid.

    • From here, several things can "go down." Society comes apart; governments institute martial law in various areas hardest hit. Crime escalates.

    • Massive unemployment occurs.

    • Riots, marches on Washington, etc. are all too possible.

    • Farming goes down.

    • This time, food will be extremely scarce! In the 1930s depression, they had everything but money.

    • There will be a short term increase in the equities market, to no avail. The people have no money! And the money some have is worthless.

    • Crime is now rampant. City services are almost nonexistant. This will be a time in our history you will have to protect physically from marauders the little bit you've got.

      Do Not Be Surprised If You Get This In The Future
      Press Play To Start

    • The Times of London reports: "Why the recession is a blessing in disguise." This actually will be a depression. American researchers point out that downturns will be good for the populace. Why? When times are rough, very rough, people eat less, smoke less, drink less, exercise more, and respect and appreciate the simple things in life. This is especially true of those who are and will be out of work. The people of this time "take fewer risks." Self–restraint, discipline and propriety will become the norm. Recreational drugs will drop below the radar.

      All This Generates To War!

    • Governments go to War. This will be World War III. Times will then be the harshest Americans have ever known. Their planet is about to be changed.

    • The good thing is that people will go back to real religion and see evil for evil, and good for good. They will no longer call evil good, and good evil. Sexual continence will come back. The youth will respect teachers and the hoary hair. Women will look and dress like women in the future. Physicians and lawyers will become what they were in the ancient past. True professionals. The populace will learn to become self-reliant. Home vegetable gardens will spring up everywhere. Boom boxes and noise-makers and rudeness and disrespect for another will have long disappeared. Neighbors will be respectful of one another and helpful...but quickly we forget!


    Recall The 50–Year Jubilee written above:
    "In Leviticus 25:10, reference is made to Fifty-Year Jubilees, where all debts were forgiven every fifty years. There were certain rules surrounding this and the people always prospered as long as they followed those rules given. Break the rules, and ruin, famine, disease, wars, and disaster began to make its appearance. When the rules were followed, peace and harmony reined supreme."

    Everything got back to zero financially and mankind started over again. For some reason, there is a defect that occurs that generates these cycles. It is not one long forever continuous cycle of prosperity. God knowing the nature of man, gave us this Fifty–Year Jubilee so that man could move along peacefully and regenerate from zero again.

        The U.S. Government is attempting to imitate God in His wisdom by initiating the 700 billion (a trillion plus now) dollar jubilee reward for profligacy. As soon as this goes into effect, three inescapable Universal Laws go into effect:

    • There Are No Short Cuts To God. (As soon as this rule is broken, it forces the other rule into action)

    • God Is Not Mocked! (When this goes into actions, the following is exacted)

    • You Shall Reap What You Have Sown! (Rewarding profligacy is frowned on in The Holy Writ. It is going to be very interesting from now on for America, now that the 700 billion dollar bailout package passed.

    If The Galactic Plane Does Not Disturb The Solar System, There Will Be A Period of 30 to 40 Years of Prosperity. The Cycle Starts Over Again.

    What Happened In 1929:

    Rewatch And Notice
    Many Similarities Then And Now.

    Our Educational System

        We spoke earlier about education and would return to it. Here it is, but first, keep in mind the Dole, Profligacy, and Indolence that education should instill into us to avoid, is no longer present in schools and churches.

        The American Sentinel, March 2008, writes:

    Rotting "Intellectual Infrastructure" Points To National Decline

    America's Future May Rest With Its "Dumbest Generation"

    "With the so–called 'Greatest Generation' dying off and the massive Baby Boom generation entering traditional retirement years, the nations's future rest in the hands of today's high school and college graduates. It is they who will be expected to drive the economy when Boomers are in retirement, and it is they who will become tomorrow's policy makers.

    "Judging by their dismal academic scores as compared to previous generations and foreign students today, it's hard to be optimistic about America's future. Today's American students are falling further and further behind their Asian and European counterparts, especially in terms of math and science skills. Americans often know less even about American history than foreign students. Here's the sad reality:

    • The National Academy of Sciences has found that U.S. students consistently perform near the bottom among all industrialized countries. The U.S. Department of Education has acknowledged that science aptitude among graduating high schoolers has plummeted over the past several years.

    • Today's college graduates don't know much of anything about their own country. Harvard seniors score a 'D+' on average in basic civic literacy, according to the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. The Institute found that at elite colleges, it was common for students to actually leave college knowing less than they knew when they came in as freshman. (Folks...they were dumbed down—WebMaster's comment).

    • Less than half of college seniors today know that Charles Lindbergh made the first non–stop sole trans–Atlantic flight. In the 1950s, 96% of college graduates and 79% of high school graduates knew this.

    Don't Know Much About History...Or Anything Else

    "Students don't learn the major individuals, events, and milestones of American history anymore. Instead, instructors indulge in various subjective 'perspectives' on history and tend to tie everything back to narratives about race, gender, and class struggle.

    "A recent study asked a sample of 2,000 high school juniors and seniors in all 50 states to name the 10 most famous Americans excluding presidents. The list was led by Martin Luther King (1), Rosa Parks (2), Harriet Tubman (3), and Susan B. Anthony (4); and included Oprah Winfrey (7). Amelia Earhart came in sixth for being the first woman to fly across the Atlantic. But the first person to perform that feat (Charles Lindebergh) failed to even make the top ten, as did the inventors of modern aviation (the Wright Brothers).

    "Today's students may not recognize the Bill of Rights or be able to explain what caused World War I, but they do know how to be politically correct. That's because public school educrats are more intent on making sure students receive a political indoctrination than in equipping them with knowledge. Last year, for example, the Seattle public school system sent students from four high schools to a 'White Privilege Conference' where radical 'diversity' trainers led white–guilt inducement sessions. (How about this Bovine Defecation! This should not be done to anyone regardless of ethnicity — WebMasters).

    How about 'Science Month' or Just Plain 'History Month?

    "In February, President Bush held a ceremony for Black History Month, which exists to overstate the significance of figures such as Rosa Parks (whose admirable but unremarkable life as a seamstress/protestor is now more familiar to students than Benjamin Franklin's). Yet obsessing endlessly over race, making kids feel ashamed of their country, and purposefully distorting history to diminish white males, as our schools have done in recent years, hasn't made American students of any race or either gender more competitive with higher–achieving foreign students.

    "Politicians attempt to remedy the disturbing lack of learning in schools by paying for more of what has caused it. The Bush–Kennedy No Child Left Behind Act has formally turned our schools into federally administered laboratories for social Marxism. The Act require all schools to affirmative action to 'close gaps' in achievement, which effectively means discouraging the best and brightest from rising too high and dumbing down the curriculum to prop up the performance of lower–achieving students.

    "American education has been steadily declining since President Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education. President Bush has himself doubled the bureaucracy, apparently guided by the belief that dumping more money into a system infected with bad ideas can cure it.

    What You as a Parent/Grandparent Can Do

    "A growing number of parents are pulling their kids out of the rotten–to–the–core public school system and opting to home–school them instead. For more than a decade now, home–schoolers have scored well above the national average in pre–college testing. They have lately dominated national spelling bees, too, making up 12% of the finalists despite being only 2% of the school–age population.

    Here's A Good, Proven Starting Point

    "A good reading assignment for a high school or college student who has been misled by biased curricula and/or starved of actual information about our country is Thomas E. Woods' excellent new book, 33 Questions About American History You're Not Supposed to Ask. It's not a comprehensive account of American history, but it is a fun read that dispels some of the politically correct myths being propagated in our schools and colleges.

    "For a more thorough history lesson, I suggest visiting a used book store and buying the oldest history textbook you can find (one written before the 1990s would be good; one pre–dating the 1960s would be even better)."

    For The American Sentinel subscription: 1015 Manning Drive, Fredericksburg, VA 22405; $89/12 issues.

    The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor writes in its May, 2008, Issue:

    "Almost nobody cares! About what? About the present melddown in the U.S. financial system! About eight years of zero return in the stock market! About the coming firestorm in the Middle East! About the explosion of Islamic fundamentalism — in America and all over the world! about the coming election of a left–wing President of the U.S.! About our accelerating loss of freedom!

    "To say that the vast majority of Americans today are brain–dead is a gross understatement. They have been dumbed down, mesmerized, propagandized and brainwashed by Wall Street, Washington, the Fed, the media (especially television), and the education system. They have lost almost all ability to think, reason, connect the dots, or discern the emerging threats and crises of our day. We are now losing our freedoms in quantum jumps, and almost no one takes note, cares, or is even aware of what is being lost.

    "In a day of wall–to–wall 24/7 entertainment; incredible busyness; and 15 to 30–second sound bites, there are very few thinking Americans left. And that is a problem for newsletters like MIA and others that are written for people who still read, who can still think, and can see through the non–stop lies and deceptions in our day. With the passing of the depression era and war era (The Depression Phase of the economic cycles—WebMasters) Americans, the generations which have followed have lost their patriotic fervor, their toughness, and their deep thinking skills. They are educated to surf the Internet but are not discerning.

    "Hence, the market for hard money, conservative newsletters has shrunk by at least 75% over the past 15 years. Hence, over 99% of the investing public have not participated in the biggest bull market in precious metals in world history — indeed, most are barely even aware that gold has gone up — let alone the fact that gold has risen four–fold; silver five–fold and platinum six–fold in the last seven years. Yet 99% of the investing public are happy to have most of their non–residential assets and retirement funds in a stock market that has had zero return for eight years.

    "The Bible (in both the Old and New Testaments) warned against false prophets who lied to and deceived the gullible public in ancient Israel, and condemned these false prophets as evil, wicked, and often only profit–motivated. Today we have the false prophets of Wall Street, Washington, the Fed and the media lying to and deceiving the gullible public non–stop. The result, in this writer's opinion, is that most Americans (like passive sheep being led to the slaughter) will lose most of their wealth and most of their freedom over the next five to 10 years. And once it's gone, they won't even understand why, or how it happened.

    "It almost seems like a spirit of blindness has fallen over most of America, so that most Americans can no longer discern truth from lies or good from evil. When Israel forgot God, disobeyed and angered Him, it says in Romans 11:8: 'God gave them a spirit of stupor, eyes that could not see and ears that could not hear.' And in 1 Thessalonians 2:11, it says: 'For this reason, God sends them a powerful delusion, so that they will believe the lie...' Is this also America today? This writer wonders.

    "This writer writes MIA to a tiny remnant of Americans (and other) who still have discernment, the ability to think, connect the dots, and who want to understand and adapt to the times. This remnant is probably shrinking — which is sad. But, who knows, perhaps after we have gone through a long, difficult, and dark time, perhaps this remnant, with God's help, will help lead America back to honesty, integrity, freedom and back to the God of the Bible, whom we have by–and–large forgotten. I certainly hope so. And that is the bottom line!"

    The McAlvany Intelligence subscription rates: P. O. Box 84904, Phoenix, AZ 85071

    The American Sentinel writes in its November, 2008, Issue:

    What They Are Not Teaching In U.S. Schools Anymore

    "Notes monetary scholar Antal Fekete, 'Under the gold standard there was no organized speculation in foreign exchange and interest rates, as the variation in these rates were too small rendering speculation unprofitable.'"

    [Editors Comment: note the words speculation and keep them in mind when you read about this later. Also, we just got news (November 11, 2008), some Swiss banks are not in good shape—Be Warned].

    "'And, of course, there was no organized speculation in gold. This, incidentally, is one of the merits of a gold standard. It channels talent and manpower away from gambling and into productive enterprise.'"

        The American Sentinel continues with:

    Why the Political Class Absolutely Hates the Idea of a Gold Standard

    "More importantly, a gold–backed currency acts as a restraint on politicians, taking away their ability to have money created out of thin air to fund runaway spending and borrowing."

        A gold standard puts the brakes on all this excess spending in that the public, once reeducated about the gold standard, can see readily what is happening to the money supply. Now...get this! It appears, from a number of our sources, it is possible that the treasury and the FEDs may be planning ahead for a return to the gold standard after the collapse of the dollar.

        In the November – December, 2008, page 3 of U.S. & World Early Warning Report by Richard Maybury, he writes:

    "According to the government's own Consumer Price Index, since the Federal Reserve was put in charge of protecting the value of the dollar in 1913, the dollar's value has dropped to four cents. Once this final four cents is gone, the dollar will be worthless, it won't buy anything."

    Folks! We are just four cents away from the dollar becoming worthless and people do not even know it. WowWee! This is why the U.S. Tresuary and the Federal Reserve (FEDs) are going to issue new money in the close future that will be backed by gold. Another reason we know something is going on with gold: Trying buying gold coins now. They have practically all dried up. We tried to get you to get some and take possession of them. Remember! Well, the U.S. Government is no longer minting gold coins. The reason our top sources in Washington, and elsewhere say, is that the government is saving the gold to have to back a new currency after they let the dollar crash. This will be Hyper–Inflation. You won't be able to afford anything even if you take a wheelbarrel of dollars to the supermarket to buy bread.

        Jim Powell's Global Changes & Opportunities Report backs this up in his November/December 2008, issue, in which he believes, after much number crunching:

    "...So much fiat money is being created, the value of the dollar will be destroyed....the dollar will be ruined...the Fed and the Treasury know that's the case, and they are planning to deal with it."

        Fiat money is money that is backed by nothing....literally only in faith and trust that your government will not do funny things with the money nor bankers, such as excessive spending and borrowing and creating worthless banking instruments, and lending to non–credit worthy individuals, respectively.

        The American Sentinel continues:

    "Under a non–inflationary monetary system, Congress would be desperately looking for ways to close the budget deficit instead of continuously expanding it. We'd be hearing words like these out of Washington:
    'We will cut spending. Government will learn to do more with less... It is time for [us] and other governments to cut up our credit cards. The era of 'buy now and pay later' is over.'''

        And the only way for this to happen is for the government to return to the gold standard. A gold backed currency stops much shenanigans.

        There are too many departments in our government that are making Washington bureaucrats "fat with wealth and power—all in the name of the 'common good,' they assure us—at the expense of the beleaguered American people. That must come to an end," says Ron Paul, writing in his new book, The Revolution, April 2008. "For more than 80 percent of our history," he continues, "Americans got by very well" without all these various departments. He adds:

    "It is only our intellectual inertia and lack of imagination that make us think these departments necessary in the first place. A federal Department of Education, for example, is an insult to the American people, who are more than capable of running their own schools without being looted to support a national education bureaucracy.

    "We would get by just fine without it, as indeed Americans did for most of the twentieth century, a period when—by just a coincidence?—the population was far better educated than it is now. In fact, given the Department of Education's sorry record, if I truly opposed learning and knowledge I would propose tripling its budget."

    WebMasters italics. Note the last sentence of Ron Paul: Give the Department of Education more money if you want to Dumb Down the students even more.

    Dr. Paul concludes his book this way:

    "If freedom is what we want, it is ours for the taking.

    "Let the revolution begin."

    Recall from above, the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

    And, What That Rancher Said.

        The dumbing down of America has succeeded. Soon, they will be led with rings in their dole–kept noses. And when the dole-giver can no longer give, nothing makes people madder than receiving something and having it taken away from them when they did not earn it. America will burn! And won't know why. But, as philosopher, Eric Hoffer puts it:

    "People who bite the hand that feeds them usually lick the boot that kicks them."

    Knowledge You Are Going To Need

        If you are not new to ChemBioUpdate Documents, you know there is going to be a Chemical, Biological and Nuclear attack in the not–too–distant future. One of these entities may have happened by the time you are reading this. We say once more:

    Get a Nuclear/Chemical/Biological gas mask, NBC. They are actually now known as protective mask. You are going to need this in the future. Just going through the Radial Center of The Galactic Plane will generate vulcanism. It is already increasing. The particulates will hinder breathing.


        These mask do not provide oxygen! They will not allow you to survive if no source of fresh air is available, as in a smoked filled room, volcanic gasses, and so forth. They filter out particulate matter that cause problems with breathing and lung damage. No more. We recommend the Israeli Citizen gas mask. But, Google "Israeli gas mask" and decide according to your resources. If you have children, look for "Israeli Youth Gas Mask."

        Next, you must become proficient with putting on the mask, securing and clearing it. The following videos illustrate this. This is common for most, if not all gas masks. Most do not know what you are now learning. And, without an instructor, if they do know it, they do not practice it, and hence, during an emergency—when it matters most—panic, and just get it on incorrectly. Children especially so. But, well–practiced persons will go through the experience on auto–pilot and survive.

    Gas Mask I

    Gas Mask II

    Gas Mask III

    Drills Are Performed Without Filter.
    Practice With Drill Stopper

    Remember! Do The Following If An NBC Attack Occurs:

    • Take A Deep Breath, Close Eyes.

    • Don the Mask Rapidly
      • Pull Side Straps Tight.
      • Pull Chin Straps Tight

    • Place Hand Over Exterior ProTective Net (See Literature for Your Mask) — Blow Out. Air Should Escape Out Mask Hugging Face and Hair Line.

    • Place Hand Over Filter Fitting (See Literature for Your Mask) — Suck In. No Air Should Come In. Mask Should Cave In Some Due To Suction Created If Seal Is Good.

    • Open Eyes & Breathe.

      If Mask is Torn During An Attack and Cannot Be Repair Or Sealed With Hand Due to Large Tear, Do The Following:

      • Close Eyes.

      • Take a Deep Breath, Hold it.

      • Remove Mask Immediately; Unscrew Canister (Filter).

      • Place Filter Nose with Threads Into Mouth. Don't Waste Time!

      • Pinch Nose Shut. Keep Eyes Closed and Nose Pinched Shut and Breathe Through Canister (Filter).

      Under Stress, Logic and Reasoning Diminishes Greatly. Emotions Rise. Therefore, Look At These Procedures Again. You Will Not Be Able To Reason What To Do Next Under A Crisis Situation. Thus, You Must Be Well–practiced, Such That You Will Do The Above Under Extreme Stress Automatically. You Must Practice Again and Again.

      Decision Making is degraded. As Stress Rises; Reasoning goes Down. Under severe stress, normal intellectual processes become impossible, and the mind automatically defaults to its most primitive and basic responses (primal). In training, since this is so, we present the least number of electives. Options, variations, and decisions, are reduced to the absolute minimum. This reduces vacillation, hesitation, and panic.

      Write The Above Instructions Out On a 4 x 6 Card, Using Both Sides. Fold it; Place on Your Person and Refer To It from Time To Time. Logic and Reason Go Out The Window Under Stress. Finite, Controlled Movement Is All But Imposible. Thus, Work With Gross Movements. The Bigger Muscles Now Control Your Destiny!

    Gun Worn On Hip During Total Anarchy

    [Gun Worn On Hip During Total Crisis]

    Women! Get Armed! During These Times, Chaos Is Not Nice To Women.

    If Someone Frowns About You Owning & Wearing 'A Gun On Hip'
    During These Chaotic Times
    Mentally...Give 'em The Bush Finger!

    It's Your Hide You Have To Protect
    Get Tough Mentally & Physically

    [The Bush Finger]

    Review: Yes! You Can Survive A Nuclear Blast


        During This Time, Nausea Will Become Very Prevalent. Nausea From Fear, Exposure To Biological, Nuclear, and/or Chemical Substances. Nausea From Improperly Prepared Food. Nausea From Despondency Because of Loss. Nausea Because of The Sights, Sounds, and Smells We Have Never Experienced. We Have Used For Our Patients Ginger Root Capsules from Natures Way; or, Vitamin Research Products, Ginger Extract For Nausea. At The First Sign of This Queasy, Uneasy Feeling, We Suggest 2 to 3 Capsules. Store Plenty.

        The Hell Is Going To Be Unrelenting. Nausea Will Interfere With Your Point Shooting or Sight–Picture!

    Now What ?

        What can we expect with/from this new president? First, recall the above that clearly points out that life is cyclic. Business is cyclic...everything is cyclic. Events come and go and move in a cycle. History has shown this for some time now. There are other cycles that meld with the above cycles. We will cover this in The Whore of Babylon.

        But, suffice it for now to know for now that one of the three other melding cycles that will be covered in The Whore is the Age of Money; or, more properly known as The Era of the Acquisitors. Throughout all civilizations, this class, the Acquisitive Class, is composed of the rich. They are composed of diversified groups such as rich landlords, money lenders, and merchants. They are concerned no longer with just keen intellect to acquire power politically and creature comforts. No. They want more. Social prominence in this era is vested on how much money one has. You can see it everywhere. One in this current era does not have any experience with the psychology and psychodynamics of the other eras involving The Laborer; or, The Warrior Class; or, The Intellectual Age. These will be discussed throughly in The Whore of Babylon.

        The Aquisitor is concerned with amassing great amounts of wealth, not just enjoying it. That mentality is what rules the acquisitor age as is now seen since the Great Depression of the 30s. It has been especially so within the last decade and a half. The government during this time becomes somewhat decentralized as the wealth of the populace grows so that it tends to pander to this era's wealthy who vote them into office and made "gifts" to its representatives.

        Dr. Batra writes in The Great Depression of 1990, the Intellectuals are very important to the Acquisitors:

    "...The intellectuals have an important role to play. They now help the acquisitors stay in power by doing what they do best—devising dogmas that, in return for some compensation, justify the supremacy of the ruling class. This they accomplish, as always, in a way that lures the gullible—by concealing their support for the acquisitors' primacy behind proclamations of individuals rights, liberty, and justice. In reality, however, such lofty principles are openly violated—WebMaster's Emphasis.

    "They are usually observed only when it serves the interest of the affluent. Once the intellectuals give in, warriors and laborers also perform services for the rich. Thus in the acquisitive age, all other classes submit to the wealthy, who then control the means of production—land, factories, capital. Feudalism and capitalism are two pointed examples of acquisitive eras in Western civilization.

    "Of all forms of government, the one loved by the acquisitor is that in which the central authority is the weakest. In the warrior era this is impossible. In the intellectuals' era, the central power is not so strong, but the rigid social codes that the intellectuals contrive to control people keep a tight leash on would–be acquisitors. That is why one finds that the acquisitive era, especially as it matured, was accompanied by a high degree of decentralized political authority in every civilization. A centralized system can, if it suits its purpose, force the rich to share their wealth with the poor (WebMaster's Emphasis. Does this sound familar?) and no one is more aware of this risk than the acquisitors. Therefore, whenever the wealthy hold the reins, the system of government as well as the administrative apparatus is decentralized over time."

    Folks, we are at the time now where the government is trying to undo this condition that is "characteristic of the Acquisitor Era." They are trying to concentrate its centralization...and this takes force!

        How do we know this? The new president said to Joe the Plumber: "I think when you spread the wealth (the Acquisitor Age we are now in; and have been in for sometime) around, it's good for everybody."

        Readers of this ChemBioUpdate, we do not think he realizes what he said; and/or, even knows that he is about to use force on the Acquisitors of this era. This will entail the Laborers, the Warriors, the Intellectuals that made it to the Acquisitor Level, and this includes all ... Joe the Plumbers of the U.S. All these separate entities comprise the cycles, each in their own age. The following is what Obama wants to do. It will take force because the government is too decentralized, as occurs in the wealthy era.

        He is going to recentralize the government. Let's put it simply: You are about to see the most draconian socialistic measures ever passed against our society as the new administration pulls in the controlling reins of the government and it becomes more authoritarian. However, there is the possibility the government will not take force because the intellectuals and other classes of people have been so dumbed down, they can be led with rings in their noses as they lose wealth, laws, and their guns. Reread what another said about Harvard graduates under the Education Section. Obama graduated from Harvard Law School.

        Lets put this in a basic schematic for easier understanding:

        Obama knows he is inheriting a hell of a mess! We think, however, he intrinsically has learned and has seen the following from being raised in various third world countries. He took all this in without knowing it. And this is it. This is real economics. He wants to avoid the first bullet and cause the second bullet to occur:

    • Increased Wealth Disparity (Wealth Concentrated more in the hands of a few) increases chance of recession and this can generate into a deep recession which can go into a Depression.

    • Decreased Wealth Disparity (Spread the wealth around) decreases chance of recession which decreases chance of Depression. This, we feel, is the reason Obama wants to spread the wealth around.
        The New President Elect does not realized what this will result in—a possible revolution. Your WebMasters and Kong most definitely believe there will be food–riots, disorder, disobedience, and Revolution.

        Look what's happening to Iceland:
    "It is not as if Reykjavik, where about two-thirds of the country's 300,000 people live, is filled with bread lines or shanties for the homeless or looters smashing store windows. But this city, until recently the center of one of the world's fastest economic booms, is now the unhappy site of one of its great crashes. It is impossible to meet anyone here who has not been profoundly affected by the financial crisis.

    "Overnight, people lost their savings. Prices are soaring. Once-crowded restaurants are almost empty. Banks are rationing foreign currency, and companies are finding it dauntingly difficult to do business abroad. Inflation is at 16 percent and rising. People have stopped traveling overseas. The local currency, the krona, was at 65 to the dollar a year ago; now it is at 130. Companies are slashing salaries, reducing workers' hours and, in some instances, embarking on mass layoffs.

    "'No country has ever crashed as quickly and as badly in peacetime,' said Jon Danielsson, an economist for the London School of Economics."
        They engaged in the same type of banking practices as other big banks around the world, that is, they borrowed on short term rates, then lent the money out at long term rates for long periods of time, and thus became highly leveraged. The Icelandic banks did a huge business overseas, but alas, it was on borrowed money and on borrowed time, and it has left Icelanders shocked at the swiftness and suddenness of the devastating downturn in their enconomy. Even though ordinary Icelanders had nothing to do with the huge banking business bubble, Iceland as a whole benefitted, with plentiful jobs and plenty of growth. All that has ended now, and many Icelanders are without jobs or savings, and foreigners have fled the land.

        Obama wants to decrease the wealth disparity, because he knows that if he doesn't, the banks are going to keep doing like they do, and recession going into a great depression, is in our immediate future.

        What can we expect if this happens here? For more see Iceland's Troubles. Does This Forshadow America's Future?

        Jim Powell's Global Changes & Opportunities Report, November/December 2008, says:

    "It is also clear that many Americans who are angry about the falling stock market and corporate greed, are supporting the growth of authoritarian democracy and the imperial presidency. The concentration of power in Washington has become so great, our country is starting to resemble a constitutional monarchy."

        Warning to you intellectuals: When changes like this take place in this era, you are placed in labor camps, if there is intelligent disagreement with the ruling body and your offering solutions to the masses against the ruling body. Many to Most die...why? Because they are not conditioned as the Laborer is. You earn your livelihood with your brains, not brawn.

        Who are the intellectuals? They are the philosophers, the educators, scholars and writers. The intellectuals are also physicians, lawyers, poets, scientists, engineers, priest and ministers of various religions. The intellectuals also include white–collar workers. All these professions utilized their minds primarily rather than brawn to achieve their goals. This class of people, especially the educators, philosophers, and poets will have to be very careful in what they say in the near future. You "will do as you're told, and take your place," or....

    What Obama Said To Joe the Plumber

        This gentleman does not realize the tremendous market forces that drove this society to become the Joe Plumbers of the world, and hence, the acquisitors. He is now going to buck this massive force that did such a thing, and the only way he can do it, even with the dumbed-down society that got to this level, is by using force. It's coming. It is not going to be stopped. This will spark, as happened in the French Revolution, and always does in societies who are upset with the class status or who lose their class status, a revolution.

        This may be what John Titor, the "time traveler," was talking about when he spoke of a "new revolution" coming to America in the form of another civil war. This man, the new president, is about to put a change in the social order far bigger than what he thinks. He probably does not even have the foggest idea of what his actions are about to cause. He is being advised by Keynesian economists. In a word, their theory is for massive government spending to cure labor shortages. It works, if you go to War!

        A little known incident in American history was caused when "Six years after the end of World War I Congress enacted a bill that would reward veterans of the conflict a cash bonus for their service. However, the legislation stipulated that the veterans would not collect their bonus until 1945. This delayed gratification was acceptable to the World War I veterans during the prosperous '20s but the onslaught of the Great Depression changed their attitude. Out of work, destitute, and with families to feed, the veterans organized a march on Washington in May of 1932 to force Congress to immediately pay their bonus. An estimated 15,000 made their way to the nation's capital and dubbed themselves the "Bonus Expeditionary Force" — Bonus Army.

        Congress, became alarmed at why the men who fought for them would be so mad demanding they pay up now. Congress fled the Capitol through underground tunnels. The situation was so tense as 15,000 to 17,000 men moved into and made shack living quarters in Washington, that Patton, MacArthur, and Eisenhower were called into the fray to lead infantry, cavalary, and tanks against these veterans. MacArthur said he felt that they had stopped a revolution from starting. He further commented, "I was horrified to see plain evidence of hunger in their faces."

        A Revolution is possible in several years. We see this sometime around 2012. It all depends on the insensitivity of Congress when the economy becomes snarled in the fangs of a Great Depression.

        We are living in The End of An Age. See The Galactic Plane.

    Does The Following Presage
    The Rocks Coming Soon? Cities Being Stoned?
    Is It Beginning?

    November 20, 2008

    More On The Times !

        No one really knows why depressions occur. Even the most highly trained, skilled and intelligent Keynesians do not know. Few economists truly grasp what causes a depression. Many volumes have been written on the subject "attributing depressions to a bewildering variety of casual factors," according to Dr. Batra.

        What is occurring now is similar to the 1920s fall, coined "The Great Crash" by John Kenneth Galbraith. Economists were not concerned with unemployment causes. "They had been reared in the classical tradition and regarded business downturns and the attendant loss of jobs as temporary phenomena, to be replaced by prosperity and boom within one or two years. The ebb and flow that periodically occurs in the GDP is commonly called the business cycle, which has characterized Western economies for as far back as records exist" —Ibid.

        There are four phases that Economic Cycles pass through: Recession, Depression, Recovery, and Boom. We are on the rapidly falling cusp of the boom phase.

        Depressions are quite distinct from recessions. Batra's argument is that depressions are caused by "extreme concentration of wealth."

        In some uncanny way, we think that the new president inherently knows this, having grown up in various countries seeing what wealth in the hands of a few can do to a country's working class over time. He wants to avoid this deepening recession. It will, he knows, go into a depression. If still unchecked, then the depression becomes a Great Depression. The United States has had three: the 1840s was the first; the 1870s next; then in the 1930s.

        Most economic journals do not broach this subject as such. "The subject of wealth disparity is more or less a taboo among established economists and those in power," write Dr. Batra. This is bad because this type of thinking will lead to eventual disaster. The new president may have experienced all these things and not really know why he wants to "distribute the wealth" of this country at this time, as things are recessing more and more.

        There are a number of facts the new president is going to have to consider; or, be appraised of:

    • As employment and GDP (goods and services) are declining, the economy is considered to be in recession. Two consecutive quarters of decline in the production of goods and services is currently defined as a recession.


      "Gross Nationa Product (GNP) is the total national output of goods and services and valued at market prices. GNP consists of purchases of goods and services by consumers and government, gross private domestic investment, and net exports of goods and services. GNP measures the output measures the output of labor and property supplied by U.S. residents.

      "Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the new favorite of the economymists, replacing GNP. GDP is essentially the same as GNP except for one variable. GDP does not include exdports of goods and services. Therefore, GDP is slightly lower than GNP" — America in Depression: The Coming Economic Collapse, Dr. James R. Von Feldt, Ronald S. von Feldt.
    • When this is deep, it becomes or is known as a depression. Simply, when financial collapse occurs in a recession, it becomes a depression. When this continues over several years, much business simply vanish, confidence is loss in banks, and unemployment is rising faster than one can recall in their lifetime.

    • And, the new president will be hoping for a signs of recovery. This occurs when employment and output are rising.

    • If industries come back in full swing, and near full employment is present, a boom is occurring, as we witnessed in the nineties as boomtimes rose through the early 21 century, after a brief stumble.

        The new man in Washington, as well as readers of this update, need to know the following. This will keep you abreast of what is going down and happening as it is occurring and before, as you see the trends:

    • When a recession occurs, it usually lasts anywhere between one and three years, at which time, the unemployment rate, while rising, is usually below 12 percent.

    • If a recession is more than three years in its occurrence, and the unemployment rate is between 12 and 20 percent (these figures are adjusted by the controlling body to keep the populace from knowing the total facts; but you can tell when you buy food, etc...) the possibility is that the economy is undergoing a depression.

    • When the unemployment is prolonged and business is stagnant for six years or more, you are in a Great Depression.

      A Great Depression is coming, Haga and others have written about. Thus, it would be prudent to recommend a three to six year food pantry located away from society. Have heirloom seeds. Let's say that again: Three year recession and the unemployment rate is 12 % or more and is rising, get a three year emergency preparedness plan, start now. If business is stagnant and bank panics are expected and are occurring during this time, get a six year emergency preparedness plan now. Therefore, get from 3 to 6 years preparedness plan. Dr. Ron Paul, we just learned, has been making preparations for more than 30 years! He knows a revolution is in the offing.

      The violence coming will be horrendous! It will approach that of and/or become a revolution. If you live in a big city or an area that will turn violent quickly, take precautions to be ready. Now, as we have warned readers of ChembioUpdate, get an old jalopy that is dented and scratched with a few rust spots or so, that is in good mechanical condition. Keep your old threadbare and tattered clothes and shoes. When you go out in public, look poor! Get at least a pump 12–gauge shotgun and at least 1000 rounds of double aught buckshot. Not number 4 shot. Practice breaking down the weapon and cleaning it and reassembling it.

      When there is blood in the streets for a while, literally, that is the time to buy stocks. Why? Prices will be as low as they will be for sometime. You will be the world's next new instant multi–millionaires.

      Therefore, the business cycle that occurs is dependent upon the severity that occupies the length and depth of the economic times. The downturn in business (economic cycle) can be a recession, depression, or a great depression.

      It appears that a Great Depression is headed our way, and you now know the way out of it! It will be painful.

      Keep this fact in mind:

      "All business contractions are bad, but depressions are disastrous and great depressions simply cataclysmic"— The Great Depression of 1990.

        November 11, 2008, Dr. Gary North writes:

    "If you believe in the right to keep and bear arms, the election was a disaster. Here is a summary from Gun Owners of America:

    "'If you have been thinking about buying a handgun, get currency out of your ATM and find a gun show in your state.

    "'All over America, there is a rush to buy guns. The buyers are afraid that the Democratic Congress will at last pass severe restrictions against handgun ownership.

    "'Shotguns and hunting rifles will probably be left alone, but not handguns.

    "'Keep this fact in mind: The New President Elect will start ruling January 20, 2009. Watch this video:'"

    [Adolph Hitler_1935]

    What Market Forces Are Set In Motion That Will Bring On

    The Panic ?

        Each time there has been a Great Depression in America, there was a massive bank run. This turned a simple fall in the GDP into a calamity. It was disastrous. But, what are the forces that cause such an action? Let us now examine a typically good sound banking operation. For those of you who have been following ChembioUpdate, you have been informed as to what folly our lending institutions were engaging in. As you read this, does any of the following sound familiar? If not, when the accusations begin, as they already have, you will hear much to all of what follows.

        A good sound bank is obviously interested in staying in business and this entails making loans and proper investments and from attracting more and more depositors and making more judicious loans at the highest possible rate of interest that the market will bear. This way, the bank's profits are maximized.

        How Does A Well–Run Bank Do This? They make loans to individuals who are credit worthy. These individuals are most unlikely to default on the loans. In other words, they have been raised properly such that they know you don't over extend yourself and they (here's the key) pay back the loan in a timely manner. Ahhhh....but, here's the rub! At times...and who would know anyway...risky loans are made to individuals, businesses, corporations and so–forth with a grave failure potential. Now, another difficulty develops. Competition is high among banks for acquiring borrowers for loans and for deposits. So, more and more banks and lending houses and insurance companies do similar. Surely, you are beginning to see the potential danger involved as a problem is developing.

        But recall, there are friends in high places that turn a deaf ear to the sound of risky loans. These friends are investors in bank stocks, sit on bank boards, etc., and are members of the Banking Commission(s) and are holding seats in Congress. You are now getting the picture. The process continues such that laws are passed to allow such things as home equity loans, similar to what happened in the 1929 crash, which was one of the things involved in making it so deep. This was no longer allowed after The Great Crash until the current boom started in the 90s about a decade or so before the turn of the century.

        We are now getting closer to the Panic Stage as wealth gets more concentrated in the hands of fewer people, as it has in this last boom. The new president–elect knows this, else he would not have said "Spread the Wealth Around." When this concentration of wealth occurs, there are generally three things that happen:

    • There are fewer or no assets as the number of individuals increase with no concentrated wealth (decreased wealth disparity). Because of this increase of individuals with less assets or even none, then the need for loans rises. This is so because, as in every society, the middle class and poor must borrow more and more as their needs rise than that of the more affluent in that society who borrow less.

    • The majority of the society are the poor and middle class. They have less assets, so as they borrow more and more, they become more and more credit unworthy. But, the difficulty of this is that if the lending institution, banks for instance, etc.) turns away these risky loans, the financial institution's structure remains sound. However, as the credit worthiness of the borrowers has deteriorated, the banks cannot stay afloat if it remains to be choosy while their counter parts are not. This becomes more and more difficult as they have to pay interest on banks stocks, the deposits, and perhaps money borrowed by the bank itself from other banks or the FED.

      During this whole mess of the bailout, we have read of only one...may two...banks that had less risky loans and was able to buy another bank. The one we definitely know of is Wells Fargo. A wise bank does not make such imprudent loans to credit risky individuals, business, corporations, etc.

      As wealth concentration rises (increased wealth disparity), more banks develop increased loans of risk. The greater the wealth concentration, the greater the possibility of bank failures. This is not the same as normal wealth concentration. This wealth was created artifically, as in the real estate bubble. They thought they had real wealth, but it was all phony. It was a bubble. House flipping is not real wealth, until you have sold all the houses and collected all the money! Then you have real wealth.

    • As individuals become more wealthy, they expose themselves (as you have seen in the real estate boom) to more risk with often disasterous results to Speculative investments. He develops a sense of immunity to failure. As more inequality of wealth is created, more investment riskiness by the rich occurs. And finally....

    The Psychodynamics of Speculative Investing was put this way by economist Charles Kindleberger:

    "When a number of firms and households indulging in these practices grows large, bringing in segments of population that are normally aloof from such ventures, speculation for profit leads away from such normal, rational behavior to what have been described as 'manias' or 'bubbles.'

    "...The object of speculation may vary widely from one mania or bubble to the next. It may involve primary products, or goods manufactured for export to distant markets, domestic and foreign securities of various kinds, contracts to buy or sell goods or securities, land in the country or city, houses, office buildings, shopping centers, condominiums, foreign exchange. At a late stage, speculation tends to detach itself from really valuable objects and turn to delusive ones. A larger and larger group of people seeks to become rich without a real understanding of the process involved. Not surprisingly swindlers and catchpenny schemes flourish" — Kindleberger, Charles, Manias, Panics, and Crashes, New York; Basic Books, 1978.

        Kindleberger continues by saying the fever developed by speculation feeds on itself. But, a problem develops as we have seen in the speculative market of real estate: They see the rich getting richer and so they enter in the market rather late; but, the venture is beginning to fracture and has reached it zenith. Thus, they who entered late, suffer loss...and suffer heavily. If you make an investment that's risky (and you have plenty of money to absorb the loss—if it happens) in an economy that is healthy, you tend to gain. Most don't, at first, enter the market in risky investments, but more people gradually enter the risk taking adventures. They are caught up by The Maddening of Crowds and are no longer cautious because they are easily induced to take more and more risk by the "easy" profits. Others see this and hear the talk of their neighbors and media hype about the investments that will pay off through various maneuveurs, such as "flipping" even before one or two payments are made. Those who entered early do make money, sometimes lots of money, with these maneuvers.

        If there is no disparity in wealth, this cannot happen because only the rich can afford to do such actions and absorb losses in many instances. But, as people became rich, on paper in most instances, the wealth dispersed and so America had a bubble and mania for a decade or so in the real estate market. However, as the inequity got greater, the bubble and mania got bigger and thinner and when it burst, it is painful and the wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few who actually had real holdings they could absorb and still maintain their assets.

        What the above did was create more shaky banks and weird lending practices and this added fuel to the speculative investing in every avenue of business. As demand for the speculation falls for whatever reason, demand for goods falls, inventories rise and the output of such goes down. Then, some workers are laid off, and some banks start failing. This process increases and you now have recession on your hands. This recession depth will depend on the disparity of wealth. Since the wealth is more concentrated now, as wealth disparity falls, the number of banks had increased and now are set to fail due to their practices enumerated above. If the banking system is not truly shored up, it won't take long for the frail banking system in the world to go down creating a panic in the financial system.

        A depression is the result of a recession that is generated by a financial panic.

        As banks start failing, can't make good on deposits, pay interest, and more, a run on the bank ensues and you now have a full–fledged panic in the economy that can possibly bring down the government if its money is devalued and weak. It loses trust with foreign investors and countries who will no longer loan to it.

        When individuals realize that it is costing more and more to purchase just food, they begin to panic. This is not a bank panic, but still a panic that can cause problems in an economy with banks failing. People will run for the money to get it out of the banks to have money for the rising inflation, as the banks fail more in earnest. For instance, have you bought canned chicken lately? Notice, there seems to be less chicken in the can. The same has happened with candy bars in the past. And look at your box of raisins. And at the size of Dial soap bars. When people realize their money is buying less and less, and that it is becoming worthless, especially when overseas countries stop buying American bonds to finance American debt, you have money so devalued that the government could crash. In 1929, we had a panic, but the government was solid, but it was a long, deep depression lasting 10 years that only a World War could end. We are headed for a third World War, for these and other reasons. This will be discussed in "The Whore of Babylon," a real bitch.

        When wealth was spread out, this gave more shakiness to the banking system (see above for the practices they did) and to the bubble that burst, leading to the recession now hitting. When a recession is combined with a banking system collapse, panic will result; but, also, a depression is generated.

        The economic disaster now coming will spawn a Great Depression. The affluent have dominated the American Society since the '30s. The Great Depression of the 1930s produce economic calamity or disaster, but no real political change. This coming now will. We have had the pure acquisitors in charge of the wealth of the nation. When the Great Crash comes, the government will hire the intellectual acquisitors to operate the machinery of the government. As our economy continues to fall into the mire, the powers that be will have the intellectual acquisitors run things at their behest as the political structure undergoes change. The New President elect said he will do this and his party's platform was based on change. The economic catastrophe striking our soil has caused this change in power to come. Soon, the change will be harsh.

        Every age has two phases, a rising and a falling one. As this declining phase continues to decline, troubles will mount and a nation's leaders turn to the intellectual acquisitors for help. And as this stage deepens, the intellectuals turn into acquisitors. Everyone is looking for the government to "stop the pain," and the "bleeding" economy. The intellectual acquisitor has been dominant since the 30s. However, when they can't fix the system, they will breathe their last breath. Again, this is another warning to you intellectuals. America will witness a carnage unlike they have ever seen.

    And More Caca d'oie !

        The basis for a one–world government is now being set up, and you don't even know it. Your WebMasters didn't know it.

        There has been no publicity on this. It was published in an English–language edition of a Mexican periodical. The person who discovered the following says nothing is on–line yet. This is what he is talking about: Figures exist that central banks were buying each other's debt. This is really nothing new. China's central bank has been buying the U.S.' debt in the form of bonds and treasuries for years now. In other words, they have been financing America's debt.

        Additionally, world central banks have been borrowing and lending to other nation state's central banks. is the rub! It suddenly has stopped. Why? They fear an international currency crisis so severe that major governments will default. Wow! This is serious business. It can spell trouble for the U.S., as we have no nation to finance our "continuing wars," as President Bush said. And we've got trouble: China has stopped buying United States debt!

        So, what is about to be created, according to gutter talk among nations, is a new world international bank. But, they say this would be for, if central bank A borrows from central bank B...and then, A can't repay B. Therefore, a international world bank for central banks would repay for bank A.

        That is what is being claimed. Yet, once this is in place, then it won't be long before a world–wide financial crash, as is shaping up for the immediate future, takes place and the "Mother" of all banks issues a new world currency. This is control at its finest. If a nation doesn't play ball, under the mother of all cartel banking systems, then it can't receive funds to keep that nation state afloat. And he who controls the money controls the power.

    Another Reason(s) Crime Will Escalate !

        Because of the financial crisis, money is shortfalling everywhere. City budgets are being cut back en masse. This extrapolates to cut police budgets and this means "We'll be seeing increased response time, few cases solved, and reduced services for victims of primes," said Prince William County, Va., Police Chief Charles Deane told USA Today recently. These shortfalls in money for city services means an increase in crime. The criminal mind knows this problem that is occurring all over America and they are increasing their activities. There is a lesser chance of getting caught.

        The financial storm that is now hitting America—and will only get worse—makes it such that "..An abandoned home is bad news. It draws criminals like dead critters draw vultures. Blocks of vacant homes in cities and suburbs are sure to be a magnet for gangs, vagrants, drug dealers, drug users, prostitutes, thieves, and God knows what kinds of miscreants," says editor Dave Griffith in Brace for Impact, in 'Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine,' November 2008.

        Mr. Griffith further points out that "...No city, suburb, or town will be immune from this blight, regardless of its affluence or its location. Even if your town doesn't have vacant homes, criminals in nearby cities will use them as a base of operations to victimize homeowners in your jurisdiction. Criminals are mobile." What this means for your local law enforcement is that they will have to do more with less, Griffith says. And that includes less money for less equipment.

        With all these vacant houses, the criminal element, including gangs, will have a place to operate from and live. is already getting pretty rough in many areas. It's coming to your city soon and you do not even know it. We are warning you now. One client of ChemBioUpdate says, "I don't have to worry. We have a good police department and there are no empty houses in our small city" of Smalltown, USA. There are only 2, 300 people living there. Well, Smalltown is about 90 miles from Houston, Texas, and there are plenty of vacancies there being moved into by miscreants. Those empties will be their "Gangster Nation" from which to raid surrounding cities. It is way past time to arm yourself.

        It is going to take a Galactic Plane phenomena, such as Pole Shift, to end the Gangster idea in American youth. Why?

    "A lot of kids want to be gangsters," writes David Griffith in 'Gangster Nation' from Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine, November, 2008. He continues:

    "Every gang investigator contacted for this article said the influence of rap music, TV, movies, and magazines glorifying the gangster lifestyle is pervasive and dangerous." He quotes Lou Savelli, a retired New York City gang investigator:

    "'Gangster' is one of the most searched words on the Internet. Kids want to be gangsters; they want the money, the girls, and the cars that they see in the rap videos."

        Again, law enforcement is not going to contain this now that "push is coming to shove." It is going to take a resetting of time as in a Pole Shift, or some other phenomena from The Galactic Plane. Less money extrapolates to more crime. And with this new president, you had better get your gun(s) now "Annie."

        Wes McBride, retired gang investigator from LASD, says, "Most city leaders are reluctant to admit they have a problem," until there is a bloodbath. Then, police are allowed to fight back. They crack down on gangs who have operations in the street, by building cases against them, and prosecute the members. Another way is to stop future members from joining by having community educations programs and educating schools to keep members from being recruited. However, Police Magazine reports: The violence is just beginning.

    The following, as John Titor puts it: "Don't You Think The World Will Be Better Off Without These People?" Will Cause The Good To Die With The Bad, early Church Saints Said. There Will Be Waves 3 and 4 Miles High. This is 15,840 feet high to 21,120 feet high as The Oceans Bunch Up on One Side of The Planet as It Capsizes from Whatever Cause:

    The Following Picture Depicts The Earth In Travail and Continents and Mountains Coming Together and Seas Emptying their Basins Onto Land, and The Oceans "Bunching" Up As The Mantle Slides:

    [Earth In A Pole Shift]

    Editor's Comment:

        Your WebMasters & Kong feel, that at the height of no energy, most to all, if not all Universities, Colleges, and Schools will close. After awhile, trade schools will very small. Then, after awhile, mankind will make a tremendous leap forward that will make our time look backwards. This is all dependent upon the severity of The Galactic Plane and Pole Shift that is coming our way.

    The MindSet Of Most Americans

        The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, November 2008, writes:

    "Most Americans are apathetic, complacent, dumbed down for over 50 years by the schools and television, in denial, and are trusting the government to bail them out in any crisis. Think: the people of New Orleans after Katrina — helpless, hopeless and relying totally on government (FEMA) that was almost as helpless, hopeless and disorganized as the people. And most Christians bask in their apathy and denial of potential crises with the mantra

    "just trust God," or "don't be fearful."

    But what if they received ample advanced warning of disaster and did nothing?

    The Bible has a number of examples of God giving His people advance warning of impending disaster. Noah was warned of a coming flood and was told to build a huge boat out in the desert. What if he had responded with denial, disbelief, or

    "You've got to be kidding"; "That's fear mongering or paranoia"; or

    "I'll just trust God."

    Joseph was warned in a dream (actually two) that he interpreted for the pharaoh that seven years of rain and plentiful crops would be followed by seven years of global drought, famine, and mass starvation. He didn't argue, deny, or dismiss the warning as paranoia. He orchestrated seven years of Egyptian preparation for the coming disaster (i.e., the storing of massive quantities of grain), and millions of lives were saved.

    The prophet Jeremiah warned of coming political/geopolitical disaster for Israel and Judah at the hands of Assyria and Babylon if they did not dramatically change their ways and turn from their incredible moral/cultural/spiritual decline. They ignored his warnings, continued in their ways, and the Northern Kingdom (Israel) was destroyed by Assyria in 712 B.C. and the Southern Kingdom (Judah) was destroyed by Babylon in 586 B.C. They had been warned, but were enjoying their immoral, godless lifestyles and were in denial. Think: America today!

    In Jesus' day, He was asked by His disciples what the world would be like just before He returned (i.e., the Second Coming). [WebMaster's Comment: He Asks?

    "Will There Be Any Faith When I Return?"]

    He described a very evil, corrupt time of great deception; of turning from the faith by many; a time of great hatred and persecution of His followers; of wars (or looming wars); of earthquakes, a time of great famine; and of the rise of the powerful, evil kingdom of the anti–Christ.

    He told His followers not to be fearful but to understand and be prepared for these times. (Read Matthew 24 and 25; Revelation 7–11, 13; Daniel 9, etc.).

    [Ed. Note (McAlvany): Some today would call that kingdom of the Anti–Christ the New World Order.]

    For You Christians

        We hear from many Christians who tell us, "We're saved and don't have to worry." Or, "Why do anything? I'm gonna be raptured!" Well, that term is a man–made term that was invented in the springtime of 1830 by Mary Margaret Macdonald. The Rapture Plot by Dave MacPherson, 1994, writes:

    "During springtime in 1830, an end–time vision sprang into Margaret Macdonald's mind. Privately she sent hand–written copies of her Scripture–riddled revelation to some leading clergymen...

    "Since Margaret had been ill and bedridden for a year and a half before her revelation, she had plenty of time to read and ponder the Scriptures. She noticed that something happens after Mathew 24:40's 'taken' as well as after II Thessalonians 2:7's 'taken.' Putting the two passages together, she reasoned that only after the rapture, when some would be left on earth, would the Antichrist be revealed.

    "Evidently no one in the 18 centuries preceding her had ever taken on these two 'takens,' tied them together, and introduced this totally new escapism which many have taken up (and been taken up with) since 1830."

        Since then, a lot of money has been made from that idea...escapism...and a lot of these Christians are trying to escape the suffering that is now breaking over their heads. You can't talk to 'em, so don't try. "Jesus ain't gonna let me suffer."

        Dr. Gary North, Ph.D., an economic historian, writes, in his book, Rapture Fever: Why Dispensationalism is Paralyzed, 1993:

    "Dispensationalism was invented around 1830, either by 20–year old Margaret Macdonald, who received a vision regarding the pre–tribulation Rapture while in a trance, or by John Nelson Darby.

    "The dispensational system was adopted by people who wanted to escape from the burdens of cultural responsibility. This retreatist mentality has been freely admitted by by Thomas Ice's former associate, David Schnittger."

    Rev. Thomas D. Ice was a Dallas Seminary graduate and the co–author of Dominion Theology: Blessing or Curse?, 1988. He wrote: "By the year 2000, Dallas Theological Seminary will no longer be dispensational."

    What the rapture people want to do is to be an Elijah: They want to get out of life alive. They "want to become modern Elijahs," writes Dr. North.

    He continues..."They traded their God–given heritage of Christian cultural relevance — which requires generations of godly service and compound growth in every area of life — for a false hope: getting out of life alive."

        The Rapture Plot says on page 51:

    "What generally hasn't been known about Margaret is the extent to which she was open to the world of the 'occult' (definition: 'secret or hidden knowledge of supernatural phenomena')

    "But there has always been a thin line between Biblical mysticism ('mysteries' attracting those who at times claimed to have solved them) and occult mysticism. Fortune–tellers could easily quote Bible verses and clerics could just as easily make predictions that eventually fizzled.

    Note: The devil quotes scripture ever so well and does so often to suit his needs.

    "Take the word 'rapture.' Many still don't know that this word (body–lifting sense) had been used for centuries by medieval mystics to describe their own levitation a few inches (or even several feet) above the floor or ground. Such 'raptures' were often condemned by Catholic leaders.
        Another book worthy of reading is The Three R's: Rapture, Revisionism, Robbery—Pretribulation Rapturism from 1830 to Hal Lindsey, by Dave MacPherson, 1998.

        You can find out from the SPC (Spiritual Counterfeits Project) Journal, 'Preparing For The Future,' Fall/Winter 2008, which includes an illumininating article, The Rapture by Steve Wohlberg, why "it ain't so," and "it ain't Biblical." Get it:


        If the above truth were known, many churches—including mega churches would be shut down. This will happen in the near future When The Hell Breaks in its most violent fury, and no one escapes into the air, but dies from the violence.

        They will be at your doorstep when this comes to pass demanding you protect them with your firearms and foodstuffs when the violence is most excruciating. You tell them boldly, they have obviously been "Left Behind."

        However, without revelations in a trance state, The Holy Writ clearly treats Death As The Enemy of God. And one must do what they can to avoid it, rapture or no. We all have a Cross:

    • 2 Corinthians 1: 8 – 10: "Cast Off The Spirit of Death"

      For we would not, brethren, have you ignorant of our trouble which came to us in Asia, that we were pressed out of measure, above strength, in so much that we despaired even of life; But we had the sentence of death in ourselves, that we should not trust in ourselves, but in God who raiseth the dead,

      Who delivered us from so great a death, and doth deliver; in whom we trust that he will yet deliver us.

    • Hebrews 2: 9, 14 – 17:
      1 Corinthians 15: 25 – 26

      "Death Is The Enemy of God"

      (9) But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honor, that he, by the grace of God, should taste death for every man.

      (14) For as much, then, as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of same, that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil,

      (15) And deliver them who, through fear of death, were all their lifetime subject to bondage.

      (16) For verily he took not on him the nature of angels, but he took on him the seed of Abraham.

      (17) Wherefore, in all things it behooved him to be made like his brethren, that he might be a merciful and faithful high priest in things pertaining to God, to make reconcilliation for the sins of the people.

      (25) For he must reign, till he hath put all enemies under his feet.

      (26) The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

    • Proverbs 8: 36: "All who love death — hate me!"

      (36) But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul; all they that hate me love death.

        Now, in the light of the last issue of ChembioUpdate, reread The Party's Over and be prepared for "The Whore!" in the next issue.

    Did You Know ?

        1979 – FEMA, which stands for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is given huge powers. It has the power, in case of “national emergency”, to suspend laws, move entire populations, arrest and detain citizens without a warrant, and hold them without trial. It can seize property, food supplies, transportation systems, and can suspend the Constitution.

        Not only is it the most powerful entity in the United States, but it was not even created under Constitutional law by the Congress. It was a product of a Presidential Executive Order. An Executive Order becomes law simply by a signature of the U.S. President; it does not even have to be approved by the Representatives or Senators in the Congress.

        A state of “national emergency” could be a terrorist attack, a natural disaster, or a stock market crash, for example. Here are just a few Executive Orders associated with FEMA that would suspend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These Executive Orders have been on record for nearly 30 years, and could be enacted by the stroke of a Presidential pen:

    # 10995: Right to seize all communications media in the United States.

    # 10997: Right to seize all electric power, fuels and minerals, both public and private.

    # 10999: Right to seize all means of transportation, including personal vehicles of any kind, and total control of highways, seaports, and waterways.

    # 11000: Right to seize any and all American people and divide up families in order to create work forces to be transferred to any place the Government sees fit.

    # 11001: Right to seize all health, education and welfare facilities, both public and private.

    # 11002: Right to force registration of all men, women, and children in the United States.

    # 11003: Right to seize all air space, airports, and aircraft.

    # 11004: Right to seize all housing and finance authorities in order to establish “Relocation Designated Areas”, and to force abandonment of areas classified as “unsafe”.

    # 11005: Right to seize all railroads, inland waterways, and storage facilities, both public and private.

    # 11921: Authorizes plans to establish Government control of wages and salaries, credit and the flow of money in U.S. financial institutions.

    May 3, 1994 – President Bill Clinton signs Presidential Decision Directive 25, and then declares it classified so the American people can't see what it says. (The summary of PDD-25 issued to members of Congress tells us that it authorizes the President to turn over control of U.S. military units to U.N. command.)

    SourceA history of the New World Order — Part II

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